8 BEST Divorced Dating Sites & Apps For divorcees

There's a point for couples when sticking together becomes impossible, so they decide to part ways.

Whenever this happens, life goes on.

Both parties usually restart their love life with the passing of time, only much wiser and sure about what they want (or don't want) in their ideal partner this time.

While the idea of returning to clubbing or following the offline ways of dating can be exhausting simply when you think about it, dating sites can make dating fun again.

And there’s no reason why you should sit back and wait for the perfect time to log into one of them.

One study found that 65% of women begin dating again within the first year after the divorce. The same study outlines that 59% of these women prefer to find dates through online dating sites. On the other hand, men start their dating life again a bit sooner than women.

But at some point, both have to go on with life.

If you find yourself in a similar position, dating sites and apps are an excellent and effortless way for you to find love again.

Here's a list of the 8 best dating sites for divorcees.

8 Best Dating Sites For Divorced Singles

1. eHarmony

Is it possible to find the perfect formula for love? Well, eHarmony has been trying for years to perfect the 32-dimensions compatibility test they are famous for. After going through some tough times in a relationship, you’ve identified what you want in your ideal partner.

With the help of this test that helps you discover the prominent parts of your personality and that of your ideal partner's personality, it'll be easier to match with someone who truly wants to stay with you. Founded in August 2000, the site is one of the oldest in the dating industry, helping over 2 million users finally find their life's love.

The more details you have about someone, the easier it becomes to find out whether the two of you match or not. The test which includes around 80 questions covers details from one’s mindset to their attitude toward certain behaviors. Here, you have to chance to learn about personality traits that maybe you hadn’t had the chance to know about your first partner until it was too late because you were head over heels for them.

The U.S. national divorce rate is around 50%. Studies have shown that the divorce rate for married couples who meet through eHarmony is 3.86% which is extremely lower compared to the average rate, making the site an ideal choice for divorced singles looking to create a stable relationship.


  • Supports video chatting among its many features.
  • Gives away three months of membership to users unable to match with someone.
  • Hosts members with long-term relationship purposes in mind and offers personalized matchmaking services.


  • Lengthy registration process.
  • No access to members’ photos without a paid membership.
  • Tricky auto-renewal policies (choose carefully before subscribing).

2. Elite Singles

Elite Singles

If you're just coming out of a relationship, you definitely want to settle with someone who's not emotionally mature but also financially stable. That's where the Elite Singles dating site comes into play. The site offers more than just dating. It offers to date singles that are doing well financially too.

To enjoy full access to the app and browse through all its features freely should purchase a membership that starts from $42 per month. But that’s quite understandable. Access to a pool of high-quality dates can’t be free. Without a proper threshold, anyone who’s not serious about a relationship could be joining.

However, the basic plan allows you to perform basic things such as uploading a few photos and receiving messages. But chances are you won't go much further with just those features. For a divorced single searching for a serious relationship, you probably don't have the patience to wait for weeks until someone messages you.

However, Elite Singles offers only one paid membership option, which can be secured at a discount if you purchase more than one month. The premium membership starts at $57.59/mo when purchased for three months. It allows you to access the “Have you met” feature, browse through profiles via the mobile app, and much more.


  • Find matches who are well-educated and wealthy.
  • Offers advice from dating coaches on improving your profile.
  • Assigns a compatibility score to each potential match.
  • Available in over 29 countries internationally.


  • The user interface appears a little misleading at first.
  • Most singles are 30+ (a disadvantage if you’re searching for young matches).
  • Some users claim that often the algorithm matches them with users that don't always match their requirements.

3. Match.com


We couldn’t leave out of the list one of the senior dating sites in the history of online dating with a long record of successful matches. Match.com hosts an audience of over 21.5 million members on its site.

Differently from eHarmony and Elite Singles, members on Match.com appear to be from both two extremes: those looking for hookups and those looking for long-term relationships.

