10 Research-Backed Tips to Get Over a Fuck Boy

We get it. Fuck boys are sexy, charismatic, and, generally, they’re good in bed. 

Plus, they’re more mysterious than a “nice guy” which is part of what makes them so attractive in the first place. 

But fuck boys are called fuck boys for a reason. And given enough time, they will reel you in, cause you to become infatuated with them, and maybe they’ll even make you fall in love with them – before breaking your heart. 

We’ve seen it happen way too often to girls who deserve better. But while that part of the story is often predictable and 100%, not your fault, what happens next is different. Most girls find it hard to get over a fuck boy because, despite their label, fuck boys are surprisingly loveable. 

If you’ve given your heart to a fuck boy and need to get over him fast, come join me as I share with you tips on how to do just that.

By the end of the article, you will be ready to move on to a guy who respects you, and who loves you for who you are. 

here are 10 ways to heal after a fuckboy breaks your heart

1. Practice Acceptance 

Acceptance is the number one thing that will help you get over a fuck boy. 


Because acceptance is something we can all practice, and it’s also something we have complete control over. 

When you accept things are over and that the man you loved/really liked wasn’t who he said he was, you are taking back control of your thoughts and your life. 

Naturally, acceptance isn’t easy to come by. But here are some pointers:

See him for who he really is and not who you thought he was. Focus on the negative stuff and forget about any idealized vision you had of him

Don’t take this personally. He is a fuck boy who has surely done this to many other women before 

Do this for yourself. If you continue to dwell on the fuck boy, you will only cause yourself further stress and thus prevent yourself from moving on with your life 

2. Give Yourself Time 

There’s a famous saying that time is a great healer. And it’s a famous saying for a reason – because it’s entirely true. 

Getting over a fuck boy will take time. But just everything else, the pain you’re feeling now will eventually pass. While today might seem like the end of the world, and while the fuck boy might be constantly on your mind, in a year’s time all your current worries will seem so trivial. 

How come? 

Because by then you will have moved on.

Just think back to the past and all the things that have bothered you before. While you might still remember them, they’re now just a thing of the past. What once caused you pain years ago doesn’t anymore. 

Time will pass and the pain you feel will subside. In the meantime, try not to stress yourself out too much. Just know that things will change. 

3. Get Back On Dating Apps 

Returning to dating apps after we’ve been rejected isn’t easy. We don’t want to date anyone else – we still want him

But one of the best ways to get him out of your head is to start chatting with other cool guys. 

And look, there’s zero pressure on you to date someone else here. At this point, all you need to do is create an account, add a few pics to your profile – and start chatting with people. Pretty soon, you’ll be having a laugh with other guys online and this alone will a) make you feel better and b) help you get over a fuck boy. 

There are all kinds of different dating apps you can use, too, including Tinder (great for finding short-term relationships and friends), OKCupid (ideal for those who are more open-minded), and Match (perfect if you’re looking for something longer-term). 

4. Delete His Number 

If the fuck boy chooses to get in touch with you, that’s his choice. You can’t really control that (well, you could if you blocked him). But what you can control is whether or not you contact him

Contacting the fuck boy isn’t a good idea because it will prevent you from moving on. All it does is give you a false sense of hope and comfort but doesn’t solve anything. It just re-establishes a link with him and keeps him in your mind.

And because you might be tempted to contact him and ask how his day was etc, the best thing to do is to take it out of your hands by deleting his number off your phone. That way, you can’t get in touch with him even if you wanted to. 

5. Say “No” To Him

If he does get in touch with you and asks to see you again – say ‘No’ to him. 

Yes, saying ‘No’ to a guy we really like is difficult because we worry that we might regret it. After all, what if he’s changed? 

But here’s the thing – fuck boys don’t change. If you say Yes to him, it will only lead to more heartache. 

So put your foot down and let him know where you stand. 

6. Have a Ladies' Night Out 

Nothing helps to relieve stress and block him out of your mind than a good old night out with the girls! A ladies' night out helps you to recharge your batteries and it gives you a chance to let your hair down and have some FUN. 

Before you know it, you’ll be having a fabulous time that reminds you that not much else matters when you have amazing friends.

So call your girls up, get them together, and go out and have some cocktails. Go dancing, and don’t even think about meeting guys. Sure, you might meet someone, but who cares! The main thing is that you remember what it’s like to have fun. 

7. Delete Him Off Your Social Media 

Social media has its pros, but it also has its cons. 

And when you’re trying to get over a fuck boy, the last thing you need is to see his status where he tells the world how much he’s loving life right now.

Or the photos of him with his arm around another girl.

Or those flirty comments from Tina, a girl you’ve always been suspicious of. 

So if you want to get over a fuck boy, now is the time to delete – and maybe even block – him from ALL your social media. 

8. Remember His Flaws

No man is perfect. 

But a fuck buddy is far from perfect. 

When we’re experiencing rejection or a full-on breakup, it’s very easy to get hung up on the other person's qualities. We remember their smile, their laugh, and that cute thing they do with their hair. 

We forget, of course, to remind ourselves of all the bad stuff. Such as the way they sleep around, won’t commit, or the way they always leave their hair in the shower. 

When you’re getting over a fuck buddy, it’s really important that you remember his flaws. Yes, he may have been cute but the two of you would never have worked. Remember that. 

9. Look Your Best

It’s very hard to get over anyone, let alone a fuck boy if we mope around the house wearing our slacks and feeling very sorry for ourselves.

So what should you do about this? 

Look your best. 

Look hot.

Get dressed up and show the world and the fuck boy what they’re all missing. 

Dressing up will restore your confidence and remind you that you don’t need the fuck boy. You can have whatever man you deserve because you look good and you feel good. 
And you are good.

10. Binge On Netflix 

Lastly, when you’ve done all of the above, why not treat yourself to a Netflix binge? 

Pick out some TV shows and movies, grab some popcorn, order a takeaway – and escape into a world of imagination, kickass storytelling, and fantasy. 

Once that’s done, it’s time to start a new week and be a new You. 

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