50 Best POF Headlines in 2023 For Guys & Girls

Want a better POF headline?

You’ve come to the right place – I’ve got lots of examples to show you of the best ones, and I’ll explain why they work.

Personally, POF was one of the very first dating sites I signed up for. It’s simple and I – like many others – like its layout, which is very different from Tinder.

Ten different dating profiles are displayed on a single page alongside a photograph of the individual, one or two lines from their bio – and their headline.

And it’s this headline that can be the difference between someone clicking on your POF profile and taking a closer look at you – or continuing to scroll past you.

If you can nail your headline, your ‘open rate’ will shoot up. 

In this article, I’m going to take a look at 50 of the BEST Plenty of Fish headlines (25 for women and 25 for men) to inspire you so that you’re able to come up with an amazing one yourself.

25 Best POF Headlines For Women

1. Setting your stall out

example #1 for women

This headline tells the man exactly what the woman is looking for. She wants to find The One and doesn’t have time for fun and games anymore. Being direct pays off.

2. The pattern-interrupt 

example #2 for women

Pattern interrupt headlines and images are marketing techniques that grab attention.

What better way to grab attention on POF by telling men – in bold, capital letters –  to STOP! Then, arouse curiosity by inviting them to come to take a lot … 

3. The humorous seducer 

example #3 for women

Okay, hands up guys – which one of you wouldn’t want to message someone who’s dark, bitter, and hot? She sounds dangerous but you’re not going to pass on this one! (I know I wouldn’t)

I also like that she hasn’t just stated she’s dark, bitter, and cold – she’s injected some much-needed humor and taken the edge off things by comparing herself to a cup of coffee. 

Which basically tells you she’s not that scary. She’s probably just a great laugh. 

4. Keen sense of adventure

example #4 for women

If you’ve got a great sense of adventure, don’t just write “Great sense of adventure.” Put a twist on things by asking men if they want to join you around the world for the trip of a lifetime. 

5. Looking for a proper connection 

example #5 for women

This headline works well because the woman is being upfront about what she’s looking for on POF. She doesn’t want lame-brains who are going to say “Hey.” She wants a guy who can actually hold a proper conversation.

6. The pop-culture reference

example #6 for women

If you’re looking to date someone who gets your sense of humor, try using a pop culture reference, like the one in the above image. It works like a charm. 

7. List your interests

example #7 for women

There’s nothing wrong with creating a short bio in your headline as long as it’s not generic. Here we have theatre (something to do), adventure (outgoing personality), and laughter (doesn’t take themselves too seriously). 

In a nutshell, we know what she’s about. 

8. Try being sassy

example #8 for women

Sass won’t always have mass appeal but this kind of headline is laced with humor, it’s edgy and it gives guys an idea of what the girl is all about. 

Moreover, it also creates pictures in a guy's mind. 

9. The cheeky ‘warning’ sign

example #9 for women

‘Warning’ is a word commonly used in marketing. It’s meant to subtly but playfully play on our worst temptations. We know we shouldn’t like a girl who’s going to take photos of her food all the time – but the fact that she’s already warned us about this means we’re going to go ahead and date her anyway. 

Besides, she sounds super fun and flirty. 

10. The video game reference

example #10 for women

If you’re a gamer looking to date a fellow gamer, it helps to add a video game reference to your headline – like this winner here. 

11. Keep it real 

example #11 for women

Guys love humility in a woman – so why not flaunt yours in your headline? 

12. Be hip

example #12 for women

Nothing says “hip” or cool as a line like this. If you vibe, you vibe. You dig, ladies and gents? 

This kind of line works just as well on Bumble but it will definitely do the trick on POF too. 

13. The pop-culture reference #2

example #13 for women

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with throwing a pop culture reference into your headline. This one – which demonstrates that the girl is a big Leonardo Di Caprio fine – is simple but fab. 

14. Showcase your personal development goals 

example #14 for women

Birds of a feather flock together. Any guy who’s interested in a girl with drive and ambition will love this kind of headline. Get on your hustle! 

15. Beauty and brains 

example #15 for women

Ask most guys what they want from a woman and they’ll tell you they want brains. 

It helps if you’re healthy, too. As such, this kind of headline is a total baller. 

16. Be hard to get

example #16 for women

Do you know what guys love? Women that are hard to get.

A classy headline like this shows your self-respect and self-worth … and it also says to the guy “try and catch me if you can.” 

They’ll rise to the challenge. 

17. Just be fun – but hip 

example #17 for women

Don’t tell guys “I’m fun!” 

Be a bit wittier – like this headline. 

18. Life-loving 

example #18 for women

This headline is so simple but it works because it shows that you’re in love with life and making memories with people. That sort of thing really speaks to guys. 

19. Don’t settle 

example #19 for women

Some guys are on POF for hook-ups and casual dating. If you’re not, make sure you set your stall out with your headline. 

20. Include a Game of Thrones reference

example #20 for women

Because they always work and will attract a fellow boxset addict. 

