List of Kinks & Fetishes: (Definition & A-Z List)

Have you ever wondered about how many wild desires are in our wonderfully diverse world? 

While you might accept your kink, let it be bondage or anal sex, others might struggle with their sexual preferences. It is essential to know that unconventional sexual practices are natural. There is nothing wrong with them.

And the more familiar you get with the kink, the more you might be able to accept the potential desires of your beloved partner(s). Take in mind though, both you and your partner must consider consent. Harming others is a no-go, mutual pleasure is the name of the game. 

In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of sexual kinks and fetishes. Of course, you can read the whole article in one sitting to widen your perspectives and learn, but you don't have to. There are alternative options to make the best out of this list. You can read one letter from the alphabet a day, for example, or you can return any time you are looking for some explanation of one or two kinks.

The Ultimate list of kinks


Abasiophilia: Sexual attraction towards physically disabled people. Especially towards the ones with a wheelchair, leg braces, or orthopedic casts.

Abduction: If you get turned on by the thought of getting kidnapped or carried away by force, it means you might have an abduction kink. People with such kink usually act their desires out in the form of a role-play.

Abrasion: This is a subcategory of BDSM, which involves sexual arousal from harsh surfaces such as sandpaper or steel wool.

Acomoclitic: A desire for hairless genitals.

Acrophilia: You have acrophilia if scratching turns you on. Just think about scratching the back of your partner… This term is often confused with knismolagnia, but there is a subtle difference. Knismolagnia is arousal from tickling.

Acrotomophilia: It is a less common kink, which involves psychosexual attraction towards people whose arms or legs have been amputated. It is also called the pirate-kink. Just kidding.

Actirasty: Here cums the sun. The term means getting turned on by the sunrays. People who have this particular kink must immensely enjoy outside sex.

Agalmatophilia: Sexual gratification towards dolls, statues, or mannequins. 

Age play: This is a subcategory of the umbrella term of role play. The players pretend they have a different age. Daddy/daughter and diaper play belong to this category. 

Agoraphilia: If you love sex in public places, you have agoraphilia.

Agrexophilia: Getting turned on by the thought that other people might know about, hear or see the sexual intercourse.

Alien kink: Some people get turned on by such science fiction sex scenes where aliens satisfy them. 

Allorgasmia: Erotic arousal by the thought of being with someone else during sex.

Altocalciphilia: The term indicates sexual desire towards high heels.

Amaurophilia: If you get turned on by blindfolded sex, or you prefer having sex in the dark, you have a thing with amaurophilia. Unfortunately, sometimes the kink goes hand in hand with low-self esteem or religious guilt. 

Anal sex: A common kink where people prefer pleasure in the anus.

Anal toys: While some kinksters love anal penetration, others enjoy sex toys in their butts. A subcategory of the kink is when someone loves putting the sex toy inside the butt while wearing clothes and even engaging in non-sexual social interactions.

Anasteemaphilia: Sexual attraction towards exceptionally high or short people.

Anonymous sex: It’s a practise of having sex with someone you know nothing or a very little about, for example, glory holes and mask-on sex.

Aquaphilia: This kink means the desire for water sex. It might include a preference for swimming suits, seeing others swimming, or having sex in water. The term literally means ‘water lover'.

Autogynephilia: If a man gets sexually aroused by the thought of being a woman, he has autogynephilia.

Autoandrophilia: If a woman gets sexually aroused by the thought of being a man, she has autoandrophilia.

Autoplushophilia: Some people get sexually aroused by imagining themselves as a stuffed animal or an animal character. 

Armpit fetishism: Getting turned on by the touch or smell of armpits. It might include the preference for sexual intercourse with the help of armpits. 


Balloons Fetish: A desire for sexual acts which involve balloons. It can range from popping balloons to sitting or lying on them.

Barebacking: A dangerous kink where the kinksters desire unprotected sex. 

Begging: This is a subcategory of BDSM, and it includes sexual arousal for begging. It can work in both directions: Some enjoy being prayed on, others desire to plead for sexual arousal. 

Belonephilia: It refers to the obsession with sharp objects such as needles, pins, or knives.

Bestiality: The kink is a special form of zoophilia, where people desire and have sex with animals. In zoophilia, they only fantasize about it and get turned on already by seeing animal sex without humans involved.

