The 7 Best Millionaire Dating Sites To Meet Wealthy Singles

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Success often comes at a steep price. If you're a millionaire, you've likely learned this truth firsthand.

Amidst the tireless hustle and high-stakes decisions, your social life may have taken a back seat. And now, when you turn towards the world of dating, you might feel a bit like a fish out of water.

Social skills, like muscles, need exercise to stay fit. When you're running a business empire or launching startups, it's easy to let these ‘muscles' weaken. But don't worry; there's a solution right at your fingertips: Millionaire dating sites and apps.

But here's the catch – not all dating platforms are created equal. Finding a partner who matches your intellect, ambition, and lifestyle isn't easy. And in a world where time is your most precious asset, you can't afford to waste it on unsuitable matches.

That's where we come in.

We're here to guide you through the maze of millionaire dating platforms, helping you find that perfect balance of love, compatibility, and understanding. Let's delve into the realm of digital dating and discover how you can make it work for your unique needs.

Ready? Let's dive in.

Best Millionaire Dating Sites & Apps To Meet Wealthy Singles

1. MillionaireMatch – Best Millionaire Dating Site


Media giants such as Forbes, ABC, and CBS have spoken about Millionaire Match, which means this Millionaire dating site is worth something and after appearing on these channels, it brought even more wealthy singles into the platform. It has caught the attention of millionaires around the globe who’ve joined the platform hoping to meet their like-minded partners. 

With the bar being raised so high you have the right to assume that there might be plenty of scammers on the platform trying to fish on your wealth, but thankfully the staff of Millionaire Match has taken proper measures against this. Each profile is privately verified, along with profile pictures, identity checks, and even income checks. 

(You didn’t think you could act around like a millionaire on the platform, did you?).  Users should provide proof of yearly earnings that are over $200k and a bank balance of over $1M. When they say that this site is for matching millionaires, they’re pretty serious about it.  This strict verification method ensures you match with high-status people only. 

However, completing the profile takes more or less around 10 minutes and besides the income verification, the process is similar to other dating sites where you need to add pictures and personal information. Then, keeping the Standard Membership lets you use the basic features such as commenting on others’ profiles, responding to messages, and post date ideas, but for premium features like messaging, you’ll need to purchase their Golden Membership.  


  • One of the best millionaire dating sites in the online dating space.
  • Available customer support 24/7.
  • The basic plan includes all basic functions besides messaging.
  • Verified profiles are distinguishable through special badges.


  • Oftentimes it experiences glitches.
  • The paid Memberships are pricey (starting at $70/mo).

2. EliteSingles – Best For Rich and Educated Singles


As the brand name suggests, Elite Singles aims to bring la creme de la creme of singles into one platform. And not only in regards to looks but also other features such as financial stability and mindset. If you plan to hang out with open-minded singles who have a clear vision for their future and seek a partner to accompany them in their journey, this is your site. Important points from education to career are taken into consideration when vetting new members. 

Most members have completed a high level of education, and have already established themselves in a thriving career. So chances of finding a partner in the scope of highly paid professions are high. Surely that making this possible is not easy. That’s why upon signing up you’ll have to fill out a questionnaire that helps the algorithm in matching you with other millionaires on the platform. 

Similar to Coffee Meets Bagel, you’ll receive a number of profiles (7 in this case) to review at the end of the day. This saves busy millionaires like you from wasting time scrolling to find matches and just going through the highly compatible suggested profiles instead. 

Unless you’re an early millionaire, chances are that your age is around 30 to 50 years old which is the average age group of daters on this platform. What’s more, most members have joined the platform with clear intentions and won’t waste your time. 


  • 90% of members are well-educated.
  • Professional dating advice is provided.
  • High-quality singles.
  • Ideal for daters over 30.


  • Automatic membership renewals with no prior notice through email.
  • Though it has rich men and women with degrees, being a millionaire isn't the criterion.

3. Seeking – Best For Sugar Relationships


When it comes to dating sites that are focused more on short-term encounters, Seeking (originally known as Seeking Arrangement) is the ideal one to use. It’s a dating platform with hook-ups, and sugar daddy dating, but also occasionally for long-term relationships. Singles can pair with wealthy men and women among its 40 million members. 