21: Take your time

example #21 for women

This kind of headline has mass appeal because it suggests you’re not here to chat to anyone. You’ve got enough self-respect and self-worth to have some patience when it comes to dating. 

22. Be adventurous

example #22 for women

23. No time-wasters

example #23 for women

No, you’re not here to see d*** pics. You’re looking for the real deal. 

24. Show empathy

example #24 for women

“It’ll be fun, they said.” 

Girl, you know online dating sucks – just like guys do. This is a fantastic headline that shows empathy and solidarity. We’re in it together – shall we date? 

25. Just flirt

example #25 for women

Guys love a flirt. By being cute with her headline, this girl is showing us she’s up for some real laughs.

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25 Best POF Headlines For Men

1. Ask a fun question 

example #1 for men

On any dating site, you need an icebreaker. Why not add yours to your headline, as this guy did? 

2. Showcase your intellectual side 

example #2 for men

Want to meet a sophisticated and intelligent woman? Use your headline to spark her initial interest. 

3. Make her feel butterflies 

example #3 for men

There are plenty of grown-up women who are looking for something special, too. Use your headline to show that you’re not a player. 

4. Be poetic 

example #4 for men

A bit of poetry never goes amiss because it’s so different from any other headline on POF. Well worth trying. 

5. Highlight your flaws

example #5 for men

Impulsive isn’t necessarily what any of us would call a good personality trait. Yet by drawing attention to it, you’re showing women you’re not afraid of your flaws. That’s really attractive. 

6. Be specific

example #6 for men

If your interests are pretty nice, don’t be afraid to showcase them in your headline. It will help you to connect with more of the right people. 

7. Talk about your career

example #7 for men

If a person’s career is important to you, list yours in the headline – especially if you’ve got an unusual job, or the type of job where women usually tell you “that’s such an amazing job!” 

8: Cast your net wide

example #8 for men

A gamer who’s also artsy? Women are attracted to men who are a bit complex but the best thing about this headline is that he’s targeting two types of women at the same time – artsy types and gamer types. Cast your net wide, my friend. 

9: Melt her heart 

example #9 for men

Honestly, some women are a sucker for a man who can melt their hearts. This kind of headline will do exactly that. 

10. Be darkly humorous 

example #10 for men

A bit of pitch-black humor never goes amiss with a certain type of woman. Experiment with lines like that for success. 

11. Be cool with what you’re looking for

example #11 for men

There’s no need to be too serious with regard to what you’re looking for. Just be cool and open-minded. Girls prefer that.

12. Cliches sometimes work

example #12 for men

They always say to avoid cliches. But you know what? Ones like this can work when you’re fresh out of ideas. 

13. Romance never hurts 

example #13 for men

This guy is young, he’s creative and he’s looking for love – he’s a catch! Copy his lead. 

14. Take it easy

example #14 for men

There’s a lot to be said for being chill and taking it easy. This guy has it nailed. 

15. Don’t take life too seriously 

example #15 for men

A lot of girls are on the lookout for a guy who’s a laugh and who doesn’t take life too seriously. This headline perfectly demonstrates that. 

16. Make them swoon

example #16 for men

Honestly, who says that romance is dead? There’s nothing wrong with stealing their heart with a headline like this. 

17. Flaunt your wilder side

example #17 for men

If you’re looking to meet a woman who’s as free-thinking and adventurous as you are, use your POF headline to find her. 

18. Be cute

example #18 for men

Yes, some women love a man when he’s cute. And you can’t be cuter than this type of headline.

19. Be humorously humble 

example #19 for men

The problem with a POF headline that’s too slick is it can put some women off. So try a humorously humble headline like this instead. Girls love it. 

20. Be positive 

example #20 for men

This headline is positive, it’s polite and it’s full of confidence. It works a treat. 

21. Show her your riskier side 

example #21 for men

What woman doesn’t like a man that’s got a riskier side? Running red lights shows us that this man is not afraid to take a risk or two. 

22. You just want some good times – no drama 

example #22 for men

This headline is direct with regards to what the guy wants – no drama, just smiles and good vibes! It’s a simple winner. 

23. Got it? Flaunt it

example #23 for men

Women love a man who can make them laugh. They love confidence, too. Combine them both with your POF headline and showcase what they’re currently missing out on. 

24. Use a playful prompt

example #24 for men

It’s not Hinge – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a playful prompt for your headline. 

What a great way to start a conversation!

25. Use a pop culture reference 

example #25 for men

Got a TV show you’d love to binge-watch with that special someone? Use your headline to attract women who are into what you’re into, but be creative with how you do it. Subtle references are great. 

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Takeaway: 👇

Hopefully, these examples will inspire you to craft your own killer POF headline that gets you more profile views, more messages, and more dates. Take the examples and put a spin on your favorites. Don’t worry if they don’t bring you a lot of success straight away. Keep tweaking until you get it right. And good luck! 

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