Body Inflation: Getting aroused when someone inflates the body or some body parts. 

Bondage: A hardcore category of BDSM, where people tie up or restrain their partners. Usually, it's the task of the dominant to control the submissive player.

Body modification: Some of us feel aroused while they get their body tattooed or pierced. Others get turned on by having sex with people who have modified bodies.

Body Painting: Getting excited about painting bodies or being painted on. 

Boob torture: Boob torture is also part of BDSM. Here, usually, the submissive enjoys when the dominant partner applies pain to the breast. 

Branding: A sexual interest in permanently marking one's body with a burning metal object.

Brontophilia: Some people get sexually aroused by thunderstorms. They have brontophilia.

Breathplay: The kink is part of the BDSM family. People participating enjoy it when their partner restricts the oxygen from them. 

Breast worship: The extensive adoration of the tits.


Caning: Getting excited when the dominant strikes the submissive with a cane, which is usually long and flexible. It mostly happens on the buttocks.

Castration Fantasies: The kink means the person gets turned on by the thought of removing the testicles. Fortunately, in most cases, it remains a fantasy. 

CBT: The acronym stands for Cock and Ball Torture, and it is a common practice in BDSM communities. It might mean genital piercing, wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, among others. Another term for the kink is Phalloorchoalgolagnia.

Chasmophilia: When someone gets turned on by small places or boxes, he or she has chasmophilia.

Chinophilia: This kink refers to getting turned on by the touch of snow.

Choking: When someone loves getting strangled by their partner. 

Claustrophilia: A sexual kink where someone desires sex in confined places.

Clothed sex (endytophilia): If you love having sex with clothed or partially dressed people, you have a thing for endytophilia. 

Cock worship: The extensive adoration of the male sex organ.

Collar kink: Getting aroused when someone puts a collar around the neck or enjoys putting one on the other's neck. 

Consensual nonconsent:  Participants here give up their consent and give total control to the other person. It required open communication and a safe word. Before you engage in consensual nonconsent, you should negotiate the terms with your partner, because otherwise the kink can be dangerous and, in extreme cases, can even turn into a trauma.

Corsetry: Corsetry refers to the sexual arousal by corsets, either it is on women or men. A corset is a traditional outfit that stands to make the shape of the torso look highly desirable.

Cross dressing: People who get excited when they or their partner wear clothes typical of the opposite sex have this kink. It can include wearing make-up as well.

Crurophilia: An extensive love and sexual attraction towards legs. 

Crush fetish: Getting aroused when objects or small animals are crushed. In extreme cases, the kink can be a mental disorder and might involve killing birds, dogs, or even pigs. 

Cuckolding: A desire for getting cheated on. A man who has a cuckolding kink enjoys it when his wife have sex with someone else and willingly encourages it.

Cunnilingus: If your partner enormously enjoys licking women's genitals, he or she might have a pussy-eating kink. 

Cupping: A sexual interest in placing cups on the body, thus creating a vacuum and suction, which leads to bruising. Participants experience an exciting tight feeling on their skin. 


Dacryphilia: This kink involves the adoration of tears, crying, and sobbing. 

Degradation: People who enjoy humiliation have this kink. It can involve disgraceful dirty-talking (dirty slut, fucking whore) or physical degradation such as spitting on.

Dendrophilia: Tree-huggers who get excited by the act. Dendrophilia is the sexual attraction towards trees or other plants.

Diaper fetishism: Depriving pleasure of wearing diapers or of forcing others to wear the baby outfit.

Discipline: The D part of BDSM. The dominant person creates the rules, and the submissive must follow them. Discipline refers to following the set rules.

Dirty talking: A common kink that includes arousal if the partner tells or whispers erotic words or sentences during sex. 

Doraphilia: People who turn on by the touch of animal fur have doraphilia.

Double penetration: People who enjoy this kink get excited about placing two objects or penises in the vagina and the anus at the same time. It can also include oral penetration.

Dracophilia:  Some humans in our wonderfully diverse world have an erotic fixation on dragons. As dragons (unfortunately) don't exist, this kink can be practiced virtually or with costumes.

DVP: The acronym stands for Double Vaginal Penetration. It means kinksters insert either two penises, two objects, or the combination of a penis and a sex toy into the vagina. Unlike in the case of double penetration, participants enter only one hole during DVP. 


