Apps Like Tinder: 15 Alternative Dating Apps

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apps like tinder

Tinder is great — both for hookups and dating, but sometimes it gets boring. It also gets confusing — people tend to mix their metaphors when it comes to dating, causal dating and one-off flings. Just figuring out what people want on Tinder can be a chore in itself. That said, asking straight out usually provides you with the best answers!

At any rate, when you need a break from dating apps that are more geared towards one thing or another, there are other apps like Tinder. Below we’ve listed Tinder alternatives that are great when you want to explore your options.

And, hey, not everyone is on Tinder — it will also allow you to meet people you wouldn’t if you stuck to just the one app. That said, don’t overload yourself — better do two apps well than juggle 15 apps you aren’t really paying attention to.

15 Alternative Dating Apps like Tinder

1. Bumble


Bumble is extremely similar app to Tinder — you select bumble profiles that you either match with, or you don’t. However, on Bumble only women can send the first message. It means women don’t receive the traditional “Hey, let’s get naked,” messages, which put a lot of women off Tinder.

Also, it usually means that if a woman actually sends you a message, she has an interest in getting to know you further. Tinder is notorious for people who swipe right, but never contact you as they just swiped right for an ego boost, so they say “hey” only to ghost you.

With Bumble that’s likely to happen a lot less — when someone actually contacts you after matching, it means they want a conversation with you. Still, you might run into small percentage of girls sending you hi on bumble.

Bumble geared towards serious relationships making it bette Tinder alternative. If you’re a man who always hated coming up with ice breakers, this is also a great app for you — now all the pressure is on the women. And you’ll finally learn why just “hi” isn’t always that interesting…

Now there’s also BumbleBizz, where you network instead of date. You can also become a mentor, or find a new team member for your business on there. Handy if you’re tired of LinkedIn!

BumbleBFF allows you to meet new friends instead. A great idea if you’re new to town, or want to meet people outside your immediate network. If we live in the same place and had the same job for some time, we tend to limit our social network. Bumble can help you change that.   

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2. OKCupid


On OKCupid you fill out exactly what you want — the app offers you 20 sexual preferences and 12 gender identities. Whether you’re looking for a threesome, or marriage, you can find it here. It also lets you fill in a number of different personality quizzes, so as to easier enable you to meet your perfect match.

As you can set your preferences, it’s easy to weed out the people you don’t want to meet. It’s one thing weeding out people who want one-night-stands when you want something more serious, but most other apps don’t also let you weed out people with certain interests, etc.

It can be useful if you know you are looking for something specific. And for sure, the part about weeding out people who are looking for something that you aren’t into, is incredibly good for saving time. Tinder is fun, but we’ve all me the kind of person who wants marriage when we just want a fun night on town, and the kind that wants random hookups when we want, at the very least, some casual dating not just sex at first sight…

Some people love that OKCupid let’s you browse other people’s profiles under the cloak of anonymity — the other person won’t know you’ve spotted them unless you reach out to them. Which is good if you’re a high profile so-and-so or simply don’t want your boss to know that you just read their OkCupid dating profile.  Read our detailed OkCupid review.

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3. Double

double double

Double, as the name implies, is all about double dating. You sign up with a friend and match with other friends to go on a double date. The idea behind it? Making dating safer (which puts it out as a great Tinder alternative).

However, this comes with some shortfalls — you might want a date with two friends where you find one of them hot, but your friend might not like the other person. Or, you both fall for the same guy/gal. 

On the upside, going on double dates take some of the pressure off first meetings and it may lead to friendship more easily than a one-on-one date where there’s no chemistry. It’s easier to have a laugh in a group and take it less seriously if you’re “rejected” because it’s not so personal. 

You’ll also have an excuse to hang out with a friend of yours and laugh together at your dating stories. Just be sure it’s not a friend who is likely to get jealous, or get nervous about saying what he/she thinks about the people you just went on a date with. You don’t want to hurt their feelings, or get hurt yourself in the process.

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4. Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel

This is how it works: every day at noon, you receive 20 dating profiles to either like, or pass on. If there is a mutual like, you have 24 hours to talk to each other, then the match disappears off your list if conversation has not been initiated. 

There’s also a section that let’s you scroll local matches that you can like. They don’t see the like immediately — you get put on their viewing que. If you absolutely must get noticed by them, you can send them in-app flowers, but that costs — in coffee beans. Coffee beans are the currency used within the app. 

A pro with the app is that you get three profile prompts: “I am…”, “I like…”, and “I appreciate when my date…” The answers have to be less than 150 characters each. This is great as it helps everyone who loathes writing profiles and it gives you a little insight into each match you get.

We all know what it’s like trying to start a conversation with someone who has a blank profile — there’s nothing to go on save from their photos. 

Coffee Meets Bagel is an interesting app, there’s no question about it. If you’re tired of just swiping and want to see what an app considers your perfect matches to be, then Coffee Meets Bagel is a great option.

