​​50 Best Compliments For Men That They Love to Hear

They say food is the best way to a man’s heart – but compliments work just as well. 

Make no mistake, compliments don’t always work. If you compliment a man too much, or if your compliments are always solely in reference to the way he looks, you won’t stand out.

The trick is to…

a) understand the type of compliment to say
b) when to say them and
c) how to say them.

In this article, we’re going to start by taking a look at how to compliment a man. Then, we’ll be sharing with you 50 different types of compliments, ranging from compliments about his intelligence, his looks as well as his personality that you can use at the right moment to make him know how much you value him. 

How to Compliment a Man?

It’s very easy to assume that men love it when women comment on how handsome they are. And, yes – of course they do! 

But men are like women in that they’re rounded people who have much more to offer than just their looks. And they appreciate it when the woman in their life recognizes their qualities, from their brains to their sense of humor.

Here are some things to keep in mind when complimenting a man: 

Focus on his achievements: Imagine he’s just done something amazing – something he’s really proud of. Now is the perfect time to compliment him for his hard work, effort, and talent. Let him know that his gifts and abilities are noticed. 

Understand what he likes about who he is: If a man loves his hair, you can compliment him on it. If he has a soft spot for a specific talent he assumes he has, compliment him on that, too. Build up what he already likes about himself by complimenting him on his strengths. 

Appreciate him: He works hard. He cares for you. He gives without expecting anything in return. He sacrifices his time for others. Compliment his endeavors – show that you appreciate what he does.

Be genuine: A fake compliment is worse than no compliment at all. When you compliment him, always be genuine. Mean what you say. And if you truly love him, this won’t be a problem. 

Pay attention: The easiest way to be genuine is to pay attention. If you see what he does, listen to what he says and be attentive to how he behaves, it will be far easier to come up with a thoughtful compliment.

Be original!: Has a man ever said to you “no one’s ever said that to me before”? If you’re original and really think about what you’re saying, he might just say that magical line.

Heartwarming Compliments For Men

1. “I love your mind.”

You man cares about the way he looks, and he wants you to fancy him! But if there’s to be a future with you, he needs to know you care about his brains, too. 

2. “You’re so thoughtful.”

Being thoughtful and kind and generous are often a man’s best qualities – show that you appreciate them. 

3. “I’ve never met anyone as humble as you.” 

Humility is a huge virtue – and paying someone this compliment will let them know they’re doing the right thing, and that you’re noticing it. 

4. “You’re so helpful to your friends.”

If your man has a circle of friends who trust him and love being around him, use this complement to let him know. 

5. “I’m so proud of all that you’ve done this week.” 

A man doesn’t do the things he does for the sake of recognition. But if you show that you a) recognize what he's done this week and that b) you’re proud of it, you’ll be paying him a great compliment. 

6. “Your ambition turns me on.” 

Ambition and having a purpose is important to a man – so let him know you admire it. Not just that but the fact that it turns you on suggests there’s a rising intimacy between the two of you. 

7. “Your memory is amazing.”

Use this compliment if having an amazing memory is something he’s proud of himself. 

8. “I love how far you’ve come in life.”

This will encourage him to keep going – and all men want to know that their woman is standing behind him! 

9. “Your family must appreciate what you do for them.” 

If your man is family oriented and does a lot for his family, take the time to let him know that you appreciate it. 

10. “I’ve never met a man who makes me laugh so much as you.”

It’s super important that a man is able to make his woman laugh. And your man always wants to be the man who can make you laugh more than anyone else! 

11. “You literally ‘get’ me.” 

This is a very powerful compliment to send to a man who's now a big part of your life. It will strengthen the bonds between the two of you and bring you even closer together. 

12. “You always know what to say.” 

Whether you’re feeling down or need help, or whether you just need him to listen, he’s always the one who can find the right words.

13. “I love your passion.”

If we know one thing about women it’s that they crave passion in a relationship. Make sure to let him know that his passion is on the level. 

14. “You help me grow.” 

This is another big-time compliment you should send if he’s now a big part of your life. Show him that he’s changing you for the better. 

15. “I can’t imagine my life without you now.” 

Your man might claim that he never cries – but send him this compliment and see what happens!  

16. “I love your heart, your brain, and your soul.”

In other words, you love his sense of compassion, his ability to think for himself – and literally his essence, everything he is and will be.

17. “You make me want to be here for you.” 

He’s so amazing that you’re now with him every step of the way. 

18. “You complete me.”

