VIDA Select – A Premium Matchmaking Service For Singles

Inside Scoop: VIDA Select (previously known as Virtual Dating Assistants) utilizes certified matchmaking tactics to help clients meet their ideal match. VIDA achieves this end through its own database, LinkedIn and  existing dating platforms.

VIDA helps frustrated singles find their perfect match

Just over 10 years ago, Scott Valdez (VIDA Select’s Founder) went through a tough breakup that left him single in a new city. Frustrated and alone—but still wanting to find someone special to share his life with—he attempted all the standard ways to meet people. 

He went to more social events, approached people on the street and in bars, Scott even tried to get his co-workers to set him up. Not only were his attempts in vain, he just didn’t have the time to keep putting himself out there. He knew there had to be a more effective way to find high-quality matches.

That’s when he decided to try something different. He was going to stop trying to make his own connections and put his fate in the hands of talented experts instead. 

Scott told us, “I started by hiring a professional writer to rework my dating profiles and refine my approach. Later, I carefully selected additional experts, one by one, who covered different areas of expertise. Together, they found high-quality, compatible, relationship-minded singles for me to meet. Over time and with a lot of hard work, my team’s effort paid off and I found myself in a far more satisfying relationship than ever before.”

Then it occurred to me: Why couldn’t my team of experts help frustrated singles everywhere find their perfect match, too?  

That’s when VIDA Select was born. 

VIDA Select currently offers matchmaking services that leave no stone unturned in the search for your ideal partner. All of the heavy lifting is handled by specialized dating experts who combine forces so you can enjoy amazing dates without all the frustration and wasted time it usually takes to arrange them.

Members simply sign up and VIDA makes introductions to high-quality singles based on mutual compatibility.

For over a decade, their team of over 100 matchmakers and dating experts has helped thousands of clients across the globe find their perfect match. If you’re ready to stop leaving your love life to chance and finally take control of your own fate, VIDA Select is ready to find your “happily ever after.”

Who hires VIDA Select to find their match?

Scott Valdez, the founder of Virtual Dating Assistants (ViDA)

VIDA’s dating blog ( attracts over half a million readers each month. That’s how they acquire most of theirour clients, along with media attention and word-of-mouth referrals.

The experts at VIDA work with everyone from programmers and small business owners to tech billionaires and TV stars. Many of their clients are entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, and busy professionals in industries like tech and finance.

While clients tend to be in their mid-20s to late 50s, they’ve worked with clients ranging from 18 to 86 years old.

The men and women who hire VIDA Select are looking to improve the quality of the matches they’re meeting so they can find someone special. While some of them may not be in any rush to tie the knot, VIDA clients tend to be quite relationship-minded. 

Unless they’re very recently divorced, they’ve most likely at least tried a dating site or app. They’ve usually found modern dating to be frustrating and exhausting. They don’t want to waste countless hours continuing to do the same thing they were already doing, hoping to see a different result.

When you’re not attracting the right people into your life on your own, it’s time to try something different. That’s why thousands of clients have chosen VIDA Select since 2009.

The average VIDA Select client meets someone special in 11 dates and it only takes about 3 months.

It’s VIDA Select’s goal to help thousands of singles meet their ideal match each year.

One of VIDA’s main initiatives is related to continually increasing their reach. They’re focused on leveraging online platforms that weren’t built for dating to find great matches for their clients. They want to be able to search higher and lower than the competition for your perfect partner. And they’re looking to do it with more and more help from AI and machine learning.

Scott told us, “We’re doing quite a bit with data as it is now. And we’re always looking to improve our ability to predict which matches our clients will not only feel more attracted to, but who will also be the most likely to turn into a long-lasting relationship.”

How VIDA Select is different from the competition

VIDA’s matchmakers aren’t limited to an internal database.

While they do match clients with one another and create a lot of successful relationships that way, they also have the ability to go beyond their own database to find compatible matches for you.

With today’s modern technologies, it just makes sense to utilize existing platforms. After all, since 2017, online has been the #1 way people getting married originally met, according to Stanford researchers. It’s more common than meeting someone special through your friends, your professional circle, and even local bars and restaurants.

University of Chicago researchers even found that online couples actually have longer, happier marriages. Not going online today when you’re single is like being on the job market and not having a Linkedin account. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense!

VIDA has the technology to dip into this virtually endless pool of local singles using dating sites and apps. That means the odds are exponentially higher that VIDA will be able to find matches who check all of your boxes.

VIDA doesn't require a contract.

Many other high-end matchmaking services require clients to sign a 6- or 12-month contract and pay the entire fee upfront. VIDA packages, on the other hand, are just a 1-month commitment

Scott told us, “Clients do this for just one month initially and they only renew because it works. When our clients are meeting really great matches and can see they’re clearly on the right path with the service, they usually want to continue until they meet someone. That generally happens within just a few months, sometimes in the very first month.”

You only pay for the time you actually want to be dating — nothing more, nothing less. You can even pause the service right in the middle of a month and pick it back up right there later. It’s that flexible, which is really refreshing compared to the other options out there.

Everything VIDA does is based on data analysis.

All of the messages they send on behalf of their clients are meticulously logged, as well as the associated demographic details. This allows them to predict what messages will have the best response rates for a particular client looking for a particular type of person. 

VIDA is the only matchmaking company out there with this capability. They even use a proprietary tool and process to select each client’s most attractive photos, often narrowing a pool of 100+ down to their very best 4 to 6.

“There’s nothing more exciting to us than seeing our clients meet someone special and fall in love!” – VIDA

Having a hand in helping someone change their life in one of the best ways possible is deeply meaningful. VIDA has an internal, confidential newsletter that celebrates client success stories every month – and it’s packed with inspiration! 

VIDA matchmakers follow up with their clients a few months after they leave the service to see how they’re doing in their new relationships. They are, of course, always thrilled to hear about a new engagement. Speaking of which, Scott told me that in just a couple of months, 2 members of their team will be attending the wedding of a client they successfully matched last year!

Based on our in-depth assessment of the service and it’s many positive reviews, VIDA Select seems like a fantastic alternative to the plethora of more expensive traditional matchmaking services out there.

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