Seeking Arrangement Review

Sugar dating is growing in popularity and no longer has the stigma attached to it that it once did.

However, finding the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby is still no easy task. That is until you use the right sugar dating website. 

Seeking Arrangement was established in 2006, and today is one of the world’s most popular sugar dating websites and apps. Safe and secure to use, it boasts a member base of more than 10,000,000 people worldwide. It’s used by both sugar daddies and sugar babies alike, and it provides a safe space for you to make lasting connections.

In this Seeking Arrangement review, I’ll be taking a look at the pros and cons of using this dating site. I’ll also be walking you through the registration process, comparing it to other similar sugar daddy apps, as well as sharing my own personal experience using the site.


  • Millions of active users so you'll have a lot of options to go through.
  • Advanced search filters to meet people with your criteria.
  • Very reliable platform if you're looking for a sugar baby or daddy.
  • Can send and receive messages for free.
  • Serious about the safety of its users.


  • Some girls are there to receive money but do not meet in person.

How Does Seeking Work? 

How Does Seeking Work?

You can sign-up to Seeking as either a sugar daddy, a sugar mommy or a sugar baby. This means the site is aimed at older people looking to connect with younger people for the purposes of a “sugar” relationship – as well as young people looking to connect with older people. 

You can sign-up for free using your Facebook account (although having a Facebook isn’t mandatory), and all sugar babies will have to disclose how much they wish their sugar daddy or mommy to spend on them, while all sugar daddies and mommies must disclose their budget. 

Once you’re a fully signed-up member, Seeking suggests you a number of daily potential matches. You can also search for users and tweak the numerous filters that make it easier to find what you’re looking for, and you’re free to send anyone a message (provided your profile photo has been approved). 

And while it’s free to send and receive messages on Seeking, you can upgrade your account to take advantage of a number of the premium features. 

Registering on Seeking 

Registering on Seeking

The registration process at Seeking is free and it only takes a matter of minutes. You just have to answer a few very simple questions, such as whether you’re a man or a woman and what it is you’re looking for in someone else (looks and charm or success and wealth), before entering a valid email address.

Alternatively, you can sign-up using your Facebook account, in which case you won’t need to enter an email address. 

Once you’ve completed the initial step, you will then be asked to provide a profile photo. If you don’t upload a photo of yourself, your account will still be created but your pic might not be approved. If this is the case, you won’t be able to send or receive messages as a free member. 

uploading photo

You can also link one of your social media accounts to your profile, and we highly suggest you do this as Seeking will then add a badge to your profile that verifies who you say you are. 

Other than that, there’s a small chance that Seeking might request to perform a third-party background check on you, but adding other things to your profile, such as a bio, isn’t mandatory at this point. 

Setting up Your Profile 

Okay, so I just wrote that filling in your bio isn’t mandatory when you create your profile for the first time. And true – it isn’t mandatory. But if you want to stand out on Seeking among the many other sugar daddies and babies, you will need to work on your profile at some point. 

One of the unusual features of Seeking is that you must wait for the Seeking team to approve any photo you upload. The approval process takes between 24 and 48 hours, which is why I recommend you upload yours as soon as possible. To speed up the process, you can upgrade your account to premium. 

Next, while adding info to your profile isn’t mandatory, your profile won’t be approved until you’ve completed your whole profile. There’s a helpful status bar that lets you know how much of your profile has been completed, and how much work you still need to do:

completing seeking profile

Bear in mind, that there are quite a lot of fields on a Seeking profile, and you’ll need to fill them all in before you can start sending and receiving messages. If you wish, you can also choose to make your profile private so that only specific members can see it. It’s also worth noting that, unless you’re a premium member, your recent activity will be displayed on your profile.

Are There Any Free Features?

So far, I’ve talked a bit about the difference between a free Seeking account and a premium one. Is there much you can do as a free member? As a matter of fact – there is. 

You can create an account for free and you can even send and receive messages for free. However, as mentioned, you won’t be able to communicate with anyone until your profile is completed and approved, and you can only speed this process up by becoming a premium member.

As a free member, you can also use the advanced search function and upload more pics to your profile. You can read the Seeking blog, too.

What Do You Get In Premium Membership? 

Premium Membership

Seeking offers a number of perks that only premium members can enjoy: 

Communicate Without An Approved Profile 

I’ve mentioned a few times that you won’t be able to send and receive messages until your photos and profile have been approved. The catch is that this only applies to free members. As a premium member, you can start chatting with people before your profile and pics are approved. 

Featured in Search Results 

This is a useful feature if you feel as though you’re not getting seen on Seeking. Essentially, it makes your profile more visible so that more people see you. 

