Luma Luxury Matchmaking: A Professional Matchmaking Service For US Singles

Inside ScoopLuma Luxury Matchmaking is a professional high-end matchmaking service for professional & busy singles. Luma Luxury Matchmaking’s professional matchmaking team gets to know you on a personal level to arrange you a completely customized date based on their LUMA Match Method. They are available in multiple locations across the US. So, if you find yourself super busy to try online dating but serious about finding a long-term committed relationship, then Luma Luxury Matchmaking is an excellent service to use. 

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking Refines the Process of Finding You Love Online

After making her first marriage introduction at the age of 16, Founder, April Davis, was a Matchmaker among her friends for years. As a successful Fashion Model, she had several other friends who were also models and complained of the difficulties surrounding the kind of person they’re looking for. April figured if they were having challenges, then everyone probably is.

With an MBA, a background in Process Improvement, and a ton of single friends, she realized there was an opportunity to improve the process of finding one’s partner. So she combined her passion and expertise to develop a luxury matchmaking firm.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking provides luxury matchmaking services to people who are looking for The One. With an impressive success rate, they help professionals, executives, and millionaires connect with and forge fulfilling long-term relationships.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking is For Serious People Only

Luma Matchmaking is not for singles who are looking for casual dating but rather for professionals who are looking to settle down. It’s for people who have settled in their carrier and don’t have the time to go through dating apps or sites.

Luma Luxury Matchmaking Plans to Continue Fun Dating Experiences 

Luma wants to continue to grow and offer its services to even more singles looking for long-term true love so they're always arranging fun events. This February, they have two main single's events lined up; Give Love A Shot event happening on Sunday, February 16th, 2020 followed by their Chairlift Speed Dating event on Sunday, February 23, 2020

How Luma Luxury Matchmaking Service Works?

LUMA Luxury is a personalized matchmaking service, and therefore, they don’t use any complex AI technology for matchmaking. LUMA maintains a database of 20,000 single professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. LUMA Luxury uses five steps process to find the right match for you.

Step #1 – Interview

One of their Matchmakers will meet with you in person to go through an in-depth interview and analysis. You’ll be asked more about you, your past dating & relationship experiences, and what you’re currently looking for in a person.

Step #2 – Date Coaching

LUMA’s matchmakers have Life Coaching training, which they utilize to assist their clients’ needs in their coaching and feedback. This step ensures that you are adequately prepared and putting your best foot forward in all aspects of a successful relationship.

Step #3 – Search & Vetting Potential Matches

LUMA utilizes its open database, which allows anyone committed and looking for a relationship to join free of charge. It helps LUMA to have good options (50 potential matches per client) and find possible matches for you. Their Matchmakers interview in person all potential matches on your behalf & use their intuition and Life Coaching skills to determine who would be a great match based on values, goals, personality.

Step #4 – Meet Your “Potential” Match

LUMA keeps meetings on a first name basis to keep it confidential for both parties. Your first meeting will consist of having coffee, lunch, or activity-based date depending on what activities you both enjoy and are interested in. 

When the date concludes, it is up to both parties to decide if you’d like to see each other again and exchange contact information.

Step #5 – Post Date Feedback

After the date, both parties will call the Matchmaker and give feedback on how the date went and what you liked or didn’t like, etc. As a client, you will also get feedback from the Matchmaker. Their Matchmaker may help you get the relationship to the next level.

Luma Luxury Focusses on Quality

April Davis, Founder & CEO of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking

LUMA distinguishes itself from competitors by offering quality services to its clients.

At LUMA, they look at all angles of the dating world and set you up for success in every aspect. Their Matchmakers are trained life coaches, so before even sending their clients on dates, they are sure to get to know who they are and what they are looking for in a potential match in an in-depth way.

They make sure all their clients are vetted and work through any issues that could cause them not to be successful in the dating world.

Clients who got success with Luma Matchmaking

This process of setting up their clients for success is not only accomplished at the beginning of their services but instead, they guide their clients and make sure they stay on route to success all through from the very first date to when they are in a full-blown long-term relationship.

Overall, LUMA is an excellent matchmaking company that stands up to the expectations of their clients. They have a whopping 83% success rate in helping their clients attain a relationship. They care about their fellow clients and treat them with respect and compassion.

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