What’s Bumble SuperSwipe? Is it Worth it?

Bumble rolled out a new feature in the summer of 2017 called SuperSwipe.

Not everyone is a fan, but those who love Bumble Super Swipe really love it, like super love it.

Let’s dig in to understand everything about Bumble Supeswipe.

How Bumble SuperSwipe Works?

bumble superswipe

Bumble SuperSwipe is a premium feature that shows a potential match that you’re super interested in them. It's a great way to show you're super confident and sure about the person and not just a random swipe. Bumble’s SuperSwipe is very similar to Tinder Super Like.

When you SuperSwipe, a notification is sent directly to the user. He or she won’t have to swipe right on your profile to see that you’re interested. That’s why it’s called a “super” swipe as opposed to a normal swipe. Bumble says it’s akin to “walking over to someone you'd like to get to know, tapping them on the shoulder, and introducing yourself.”

It's very easy to use. Once you’ve purchased Bumble Coins, you can simply tap the heart icon on a user’s profile to express your interest. Each SuperSwipe will cost you a single Bumble Coin, which is equivalent to about $2.

If you want to Superswipe someone’s profile on Bumble, first be sure you’ve purchased some Bumble Coins. Then, simply tap on the white heart icon on the user’s profile.

Pros of Bumble SuperSwipe

  • You’ll get more Bumble matches.

Well, according to science, anyway. Research says that when you show interest in an online dating prospect with a special signal or feature, it increases the chance of a positive response. The following comment posted on Reddit may provide some insight into the thinking that goes along with this scientific phenomenon:

“When someone superswipes me, I do give them a second glance. I consider it a positive sign of legit interest (as opposed to the guys who just swipe right on everyone).”

  • Guys can make the first move (well, sort of).

Without SuperSwipe, there’s really no way for a guy to express interest on Bumble, at least not directly. He can swipe right on a profile, of course, but the girl won’t know it unless she also swipes right or unless she’s a paid Bumble Boost member.

If he uses a SuperSwipe, though, she’ll get a message instantly informing her that he wants to get to know her better.

Cons of Bumble SuperSwipe

  • They don’t always work.

Some online daters just can’t be bought off. At least, that’s been some people’s experience with SuperSwipes. Take this one guy on Reddit, for instance:

“Since it’s been released, I still have yet to get a match with a SuperSwipe. Judging from other posts, it doesn’t appear to be very useful. Has anyone ever gotten a match this way?”

Clearly, SuperSwipes don’t always work, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get a right swipe back when you send one.

  • You might look desperate.

Bumble claims SuperSwipe won’t make you seem thirsty, but there’s no guarantee. Unlike Spotlight (another premium Bumble feature), SuperSwipe isn’t confidential, so users who receive the SuperSwipe message will know that you’ve paid a fee to get their attention.

This can be off-putting to some online daters. And since there are no free daily SuperSwipes (like there are for Super Likes on Tinder), you can’t play it off casually. Worst case scenario: you’ll look desperate.

  • They can get costly.

If you start relying on SuperSwipe to get matches on Bumble, it may end up costing you a pretty penny. At $1.25 to $2 a piece (depending on whether or not you purchase in bulk), it can add up fast.

How much does a Bumble SuperSwipe cost?

The cost of a SuperSwipe on Bumble depends on your location, but it typically requires spending one Bumble Coin, which is roughly priced at two to three dollars. Purchasing Bumble Coins in larger quantities can save you money, up to 40% compared to buying them individually. You can buy up to 20 Bumble Coins at once, giving you 20 SuperSwipes to use.

To purchase a SuperSwipe, you’ll need to first purchase Bumble coins. The price you’ll pay for these coins will depend on how many of them you buy at once. Generally speaking, though, a single SuperSwipe will cost you about $2.

what does the heart icon mean on bumble?

The Yellow Heart Icon on Bumble is the symbol of Bumble Superswipe. It's a premium feature that can be used through Bumble Coins. You can super-swipe your profile by tapping on the heart icon on profiles.

Is Paying For a Bumble SuperSwipe Worth it?

It's necessary to mention that Bumble claims that men who use SuperSwipe are twice as likely to get a match, so this is a great way to increase your match count. While SuperSwipes does seem to work but a lot of users have expressed their disappointment with this feature. To increase your chances of success with a SuperSwipe, be sure your Bumble profile is in top-notch shape prior to SuperSwiping. Bumble SuperSwipe definitely isn’t guaranteed to get you more matches, but it’s certainly a fun way to try. As long as you don’t start compulsively SuperSwiping, the cost is fairly minimal, so give it a spin and see if you can start a buzz on Bumble!

Tips to Make Your Profile Worthy For Bumble Super Swipe

  • Be sure you have a great Bumble profile.

There’s no swipe, no matter how super, that can make up for a lousy profile on Bumble. To create an awesome Bumble profile make use of your bumble profile photos and bumble bio.

There are a few things to consider when selecting a profile picture. For instance, make sure it’s a clear image of your smiling face (no mean mugs!) and that there’s no one else in the picture. This allows your potential match to focus on you and you alone and to get a good idea of what you actually look like.

There are several different strategies you can use to spice up your Bumble Bio, including using humor, asking a question, or offering an unpopular opinion, for example. The key takeaway here is: don’t be boring!

  • Use SuperSwipe after a match has expired.

A strategic use of this premium feature is to use a SuperSwipe right after a match has expired. Consider this scenario: You swipe right on a girl’s profile, and she swipes right back, and a match is made. Unfortunately for you, she never sends you a message, so you’re left hanging. Now is the best time to use a SuperSwipe to nudge her to start the convo and save your match!

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