This is one that should be reserved for if the two of you are further down the line. But when you say it – and if he’s ready to hear it – you’ll rarely pull off a more powerful compliment. 

19. “I love your smell when you come home from work.”

Got a man who works hard all day? Love his “work” smell? Let him know that it turns you on! 

20. “Holding your hand was the best feeling ever.”

Held hands for the first time? Make sure he knows how much you enjoyed it. 

21. “Your smile is everything.”

Dating a guy who has a great smile? Give him some confidence with this compliment. 

22. “You taught me how to live again.”

If your man was the one who helped you get out of a funk, send this compliment to make sure he knows it. 

23. “Everything's better when you’re with me.”

Damn. And sometimes all you need is him. Nothing else matters. 

24. “I can handle anything now that I have you.” 

This is the kind of compliment all men love to hear! He’s got your back! You can conquer the world together. 

25. “I love the effort you put in.”

Men work hard – and they don’t need a reward all the time. But there’s nothing wrong with letting him know you appreciate his efforts. Maybe get him a beer, too?

26. “I love what you did in bed last night.”

Sex is hugely important to any relationship and he needs to know you’re enjoying life between the sheets. So when you compliment him on his performance, you’ll give him the confidence boost that can improve your love life even more. 

27. “I’m impressed by all your hard work.”

If he has the work ethic, validate him with this compliment. 

28. “I want to wake up next to you.”

This compliment lets him know how you feel about him, and it reassures him that he’s got everything you’re looking for. 

29. “My mom loves you.”

This is music to the ears of any man who wants to commit to you full-time! 

30. “I value your opinion.”

Men can be really opinionated! But if his opinions truly matter to you, send him this compliment. 

To the boys, here's the list of compliments for women.

31. “You’ve made this year my favorite so far.”

Everyone has a favorite year. If he was the reason this is your favorite year? Wow. 

32. “I am thankful for …”

Pick something about him that you’re thankful for and let him know.

33. “I love the way you are around kids.”

Especially if he plans on being a dad one day and having a family of his own, this is the perfect compliment to send him. And if he’s having doubts about how he is with kids? This will make him feel oh so good – that he can be the perfect daddy. 

34. “Why didn’t we meet earlier?”

Nothing says “you are the best” than these six words. Simple but very effective.

35. “I never wanted to change my ways until I met you.”

If you’ve got a few bad habits (and what girl doesn’t?), send him this compliment to make sure he understands what a positive influence he has had on your life.

36. “I want you for eternity.”

Eternity is a long time – it's forever! This compliment shows that he’s the kind of man who you could literally never get tired of.

37. “Your compliments are the best.”

If he sends you a compliment, say this to make him feel great, too.

38. “I could listen to you all day and never get bored.”

He entertains you, makes you laugh. His conversation is interesting, never boring. He is the perfect person to talk to all day long!

39. “I’m always myself with you.”

Some women find it hard to be themselves in different social situations. But with him? You’re always yourself because he makes you feel so comfortable in your own skin. 

40. “Your confidence is amazing.”

Let him know that his confidence inspires yours.

41. “I knew you were amazing the first time you smiled.”

I like this compliment because it’s less obvious than “I knew you were the One the minute I saw you.” Instead, you’re referencing something about him – in this case, his winning smile – that illuminates his essence and personality. 

42. “You inspire me.”

What man wouldn’t want to inspire the lady in their life?

43. “When you smile, I realize how truly grateful I am for everything I have.”

When he’s happy, you’re happy. How can you not be?

44. “You challenge my opinions – I appreciate that.”

A man should challenge his woman’s opinions and make her think and reconsider her preconceptions. This enables two people to grow together. 

45. “Your outlook on life is so refreshing.”

Men don’t want to be like everyone else you’ve dated. By paying him this compliment, you’re letting him know he represents something different.

46. “You’ll always be my hero.” 

All men want to be the hero. 

47. “You make me want to believe in an afterlife.”

This is a compliment that should be reserved for if the two of you are truly soulmates who understand that you’re soulmates. It’s a big compliment to pay – and it will bring the two of you closer together. 

48. “I was never truly alive until I met you.”

He’s awakened something in you – something grand, something passionate that you can’t even put into words. 

49. “Your hair is perfect!”

Some guys care a lot about their hair and they work hard to make themselves look good for their girl. Make sure he knows you appreciate it.

50. “I love having you on my team.”

No man is an island – he is on your team. And you’re gonna win together. 

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