5 Bumble Profile Tips For 2023 to Stand Out

Bumble has grown to be one of the world’s most popular dating apps. It’s used by millions of men and women, and people use it to land dates, hookups, and even make new friends in new cities. 

But while it seems as though everyone is having a great time on Bumble, you might have an entirely different experience! As great as Bumble can be, it can also be really frustrating.

Maybe you’re not getting any matches or, if you are, your matches aren’t talking to you.

What gives?

The bad news is that, yes, succeeding on Bumble can be tricky. The good news is that, if you do the right things, success on Bumble can come pretty easily.

Whether you’re looking for a date or a new mate, Bumble can be conquered.

I have been using Bumble for well over a year now. During that time, I learned what works and what doesn’t work.

I’ve gone from having no luck to having lots of luck.

In this article, I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned via some ace Bumble profile tips that you can put into practice tonight. 

Creating a Winning Bumble Profile: How to Stand Out and Find Your Perfect Match

1. Make Your First Photo Stand Out

bumble profile examples
Example of a good profile photo for bumble.

Just like in the real world, the first impression is also very important in online dating. In fact, I would say, it's even more important than the real world.


Because, unlike the real world, you won't get to interact with them later if the first impression is not good. So, make sure the first photo you use for your bumble profile is absolutely the best one.

Here are the best practices for your first bumble photo and other bumble photos:

  • Show off your smile.
  • Show your eyes, and avoid sunglasses.
  • Show your whole face and don't use filters.
  • Don't have a group photo at least for the first photo.
  • Keep your highlight reel real. Let 'em know the real and recent you.

2. Ask a Friend To Choose Your Bumble Photos

A rookie mistake is to choose pictures that YOU think make you look good. I’ve made this mistake myself in the past. I’ve gone through my Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as my phone, and choose the photos that – I feel – make me look incredible. The angles are good, the lighting is great … and yet, these pics got me nowhere

Here’s the truth: People are – generally – really rubbish at choosing their best pics. Why? Because they aren’t being objective enough. We choose pics that we think make us look like a model when, in reality, they make us look unapproachable. 

Worse still, they make us look untrustworthy. 

Have you ever asked a trusted friend to pick a photo of you for your online dating profile? Maybe you have and maybe you said, “what? Really?

Do you think I look good in that pic? No way!” 

It’s weird but guess what? They’re right!

Other people are better at judging your pics than you are because they’re being objective. They’re able to see the REAL YOU. Not the fake poser you, but the real you. And it’s this real you that will help you achieve better results on Bumble. 

So go ahead and ask a friend if they’d be so kind as to spend a few minutes choosing pics that flaunt your true personality. 

3. Write a Killer Bumble Bio 

bumble bio example
Example of a great bumble bio.

There are two ingredients to getting matches on Bumble. The first is to add the right bumble photos, and the second is to write a killer bio. 

The second one can be hard to do if you’re starting from scratch and have limited experience with dating apps. Maybe you’ve tried before and the best you can come up with is “24, live in New York, love Netflix, and travel.” 

The thing is, who doesn’t love Netflix and travel? 

A bio doesn’t have to be a list of the things you like and dislike. In fact, that kinda bio is boring and will not help you stand out.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to think outside the box a little.

Here are some tips for writing the best Bumble bio:

  • Always keep it short. Bumble limits you to 300 characters anyway, but it’s usually a good idea to write even less than that 
  • Create intrigue. You could, for example, add an unusual hobby you have, or write something like “I was born under a full moon.” The mystery is what people love, so figure out a way to add some to your bio 
  • Ask a question. It’s always good to get a question in before you’ve even started a conversation with someone. For example, you could add a prompt to your Bumble bio, like this: “If I gave you a million dollars, what would you spend it on first?” There’s every chance that a person who matches you will reply with their answer in their opening message to you 
  • Add emojis. Emojis add color and spice to your bio. Use them but don’t over-use them 
  • Be funny. Being funny isn’t easy but you can always google some killer one-liners. A funny bio will ALWAYS land a few matches 
  • Add quotes. Ask your friends to describe you and then add their quotes to your bio. The funnier the quotes are (and the weirder they are), the better! 

4. Show Off Your Music Taste

Show Off Your Music Taste

A great way to someone's heart is music.

We all love music, but everyone has different tastes. If you pay attention, you will notice people on Bumble and other dating apps are very showy about their music. So, don't be afraid to show off your musical taste.

You can link your Spotify playlist on your bumble profile. People who are really into music will pay more attention to your online dating profile, which could give you a few extra potential matches. Plus, it adds up to an excellent first impression.

5. Make Use of Bumble Prompts

bumble profile prompt answers

As opposed to popular belief, less is not more. At least, not in online dating. So, make sure you utilize Bumble prompts to give a little more about your personality.

However, I would like to advise you to be specific and interesting with your prompt answers because hardly anybody would care about reading long answers.

You can check this article to find examples of the best bumble prompt answers.

After using these Bumble profile tips, you should get more potential matches and likes. The next step to improve your dating life on bumble would be learning how to get good at starting and keeping the conversation going to score more dates.

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