105 Best Bumble Prompt Answers (Amazing Examples!)

Most break-ups happen because women are forced to get into relationships they don’t feel fully comfortable in.

It’s part of a nearly worldwide social conditioning for women to have fewer choices, and to rarely throw the first step. This leads to unhappy relationships.

What if women were to make the first move and choose whom they want to date?

Bumble helps them do this. 

Founded by ex-co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd built a revolutionary dating app that grants women the option to make the first move. Bumble is structured similarly to other dating apps, with slightly better features and interface that makes finding a match easier.

Today, we’ll talk about one of these often-mentioned features known as Prompts. Bumble Prompts let you give clues about your unique personality for faster matching. 

Tips To Write Your Bumble Prompts

How you build your Bumble profile depends on your dating goals and the personality traits you want to reveal, but there are a few pieces of advice you should keep in mind to build a captivating profile. You should refer to these four tips while creating your Bumble Prompts for more quality matches: 

  • Clearly Show Your Intentions. Some consider dating a game of hide-and-seek where you need to be as secretive as possible if you want to find someone who appreciates. But being honest about your intentions matches you faster with the person you desire. So make sure this is obvious in your answers.
  • Be Specific in Your Answers. People hate generalities. Regardless of how unimportant your likings, passions, hobbies, or personality traits might seem, state them in your answers. Being specific will set your profile apart from others and attract matches who really like you. 
  • Keep It Positive. Pointing out the negative with the excuse that you’re being realistic doesn’t make you attractive. Your profile should resonate positively. People love being close to those who are inspiring and can lift their spirits when they’re down. 
  • Keep It Playful. The line between being realistic and dead serious is quite blurry so make sure you instill a little bit of playfulness into your profile. Maybe there’s a joke you’ve really liked or a recent event that’s making headlines all over the news. Use that in your dating profile

Overall, these are a few tips you should keep in mind if you want your profile to receive matches. Does it still seem vague how you should respond to these prompts? Don’t worry. We’ve crafted some answers for you to steal. 

Here we have collected the full list of 57 prompts you can choose while creating your Bumble profile. To make your job easier, we’ve given brief advice and plenty of examples of answers you can use.

Best Bumble Prompt Answers

1. Two Truths, One Lie –

This prompt is satisfying because you’re preparing viewers for a well-structured answer that is broken down into three simple-to-digest points.

Plus the number three is captivating and makes profile visitors want to know more. Here are five examples for you to consider using: 

  • I'm a great cook. Joe Biden is my distant cousin. I speak four languages.
  • I've worked as a barista. I'm a dog owner. California has banned me from entering the state. 
  • I'm born on 09/09/1999. Once I attended a Taylor Swift concert by mistake. I'm good at reading people.
  • Rainy days are my favorite. I love cats. I haven't gotten my driving license yet. 
  • Cats annoy me. I often go snowboarding. My laugh is a bit loud.

2. My third-grade teacher described me as…

It’s surprising how much our childhood behavior reveals about our habits and character. Especially the way we behaved as kids during our school years.

It might seem odd to you but there are people who pay attention to these details. A few examples you could use to answer this are: 

  • The smart guy who never studied 
  • A noisy cat
  • The always-eating guy 
  • Tough cookie 
  • Master liar

3. The world would be a better place with more…

You name it. Maybe you’d like to show your freaky side and claim that it would be a better place with more bars, and unlimited shots. Or maybe high mountains, kind people, or free chocolate. Just keep in mind that it’s something that lets you express your inner desires rather than just a silly question. Here are a few answers you could find useful: 

  • Marvel movies 
  • Chocolate 
  • Sleeping hours 
  • Honest people 
  • Nuts 

4. After work you can find me…

That’s a question under which a bigger question is cloaked: how do you spend your time? What do you do after working hours?

They say that what we do in our free time defines us and this is a chance for you to reveal that. Whether it’s practicing a hobby or binge-watching Netflix, point that out. Here are some alternative answers you could use: 

  • Eating snacks and Netflix 
  • Running 
  • Reading 
  • Programming
  • Playing video games 

5. I'm hoping you…

Is there a skill you’d like them to have or a hobby you wish they shared with you so that you can practice together?

