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Let's Get A Little Intimate, Shall We? 💕

DatingXP, initially launched as Tinderlines.com, made a remarkable impact as a pioneer in its field. We innovatively shared weekly Tinder screenshots, capturing the attention of a global audience and garnering recognition from top-tier media outlets such as Bustle, CNET, Huffington Post, Digital Trends, MTV, Esquire, OkCupid, and Telegraph, among others.

As the digital dating landscape began to evolve, we recognized the growing popularity of various dating apps and platforms. Committed to maintaining our relevance and broadening our horizons, we made a strategic decision to rebrand ourselves. 

Our Goal? 

It's pretty simple and straightforward, really. But, we are glad you asked!

To expand our content coverage and ensure we remained a trusted resource for all aspects of the dating world.

Meet Our Author & Editors ✍️

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Today, DatingXP stands proud as a collective of passionate, seasoned writers, journalists, and bloggers. Our expert team boasts impressive credentials, including graduation from prestigious universities and years of dedicated experience. Their writing prowess and love for the written word have led to their contributions to leading magazines such as Huffington Post, INC, Woman Magazines, and a variety of esteemed Dating & Relationship blogs.

Our team's connection with the online dating world goes beyond just writing. Our senior contributor, Melissa Maypole, found her dream partner through OkCupid. This personal touch, combined with professional expertise, enhances our authenticity and connection with our audience.

Our web developers, devoted enthusiasts of WordPress and the Internet at large, work tirelessly to ensure our platform offers an exceptional user experience. They strive to create a welcoming space for both our loyal audience and new visitors alike.

Meanwhile, our content strategists meticulously oversee the content released across all our platforms. Their mission is to ensure our content remains fresh, relevant, and responsive to the needs and interests of our readers. With DatingXP, you can trust you're receiving the most accurate and up-to-date insights into the ever-evolving world of online dating.

author and certified relationship coach Mary j. Gibson

Mary J. Gibson


Mary J. Gibson is a certified love and relationship coach, known for her industry knowledge and prowess in guiding individuals toward fulfilling relationships. As the Director of DatingXP.co, her expertise is widely acknowledged and celebrated within the industry. Mary's valuable insights have been featured in prestigious publications like Bustle, AskMen, Cosmopolitan, and Elite Daily. She constantly stays updated with industry trends, conducts insightful interviews, and fosters connections with emerging dating services, ensuring her advice remains timely and influential.

Mary recently authored her first eBook, titled “Swipe Right Success,” which serves as a comprehensive guide for mastering the art of conversation on dating apps. This achievement highlights her unwavering dedication to assisting individuals in achieving success in their romantic pursuits. With her extensive experience and a constant thirst for knowledge, Mary has firmly established herself as an authoritative, credible, and trustworthy figure in the realm of love and relationships.

Maria Montgomery

Maria Montgomery

Maria, a multifaceted individual, is recognized as a writer, director, social entrepreneur, and change maker. Maria's work has been prominently featured in esteemed magazines such as the Huffington Post, YouQueen, and Her Interest.

Her unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise is evident in her remarkable digital dating achievement – securing over 25,000 likes on Tinder. This practical knowledge, coupled with her academic insight, bolsters Maria's authority in the online dating sphere.

Will Titterington

Will is a dedicated content writer, empowering coach, and an aficionado of life, passionate about helping others unlock their full potential. His love for art and sports mirrors his diverse interests and multifaceted personality, while his ability to connect with people globally reflects his openness and sociability.

Will not only helps with relationship advice but also tests different dating apps and sites to share his reviews.

Eszter Brhlik

Eszter Brhlik

Eszter Brhlik specializes in the nuanced fields of sexuality and sex education. Her in-depth exploration of complex topics ranges from advocating for active consent and ethical p#rn to fostering mutual enjoyment in sexual relationships and aiding in kink-discovery. A strong proponent for closing the orgasm gap, Eszter contributes her voice to fostering equality and fulfillment in intimate relationships.

With an approach grounded in respect and understanding, Eszter's work is an invaluable resource for those seeking to navigate and understand their sexuality in a world that often shies away from these conversations.

Laurie Riihimaki

Laurie Riihimaki covers a broad spectrum ranging from sex and relationships, holistic medicine and self-care, to career and personal development. With a robust writing portfolio, Laurie devotes herself full-time to the craft, earning her the moniker of a “busy-bee.”

Having honed her skills in prominent theatre scenes of Boston, London, and New York City, Laurie has crafted a vibrant, comical narrative style that infuses her writing with an irresistible charm.

Laurie’s writing offers a blend of personal insights, academic knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor, solidifying her place as an authoritative, trustworthy, and approachable figure in her areas of expertise.

Melissa Anderson

Melissa is a seasoned copywriter with a decade's worth of experience under her belt.

A testament to her belief in love and its digital possibilities, Melissa found her soulmate on OkCupid. Their love story led them to the altar in October of 2018, and they are now living out their own version of ‘happily-ever-after' in the picturesque landscapes of Alabama. Their shared passion for mountain biking offers a refreshing balance to their lives, further enhancing their bond.

Melissa's personal experiences, coupled with her extensive professional background, lend her a unique perspective and credibility. Her work is rooted in real-life experiences, making her words relatable, her insights valuable, and her advice trustworthy.

Milagros Rojas, m.d.

Milagros Rojas is not only a Medical doctor and researcher with experience in life sciences consulting but also a writer. Her work on Tinder & online dating comes straight from her personal experience. She is a food lover and loves to travel the world which you can observe on her Instagram profile.

Harshita Dagha

Accredited as one of the top content writers in the India, Harshita specializes in lifestyle & entertainment. She greatly enjoys leveraging her passion to help the world grow. Her love for content is truly undying, unapologetic and unconditional.