13 Best Bumble Bios & Profiles Examples For Guys & Girls

Bumble is used by millions of people, which is what can make it so difficult to stand out, get seen – and match with people

And while you can upgrade your account to Bumble premium to improve your visibility and land higher quality matches, nothing will help you unless you turbocharge your profile so that your best qualities shine brightly. 

In this article, we’ll be showing you dozens of eye-catching Bumble profile examples and bumble bios, and we’ll also be showing you how you can steal them, make them your own – and start landing more dates.

Yes, you can replicate these ideas on other dating profiles.

13 Best Bumble Bios & Profiles Examples

1. About You and What You’re Looking For

The thing with Bumble is that you don’t have to use snappy one-liners all the time. Instead, you can shoot from the hip with a regular dating profile that lists your interests. 

It’s old school – but it really works.

What’s key here is that you a) keep everything concise and b) only list your most interesting info. In other words, what are you passionate about and what makes you a bit unique? 

Listing what it is you’re looking for, meanwhile, should help you to avoid time-wasters.

bumble bio example #1

(Karen, 23)

I’m a high school English teacher who is very passionate about her students. I love to work out, play tennis, and spend time with my family and friends. I’m looking for someone to grow older with. ❤️

(James, 24)

I’m a Leo ♌️. I’m very bold and love to have fun. I also love traveling and learning about different cultures. I'm looking for a genuine connection. Let’s grab lunch! 

2. Humour 

It’s funny, but Bumble is seemingly used by some of the wittiest people on the planet. 

And you know what’s great about being a funny person? People are instantly drawn toward you. 

If you’ve got a great sense of humor (and especially if you’ve got a dry sense of humor), now is the time to add a killer one-liner (or two) to your profile.

Don’t overdo things, don’t be rude or insensitive – just be fun enough so that people think “getting to know that person is gonna be a barrel of laughs.”

bumble bio example #2

(Livia, 24)

IT support by day, emotional support by night. My dog and I are a package deal.

(Rufus, 22)

I only work out so I can guiltlessly eat wings afterward. Looking for someone to card load with.  

3. Your Favorite Things

Got a few favorite things?

Everyone has.

Listing your favorite things is a great way of connecting with people who share the same favorite things as you.

After all, if you love meditation, sunsets, and walking in the rain and someone else likes the same things, there’s already amazing chemistry between the two of you.

bumble bio example #3

(Coretta, 21)

Well-pressurized hot shower while jamming to music, raindrops on flowers, yoga, meditation, and sunsets.

(Sigmund, 21)

The warm and sleepy feeling when you're cuddling naked after sex, and it's totally ok if you fall asleep because today is your day off.

4. Unpopular opinions 

The thing with listing your unpopular opinions is that it’s highly likely people will disagree with them.

But that’s kinda the point. 

People will see your opinions, raise an eyebrow – and fight you over them. Whoever wins has to buy ice cream. Right? 

Pro tip: Make sure your unpopular opinions are actually steeped in pop culture and that they’re not too controversial.

bumble bio example #4

(Tisha, 21)

Unpopular opinions:

  • Pineapple belongs on pizza.
  • New York City isn’t that glamorous.
  • Atheism is a religion in itself.

(Jonty, 22)

Unpopular opinions:

  • Staying home isn’t bad at all.
  • Dubbed animes are better than subbed animes.
  • Nothing is appealing about going out to bars and drinking.

5. First and Last

The first and last bio is really cool because it’s a great way of introducing yourself to people without you coming across as pretentious or too wordy. 

Instead, you can easily list some fun and interesting facts about you that make for great conversation starters.

Naturally, what you write has to be kinda interesting, otherwise, it just won’t work. And make sure it's stuff that others can easily connect with, such as TV shows, movies, trips, and books.

bumble bio example #5

(Thelma, 24)


Crush: Henry cavil

Book: Ikigai

Trip: Alaska

(Jack, 26)


Web series I watched: Euphoria.

The time I got embarrassed: I accidentally played a song in the library. 

The place I visited: Bacon Hills.

6. Three Simple Things or Adjectives

One of the best conversation starters ever is “name three interesting things about yourself.” 

But instead of waiting for someone to ask you this question, go right ahead and list three things on your profile!

You should aim to be as honest, open-minded, and interesting as possible with this one, but don’t go too far, otherwise, you risk coming across as too open too soon.

bumble bio example #6

(Traci, 28)

I can be super lazy. I love guys with a good sense of humor. I can’t live without my cat.

