Review Policy

This page covers how we ( review the /casual dating services like dating apps and dating sites. This is to maintain the transparency and trust with our new and existing audience.

At DatingXP, we strive to help you select the right dating platform based on your requirements. To do this, many or all of the products featured here are from our partners. However, this doesn’t influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

How We Give Ratings?

The most common question that may strike in your brain is that how we evaluate the service to assign it ratings. The answer is pretty simple and straightforward to it.

  1. Test the services ourselves.
  2. Compare its performance with industry standards such Price, User experience, Security, and Success chances. 

After evaluation of these parameters we assign it certain ratings. Since we review, mostly, only popular and well established services, you might not come across any negative or super low ratings review articles.

Are We Biased Towards Our Affiliates? 

No. When it comes to our work, our policy is to be completely stay unbiased and strict regardless we’ve any affiliation with the reviewed services or not. This is because we respect our work and have good journalist moral values.

This can be noticed in our review articles where we discuss both the pros, cons, and service alternatives. Refer to our Affiliate Disclaimer page for More.


We take the responsibility of our work by making sure that we keep things real and unbiased. But, we don’t take responsibility of any service for their internal actions in future (or past) since those are out of our control. However, rest assured, if we get notified of any such incident we will update our reviews with latest information.