50 Amazing Compliments For Women That Really Work

Are your relationships with women stiff and cold but you don’t know why?

It doesn’t matter if you’re texting each other or having face-to-face conversations. Adding a little bit of sweetness and sparking joy on their face with a few good words will change the mood.

Compliments can do magic if they’re honest and appropriate. However, most get caught in awkward silence and either keep the conversation too serious or come up with a tasteless compliment. This mainly happens because many don’t have clear ideas on to base their compliments.

So we’re getting right into this matter. After reading our findings you’ll never be left wordless again. 

How to Compliment a Woman?

Brushing off the tension between the two and making her smile bonds you more with each other. But before starting with our list of compliments let’s go over five main things you can compliment women on.

  1. Focus on what she likes about herself. Throwing general compliments for things she might not like could turn around on you. Rather find what she values about herself and mention it to her. She’ll feel special if you emphasize the same traits she is proud of.
  1. Relate to her work or struggles. If she works overtime in a demanding job, having you value her hard work makes her feel loved. Or maybe she is struggling to solve a problem or support a friend. Your compliments will boost her self-confidence. 
  1. Notice the traits she appreciates in people. Keep in mind what she considers a precious trait when speaking about others or you. Maybe she’s shy herself but has a strong respect for people who speak what’s on their minds. Compliment her when she shows boldness.
  1. Touch on her personality traits. Personality makes her unique. The way she clothes, talks, smiles, or even walks are simple details that make her who she is. If you show that you’ve actually paid attention to these, it will connect you more with each other.
  1. Acknowledge her accomplishments.  Maybe she’s completed a course, graduated on a tough subject, or finished a project she fancied for a long time. The second thing that is more satisfying about hitting personal goals is having people appreciate your work.

These are some fundamental things to keep in mind when making compliments to women. The main characteristics all good compliments share are care and attention to small details.

Simple and short compliments that you give little to no importance may mean the world to the girl you love. Especially if you don’t speak much and let silence dominate the daily conversations with her.

Also, a few compliments at the top of your fingers are useful when you’re having a conversation with someone you’ve just met. So without further ado let’s start with our list of compliments:

Best Compliments For Women

1. You are a strong person

Say this often. She needs to be reminded that she is a strong woman. It will boost her self-confidence and inspire her to keep being herself. Use this compliment whenever she is going through a tough period in her life.

2. You are such a good partner

Women can be fragile as much as they can be strong. They might be afraid that they might not be contributing to the relationship enough. Reassure her that she is the perfect partner with this compliment.

3. You matter

Sometimes women go through life situations that make them doubt their value. Remind her through these words that she is worthy, and her presence in the world besides people like you it’s important. 

4. I'm lucky to have you

Being ordinary is what scares us. Telling her how grateful you feel for having her besides you will make her feel special and appreciated. Use it whenever she does a favor to you or even out of nowhere.

5. I can always depend on you

Trust is a determinant in a relationship. If you consider her trustworthy she'll be more reliable, loving, and proud to be beside you. Use it whenever she does a favor or assists you in accomplishing something.

6. I love you the way you are

Everyone has flaws. It’s inevitable. Having someone who appreciates us the way we are, together with these flaws, relieves us from insecurities, and increases confidence and self-love.

7. I love how down-to-earth you are

Women are often seen as complicated and difficult to understand. Letting her know that she’s actually easy to communicate with will inspire her to keep talking with you openly.

8. You have a beautiful soul

Anyone can compliment a woman on her appearance but not many will notice the beauty of her soul. Use this compliment when she does something kind or helps a person in need. 

9. You understand me so well

Spiritual connection is as much important as physical connection. By letting her know that she is able to predict what you’re thinking so accurately she’ll feel confident that she truly knows you.

10. You mean a lot to me

Use this compliment when you’re already in a stage of the relationship where we’ve fallen for each other and want to strengthen that bond. It may seem like a cliché, but it's very powerful and it will melt her heart.

11. I'm so happy we met

Crossing paths with someone is simply a matter of probability. It can either be just a casual encounter or transform into something more. Use this compliment at the beginning of a relationship so she understands that’s not the former.

12. You are so creative

Creativity is rare but most creative people who put in so much work to come up with new ideas are often not recognized. Use this compliment whenever she does something creative to inspire her to keep being herself.  

13. You are enough

Use this compliment in times of doubt. Nearly all of us doubt whether we’re doing enough in our professional or personal life. Reminding her that she is, will shoo those doubts away.

14. Everything sounds beautiful when it comes out of your lips

Are you having a conversation on a boring topic? Spice it up a little by pointing out that ‘nothing is boring when it comes out of her lips.’

Note: this will inspire her to keep talking. Make sure you’re prepared to listen. 😀

15. You are perfect

Has she lost her confidence because she failed in her recent endeavors and now she’s doubting herself? Or maybe she is too caught up in her flaws. Cheer her up with this compliment no matter the case.

16. You have a way with words

Telling your woman that she has a way with words makes her value her communication skills more. Use this compliment when she explains thoroughly something complicated or convinces someone for good.

17. You look gorgeous

We’re doing multiple things daily which leads us into living life in a hurry and missing simple details. Did she get a new dress or a new haircut? Pause for a little and compliment her appearance.

18. You have good taste

We want to be told that our choices are meaningful and likable from our partner. Whether it’s about musical tastes, clothes, decorations, movies, etc. So use this compliment when she makes a choice.

19. You have a great sense of humor

Be careful with this one because if she doesn’t, then it will be obvious that you’re trying to flatter her. But if she cracks jokes that make you both smile honestly, no matter how little, don’t forget to use this compliment.

20. You make me want to be a better person

Growth is beautiful and having a person who inspires us to do better is what we desire. And the first step to getting this type of relationship starts by telling her that she’s this type of person for you.