East Asian fetishization: A sexual preference towards Far Eastern cultures and people who identify with it. 

Edgeplay: Edgeplay belongs to the BDSM family, and it challenges the conventional safe, sane and Consensual power exchange framework. People who have this kink might engage in dangerous sexual activities such as fireplay, gunplay, or knife play, among others.

Electrophilia: Kinksters who desire electricity and electrical stimulation are called electrophiles. They fantasize about giving or receiving electrical shocks on their bodies, especially in their erogenous zones.

Enema play: Some people get aroused if they insert a tube into their anuses or their partner's anus and clean it out, usually with water. Sometimes they do this to prepare for anal sex; other times, it is a form of submission. Another term for the kink is klismaphilia.

Eproctophilia: Two words: fart fetish. Indeed, some people get turned on by the smell of flatulence. 

Exhibitionism: A sexual interest in showing one's naked body unexpectedly to strangers is called exhibitionism. It's unlawful. 

Erotic Asphyxiation: This is the official term for breath play.

Erotic Wrestling: Sexual arousal due to fighting and taking the other person down to the floor. 


Face fucking: This kink revolves around the act of putting the penis into the mouth. It's similar to oral sex, but the givers don't move their heads in this case. They take a relatively passive role with open mouths.

Face Sitting: Getting excited about sitting on the face of the other person and thus receiving oral pleasure.

Face slapping: It belongs to the BDSM family, and it involves hitting the face of the submissive participant. 

Fat fetishism: Kinksters who crave sexual interaction with obese or overweight people are called this way. They love the big sizes, and in extreme cases, the kinksters might even help their partners to gain weight.

Fellatio: Fellatio is a synonym of blowjob, and it is today a common practice. It hardly reaches the definition of kink as more than 80% of the population gives head to their partner.

Figging: A sexual interest in inserting a piece of peeled ginger in the anus or vagina and enjoy an acutely burning feeling. This was a form of punishment in the past, but nowadays, it is a medium-core BDSM practice. 

Fire play: Fire play is a harder-core BDSM category, where participants get aroused by the fire. It can be very dangerous in extreme cases, as kinksters burn flammable substances such as alcohol on the skin or very close to it.

Fisting: A desire for inserting a fist in the anus or vagina. Without sufficient lubrication, the act can be both painful and harmful. 

Flagellation: Or, in other words, flogging is the act of beating the body with whips, rods, or switches, among others. Noticeably, this practice is also part of BDSM.

Food play: Some people get excited when they bring food into the bedroom. Food play can include eating from the other person's body or smudging the snack into the skin and licking it down. 

Foot whipping: This is a type of flagellation, which revolves around beating the feet, usually with a cane or switch. 

Forced feeding: Practitioners of this kink enjoy feeding their partners, usually with the aim of weight gain. Forced feeding is a subcategory of BDSM, and it can be carried out with funnel gags or dribble ball gags.

Formicophilia: A type of zoophilia where people have a sexual attraction to put insects to their genitals. 

Frotting: A kink for rubbing two penises together in a way that the genitals touch each other along their entire length. 

Frotteurism: Deriving sexual pleasure from rubbing the genitals against people who haven't given their consent to the act. 

Furries: In other words, animal play means getting turned on by cartoonish animals with human characteristics. It also includes people with a desire to dress up in animal costumes for the sake of sexual satisfaction.

Foot fetish: Or, in other words, podophilia is one of the most common kinks. Foot fetish revolves around the sexual adoration of feet. 


Gags: The kink is also a subcategory in BDSM. Gags revolve around putting a ball-shaped object in the mouth. This object restricts the wearer from talking. Some consider gags humiliating. 

Gerbiling: A sexual interest in inserting small animals in the anus such as mice, hamsters, rats. The first case of gerbiling was reported in 1984. 

Gerontophilia: Sexual preference towards older people. Studies assume 0.15% of the population has gerontophilic traits. 

GILF: The acronym stands for “Grandmother I'd like to Fuck”, and as the term indicates, it is a kink towards attractive grandmothers.

Glasses fetish: Getting turned on by someone who wears glasses. 

Golden showers: People who enjoy this kink get aroused by pissing on their partner's body as part of foreplay. Some kinksters prefer the opposite: they love when their beloved one pisses on them. It's also known as Piss Play.