As a divorcee, you’re likely to find a match that matches your current intentions, whether you’re looking to settle down again or have fun instead. Regardless of the diversity of the audience, at least 91% of the members claim to have completed university or college at least.

And if things go south, the site offers the option to block the profiles you don't want to communicate with anymore. Furthermore, while browsing the site for free, you can even “wink” at the profiles you like without purchasing a membership. Available in over 60 countries worldwide, Match.com offers plenty of opportunities for divorced singles to rekindle their love life and pursue happiness again.


  • One of the oldest dating sites (founded in 1995) with diverse members that belong to different sexual orientations and share either long-term or short-term dating purposes.
  • Only 25% are under 30 which means that you’ll find mature users ready to commit to long-term relationships.
  • Members have the option to identify as divorced which makes it easy to display your status or find other divorcees.


  • You’re unable to message other users without opting for a paid subscription.
  • Hosts a considerable number of fake profiles and inactive users.

4. ChristianMingle


Religious beliefs can truly be a dealbreaker. That's why dating sites like ChristianMingle offer an amazing space for singles belonging to a particular belief–in our case, Christians. ChristianMingle is a dating app for single parents, divorcees, and other singles searching for true love from a person who respects and follows the same belief as them.

The platform hosts Christians who stand by their beliefs in God. According to a study conducted on the platform, it was found out that at least 71% of its members were faithful Christians who attended church on a weekly basis. If you’re searching for another Christian soul, this is the ideal site.

God works in mysterious ways, often hiding beautiful beginnings you never thought of. Sometimes it's a stranger you met on the streets by chance and started a love story with. Other times it can be someone you met in one click. What matters is that you take a leap of faith and try out your luck.

ChristianMingle welcomes over 60,000 members monthly and has a user base of over 15 million registered users. Out of these, at least 3.5 million singles log in each month searching for their soulmate. As a Christian divorcee or someone who wants to start a beautiful relationship with a Christian partner, this translates into dating opportunities. 


  • The site is wildly successful and there’s even a movie about it.
  • One of the largest dating sites for Christian singles.
  • Offers the Lookbook feature which allows you to see the matches' profiles without being noticed.


  • Not the right site for members searching for short-term relationships or hook-ups.
  • Your subscription will automatically be renewed unless you change the settings.

5. SilverSingles


SilverSingles is a site dedicated to matching senior adults who are at least over 50. Even though it accepts users under 50, the site is focused on catering to this particular demographic. Considering that the majority of divorces happen at a senior age, this dating app can help you find a soulmate even at that point. 

The site counts around 800,000 active visitors per month, and it’s an excellent space to start searching for a fulfilling and well-established partner. You can enjoy a seamless dating experience from either your Android or iOS device whenever you find free time during your day.

The algorithm that powers the site functionalities constantly monitors fake profiles and matches users with similar traits. You're likely to find senior members that suit your preferences regarding age, religion, and other factors. Thanks to a meticulously created personality test, you'll get the chance to display the most prominent traits you have and those you want to see in your partner.

Another amazing feature of the site is that it offers paid profile writing as well to help you present yourself as best as possible to potential matches. This will increase your chances of finding the ideal one much faster, especially if you're not good with words or familiar with writing online.


  • High chances of meeting mature matches capable of forming stable relationships with divorcees.
  • Delivers up to 10 highly compatible matches on a daily basis.
  • Offers personalized profile writing for around $99 and other matchmaking services.


  • Its user base is significantly closer to the senior age (not many young singles).
  • The free plan is quite limited (but if your purchase a plan for as long as 12 months, you'll get it for about $18/mo). 
  • Users are unable to see members' pictures unless they have purchased a membership.

6. OkCupid


The dating app named after the Greek God of love has successfully matched millions of singles worldwide, leading to beautiful stories, including stories of divorced singles who resumed their love thanks to OkCupid. The app is said to be responsible for over 200 million matches yearly making it a well-known app in the online dating world since its foundation in 2004.

