Down Hookup App’s New “Snap Match” Feature Gets You Virtual Connections Almost Instantly!

This week, Annie Chen, Head of Marketing from DOWN Dating & Hookup App reached out to us to spread the word about the new free feature that they launched for the app users.

She also shared the app growth they observed during the whole pandemic situation and how this unfortunate situation inspired them to come up with this new feature called “Snap Match.”

Here's everything that Annie shared with us:

DOWN Hookup & Dating App is the best and only app for users to take control of the kind of relationship they want. DOWN's goal is to make the world a more open-minded, sex-positive place where everyone can express themselves freely without the fear of being judged for what they really want.

During the pandemic, bedrooms and living rooms became our offices and schools. Stuck at home, it was almost impossible to go out and walk your dog, not to mention going out for a date. We suddenly became hyper-reliant on online dating, which allows us to connect with people without having to meet physically. Our stats agree with this, too.

Both revenue and users rose over 100% YoY for DOWN!

While we're ecstatic about the rise in our metrics, we also felt empathy with the many people feeling lonelier than ever from being stuck at home alone. Our team knew that just swiping and matching wouldn't be enough anymore. So we came up with a new feature to satisfy the urgent needs of our 8 million-plus users.

Snap Match Feature by DOWN

Snap Match, a quick matching feature, allows users to find virtual connections almost instantly, around the world. This feature was just launched this week, it's free and available on both Android and iOS.

Snap Match isn't one of those features that allows people to send random messages to anyone. We want users to have some fun using Snap Match, so it was designed with a bit of gaming elements.

Tap spin to start the game, and you'll get a random match that fits your preferences. You might get someone who will become the love of your life or someone who will be your BFF. It could lead to romance or just help you feel more connected in these trying times. You never know where it may lead – and that's the fun part! 

snap match

It doesn't end here. After sending out Snap Match requests, the other person has to accept it before the two of you can start chatting. 

We're confident that with this new feature, we can provide our 8 million-plus users a whole new way for people to connect, without having to worry that their inboxes will be filled with random messages.

So, What are you waiting for?

DOWN is one of the most honest dating apps – and the #1 hookup app. If you're tired of all those awkward conversations trying to guess if your matches are looking for the same thing as you, if you hope to connect with others in a more efficient way, come give it a shot!

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