13 Subtle Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You

If there’s a woman in your life right now who you feel deeply attracted to, you might be wondering whether or not she wants to sleep with you. 

This is a really delicate situation that many guys have to face at some point. We know for sure the lady is enjoying our company, and we kinda suspect that she’s even flirting with us a little.

But is she turned on by you? Or is she just being friendly? 

Knowing the answer to this question literally changes everything. Once you’ve unraveled the secrets behind her signs, you will know whether or not you should now make a move … or remain at a distance. 

If you’ve never been in this situation before and you’re not sure what’s going on, join us as we take a look at the 13 signs a woman wants to sleep with you.

13 Signs a Woman Wants to Sleep With You

1. She Will Ask You

she'll tell you. No guessing games. No wondering. She'll come right out and say something like, “Let's get naked” or “I can't wait to get in bed with you” or “Let's f*ck.” Not all women are able to be this straightforward, but some (many) are.

Embrace this level of straightforwardness and sense of security with themselves. It usually means you won't have to wonder about other aspects of the relationship either. Thanks, Kayla Lords Sex Expert at JackandJillAdult.

2. She will invite You Back to Her Place

One of the biggest signs that a woman wants to sleep with you is when they invite you back to their place or invite themselves back to yours. While it’s not always a certainty, of course, it is a strong, reliable sign that the spark is there and she wants to take it further, said love coach Orion Talmay.

She also added, If you’ve been on a date and you find the evening coming to a natural close, this is when she is most likely to extend the invitation. For many women, however, the onus is on their partner to make the first move.

A more subtle way of building up to this is through repeated physical contact: brushing their fingers across your hand, touching your arm when they laugh at something you said, not moving when your legs touch under the table, and so on.

3. The Body Language

Janell O' Leary, dating coach at EliteDatingManagers.com, told that it's ALL about body language.

For example, touching a woman's waist and seeing her reaction is one of the best ones I give men. If a woman is ok with that it's usually a big sign that she is ok with you touching her and men can move on to the next step. If she backs off when a man does that, it usually means she isn't into you sexually and you shouldn't try more that night.

Arm positing is also very telling, if a woman has her arms crossed it can often mean she isn't open to having sex with you, but if her chest is forward and she is learning into a man with her arms relaxed, often it's because she is very interested in him physically.

4. She Wants To Hang Out With Just You

If a woman invites you to hang out with her friends, it could be an invitation to sex. But when she invites you to hang out with just her, it means for sure she’s a) comfortable around you and b) probably wants to sleep with you. 

It’s even better if she asks you to accompany her on a day trip somewhere, or even out for drinks. If the two of you are having drinks together in a bar, the setup is pretty much like a date. And if she gives an indication that she wants to prolong the evening by heading elsewhere, or even back to her place, it’s a strong sign that she wants to have sex with you. 

5. She Asks You To Dance

For this one, you of course need to be in a place where there is dancing, such as a lively bar or a nightclub. It may even be the case that the two of you are in a bar and she asks for you to to a club with her because she “wants to dance.” Or, she may simply text you at work, asking if you want to go dancing tonight. 

Either way, dancing is one of the best ways two people can get physically close without having sex. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with her – and to even kiss her. If a girl asks you to dance tonight, it signals her intentions of touching your body and letting you touch hers. And the next stop is often sex. 

6. She Asks For Your Advice Regarding Her Outfits 

There are some things a woman will ask for your advice on which should tell you that you’ve been friend-zoned. For example, if she asks you for advice on a situation at work or with another man, it means she sees you as a dependable, reliable friend she can always come to in times of need.

If, on the other hand, she wants your advice on what she should wear when she sees you tonight, it means she possibly wants to have sex with you. 

Why? Because by allowing you some say in how she dresses, she’s essentially letting you dress her. This is incredibly sexy and puts you in charge to some degree. Which is as good as saying she wants you to take her to bed, too. 

7. She Looks At Your Lips 

Nothing says “I want to sleep with you,” quite as brazenly as a woman looking at your lips during a conversation. If you’re speaking to her and you notice that her gaze switches to your lips, it reveals her intentions. If she licks her lips, too, it’s pretty much a subconscious invitation to have sex. She’s wetting them and thinking about one thing – sex. 

After all, sex begins with the lips – when we kiss. They’re incredibly erotic, and when we think about sex when talking to someone, we can’t help but look at their lips. 

8. She Asks Naughty Questions 

How many times has a woman ever asked you, “where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?”?

It probably isn’t too many times. And any time a woman did ask you this question, it was surely a woman you were already dating or having sex with. 

A woman will only ask flirty questions if she’s interested in you physically. If she starts to ask you questions regarding sex and the women you’ve dated, you should take it as meaning that she’s horny right now and wants to sleep with you. 

As such, it’s important that you go along with the conversation and turn the heat up. Be playful and flirty, too – if she asks you for your favorite sex position, tell her that you’ll show her. 

9. She Whispers In Your Ear

A woman doesn’t need to whisper in your ear. In fact, it’s quite an unusual thing to do. Which is, whenever a woman decides to do this, it’s her way of showing you that she’s interested in you physically. She’s one step away from licking your ear. 

10. She Playfully Touches You

As well as other forms of body language (see above), it’s really important that you look out for any times that she playfully touches you. Sometimes a girl touches you, but it doesn’t mean anything other than that she feels comfortable around you. Remember, friends, touch each other, too. 

But you have to take context into account here. For example, if the two of you are ordering drinks at a bar and she playfully punches you while saying, “are you trying to get me drunk?” it’s a surefire sign that she wants to have sex with you. 

Or, if she touches your thigh during a conversation, it is again a striking signal of her intent. 

Other physical touches, such as your upper shoulder, are harder to gauge, which is why you always need to take into consideration context, as well as the things she’s saying. Is she flirting with you, or is she just being friendly? Moreover, what did you just say to her? 

11. She Shares Her Personal Life With You

Women won’t open up to just anybody. In fact, there are many things that will prevent a woman from opening up to you. These include the fact that she’s afraid of pushing you away, or that her ex is still on her mind, or even that she’s lost her trust in men. 

If, on the other hand, she finally opens up to you, it means that you’ve gained her trust, she feels comfortable around you – and she may even want to sleep with you. 

And while she might not want to have sex immediately, her sharing her personal life with you means that things are at least moving in the right direction. 

12. She Tells You About Her Other Dates 

Some guys think it’s weird whenever a girl tells them about her other dates. But, like with many things, context is key here.

For instance, if the two of you have been casually dating so far and she talks to you about her other dates, there could be a chief reason for this – and it could be that she wants to get your attention and get you to commit to her. 

Why would she tell you about her other dates? Because she’s dropping hints in a way that only women can. She wants to make you jealous and wants you to make your move as soon as possible. Pay close attention if she tells you about her other dates and the things she says, as well as how frequently she’s texting you. If she’s frequently texting you, it could mean she wants YOU. 

13. She Sexts You

Lastly, she sexts you. This could mean asking for your favorite fantasies and or initiating role play. It could even simply be something like, “Hey, I’m bored tonight, wanna have some sexting fun?” 

There’s no other explanation for why a woman would sext you, other than she wants to have sex with you for real. As such, it’s time you made your move! 

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