How To Become a Sugar Baby: The Ultimate Guide

Sugar babies have a pretty nice life. They make money, enjoy the finer things in life, and don’t even have to enter into a 100% committed relationship. 

If you’re thinking of becoming a sugar baby, you must understand precisely what’s required in terms of how it works, where to find sugar daddies, and any dangers you need to be aware of.

In this article, we’ll be covering all of those things.

We’ll be taking a complete look at what it takes to be a sugar baby so that by the end of the article, you’ll know exactly what you have to do and whether being a sugar baby is the right thing for you. 

What’s a Sugar Baby?

whats a sugar baby

Some say that sugar babies are sex workers. Others say they’re just generous with the time they spend with older men who are willing to lavish them with expensive gifts.

The truth is that a sugar baby is rather vaguely defined and can, in part, be both of those things. 

In a nutshell, a sugar baby is a young woman (or man) who relies on an older man to act as their sponsor. They enter into a relationship (sexual or non-sexual) with someone who has enough money to help them out financially. At the end of the day, the transaction is professional. 

For instance, it might be the case that a sugar baby is a young student struggling to pay her way through college. As such, she gets herself a sugar daddy who helps her out financially in exchange for her companionship and time. 

Sugar babies don’t typically enter into long-term, committed relationships with sugar daddies. Instead, the exchange is mutual but typically short-term. Moreover, the sugar baby has her own life independent of the sugar relationship and is generally free to date and see other people. 

The sugar daddy has his own life too and doesn’t look for a sugar baby for marriage purposes. 

Do sugar babies get paid?

Sugar babies are lavished with gifts, ranging from expensive meals in restaurants to clothes and shoes. Sugar daddies may also pay for a sugar baby’s rent and tuition fees, too. And while sugar daddies do sometimes pay allowances and “fees” for visits, it shouldn’t be seen as a job. That said, it’s not unusual for a sugar daddy to pay their sugar baby upwards of $2,000 per monthly allowance. 

Being a sugar baby can be a profitable, fun venture for attractive young women, but it needs to be said that it can also be a tad dangerous unless you use legit online dating sites that are aimed at sugar dating. 

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How to Become a Sugar Baby? 

So, you want to become a sugar baby. But what does it take to become one?  Let’s take a look. 

1. Know What You Want and What You Can Offer

Know What You Want and What You Can Offer

What are you looking for as a sugar baby? Do you want to meet a wealthy older man who’s successful and good-looking, or do you put charm and wit before anything else? 

More than that, what type of sugar relationship are you looking for? 

There are actually different types of sugar relationships, including a laidback relationship that’s purely platonic and non-sexual. 

There are also intimate, sexual relationships and sugar relationships where the sugar baby becomes deeply intertwined in her sugar daddy’s life. 

Sometimes, the sugar daddy will pay the sugar baby’s rent so she can live nearer to him, but sometimes he won’t. 

The more usual arrangement is when the sugar baby and the sugar daddy will “date,” which means spending a lot of time together and having sex. 

However, compensated companionship is a close second and doesn’t usually involve sex. Instead, the sugar daddy will pay his sugar baby for her time and company. 

There are also relationships that are pretty much strictly friendships. There’s no sex and no real dates per se – just companionship. 

2. Use the Right Sugar Daddy Site

To succeed as a sugar baby, it will save you a heck of a lot of time if you use the right sugar baby site straight away. 

What does a good sugar daddy site look like? 

The best sites – like Seeking Arrangement and Ashley Madison – are safe to use, they have years of experience in connecting sugar babies with sugar daddies and have a high user rate.

This last point is important because it will be harder to find a sugar daddy who's right for you unless a sugar baby site has lots of users (at least a million).

A sugar baby site should also look professional and come with several features that make it easy to find what you’re looking for, including advanced search filters. 

Seeking Arrangement stands out because it’s explicitly aimed at sugar dating and is used by more than ten million people. Registration takes just a minute, and you can send and receive messages for free once your profile has been verified. 

On the other hand, Ashley Madison isn’t aimed specifically at sugar babies, but it’s used by successful older men who are looking to have flings with younger women. 

3. Write a Good Sugar Baby Profile 

A sugar baby profile looks a little bit like a traditional dating profile, but there are several differences. 

For one thing, you must discuss your preferred allowance, as this will help you attract the right type of sugar daddies who will give you what you want. 

However, make sure money isn’t the only thing you should discuss. You should also list your interests and highlight your best qualities – just like you would on an ordinary dating site profile. 

To save time, it’s important to state what type of relationship you’re looking for here. Don’t want sex? State it in your profile. 