21. You smell like heaven

An ideal compliment when you wrap her in your arms or when you’re far from each other and you want to express your longing for her smell. Women pay much attention to self-care and this is a romantic way to remark on it.

22. You’re the smartest woman I’ve ever met

When it comes to competition, she wants to know her place in your life compared to your past encounters. Tell her that you appreciate not only her beauty but also her way of thinking.  

23. Your mind is as sexy as your beauty

Maybe you’re at a party and she says something witty. Use this compliment to draw a strong comparison between her beauty and her intelligence.

24. You complete everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman

Girls may seem complicated but they aren’t that much. As long as you reassure her that she is the woman who possesses all the traits you’re looking for in a partner, you’ve won her. 

25. You look beautiful even when you do not try

Maybe she’s coming from a long day at work and has forgotten to even put some make-up on. Keep this compliment under your sleeves in such cases if you want to lift her spirits and fill her soul with joy. 

26. I love your sensuality

It comes to a point when you should aim to take the relationship to the next stage and this is one of these useful compliments to break the ice. Use it when the proper mood is set.

27. You’re a gem

Comparisons always work wonders. Use this expression when you want to make her feel valuable and unique. It’s short and it can be said after an accomplishment.

28. You are my family

“Is this going to last?”, “What’s my place in his life?” These are probably questions that arise in her mind daily. Telling her this compliment will alleviate her fears of being in a short hook-up if that’s not your purpose.

29. You have the sweetest heart

Use this compliment whenever she says or does something kind in relation to you or others. Keep reminding her that she’s a person with a kind heart because it will inspire her to be more open with you.

30. You taught me the difference between a girl and a woman

When you’re telling this to her you’re not complimenting her age. Women are more mature and take responsibilities more seriously. These are the traits you’re emphasizing. Use it when you want to make her feel secure.

For girls, here's the list of compliments for men.

31. My heart melts when it sees your cute smile

Maybe you’re having a funny conversation and she started smiling. That’s the ideal moment to look into her eyes and say this compliment.

32. You are not like everyone else

Being special to someone. Who doesn’t want that?! Maybe she finds it difficult to fit in and struggles to act like everyone else. Let her know that she doesn’t have to try hard to change because she is special this way.

33. You are my everything

You’ve been in a relationship for a while, but she’s having insecurities about her position. Tell her that she’s precious to you with this compliment. Don’t save it for after fights but use it often to strengthen your relationship even more.

34. You are a dream come to life

Is she the ideal person for you? Show her how she changed your life for the better and tell her that she was the one you prayed for. Give her butterflies in the stomach with this compliment.

35. You complete me

Everyone has insecurities and most relationships lack true love. They rarely make one feel complete. Reassure her with this compliment that she’s much more than a casual fling and that her presence makes you feel whole.

36. You’re my precious treasure

Maybe this is too much of a bookish expression but it will melt her heart without a doubt. This is ideal when you’re making her a gift, posting an Instagram pic together, or trying to lift her up.

37. You should be thanked more often. So thank you!

Often we forget to be grateful for what we have or what others do for us. Just because you’re lovers it doesn’t mean that this formal expression has no place in your conversations. Appreciate her for being an ideal partner with this underrated expression.

38. Thank you for being you

The world is so harsh at times that we have to suppress our true selves. This way we don’t know if that side of us is ugly or beautiful and we show it only to those who love. Reassure her that her true self is indeed beautiful and that you’re grateful to be one of the few to see it.

39. Everything would be better if more people were like you!

Is she someone you truly admire? Then show it to her with this compliment. Make her understand that she’s a true role model and that the world needs more people like her. Let your woman know that in a world of injustice she is a real gem.

40. You should be proud of yourself

Does she know her self-worth? Use this compliment whenever she tells you about a difficult life situation she went through. She might be underestimating herself so remind her of value through these words. 

41. Your voice is my favorite music

Comparisons. This is another beautiful expression that is bound to melt her heart. Don’t be afraid to be a little poetic sometimes as those who make such compliments are rare. In a world with billions of songs let your girl understand that she is the perfect music that your ears need.

42. You’re the type of girl people write love songs about

Still walking on the lines of the previous compliment. Artists who write books or songs do it for someone dear or special. Let her know that she is an inspiring person that deserves the most beautiful dedication.

43. You never cease to amaze me

Is she feeling too ordinary lately? Tell her that you don’t have to be making love for her to be amazing. Bring this compliment up when she makes witty choices or gifts you something.

44. Being around you is like a happy little vacation

Time spent with someone we love flows so fast to notice. Even if you’re working, it won’t feel like work when you’re together. Use this compliment to show her that whenever you’re together it feels like being on vacation. 

45. Just thinking about you brings a smile to my face

Sometimes we tend to think that maybe the other person loves us for the presence of our physical interaction. Tell her that it’s not like this, and simply just the thought of her makes you happy. She’ll feel special.

46. ​​You’re so motivating!

Knowing that she’s someone who inspires you will make her immensely happy. Use this compliment when she shares her personal advice or tries to lift you up after a difficult situation.

47. Your energy is fire!

This is a compliment that can be used whenever she talks to you passionately about a certain topic or even after arguments with you or someone else. It will work wonders to turn the storm in your favor!

48. Are u even real?!

Use this compliment to indicate that you feel like your relationship is magical beyond reality and so good to be true. Ideal words when she says or does something that makes you happy.

49. Your parents must be so proud

Making parents proud is one of the first things we all try to accomplish. If she has had a tough time trying to make her parents proud this compliment will mean a lot to her.

50. You’re the light of my life

Words can be truly magical and this figurative expression is bound to fill her with joy. Saying this compliment to her whenever she is questioning her self-worth or her support towards you will sweeten the relationship. 

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