Group sex: A more sophisticated term for group sex is polyiterophilia. Enjoyers of this kink engage in sexual activities with more than one person at the same time.

Gymnophilia: A common kink where people get aroused by nudity. 

Gynemimetophilia: Anybody who sexually adores trans women or men who look and behave like women are part of this category. 


Haematomania: Another term for the kink is hematolagnia. I'm sure if vampires would exist, they'd love this kink because haematomania is an overwhelming sexual attraction for blood. It can include drinking, licking, or simply looking at blood.

Harpaxophilia: To put it simply, a robbery kink. Indeed, some people have an erotic fixation on getting robbed.

Helplessness kink: The fear play belongs to the BDSM family, and it means that kinksters enjoy the feeling of terror. The fearful mental state awakens a sexual excitement, treats the players with a rush of endorphins, and releases adrenaline.

Homeovestism: A sexual arousal from wearing clothes that is “typical to one's sex.” Kinksters of such type desire women who dress up in highly feminine clothes and men who wear typical masculine outfits. 

Hoplophile: An extensive love of weaponry. 

Hybristophilia: Individuals who get turned on by someone who has committed a crime have this kink. They especially enjoy being the partner of a criminal.

Hygrophilia: Getting turned on by bodily fluids, such as sperm, tears, semen, saliva, urine, feces, vaginal secretions, mucus, or sweat, among others. Some kinksters of this type enjoy using the fluids as lubes or even drinks. 

Hyphephilia: An erotic fixation on the touch of skin, hair, fur, or leather. 

Hypnotism: Getting excited about hypnosis for sexual purposes. It usually happens outside of the traditional therapeutic context. 

Hypoxia in combination with Aqua-eroticum: People who combine breath play with their desire to water risk a lot. This is a dangerous kink that involves submerging underwater to restrict one's oxygen for sexual excitement.


Ice play: This is a subcategory of temperature play. Kinksters enjoy the touch of ice on their erogenous zones. 

Idrophrodisia: Deriving sexual arousal from the smell of genital sweat. 

Immobility: The kink is a combination of BDSM and forced feeding. The dominant player enjoys feeding the submissive until he or she can't move anymore.

Impact play: Individuals who enjoy striking or being struck for sexual pleasure engage in this kink. Spanking is a type of impact play. Yes, it belongs to the BDSM umbrella term. 

Impregnation fetish: A sexual pleasure derived from the thought of pregnancy. Kinksters of this type enjoy the risk or the possibility of unprotected sex. 

Imprisonment: Some humans enjoy locking up people (or being locked up) in small places such as cages, cells, or even coffins. 

Incest fetish: A sexual interest in one's family members.

Infantilism: A sexual preference for infant-related activities or objects, such as speaking like a baby, behaving like one, sleeping in a crib. Diaper fetishism is a subcategory of infantilism. 

Internal cumshots: Also called creampie, is the love of ejaculation inside the partner's vagina or anus.

Intercrural or interfemoral sex: Thigh sex, to put it simply, is the desire for a non-penetrative form of sex, where the penis is placed between the thighs. The giver usually imitates penetrative motions.

Intoxication: A kink that revolves around the enjoyment of drug or alcohol usage before sex. Some enjoy intoxicating someone, while others prefer being intoxicated.


Japanese bondage: The exact term for this practice is Shibari or Kinbaku. Practitioners of this kink create knot art and tie their partner tightly with a rope. 

 JOI: The acronym stands for Jerk-off or Jack-off instructions. The kinkster has sexual arousal when an “instructor” gives sexual orders. For example, what and how to do, masturbate, and even when to orgasm. 


Katoptronophilia: A kink for mirrors. Practitioners enjoy sex or masturbation in front of mirrors. 

Keraunophilia: A weather kink that includes sexual arousal by lightning, thunder, or both. 

Kigurumi: A sexual interest in people wearing manga costumes or disguises. The term also includes the cosplayers, who enjoy embodying manga characters.

Kinesophilia: The kink revolves around having sexual arousal from exercise, movement, or both.  

Kleptophilia: Such an individual has this kink, who gets turned on by stealing.

