15 Examples: Your First Conversation With a Sugar Daddy

The thing with being a sugar baby is that you’re not the only sugar baby out there. There are many sugar babies just like you who want to catch the attention of the perfect sugar daddy!

And therefore, it’s important that you get your first conversation with a sugar daddy just right.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the best ways to start a conversation with a sugar daddy. We’ll be using examples to show you what to say, and we’ll also be highlighting what not to say. By the end of the article, you’ll be ready to start a conversation with a sugar dady!

Best Ways to Start a Conversation With a Sugar Daddy

Ever received a message you know has clearly been sent to a million people? 

It goes a little something like this: 

“Hey :)”

The problem with this message is that it isn’t personalized. It’s clear that whoever sent the message hasn’t taken the time to properly read someone’s profile.

The key to a successful sugar relationship is time. You’ll be spending time with him; he’ll be spending time with you. The two of you will be companions who must be able to talk to one another. For this reason, it’s essential that you send a sugar daddy a personalized message by reading their profile first. 

When you do this, you’re showing him respect. 

This simple template works too well for the first conversation message.

Hey, I loved your profile. I particularly loved [quote something from sugar daddy's profile], and I definitely agree with [his idea]. And I think we’d have a lot in common, and I would love to talk more with you. Check out my profile, and let me know if you think we’d be a match!

Here are 7 examples of customized opening messages you can send to a sugar daddy: 

“Hey, I noticed that you’ve traveled around a lot! (Is that Rome in one of your pics?). I love to travel too! What’s the best place you’ve visited?”

“Hi! I read your profile and loved how you emphasized how vital it is for you to have serious conversations. It's also crucial to me since it helps me form genuine bonds. Anyway, have a look at my profile and contact me if you're interested! I'd like to learn more about you:)! We'll talk soon.”

“Hey [Name of the Person], I love your look. However, You've not significantly shared about yourself, but I'm interested to know more about you. I hope to hear from you.”

“Oh, snap! We have the same hobby. How did you get into this hobby?”

“That movie is literally one of my favorites. Do you enjoy visiting the cinema much?”

“I see that you’re a man who likes to dress to impress! I love that. Do you have a preferred style for women?”

“Hey, your profile really caught my eye because you seem like a down-to-earth, super cool guy. What qualities do you look for in a woman?”

Here are 7 examples of more generic messages you can send to a sugar daddy which can also work: 

“Wow, you're pretty attractive. After seeing your profile, I had to let you know that it seems like you have the personality to match.”

“How do you like to spend your weekends?”

“Hi, great photos! What are your plans this week?”

“I love your smile!”

“How important is a good conversation to you?”

“Thank gosh, it’s summer, huh?! I’m dying to do some outdoor stuff with someone!” 

What To Avoid Saying In Your First Conversation As a Sugar Baby?

Just as important as knowing what to say is knowing what not to say. While your opening message isn’t a total dealbreaker, it can be if you touch on the wrong subjects straight off the bat. 

For example, mentioning money in your very first message is a huge No-No that creates a terrible impression of you. In fact, you shouldn’t mention money at all for the first few messages. Even if you do it in a “jokey” way, it’s still a huge No-No. 

Don’t stipulate any conditions just yet. If you start setting some rules immediately, it leaves a bad taste. Spend some time chatting with a sugar daddy and have a bit of fun with him before you get into the serious stuff. Sugar dating isn’t a business transaction in the strictest sense of the word. Don’t treat it like one. 

Lastly, don’t refer to their age. Saying something like “you look so young for 55!” might feel like a compliment to you, but it will rub him up the wrong way. He knows how old he is – he doesn’t need to be reminded 🙂

Here are 5 bad examples you need to avoid (as well as anything that’s similar):

“Hey, I’m so broke lol wanna chat?”

“Wanna help a gal through college?”

“I love being wined and dined.”

“Hey, how long have you been a sugar daddy for?”

“What’s the average allowance you usually give to a sugar baby?”

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