(Bryan, 23)

Evid reader, open-minded, romantic.

7. By Day, By Night

Everyone has a day personality and a night personality.

What are yours?

Sam (below) is a well-adjusted person by day and a hot depressive by night.
See how hilarious that is? It’s funny because he’s using self-deprecating humor, and he’s saying something we can all relate to. If you can do something similar with your profile, you’re on to a winner.

bumble bio example #7

(Lucy, 25)

Nanny by day, a music journalist by night.

(Sam, 29)

Well adjusted person by day, hot mess and depressive by night.

8. Less Than >  Greater Than

Are you a summer person or a winter person?

Are cats better than dogs?

Is Mexican food the best food of all time? 

These are key questions in life that can make or break a date. So get listing yours on your profile and see who agrees or disagrees with you!

bumble bio example #8

(Bailey, 23)

Cats > Dogs

Pizza > Pasta

Summer > Winter

Meghan Thee Stallion > Nicki Minaj

(Jeff, 24)

Reddit > Tiktok

Tupac > Greater than all rap artists 

Indian Food > All foods 

Crunchy peanut butter > creamy peanut butter

9. Most Likely and Least Likely 

Everyone has things they probably shouldn’t do – but go right ahead and do anyway. 

Rosa (below) is the kind of person who’s most likely to get a terrible tattoo. 

What about you?

Your answers don’t always need to be laugh-out-loud funny – but it helps a lot. Essentially, this kind of profile is a really hip way of giving out some cool info about yourself without writing a gigantic bio.

bumble bio example #9

(Jacob, 23)

  • Most likely to get a terrible tattoo.
  • Least likely to win a noble prize. 

(Rosa, 23)

  • Most likely to be a famous person. 
  • Least likely to be famous for good reasons. 

10. Your Likes + WBU

Anyone who’s swiping on Bumble would dearly love to know a bit about you.

What do you like? What do you love? How do you prefer to spend your time? 

Filling out this info is especially useful if you’re looking for something a bit more serious on Bumble, as it helps to filter out those who don’t share your interests. 

Plus, adding “what about you” at the end is a great way to encourage someone to shoot you a reply.

bumble bio example #10

(Mary, 25)

I like going on long walks alone.

I like to celebrate my milestones by eating pasta.

I like talking about everything related to the universe.

What about you? 😉

(Geoff, 27)

I like to hike; it makes me feel so alive.

I like watching Netflix while cuddling under sheets.

I like to rub my Dog’s belly; it’s so cute and fills my heart with joy.

What about you? 😉

11. Two Truths and a Lie

Oooh, two truths and a lie is such a great game!

So why not play it on Bumble? 

Naturally, anything you put in here has to be interesting enough to make people think “damn, is that person really a musical genius?”

…. “Or are they lying?”

bumble bio example #11

(Albert, 25)

I’m a twin.

I can play guitar and piano.

I'm currently working as a model.

(Sia, 23)

I’m a good dancer.

I grew up in Ohio.

I’m currently working as a model. 

12. Obscure Skills 

Obscure skill is an interesting one because you shouldn’t exploit this profile type to show off.

In other words, writing something like “I can decode the secrets of the universe” is just way too pretentious. 

And kinda weird.

You’ve gotta make it obscure but funny and universal – just like Liala did.

bumble bio example #12

(Liala, 24)

Expert at making any situation awkward.

(Steve, 24)

I can get the perfect amount of spread (PB, jam, butter, etc.) on the knife (in one go) for a piece of toast or a sandwich. No double-dipping.

13. Pros and Cons

What sort of package are people gonna get if they start dating you? 

What are the benefits of talking to you – and what are the disadvantages?

This type of profile generally requires humor, and the more sarcastic or self-deprecating it is, the better.

bumble bio example #13

(George, 24)

Pro: Not afraid of cockroaches.
Con: Afraid of frogs.

Pro: Love Animals.
Con: Might steal your pet.

Pro: Can take good pictures of you.
Con: You’ll get annoyed. 

(Shelia, 24)

Pro: Tall.
Con: Nah, there is no con to that.

Pro: Can cook for you.
Con: Probably won’t taste good.

Pro: I love watching sci-fi movies.
Con: Might overthink for a week after watching.

The best bumble bios can be intimidating, and you might think they have to be perfect in order to earn the right swipe. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. There are so many different ways to create a great bio, and you can really just relax and have a good time with this section of your profile. Just remember to keep it light and fun, and you’ll be on your way to creating a buzz on this hot new bumble dating app!

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