Knife play: It is a form of consensual edge play. The activities kinksters enjoy with knives, vary diversely. While some are already content when their partner shows them the knife, others love its touch on their skin. In extreme cases, kinksters enjoy getting cuts.

Knismolagnia: Getting turned on by being tickled.


Lace fetish: The kink hinges on an extensive desire for lace and clothing made of lace.

Lactation Fetish: Getting sexually aroused by lactating breasts, breastfeeding, or both. Other terms of the kink are adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding. The enjoyers of this kink are typically men.

Latex Fetishism: The obsessive sexual fixation on people wearing latex, PVC, or rubber clothing. A reason behind the kink might be the illusion of a naked body packed in a tight and shiny outfit. 

Leather fetish: A sexual attraction for leather clothes or objects. Leather culture has already existed since the 1940s. The material is associated with strength, power, and machismo. 

Lingerie fetish: A common kink where people get turned on by beautiful underwear, typically worn by women.

Leptosadism: A mild form of sadism, where kinksters derive pleasure from the consensual pain or humiliation of the other person.

Lesbophilia: When heterosexuals fantasize about eroticism between women. Today, it might even be considered a trend: heterosexual men often deprive pleasure of the sexual interaction of two women.


Macrophilia: A kink characterized by sexual fantasies about giant people. It is more common for men to have the desire to be dominated by, enter, or even eaten by a larger woman. 

Macrogenitalism: A desire for extra-large genitals.

Maiesiophilia: Pregnancy fetish is the broadly used term for this fetish. As the name suggests, it means a sexual interest in pregnant women or women who look pregnant. Some prefer early-stage pregnancy, while others stand for close-to-childbirth conditions.

Maschalagnia: Another term for armpit fetishism.

Masochism: The M part of the BDSM culture. Masochism means kinksters desire pain for sexual arousal. It must be noted that kinksters enjoy pain in a sexual context. They don't like breaking their legs in an accident, for example.

Mechanophilia: A sexual attraction towards machines, such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, helicopters, ships, airplanes, or all or some of these. 

Medical play: A patient and doctor role play in the bedroom. Kinksters enjoy imitating a medical examination, sometimes also with suitable sex toys. In extreme cases, practitioners of this category might take advantage of actual doctors, nurses, or patients.  

Menophilia: Becoming turned on by menstrual blood. This is a relatively common kink, and individuals who enjoy it are eager to have sex – including giving cunnilingus – during menstruation. 

Merinthophilia: It is another relatively common kink where people get aroused by tying up their partners or being tied up.

Microphilia: Getting excited about extremely tiny people, including dwarfs. 

MILF: The acronym stands for “Mother I'd Love to Fuck”, and as the term indicates, it is a kink towards attractive mothers.

Military Fetish: A sexual preference for soldiers or the outfit of the military. The reason behind the kink might be the fact that military uniforms indicate power and the thought of power exchange arouses them.

Morphophilia: A sexual preference towards people with a different appearance from one's own. 

Muscles worship: A deep desire for muscles.

Mysophilia: When someone is sexually aroused by dirt and filth. Individuals with this kink also often desire dirty objects. 


Narratophilia: A kink for telling or listening to dirty stories. 

Nasolingus: Some individuals crave to suck their partner's nose. In extreme cases, the kinksters desire to eat the snot from the other's nose. 

Nasophilia: A sexual desire towards noses and nostrils.

Necrophilia: A fetish for human corpses. This a paraphilia, a sexual disorder.

Necrozoophilia: Some people have a sexual interest in the bodies of dead animals. It is also a sexual disorder.

Needle play: Deriving sexual arousal from body piercing. Practitioners of this kink enjoy the experience, and when the session is over, they remove the piercings from the body. When the session is over, they remove the piercings from the body.

Nullification: This is a rare and dangerous kink that involves a sexual attraction to remove body parts. 

Nullo: Nullo is the short-expression for genital nullification. As the name suggests, kinksters of this type get aroused by the thought or act of removing their genitals. The procedure is mostly applied to men, but some women also have this kink.

Nyctophilia: Individuals who get excited by the darkness and the night have nyctophilia. In other words, noctophilia.


Objectophilia: An erotic fixation on objects. Kinksters of this type have a sexual or romantic attraction towards a specific object. Some even believe the beloved things have souls.