Your profile can be as long as you want, or short (but not too short). Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality. If you’re a funny, warm, kind person, let the sugar daddies know! After all, they want someone who’s emotionally available. 

Learn How To Write An Attractive Sugar Baby Profile (With Examples)

4. Establish Boundaries and Rules

Boundaries and rules let your sugar daddy know what you will and will not tolerate in your relationship with them. These rules should reflect your values and ideals and will prevent any misunderstandings from occurring (or, at least, should prevent any misunderstandings from occurring).

Naturally, establishing boundaries and rules when it comes to any form of dating can be a little bit daunting. When it comes to sugar dating, the stakes are raised slightly because, as we saw earlier, the whole concept of sugar dating is vague.

However, it’s important to remind yourself that you don’t owe anyone anything. Even if a sugar daddy chooses to spoil you with gifts or money, that’s his decision, and he needs to own it. It doesn’t mean he has an exclusive right to then expect you to sleep with him. 

Because some sugar daddies might go into this expecting certain things (such as sex), it’s extremely important that you communicate as soon as possible what your boundaries and rules are. 

If you won’t be sleeping with a sugar daddy or even sending him pics, let this be known. This will prevent any heated moments from arising at a later date. For instance, a sugar daddy can’t say, “I bought you gifts – but you’re not going to sleep with me?”

No – and you already told him so. 

5. Keep Your Expectations Real

Unfortunately, sugar dating is a lot like regular dating because there will be disappointments and setbacks. 

If you go into this expecting everything to work out straight away and for a sugar daddy to give you $5,000 in the first week or rent you a plush apartment, just know that sugar dating doesn’t usually pan out like this. Yes, you may be given an allowance, and yes, he may even pay your rent. But these are just “maybe’s” until you get to know him.  

Indeed, a sugar daddy might like you, but the two of you might not get “gel.” If so, he might end it after the first date, in which case you’ll be left looking for a new sugar daddy. 

Not just that, but just like a sugar daddy shouldn’t expect you to sleep with him; you shouldn’t expect him to keep buying you expensive things. 

The key to keeping your expectations in check is communicating with your sugar daddy to know what he wants and what you want out of this. Before you get into an arrangement with anyone:

  1. Find out more about them.
  2. Ask the sugar daddy questions about his previous sugar relationships.
  3. Learn more about him. 

6. Go On a Public Date

Why go on a public date? 

Because you need to prioritize your safety. If you go back to his place for the first date, you’re putting yourself at risk because you don’t know this man yet. 

Sugar dating can be super safe as long as you do the right things. And this means selecting a neutral venue for your first date, such as a cafe or a restaurant. The two of you can chat, and get to know each other, and if you’re feeling uncomfortable you can easily exit. 

Can You Be a Sugar Baby Without Meeting The Sugar Daddy? 

Traditionally, a sugar relationship is when the sugar baby and sugar daddy meet and hang-out in person, go on dates, go on walks, eat together – and sometimes sleep together.  However, thanks to the rise of internet dating, it’s now possible to provide online companionship to a sugar daddy who sends you gifts and – in some cases – money. While it’s not the same as meeting in real life, and while not all sugar daddies will go for this kind of relationship, it’s an increasingly popular arrangement in the wake of COVID-19. 

Tips To Stay Safe as a Sugar Baby

As mentioned earlier, you must prioritize your safety as a sugar baby. As well as meeting your sugar daddy for the first time in a public place, here are some more ways you can stay safe as a sugar baby:

Always Stick To Your Rules 

Has your sugar daddy asked for sex repeatedly, despite you saying No the first time? If so, don’t relent. Don’t lower your guard. Establish your rules and boundaries from the start and stick to them. 

Similarly, stick to your guns if he’s pressuring you to meet at his place the first time around. 

Don’t Give Out Your Personal Details Online 

If you haven’t met your sugar daddy yet, it’s vitally important that you don’t give out your details online just yet. This means not giving him your full name, address, or your bank card information. 

Yes, he might eventually send you money, but now is not the time to hand over your details. After all, scammers use sugar dating sites to target impressionable young women who need the money. 

If He’s Creepy – Move On

The female intuition is rarely wrong. If a sugar daddy gives you weird, creepy vibes and you just know something is up, block him and move on. 

Join a Legit Sugar Dating Site 

Legit dating sites like Seeking Arrangement and Ashley Madison are worth your time because they employ security measures like SSL-encryption to keep your details safe, and they have a fast-acting team that eradicates fake profiles as soon as possible.

If you sign-up for a dodgy sugar dating site that has awful customer reviews, you’ll likely run into a fake profile that tries to scam you. 

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