Most millionaires choose to be sugar daddies/mommies and this site is primarily focused on that. It even allows you to sign up with this status as either sugar baby or sugar momma/daddy. Fake profiles are in constant decrease thanks to the implementation of verification technologies and a team of 45 moderators around the world who monitor and verify profiles manually and independently. 

The company went through a rebranding in 2021, redefining its vision about dating and focusing on providing safer connections between members. Sugar dating has been misinterpreted as simply a transactional type of dating but the site focuses on its good sides and on creating healthy relationships between singles who’ve chosen this lifestyle. And its growing user base testifies to the trend growth.

After signing up and uploading a profile picture you’ll find a number of useful filters to help you find matches based on net income, location, interests, age, net worth, and more. If you sign up as a sugar baby, you’ll have access to most premium features for free. 


  • Anti-trafficking strategies with the help of AI and respective organizations for safe dating.
  • Ideal for sugar daddy/mommy millionaires 
  • 24-hour customer service.
  • Up to 10 free messages for men when signing up.


  • Focused only on sugar dating, not millionaire dating.

4. The League – Best Dating App For Millionaires

The League

Normally, what makes a dating site valuable is the authenticity of its members, and the League has probably one of the toughest signup processes. Different from other sites, to join the League, you don’t simply sign up but you have to apply and get drafted. Not all the profiles make it to be part of the app and the unqualified ones are rejected. 

So the members you’ll find on this site have curated and real profiles that match the standards of most millionaire daters. They are young charming millionaires, with an established and successful lifestyle. After getting accepted, they’ll send you three matches on a daily basis, but you can pay if you want to receive more. It depends on you. 

The application process requires you to fill in basic information, followed by your intention for joining the site, and where did you learn about it. As the user base comprises wealthy folks, it makes sense for the prices to be a bit over the odds (going up to $999/month). 

Users report that when initially using the app you might feel overwhelmed at first by the number of features but as you try each of them, everything becomes more intuitive. Contacting other users is fairly easy and it doesn’t require matching. To make it more professional, you can connect your Facebook or LinkedIn profiles to authenticate your profile and hide it from coworkers.


  • Available only to members in well-developed cities (not whole countries).
  • Video-chatting functionality.
  • Allows private lifestyle dating.


  • It might take a few weeks to get approved.
  • Super expensive compared to other wealthy dating sites.

5. Inner Circle

Inner Circle

Inner Circle functions in a similar way to the League, in the sense that you have to apply and be put on a waitlist before being accepted and creating a profile on the platform. There are a few things taken into consideration while authenticating users' profiles, such as education, career, and social media presence. 

The Inner Circle operates in a different format compared to other dating sites, since it sends you selected profiles based on your criteria and lets you explore for matches on four types of feeds: nearby, new, currently online, and all members. However, joining the platform will be challenging if you’re not active on social media (mainly on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn). 

Besides the dating platform, they also create wonderful opportunities for meeting in person with local matches through organized events. During the pandemic, they even took this activity online for safety reasons. The site is available in over 200 cities spanning from Washington to Amsterdam.  

The site houses singles from a variety of career directions, with a spread of 22% in finance, 18% in medical health, and 15& in marketing. Their focus is on bringing you together with singles of the fields you like, and this can be done through their filters like the industry filter. 


  • Exclusive in specific well-developed countries.
  • Organizes real-life events to match people. 
  • You’re allowed to leave comments on people’s profiles without matching.


  • You can’t view messages without a membership.

6. Luxy – Best For Swipe Lovers


What’s the ideal way to filter only real millionaires on your dating app? Verify their earnings. That’s the rule that Luxy follows mostly when it comes to admitting new members to the community, and the bar they have set is pretty high. You can’t join Luxy unless you have a verified income of $500k per month for which you have to provide documented proof. 

Such a high threshold would definitely attract scammers and fake users, and that’s why Luxy has implemented an Anti-Scam System dedicated to getting rid of fake profiles. Different from, even though the app hosts wealthy users, it doesn’t allow sugar dating arrangements. 

However, the approval process is done within 24 hours, where existing members and staff vote on whether or not a new profile seems legit. This ensures that your profile is checked by more than one pair of eyes to reduce mistakes. The disadvantage that many users have found annoying is the fact that the location of potential matches is not displayed with the free membership. However, paying for a higher membership gives you access to more features than just the location. 

