8 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps For Non-Monogamous People

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Looking for the best polyamorous dating apps?

Polyamorous relationships are no longer a thing of the past. They’re very much a thing of the present and the future, with more and more couples claiming to have more than one sexual partner. In fact, research has shown that as many as 5% of Americans are polyamorous or at least open to polygamy.

So, if you're looking for more than one, then online dating is a good option!

However, it’s still not easy to find the perfect person for an open relationship because the market for ethical, non-monogamous is still limited. That said, there are a number of poly-friendly apps for ethical non-monogamous dating and non-monogamous relationships.

I’ve taken the time to rate and review a number of dating sites according to how suited they are to the poly lifestyle.

While most of the dating sites in this guide aren’t specifically aimed at polyamorous relationships, it’s totally possible to use them to find that extra someone. 

The 8 Best Polyamorous Dating Apps & Sites:

1. AdultFriendFinder 


AdultFriendFinder has been around for over 20 years and is one of the most polyamorous dating sites. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for; whether you want threesomes, orgies, a fuck buddy, or swingers, you can find it here. There are 80,000,000 users worldwide, nudity is allowed, and anyone of any sexual kink and persuasion is welcome. 

AdultFriendFinder is super easy to use, too. The signup process only took me a few minutes, and then I was free to browse thousands of profiles in my area. Most users are open to chatting about anything and everything, and it wasn’t long before I arranged to meet up with people. I personally found AFF the best poly-friendly app around.

There are a host of features on offer, too. AFF also works as a live cam site. You can watch live member webcams and adult movies, and join in discussions in the adult chatrooms, and you can also learn more about a non-monogamous relationship in the Sex Academy. 

2. Ashley Madison 


Ashley Madison is a non-monogamous dating site, but it comes with a massive twist. It’s not just aimed at those who want more than one partner; it’s aimed at cheating couples. With millions of members all around the world, there's clearly a market for a site like this. The polyamorous community is active, and it’s become known for being an “affairs site.” 

Most of the people who use Ashley Madison are middle-aged and bored of their current marriage. They just want a bit of sex on the side to spice things up, and they’re not generally looking for new relationships. I found that, while it’s not easy to find someone who’s up for joining you and your partner, you’ll have a better chance if you can reassure the other person. 

Discretion is, after all, the key. Users want to feel safe and secure that they’re not going to get found out. Ashley Madison has beefed up its security so that you can browse anonymously while being sure that your data is 100% safe. However, while women get access to all the features – including messaging, boosting their profile, and so on – for free, men have to pay.

3. BiCupid


BiCupid is a top-rated poly dating app that doubles up as a bi-dating app. It’s home to around 1,800,000 users at the time of writing, most of them registering as bisexuals. But while bisexuals dominate the site (there are at least a million bisexuals who use this dating app), you will also find other members of the LGBTQ+ community here.

Like Taimi, there are far more men than women who use BiCupid. Most of the users who sign-up claim to be looking for hookups and casual dating, with many open to the idea of poly relationships. You can also join the app as a couple and meet singles here who want to explore new and different types of relationships. 

The registration process takes around 3 minutes, and you can link your Facebook account. You won’t be able to send the first message to someone until you’ve upgraded your account, but you can receive (and reply to) messages as a free member. There are also blogs and forums on BiCupid that give you tips on meeting people. 

4. Feeld 


Feeld has really grown in recent years to become one of the most popular options for meeting couples and singles. Nowadays, it can boast 200,000 active users each week, and it’s adding new members all the time. It’s open to both singles and couples, with couples making up over half of the weekly logins. This makes it ideal for those looking for a polyamorous relationship.

However, where Feeld really stands out is with its gender options. Feeld offers more gender identity and sexual orientation options than most other polyamorous dating sites. If you’re not comfortable with simply identifying as a man or a woman, Feeld lets you choose from a range of options. And while straight people use Feeld, many members admit they’re bi-curious.

I personally wasn’t too impressed with the technical aspects of Feeld. Worse still, if you don’t live in a big city, options will be limited. However, I enjoyed moderate success.

5. Taimi

Taimi is one of the best LGBTQ+ dating apps around, and it offers a safe space for those looking to welcome new people into their relationship who are open-minded and tolerant. 

And while gender proportion is heavily skewered on the male side (the ratio is something like 70:30 in favor of men), there are still plenty of lesbian users, bisexuals, queer users, and non-binary users. However, most people who register are aged under 35.

Registration is a piece of cake, but you can’t sign-up on desktop (you need to use the app). You can also link your Facebook account if you wish; sending and receiving messages is free, and several premium features help you get the most out of it. That said, many people use Taimi for free at all times – it really depends on your needs and budget. 

6. OkCupid 

OkCupid is a free-to-use dating app that’s perfect for finding like-minded polyamorous partners. It’s used by over 50,000,000 people around the world, with most users being aged between 25 and 34. It’s also one of the most open-minded apps and is especially popular with the LGTBQ+ community and those who are looking for open relationships. 

And while OkCupid isn’t specifically aimed at polyamorous relationships, a search function makes it easy to find others who are looking for the same thing you are. I simply had to type in “non-monogamy” to find other users who were open to the idea of polygamy. I was also impressed by the user layout and how in-depth the profiles were. 

But while the app is free to use and send and receive messages, there are a number of features that only paid members get access to. For example, paid members get to see who liked them, can boost their profile, and can categorize their matches. 

7. #Open 


#Open advertises itself as a dating site that allows you to “explore with ethically non-monogamous people and their partners.” In other words, this is 100% a legit poly dating app that’s used by people who have agreed to be in a polyamorous relationship with their partner. You can guarantee that the people you meet here will be serious about their intentions. 

The app is super transparent and gives you the chance to get to know the founders and ambassadors. Many of them are just like you – they want dating to be better. To that end, you can note your limitations on the app so that you only meet poly partners who wish to do the same things you are, and you can easily block users you’re not interested in.

The matches generally tend to be high-quality, with new members joining each month. You can meet people through the app, but you can also meet them at #Open community events, and the app is used by people all across the sexuality spectrum, from kink to LGBTQ + and beyond. 

8. Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge

Tinder is primarily seen as a hookup app that people also use to make new friends. However, with millions of members around the world, it’s also possible to find polyamorous couples here. Most of the years are aged under 35, and while there’s no search function (Tinder is a swipe app), you can state you're ethically non-monogamous in your bio/profile.

I did exactly that. I added “poly” to my bio and found it much easier to cut through the noise. However, I did need to boost myself a number of times to land high-quality matches. The signup process is quick and easy, the app is free to use, and you can link your social media accounts. Moreover, the app requires just your basic info, such as your age and job.

Yes, most of these aren’t specifically aimed at polyamorous people. But with the right profile and the right mentality, you can totally find what you’re looking for. There are other dating apps for non-monogamous relationships like more than one, but they lack the user-base and trustworthiness. The next step is to decide which dating apps appeal to you the most before creating a free account and taking a closer look. 

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