Created by four Harvard students who are also founders of another successful company known as SparkNotes, the app caters to a wide demographic with adults from 18-29 comprising a large part of the user base (14%). And the app comes with an unbelievably free feature.

Users can message one another for FREE, unlike other most dating apps in the market. As a divorcee single, you’re probably not ready fully invest your attention and money into dating again, but now with OkCupid, you don’t have to. You’ll still be able to find matches without spending a penny.

The app is excellent for all dating purposes you might have. The site offers both whether you're searching for a short-term hook-up or a long-term relationship. Divorcees list this app among their favorites even though as with all apps, there are users who find it ineffective. Overall, the app delivers an outstanding experience and we can say that it often over-delivers.


  • You can communicate as a divorced single with other members for free.
  • The app comes with advanced filters and search functionalities.
  • It’s enriched with over 20+ sexual orientations to choose from that will allow you to find a match that matches your preferences.


  • Since the entry barrier is low, there are plenty of scams on the site.
  • The free interface involves showing ads that can affect your browsing experience negatively.

7. PlentyofFish

Plenty of Fish Dating

Maybe you’re not a fan of metaphors, but you should really consider the fact that they are “plenty of fish in the sea” for you to build a relationship with even after a divorce, and one of the best ways to find them is by using an app with the same name: Plenty of Fish (PoF).

What's unique about this dating app is its capability to talk with other users without purchasing a subscription or matching with them. There is also a premium version of the app that allows you to send more messages and access other functionalities starting at $20/mo (for a 3-months long membership).

The user base you’ll find in the app circles around 120 million which is not small. And the app is pretty active, given the free capabilities that it offers. Free users can message up to 25 people within a day, and that lures plenty of users. Surely that you’ll have to complete their personality test of over 30 questions before getting started but that helps you find suitable matches.

The platform lacked a video chatting feature but they implemented it during the pandemic times, which makes now the site much more useful. Thanks to a secure verification process, free chatting, and a vast database that expands to over 20 countries, PoF is an ideal choice for divorced singles deciding to date again.


  • Free users can talk to over 25 members per day.
  • Appropriate for divorced singles searching for long-term or short-term relationships.


  • The free chatting capabilities might attract immature users.
  • Users are allowed to message only members with a 14 years age gap.

8. Meetup.com


This site might come as a surprise to you because it’s not specifically created for dating. However, as a divorced single, you can find great opportunities to start a new relationship on it. Meetup.com's main purpose is to create community-based events that attract like-minded people.

Meetup.com keeps away the majority of spammers that lurk on dating sites with the purpose of meeting someone to hook up or have a good time with when they haven’t put their own life in order first. The people you will find on Meetup are more stable, sociable, and open-minded.

The site works by forming groups where members with shared interests can join. These groups are concerned with a variety of topics and dating is one of them. Here you’re likely to network with other members who match your interests which could turn into something more along the way.

This is a general approach. If you’re using dating groups the chances of finding someone who is directly interested in a romantic relationship are higher. On the site, you will even find groups dedicated to dating after a divorce which can give you immense support besides helping you find a partner again.


  • The site is completely free.
  • There are no limitations to the number and types of people you can meet on the platform.
  • The site helps you not only to date new people but also to make new friends and connect with people who can help you advance career-wise.


  • The site is not specifically designed for dating.
  • Event organizers can set up an event with the sole purpose of promoting their services or products.


What’s the best dating site for divorced parents?

Dating sites like eHarmony, Match.com, and SilverSingles are some of the best options for divorced singles looking to return to the dating scene again. But these are not the only ones as each person has their own preferences.

How do I find someone to date after divorce?

There are various ways of going about this. You could either go back to the old-fashioned way of partying and going to events or save time by dating online via one of the many divorced dating apps we’ve listed above.

What’s the best dating site for divorcees over 50?

Almost all of the dating sites in this article are appropriate for divorced singles. However, SilverSingles is specifically created for singles that are over 50, which makes it an option worth trying for you. 

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