The Popular Dating & Hookup App “Down” Brings Icebreakers & Photo Challenge

DOWN App, building on its reputation as the world's best hookup and dating app, introduced a quick-matching feature that randomly and instantly connects people from all over the world in April.

Snap Match” was created to meet the needs of their 10 million-plus users who were stuck at home due to the pandemic. People were feeling lonelier than ever and the stats agree, too. DOWN has seen significant growth during the pandemic, with both revenue and user numbers growing more than 2X.

With Snap Match, users will get a random match that fits their preferences, setting them up for a sex positive instant chat.

Over a third of all connections on the dating app are being made through the feature. This month, fun mini-games called “icebreakers” are being added to Snap Match chatrooms, helping to replace the endless dating app Swiping Snooze with Get-to-know-you Gaming!

Colin Hodge, the Founder of DOWN App said: “Our focus is on improving the number of real personal connections people discover through DOWN. DOWN is the world's best wingman – we want people to really connect, get to know each other better through fun chats, and create unforgettable experiences together. Icebreakers will make conversations easier and more captivating.”

According to Google Trends, “pickup lines”-related queries are seeing big increases. This means that people are seeking conversation starters online.

“We all know how frustrating it is when you match with someone you really like, only to find that the two of you have a hard time keeping the conversation going.” Founder Colin Hodge said.

google trend for keyword pickup lines

There's an intriguing trend right now, in which dating apps are moving from pure swiping apps to game-based dating apps & chats.

Badoo added games in chatrooms. Tinder brought back “Swipe Night”.

“Swiping simply isn't enough anymore. The swiping has been around for years, people need something a bit more now. We think the best way for people to get acquainted with each other is through flirty games. They're fun, and can save you from awkward conversations.” Founder Colin Hodge said.

DOWN is introducing two types of icebreakers: Would You Rather & Photo Challenges.

Users can shuffle different questions to ask their matches using the “Would You Rather?” icebreaker. The wacky and sexy questions allow them to know their matches better, skipping the cheesy pickup lines for fun and revealing chats.

down hookup apps introduces icebreakers

They say a photo is worth a million words, and The DOWN Team agrees. The “Photo Challenge” game allows users to trade spontaneous pictures that fit the challenge, while revealing more and more about themselves to their match. Curious singles in DOWN can choose different Photo Challenges to tackle with their match, such as “Show me something people normally wouldn’t see.” and “Send the 3rd photo in your camera roll.”

And don't worry about receiving nudes or dick pics – DOWN uses AI to detect and block nude imagery. The app scans the image in real-time before it's sent, preventing users from sending out the picture if nudity is detected.

“It's important that our users have fun in a safe environment while using DOWN. We ensure every dater can express themselves, while encouraging safety & good behavior from the start of each feature's design. We also encourage users to report any behavior that violates our policies to keep the DOWN community safe and enjoyable for everyone.” Founder Colin Hodge added.

The DOWN Team is confident that with these icebreakers, the chance of users getting real & meaningful connections will continue to rapidly grow.

down photo app challenge

DOWN is the most honest dating app – and the #1 hookup app to meet locals nearby. People get to choose whether they want a casual relationship or a more serious one. DOWN’s goal is to make the world a more open-minded, sex positive place where singles can express themselves freely and find what they really want.

Download the Android version and iOS version.

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