Oculolinctus: Some people have a sexual preference for licking their partner's eyeballs or enjoy it when their eyeballs are licked.

Oculophilia: An obsessive attraction towards eyes. Oculolinctus is a subcategory of this fetish.

Odaxelagnia: Kinksters of this type enjoy biting or being bitten by their beloved ones.

Odontophilia: A sexual desire for activities with the teeth involved. Kinksters might enjoy licking their partner's teeth, leaving teeth imprints on the other's body, having dentist-related role plays, or in severe cases, having the desire to pull out their beloved one's teeth. Practitioners might encourage their partners to do the same with them.

Olfactophilia: A kink for smells and odors from the body. 

Omorashi: A kink that originates from Japan, in which individuals get turned on by having a full bladder or by wetting themselves. They might also enjoy seeing how their partners experience the same. 

Orgasm denial: A sexual pleasure derived from the restriction of orgasms. The prohibition usually leads to an even more enhanced, intense pleasure. 

Orgasm control: In other words, edging, peaking, or surfing. It is a similar kink to orgasm denial. In this case, though, the receiver gives total control regarding the big O to the other involved. 


Parthenophilia: A sexual attraction for virgin girls.

Partialism: Getting turned on by body parts that are usually not considered to be sexual. People might feel a heavy desire for breasts, hair, buttocks, or the belly, among others. Feet fetish is one of the most common types of partialism. 

Pecattiphilia: This kink involves sexual arousal from sinful acts. Anything that the kinkster considers immoral belongs to the category, although in most cases, the sin is part of the biblical seven deadly sins: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth.PediophiliaIt is a paraphilia, which revolves around a sexual interest in children.

Pet play: A subcategory of BDSM, where the submissive enters the imaginative state of an animal to satisfy the dominant. The subs usually play being a dog, cat, or horse. 

Phallophilia: An obsession with extra-large penises that are large in length, width, or both. 

Phobophilia: Deriving sexual arousal from fear. In some kinksters, other emotions might also cause arousal. 

Phygephilia: The kink involves a desire to fly or be a fugitive. People with this fetish sexually enjoy the adrenaline that stems from always being on the run. 

Pictophilia: Kinksters of this type get aroused by sexual films or visuals, alone, with a partner, or both. In the era of pornography, this is a highly common kink. 

Plushophilia: A sexual interest in stuffed animals. Some individuals even modified their plushies with a hole to enjoy sex with “them.”

Pony Play: This type of animal role-playing involves a person who loves imitating a horse. The kinkster might wear leather straps, harnesses, a pulling cart, or all of these. The other party involved will ride or train the “horse” or “pony.”

Psychrophilia: Getting excited by low temperature. Some people might even enjoy sex in the cold snow. 

Pregnancy fetish: The tendency to thrive for pregnant women. The term is also known as maiesiophilia or maieusophoria.

Psychrocism: Kinksters of this type derive sexual arousal from frozen things and get sexual satisfaction from freezing.  

Pteronphilia: A fetish for being tickled by feathers. The term pteron means a bird's wing, and philia implies love.

Pubephilia: Some individuals get turned on by pubic hair. Great news for the ladies who opt-out from removing pubic hair! These kinksters love an enormous volume of messy hair on the genitals of their partner. 

Pygmalionism: A rare kink that refers to falling in love with one's own creating. If the fetishist is a painter, he or she can fall in love with the paintings. In Greek mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with the statue he sculpted about Aphrodite.

Pygophilia: The sexual attraction to human buttocks. It can involve stroking, licking, or even worshipping the buttocks.

Pyrolagnia: A kink for setting or watching large fires, conflagrations, or both.

Pyrophilia: A similar kink to pyrolagnia, but this is a sexual excitement for fire or fire starting activities more comprehensively.


Quirofilia: An excessive sexual preference for hands.

Queening: It is a subcategory of facesitting, where women enjoy pressing and rubbing their genitals against the face of the other person involved. 


Rape fantasy: Also called ravishment. A sexual fantasy about rape/forced scenario. Kinksters love imagining or pretending the coercive sexual activity. It is a very common kink.

Revving: Pedal-pumping or cranking, in other words, is a growing fetish trend, especially among men. The kink depicts women either barefoot or in high-heels pushing the gas pedal of cars or motorcycles.  