5. Happn


Happn is one of those brilliant Tinder alternative apps that’s almost so brilliant it gets scary.  We’ve all walked past someone in the street and wished we would have gotten their phone number, haven’t we? Of course we have!

Well, with Happn, you might just get that number — Happn lists all singles who are signed up to the app that you’ve crossed paths with (within 250 meters) while you have the app enabled.

You can turn it on and off if you don’t want people at your local cafe, or your neighbours, to start asking you out, but you can also turn it on if you are in the cafe on a day some seriously hot person walks in. If they’re single and on Happn you can easily contact them later.

Happn also shows you how many times you’ve crossed paths with someone. So if fate is trying to tell you something, you’ll notice. It could, of course, also be that they happen to work near where you do, not that you’re fated for a date… 

The problem? Well, apart from the stalker angle (but you can disable the app off at any time, so you choose where you want it to track encounters), if you live in New York City you cross paths with a lot of people. And Happn is a popular app. That means you need to scroll a rather long list. If, on the other hand, you live in the countryside, you have to take a trip to the big city to meet anyone on Happn. 

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6. Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish

Plenty Of Fish, and app like tinder, really has plenty of fish in their sea — 3M active daily users. And thanks to online dating apps like POF you never again have to wait for Friday night to look for a date. It’s also easier to move on when it doesn’t pan out, as there are so many other people out there.

As POF has so many members, it is great in smaller cities where the dating pool is generally less to start off with. Another perk is that the app is absolutely free. 

Unlike Tinder, this is an app that lets you set your preferences and actively search for other members. No need to swipe till your fingers turn blue! It simply gives you a much better overview of the members you’d like to meet, in one simple search.

The downside is, of course, that you have to search ever so often as new members join. With apps like Tinder, you just open it up and swipe, knowing you won’t see the same people you saw last time you checked.

As there is no curation going on, you have to wade through A LOT of profiles to find the ones you like. There really are plenty of fish in this sea! Also, being a site anyone but a bot can sign up to, expect some fake profiles. 

7. Badoo


If you’re looking for plenty of fish in the sea, Badoo is another option for you — they’ve had 388M members since launch and have 60M active members. Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say? 

Badoo is a dating app…but also a social network. It verifies you via Facebook (which stops the bots and allows for some form of verification) and also lets you import your profile if you like, meaning it’s faster than some apps where you have to upload all photos and write things down from scratch. 

You can choose whether you’re looking to chat, date, or make new friends and search for people nearby, or elsewhere (great if you’re moving). 

The Encounters feature allows you to see suggested profiles that work in a similar fashion to Tinder where you either reject, or like someone and once there’s a mutual match, you’re notified.

One good thing with Badoo is that to ensure people aren’t using fake profiles, when you chat with someone you can request an instant selfie. Bad if you’re having a bad hair day, but great if you want to discourage people who look nothing like their profile photos. You can also do video chatting within the app. 

On the downside, this app has attracted just about everyone to the site at one point or another, so while you can meet local hotties you can also meet plenty of local naughties — of the creepier kind.  

8. Now

now dating app

This app has won prizes and gotten a lot of great reviews in the press. Possibly because it shows you users who are CURRENTLY active near you whom you can connect with and start a chat. Once you start chatting, you have two hours. Then the chat is erased. That means only users who are serious about setting a time to meet right away are using this app. 

As opposed to starting with the chat, you can start with a date invite and then take it from there. The app let’s you set a date invite easily — you fill in when, where and the activity. It’s a super easy way of making sure you’re meeting someone for a date, not talking endlessly only to be ghosted before you’ve even met.

NOW, apart from having you set up a profile when you join, also prompts you to use your dashboard to set various preferences, which will make it easier for you to find a date. 

NOW is very strict about ensuring profiles are real and users join to actually go on dates, which is why there are things like the two-hour time frame. 

If you’re tired of people on Tinder who swipe right and then never contact you/reply to messages, NOW is a brilliant option as you can meet someone the same day!

9. BarkBuddy


BarkBuddy is the app for people with dogs, who want to meet other dog owners. It basically works like Tinder, apart from the fact that you’re uploading pictures of your dog. You can also upload a picture and information about yourself, because — let’s fact it, it’s partly about finding dog owners, not just dogs. The dogs are, often, a thinly veiled excuse for you to make new friends on this app.

While it’s a great idea for dog lovers to meet and your pup to find new playmates, the app’s execution has received some poor feedback due to crashes and other problems. 

10. Do I Date

Do I Date

Did you ever wish someone would have warned you about that date who was great until s/he ghosted you out of the blue?

Or that seemingly awesome guy who turned out to be living with his mother — permanently. Do I Date is all about reviews — once you go on a date, you leave a review of the person. 

This sounds like a great idea, but of course, if you meet your perfect match at once, you won’t get any reviews. And considering most people who aren’t your match will get rejected by you, they may not be all that prone to give you a good review.

