Are Dating Apps Worth it? (Research Backed Answer)

Having a life partner to share your joys with or simply finding someone to hook up and have a good time with is essential. Back in the days, when people mostly met through traditional ways such as clubs, gatherings, or common friends, things were more straightforward. It's true. 

But with the invention of dating apps, now you have much more options than before. You can meet people from around the world, in the locations you like, who share similar interests with you instantly.

If it was this simple, how come most users still don't find matches? 

You could've tried creating a profile yourself in one of these dating apps, and hundreds of swipes later you decided to delete it. Is it just a fad advertised heavily because people needed or do they really help you find that special someone you're searching for? People are left confused. 

These people have tried it once and quit but let's trust the data. Statistics say it isn't a fad. Many people who have met through these apps are now together living a happy life. We'll explore these statistics and the steps you should take to make the best out of these apps. 

What Does Research Say About Online Dating?

Numbers are pretty promising when we look at the research done on the online dating market. Experts at Statista state that by the end of 2022, there will be at least 413 million active online users on dating platforms. People are clicking online, and numbers go high. Experts endorse the use of dating apps, and it's all for a good reason. 

Gina Potarca, a researcher at the Institute of Demography and Socioeconomics in UNIGE's Faculty of Social Sciences, states that “The Internet is profoundly transforming the dynamics of how people meet.” Contrary to the belief that online dating may ruin our chances of building stronger relationships offline and make us reclusive, researchers say that dating apps allow people to date partners from desired backgrounds and even turn an online relationship into a marriage. 

The downside of dating apps is that it lacks instant emotion compared to face-to-face interactions, so this means you should be patient to discover whether someone matches you or not. You'll also need to be patient until you receive your first matches and update your profile more regularly to increase the chances of impressing other users. 

There are plenty of dating apps out there, and you shouldn't be discouraged if one doesn't work for you. Different apps have users who share different intentions from yours. For example, apps like Tinder are more suitable for teens, while sites like eHarmony and Hinge cater to people in their thirties. You have to do your due diligence and choose the apps that match your intentions and age group. 

Traditional dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, and Zoosk are still competing for users' attention, especially the Gen Z, which is constantly running after the latest. For instance, Snack attempts to bring dating and short-form videos (TikTok type of content) together into a new platform. However, traditional dating apps are keeping pace and are likely to implement new updates to win over these features. 

How Likely You're to Find The One on Dating Apps?

It sounds odd when you think about meeting a life partner through a dating app, but statistics show that relationships that spark via dating apps have turned into serious relationships.

survey from Bumble found that 65% of respondents were using the app in the hopes of finding a steady relationship. Most people are serious about online dating. 

But you don't have to go this far though. If you're a millennial, the chances are that the majority of your friends who are in a relationship met on dating apps, or at least through social media apps, which comes very close to it. Dating apps have a high potential of meeting you with “the one.” It's a numbers game. You're presented with more options than in real life, which directly increases the chances of meeting your soulmate. 

However, there are a few factors that impact the outcome of your dating experience and the possibility of meeting the one. Just are real-life relationships don't work if you become clingy and anxious, online dating works the same way. You must maintain a healthy and balanced use of your dating apps, which centers around self-care and prioritizing your true values. Because if you don't nurture your character, you won't have much to bring to the table when meeting someone online.  

How to Make Dating Apps Work For You?

If dating is not working for you, it doesn't mean that you need to give up. It has worked for many others, and it eventually works for you if you approach it the right way. It sounds funny, but most of the outcome of your online dating game comes from what you do offline. If you're feeling confident or anxious offline, it'll reflect while dating.  

This includes how patient you are and how you're enriching yourself both professionally and personally so that you know how to maintain a good conversation without losing interest in your matches. The game is tough and you have to play it well to get somewhere. But don't feel overwhelmed. We've broken this online dating thing into three simple steps so that it works for you as well: 

1. Pick the Right App

There are several apps, as we mentioned, that serve a specific audience and age group. Firstly, go through our list of apps for 2022. Choose that one app that best matches your intentions, but this doesn't mean you should limit yourself to only one app. Try 2 or 3 at once. It will increase your chances of successfully matching with someone. 

2. Create a Good Dating Profile

Your dating profile should be a masterpiece you've crafted well, so it best represents who you are. Before going over all the conventional advice for choosing a good profile picture and crafting a compelling bio, there's one thing you should keep in mind: update your profile regularly when you're not getting matches following these crucial dating profile writing rules. It's best if you do these while you're calm and relaxed rather than sad. 

3. Learn How to Open and Keep the Conversation

The way you open your conversations determines whether they'll go beyond three messages or not. If you think that having a solid profile will bring you dates on your restaurant tables without saying a word, you're lying to yourself. Conversations are the bridge between online interaction and an IRL date. Equip yourself with some good conversation starters and keep the conversation interesting and empathic. 

Are Dating Apps Worth It?

It absolutely depends. Yes, we're not going to lie about it. It depends. Dating apps are scientifically proven to build relationships. Still, if you're not willing to do the work of creating a good profile and trying new approaches while starting conversations until you find what works for you, then dating will be challenging. Dating apps are the future of dating and the sooner you join, the faster you'll master the game. 

It's good to know the person you want to date, but you have to trust your gut and even date people who seem like they derail from your checklist of points you want them to fulfill. Actually, Damona Hoffman, a certified dating coach, states, “I find that there's too much focus on finding someone who shares interests with you. You're not looking to date a carbon copy of yourself.” Usually, we choose the traits of the ideal match in our mind but what truly arises in our emotions is the unconventional things, not the ordinary. 

Oftentimes this becomes a great part of the reason why dating apps don't work for us. We're too focused on what we think we want and don't leave space for experimentation. So as you can see, there are many things that lead to the illusion that dating apps don't work. The best thing we can suggest is to trust the statistics and jump into it with a positive attitude. Online dating can meet you with the love of your life or help you find a hook-up, and what's more: it's fun in the process. Enjoy it!

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