Well, this question gives you the chance to reveal it. But be careful of coming out as too demanding. Circle around the bare minimum. Some possible answers may be: 

  • Have good manners 
  • Like pets (especially cats)
  • Know how to cook simple food 
  • Take responsibilities
  • Know how to behave with elders

6. I'm a real nerd about…

Extremes can oftentimes be risky. Being a nerd means you’re addicted to following a particular hobby or activity to an extent beyond normal interests. The ideal mix happens if you keep the balance between your nerdiness and being funny.

Here are some examples from us: 

  • R0b0tics 
  • Karaoke singing 
  • Board games 
  • Comic books 
  • Programming  

7. If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be…

What dishes make you lick your fingers? Before answering with your momma's favorite dish, stop. What if you picked your favorite restaurant meal so that you might use that on your first date? Or better if it’s a dish cooked in a local restaurant that only a few know about?

Some other examples: 

  • Mac and Cheese, please. 
  • Pringles. Much Pringles. 
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cheesecake
  • Fish and chips 

8. I'm a great +1 because…

What traits would you prefer to emphasize in yourself? What’s that something that sets you apart from others? Think about it. It could be the way you walk, your style, your communication skills, etc. Don’t hesitate to make use of it in this prompt. Here are a few sample answers:  

  • I love to dress up 
  • I look sharp in a suit
  • I am great at meeting new people
  • I have a knack for fashion (all my friends ask me for advice)
  • Honest because the world has 

9. I promise I won't judge you if…

This is how you attract those who have complexities and tend to feel left out because of them. What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve noticed in others? Are these things you would tolerate in your partner? You don’t have to be that harsh but point out the things you could tolerate.

Here's a list of answers:

  • Put ice cubes into red wine (at least only when we're home.) 
  • Snort a little
  • Love eating 
  • Like watching cartoons still
  • Wear tight clothes 

10. A pro and a con of dating me…

This works well for creating an amiable atmosphere for fond conversations to take place. It’s a good way to prepare them for what’s coming if the conversation goes somewhere. Make sure you include some of your strongest points and small flaws.

Here are some examples: 

  • I’m a skillful packer when it comes to traveling but I find it hard to choose between places.
  • I eat fast but I like to sleep early since I’m an early bird. 
  • I never complain since I love solving problems but sometimes I might spend a lot of time, solving my friends’ problems too. 
  • I spend much time working but I detach myself completely from any tech device after working hours which means I’ll be fully focused on my partner.
  • I have a lot of friends and I met them often but I want to take you with me most of the time.  

11. My most useless skill is…

Trivialities can often reveal what you really like doing besides work and your hobbies. It actually reveals innate skills you’ve paid little attention to but that are attractive to others, such as strong memory, or excellent math skills.

Embrace your uniqueness and answer with something like: 

  • Tying and untying knots extremely fast
  • Fast typer (I do magic with my fingers…)
  • Changing a flat tire 
  • Catching cabs during rush hour 
  • Chopping food quickly 

12. What makes a relationship great is…

The answer to this prompt shows how mature you are and what type of partner you’re searching for. Most people want to find someone who has clear goals and a growth mentality, as well as is compassionate. Make sure you emphasize what’s important to you.

Some possible answers could be: 

  • Communication (never hide your worries)
  • Setting priorities (preparing for a lasting relationship instead of falling for short-term happiness)
  • Sharing our goals honestly with each other 
  • Accepting mistakes no matter how uncomfortable it feels 
  • Lots of hugs and kisses 

13. My zombie apocalypse plan is…

It shows your creativity and imagination as well as how funny you are. There’s always a chance to show your sense of humor with it. It doesn’t have to be something creepy but rather fun and maybe a little dirty. Storytelling is the key to a captivating answer.