Of course, we all hope that honesty is alive and well and that everyone will be fair in their judgement, but…how keen are you to hear you’re a great conversationalist, but your sense of humour is terrible?

Hopefully reviews will simply state if you’re a good person who knows how to hold a conversation and whether you actually look like your profile picture.

11. Hinge

hinge dating app

Hinge is a lot more serious than Tinder, so if you’re tired of too many s3x requests, this might be for you. Hinge is for casual dating too, it just requires a bit more effort than Tinder and tends to weed out the least serious users.

Hinge forces everyone to upload six profile pictures, which is great as some people on Tinder still haven’t caught onto the fact that it’s pretty difficult to get a glimpse of their personality with just one or two photos. 

Another perk along the same lines is that Hinge forces you to fill out prompts — you can choose between 80 odd prompts, such as “The dorkiest thing about me is…” and fill out three of them. That allows everyone to get a glimpse of who you are and you avoid having to look at empty profiles that tell you little about the person you’re trying to figure out whether you want to get to know, or not. 

As you can comment on prompts, or photos, it allows for great ice breakers. You also fill in various preferences, which helps you get matched to the right members. 

Hinge is a freemium app that let’s you see a certain number of profiles per day — you need to upgrade for unlimited matches. 

12. Inner Circle

Inner Circle

Inner Circle is, well, for the inner circle of people who they accept.

To sign up you need to do a personality test, as they don’t only want to match you with the right people, but also ensure integrity and authenticity. In general they’re looking for ambitious and inspiring individuals. The big bonus is that all profiles are properly verified by humans.

To create a profile you have to verify your account with both Facebook and LinkedIn, so it’s generally not a place for college kids to meet and date. Your education will be showcased on your profile, so you need to ensure that it is on LinkedIn/Facebook. 

Once you’re in, it works in similar ways to most dating apps, where you either like or don’t like different profiles. The app has a “last seen” feature, you’re tracked by GPS, so you have to be sure to turn it off unless you want others to track you down.

Inner Circle also hosts events in cities around the globe, so it’s perfect if you want to meet people face-to-face. The great thing about Inner Circle is that, it has humans looking at profiles, it clearly cares about its members a lot more than most apps and you have the added benefit of real-life events.

The cons include the high price of the app and that the vetting process might not always be to your advantage — if you don’t fit their criteria, you don’t fit their criteria. Also, if you aren’t immediately accepted, you’re often put on a waiting list and it can take a long time to make it to the top of that list.

13. Down


Down let’s you choose between swiping up for dates and down for getting down with someone (i.e. sleeping with them). As Down wants you to look at your own network first, it will let you swipe through all your friends on Facebook, as well as friends of friends.

This is great if you always wanted to ask someone out, but didn’t get around to it, especially as the app will only match you with someone who wants the same thing you do. So there’s not that awkward moment when someone you want to sleep with finds out you want to sleep with them, unless they want it too. 

You’ll see people on Facebook whether they’re a member, or not. They’ll only see you once they become a member, however. 

The pro with this app is obvious — you can finally ask someone out without any potential awkwardness that can come with asking close acquaintances out. However, you will have to swipe your way through people who aren’t yet using the app, which is a bit pointless to say the least. 

14. Zoosk

Zoosk is yet another app that has a lot of members — think 30M+. Zoosk, uses an algorithm based on how you use the app to gather information to be able to help you find your perfect matches. You don’t have to answer lengthy questionnaire or do personality tests, you simply upload a profile and answer some simple questions about preferences so as to get better matches. 

You can search members based on your preferences, but there’s also a Tinder like featured called Carousel that let’s you say yay or nay to a number of different profiles instantly. 

All verified users on this app gets a green tick next to their profile, which helps you weed out the fake accounts though it’s not foolproof. 

Zoosk offers ice breakers that you can use when first messaging someone, which is great for those who easily get tongue tied. How good these ice breakers are, on the other hand, is debatable. You might be better off looking up Tinder conversation starters, I shared .

Zoosk has a lot of members so you’re casting a wide net when using the app…but you may also end up with some fish.

15. How About We

How About We has an awesome concept: people simply say “How about we attend the Da Vinci exhibition together?” Or “How about we get together tonight for deep conversations lasting till midnight?” 

If you’ve ever suffered through boring first dates, you know just how beneficial it can be to do something that spurs conversation. Going on a date that lets you do an activity together is brilliant, not only for giving you natural things to talk about, but also for having fun and finding people who enjoy the same things you do. Let’s face it: not everyone enjoys getting up at the crack of down to climb a mountain, or catch a fish, but some do!

They also have features that allow you to see in real time who’s up for a date, or a conversation on a night when you just can’t sleep. Or when you have an hour free after work. 

On the downside, there’s not identity check, nor any compatibility tests, so it’s all you have to go in is what kind of dates they like. 

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