Retifism: A fetish for shoes or other footwear. 

Rhabdophilia: Individuals of this kink enjoy being flogged or beaten. It is part of the BDSM umbrella term. 

Robot fetishism: A sexual preference for humanoid robots. Some kinksters also enjoy acting like, dressing like, or in rare cases, even transforming into robots. 

Rope bondge: As the word bondage might indicate, this kink also a subcategory of BDSM. Kinksters of this kind enjoy being tied up in ropes. Shibari is a subcategory of the fetish. 

Rimming: Also called analingus. It means the desire for orally given anal pleasure. 


Sadism: The S part of BDSM culture. Sadism means kinksters desire to give pain for their own sexual pleasure. It must be noted that sexual sadists enjoy pain in a sexual context. Most sadists won't desire the pain of their partners outside the sexual context. In severe cases, sadism can be classified as a disorder.

Scatophilia: Also called coprophilia. A kink for feces. In a Finish study, 18% of the participants had this kink, which might indicate that one of your friends is sexually interested in feces. For example, Chuck Berry also had this kink.

Sensation play: This kink is a sensual, soft-core subcategory of BDSM. People can stimulate their sensations with silk scarves, feathers, ice, or massage oils, among others.

Sensory deprivation: This practice removes or reduces the stimuli of one or more senses in a sexual context. Objects such as blindfolds, hoods, or earmuffs can reduce sight and hearing. If the kinksters crave more, they can remove the sense of smell, touch, taste, or even the heat sense. 

Siderodromophilia: A rare kink where individuals get aroused from traveling on a train or the thought of doing so. 

Slime fetish: A subcategory of the “wet and messy” fetish. Kinksters of the slime fetish get aroused by slime and slimy substances.

Sneezing Fetish: Sexual excitement for sneezing. Some individuals get turned on when they see or hear others sneezing.

Snuff: Deriving sexual pleasure from the thought of killing someone. 

Somnophilia: A rare paraphilia where individuals crave sexual interaction with unconscious people. For example, with someone asleep. Kinksters of this type can live out their desires with prior discussions with their partners. In fact, some individuals get turned on by the thought of being involved in sexual activities while they are (nearly) asleep. Also known as the “sleeping beauty syndrome.”

Sounding: A dangerous kink where men enjoy inserting medical glass or metal tubes into the opening end of their penis to intensify sexual pleasure.  

Spandex fetishism: A sexual desire for people wearing form-fitting stretch outfits. Dresses of ballet dancers, swimmers, cyclists, wrestlers, circus performers, or contortionists, among others, fit the category. 

Spanking: Getting turned on by hitting someone or being hit on the buttocks or thighs. This sexual activity can even include a wooden spoon or a cane.

SPH: The acronym stands for Small Penis Humiliation, and it is a form of verbal humiliation. People with this kink enjoy when their genitals are verbally degraded or love humiliating their partner's sexual organs.

Stigmatophilia: Getting aroused by a person who has tattoos or scars. 

Stockings fetish: A desire for stockings. It is a common kink where individuals enjoy seeing their partner in stocking, touching their legs, or worshiping the outfit. Some kinksters enjoy wearing stockings themselves, and others also enjoy smelling the used clothing. 

Strap-on fetish: The kink is characterized by a dildo that can be attached to the body of the user. Although people can use a strap-on dildo regardless of their gender, it is mainly used for penetration during lesbian intercourse. 

Stygiophilia: A kink for hellfire and damnation.

Stuffing: A subcategory of forced feeding. Kinksters of this kind enjoy eating until they reach a point of physical pain.

Suspension: It is a form of sexual bondage, where the fetishist hangs from the ceiling, for example.

Symphorphilia: A rare paraphilia where individuals enjoy causing and watching a disaster, such as a car accident.


Taphephilia: An obsession with cemeteries and graves. Some individuals of this kink enjoy it when their partners bury them alive. 

Teasing: It is also called Tantalolagnia, and it is a common kink where people excessively enjoy when their partner teases them. 

Technophilia: A strong, sexual desire for technological devices, usually for one's a personal computer, smartphone, smart TV, or sex machines. 

Teleiophilia: Getting turned on by adults.

Telephonicophilia: A kink for dirty talking and verbal sex via a phone. 