For instance: 

  • We’ll hide under a bunker making love until all stops 
  • Fighting them by day and one another on the bed by night 
  • Showing them who’s the dirtiest
  • Fueling my car for a long trip, loading my guns, and teaching you how to shoot
  • Staying under the blankets until it’s over

14. Swipe right if…

Hit them with an instant teaser of what should they expect from this relationship. A relationship is such a big word but a date is lighter (though it depends on what you want). Just make sure you’re entertaining and not dead serious. Including a location makes it more personalized and attractive.

Say something like:

  • You’re free for a drink at [nearest bar name] this weekend
  • Know the best pizza in town
  • Expect a romantic and irresistible date 
  • Don’t laugh at dad jokes 
  • You’re searching for a committed man 

15. We’ll get along if –

One trait is surely not everything to decide the fate of a relationship but it sparks enough chemistry to lead the conversation further. But the answer doesn’t have to be so descriptive but merely make them chuckle.

You can say something along the lines of: 

  • You don’t leave the home without making your bed
  • Texting me as soon as you wake up it’s not an issue 
  • Sleeping late doesn’t bother you 
  • You stop using dating apps after we’re together 
  • You don’t smoke 

16. _______ seeking ________.

This is a fun one to answer. Put your creativity and memory into use and show them what kind of movies you’ve watched and pick an iconic couple that would best represent you and your ideal partner. The more honest you are, the higher are chances of attracting the ideal partner. Some examples:

  • Bonnie seeking her Clyde 
  • Pierre seeking his Marie (to make chemistry together)
  • Harry seeking his Sally
  • Romeo seeking his Juliet (before it’s too late)
  • Jackson seeking his Ally (I play the guitar already)

17. If I Could Only Eat One Dish The Rest Of My Life It Would Be –

Instead of naming a single dish go further and describe a restaurant or whenever it’s cooked best. The more delicious you make it sound, the more chances you have for them to reply. This can lead to a long conversation about food or the best places to eat in town. Five example answers would be: 

  • Lobster spaghetti from Joe Beef
  • Deep-Dish Pizza from My Pi Pizza (Chicago)
  • Texas Barbecue
  • Ice cream (getting some tongue workout)
  • Banana split (in love with eating in-between splits)

18. When No One's Watching I…

Time to reveal the true you. What do you do when no one is watching? Okay, okay. You don’t have to tell it all. It might sound inappropriate. Use that dirty mind when crafting some dirty pick-up lines later.

For now, you can answer the prompt with something like: 

  • Sleep 
  • Dance to my favorite songs 
  • Eyebrow raising workout
  • Talk to my cat
  • Leave open the bathroom door

19. I'm still not over…

A space for you to enter your series addictions, fav foods, celebrities you love, or childhood movies. You may even want to list that you’re not yet over the loss of a favorite actor or a break-up of your favorite celebrities. 

  • Denny's death in Grey's Anatomy
  • Jim and Pam's wedding on ‘The Office’
  • The ending of ‘Xena: Warrior Princess
  • The fact that Will Smith did give that slap
  • The fact Andrew Garfield didn’t get that Oscar for tick, tick…BOOM!

20. A review by a friend:

Friends usually give silly or brutally honest answers when asked to talk about their friends. Add what a friend thinks of you if asked with no filters. Keep it realistic and lightly funny but not to the point you embarrass yourself.

Some possible answers could be: 

  • “An empath who’s way much patient when listening to your problems. Gosh, I’d never be able to do that!” 
  • “Confuses priorities when options include food.”
  • “Whenever you’re sad this guy will extract profound jokes from his mental Wikipedia until your smile returns.”
  • “Not recommended unless you’re open to receiving loads of hugs on a daily basis. Proceed at your own risk.”
  • “Whenever I or my car breaks down, he’s always there. Tall enough to reach all top shelves and extremely useful.”

21. I quote too much from…

Revealing your favorite subject you quote sayings from says a lot about what kind of content (movies, books, articles, etc.) you consume. For instance, someone can instantly figure out that you’re into philosophy if you quote often Alan Watts or Nietzsche.

Some potential answers here could be: 

  • Yoda (c’mon, you’ve done that too once.)
  • My dad (not jokes)
  • Zoolander
  • The Office 
  • Shakespeare

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