Upgrading to higher tiers enriches your search with more filters, allowing you to search by using the income and verification status filters. Membership prices can go up to $100 per month, and you can do a lot of tricks on the app. For instance, you can buy coins (similar to the famous app, TikTok) and send users gifts virtually or boost your profile’s ranking, to appear in front of more potential matches. 


  • Only users with six-figure monthly earnings are accepted (which means you’ll find only quality matches).
  • Features like FaceMe help you video chat with matches. 
  • Verification is made by simply uploading a selfie and a tax return that testifies about your earnings.
  • Overall, one of the best million dating apps with a similar interface to Tinder.


  • Not adapted for LGBT community members.

7. Raya – Best For Influencers & Celebs


The wealthiest millionaires are usually celebrities, so it would make sense if there was a dating site where millionaires like you could date them. Raya is the site that makes this possible. Widely used by celebrities, it functions as a dating app and a social media platform at the same time, with most members belonging to a young age group.

The site is available online for everyone to access but if you want to create an account, you’ll have to download their dating app currently available for iOS users. Memberships can go as expensive as $119 and are auto-renewable. The app helps you to make friends or find a partner, and it values networking and referrals. Being referred by another member makes it easy to be accepted on the platform. 

The app takes privacy seriously and bans all users who screenshot profiles and share them online and warns you if you mention its members on social media channels. The interface is pretty easy to use and it requires integrating with Instagram to let you pick existing photos and display them in the form of a slideshow with music of your choice.

The application process could possibly require months before you get a response and whether or not you’ll be accepted depends a lot on your Instagram activity. Being that its main audience is creators, those with active Instagram accounts are prioritized as famous creators. 


  • Its membership starts at $9.99 which is affordable compared to other sites for millionaires.
  • The best exclusive dating app for celebs.
  • Alongside dating, some claim to have used Raya for hiring. 
  • Stellar privacy and tight verification process.


  • Limited only to iOS users.


Do Millionaire Dating Sites Work?

Yes, millionaire dating sites can indeed work. These platforms are designed to cater to the specific needs and lifestyles of wealthy individuals. With stringent verification processes, they offer a safe environment for millionaires to connect with potential partners who understand their lifestyle. However, as with any millionaire dating site, success largely depends on how you present yourself and engage with others on the platform.

Are There Any Free Millionaire Dating Sites?

Most millionaire dating sites offer a blend of free and premium services. For instance, MillionaireMatch allows you to sign up, create a profile, and enjoy limited interactions for free. However, to unlock advanced features and communication tools, a paid membership is typically required. Free users may also face restrictions, such as limited access to high-profile millionaire profiles. This premium model ensures a higher quality of interactions and security on the platform.

How do I meet a millionaire man?

You can meet a millionaire man through elite networking events, exclusive clubs, charity galas, or high-end recreational activities like golf tournaments. Online, there are specific dating platforms catered to this demographic such as MillionaireMatch, EliteSingles, or SeekingArrangement. Remember, attracting a millionaire goes beyond just being in the same space; it requires confidence, intelligence, and a genuine connection.

What dating site can I use to find a rich husband?

There are several dating sites tailored to those seeking affluent partners. MillionaireMatch, EliteSingles, and SeekingArrangement are a few examples. These platforms have stringent verification processes to ensure their members' wealth and authenticity. However, remember that finding a rich husband involves more than his wealth; mutual respect, shared interests, and emotional compatibility are equally important.

Is there an app to find rich men?

Absolutely! There are several mobile apps dedicated to connecting wealthy individuals with potential partners. Luxy, for instance, is a millionaire dating app that verifies the income of its male users to maintain a community of wealthy singles. Other options include The League and Raya, although these cater to successful individuals across all income brackets.

How do I find a rich guy to date?

Finding a rich guy to date involves frequenting places where they spend time, like luxury gyms, high-end eateries, or exclusive clubs. Online, millionaire dating platforms can provide an accessible route. However, remember that just like anyone else, wealthy individuals are looking for meaningful connections, so being authentic, confident, and engaging is crucial.

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