Hide Your Profile From Search Results 

If you’ve already found someone, or if you want to hide your profile from specific searches, you can do that as a premium member. 

Hide Your Online Status 

Don’t want someone to know when you’re online? If you ever want to use the site without appearing online, you will need to upgrade your account.

Save Custom Search Filters

search filters

Seeking has an advanced search function that lets you tweak multiple filters. But you can only save your filters if you’re a premium member. 

See When Someone Has Read Your Message

If you’re the kind of person who gets anxious not knowing if your messages have been read or not, you might want to consider upgrading to a premium account. 

Send As Many Messages As You Want

Perhaps the biggest advantage of being a premium member on Seeking is that you can literally send and receive unlimited messages. This means a conversation will never get cut short because you’ve run out of messages. 

Video Chat

A video chat gives you the chance to talk to someone almost “face to face,” so that you can get a better understanding of how well the two of you get along. 

How Much Does Seeking Cost? 

How Much Does Seeking Cost?

At the time of writing, you can choose from 3 subscription packages.

Prices for a Seeking subscription are as follows: 

  • 30 days Premium – $90 per month 
  • 90 days Premium – $80 per month
  • 30 days Diamond – $70 per month 

Is Seeking Safe? 

Seeking takes the safety of their members super seriously. To that end, they’ve put in place a number of high-level security measures, such as HITL, as well as leveraged the use of AI to detect fraudulent behavior (such as scamming) and eradicate it from the site as soon as possible. 

Member privacy is also a priority at Seeking, and again the website has used AI solutions to keep your details safe. 

Not just that but Seeking works with URSafe, which is a voice-activated personal safety app that integrates with 911. It allows you to stay safe on dates and get in touch with the police ASAP if something goes wrong. 

Seeking Review

As a man, it was natural that I signed up to Seeking as a sugar daddy looking to meet a sugar baby. The initial sign-up process was a breeze and took just a few seconds, and I then had to complete my full profile in order to take advantage of the site properly. This meant adding details about my appearance, uploading some pics, and adding some personal info. 

Once that was out of the way, I started searching for female members (sugar babies). On first impression, Seeking feels like an ordinary dating site. You scroll through profiles, tweak your search filters and check out the new members. What’s more, the profile pics in the search result look exactly like the type you’d see on a site like OkCupid. profiles

However, when you click on a female’s profile, you can see their wish list. This is pretty much the giveaway that Seeking Arrangement is a sugar dating site. 

That all said, it wasn’t long before I was sending messages to women, and I like the fact that Seeking works just like a regular dating site in that you find a profile you like, shoot them a message and start a conversation. It’s as easy as that. 

Does Seeking really work?

Yes and No. If you’ve had poor results on other dating sites, you might have better luck here as a sugar daddy, provided you meet their criteria when it comes to either charm and looks, or success and wealth. If you score highly on either of those, there’s every chance women will talk to you. 

I found that to be the case, along with uploading my best pics. I got chatting with a few women, went on a few dates, and came to a few arrangements. Overall, Seeking might be as popular as, say, Tinder, but women are more open to chatting with you provided you’ve got what they want. 

5 Tips To Get Results On Seeking Arrangement

Upload Your Best Pics 

The thing with uploading our best pics is that we’re not always the best judges at choosing our best ones. 

A much smarter idea is to ask a friend to choose them for you.

Either way, your pic needs to showcase your lifestyle, they need to show you smiling (at least some of the time) and look relaxed, and as well as headshots you also need to add full body pics. 

Describe Yourself 

Who are you? What are you looking for? What values do you have, and what values do you admire in other people?

Your bio needs to be thoughtful, it needs to be you and it needs to display as best as possible what you’re all about. 

Make sure to check for typos, and always be positive!

Know What You Want

If you join Seeking but don’t yet know what you want, you will only end up wasting your time and other people's time. 

So make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for beforehand. This will ensure you have better quality conversations, and it will also ensure you’re able to tweak your search filters easily. 

Don’t Wait Too Long To Ask For a Date 

How long should you wait until you ask someone out? 

There’s no universal answer, but the key is to not wait too long. If you do, the moment can pass, the magic can fade and they will find someone else. 

If you’re having a great conversation with someone, make sure to ask them out before it’s too late. 

Be Honest

Sugar dating might be a little bit different to regular dating, but many of the same rules apply.

And the number one rule is that you must be honest. If you’re not, you’ll get caught out somewhere along the line, and you won’t have the successful sugar relationship you crave. 

This means putting your real age and adding your most recent photos. 

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