Tentacle fetish: It is a form of bestiality, which hinges on arousal from tentacles. Films about tentacle erotica or rape are most commonly found in Japan. 

Teratophilia: A sexual interest in monsters or physically deformed people. 

Thesauromania: The term refers to sexual arousal that stems from collecting women's clothes, especially their underwear.

Transformation fetish: Some individuals in our diverse world get turned by the idea that they can transform into objects, animals, or other humans.

Trauma play: Kinksters of this type get sexually aroused when they recall past trauma. It is a relatively rare form of mental healing.

Trichophilia: A kink for hair. This common kink is characterized by hair gripping, touching, or stroking. 

Triolism: A desire for sex with two other people involved. This sexual activity is commonly known as a threesome, and it is a popular kink.

Tripsolagnophilia: Deriving sexual arousal from a massage. 


Underwear fetish: Kinksters of this type get turned on by undergarments, including panties, stockings, pantyhose, and bras, among others.

Uniform fetishism: This is a type of clothing kink, where individuals get turned on by uniforms, for example, military, firefighter, ambulance, cheerleader, or police uniforms. 

Ursusagalmatophilia: A kink for teddy bears. Some people love dressing up as a teddy bear. Others are already satisfied if they can play with their plushies.  

Urtication: A sexual interest to sting the skin with a plant called nettle. When a nettle touches a person's skin, the individual will feel an aching and burning feeling. Most of the time, the skin gets red afterward.


Vaccinophilia: Deriving pleasure from vaccination. Kinksters can implement vaccinophilia in a medical role play.

Vampire fetishism: A kink where people are obsessed with vampires, biting, blood, or all of these. 

Vicarphilia: Some people get turned on when they hear about other individuals' sexual practices. 

Vincilagnia: Getting sexually aroused by bondage. It includes everything related to bondages, from seeing bondage, being tied up to tying up others.

Vomit Fetish: It is also known as emetophilia. Kinksters of this type enjoy when they vomit and also derive sexual arousal when their partner vomits.

Vorarephilia: Vore, in short. A rare kink where fetishists fantasize about eating other people, have the erotic desire to be consumed by others, or both. Surprisingly, the kink is not as unpopular as you might have expected. According to a survey, out of 4,175 Americans, 10 fantasize about vore.

Voyeurism: The sexual interest in watching nonconsensual individuals get undressed, naked, or have sexual intercourse.


Watersports: It is also called urophilia and golden showers. The kink is characterized by a sexual activity that involves urine. It's the number 9 fetish in the UK

Wax play: A subcategory of temperature play. Kinksters of this type enjoy dripping the wax from a hot candle to their partners' skin. It causes a slight burning sensation, and it can enhance the enjoyment of the receiver.

Weapon fetish: A desire for using weapons as sex toys. 

WAM fetish: The acronym stands for “Wet and Messy.” The enjoyers of this kink love applying messy substances with different textures to their skin. The items can be whipped cream, raw eggs, milk, lotion, paint, oil, mud, pudding, chocolate sauce, fruit juice, beer, shaving foam, shampoo, soap, custard, baked beans, ketchup, ice cream, peanut butter, and slime, among others.


Xenophilia: An exclusive sexual interest in foreign people. It includes the appreciation of other cultures, manners, and customs. Some kinksters might solely engage in sexual activities with foreigners. 

Xylophilia: A kink for nature. People of this category enjoy having sex outside. For example, in a forest, meadow, by a lake, or at the seaside.


Yaoi: The kink involves a small community of people who get turned on by yaoi pornography. It is a type of movie that depicts the sexual interaction of two male anime or manga characters.

Yeastiality: The movie “American Pie” is a perfect example of this kink. It involves a sexual attraction to baked goods or pastry.

Yiffing: Getting aroused by cybersex between furry animals.


Zelophilia: Getting turned on by the feeling of jealousy. Kinksters can live out their desires by encouraging their partners to have sex with other people. 

Zentai: It is a form of spandex fetishism. However, in this case, kinksters get aroused by a typical Japanese skin-tight outfit called a zentai suit.

Zoophilia: A sexual attraction towards non-human animals. While bestiality refers to the sexual act with animals, kinksters with zoophilia only fantasize about erotic experiences with them.  

Zoosexual: Individuals of this kink believe in consensual sex with animals.

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