How To Use Tinder To Find Cougars: (3 Simple Steps)

Tinder is a free-to-use dating app used by millions of people worldwide – including cougars. It’s a swipe app that people use for short-term dating, long-term dating, and hookups.

And when it comes to cougars, it’s one of the best places to find them.

Do cougars use Tinder to meet younger men?

cougar on tinder

You bet they do. The MILFs on here are gorgeous, mature, and they know what they want.

In this guide, I want to show you how to find cougars on Tinder the easy way. I’ll be unloading tactics and strategies that will help you speed up the process so that you match with more cougars and that you land dates with them.

Let’s start. 

3 Tips to Find Cougars on Tinder

1. Set The Age Limit High

The thing with Tinder is that it isn’t just aimed at cougars. It’s aimed at anyone and everyone, which means that, unless you tweak your age range, you will inevitably match with women young and old. 

And the problem here is that more young women than older women will probably see your profile.

So, the first thing you need to do is a) DON’T lie about your age. Then, whatever age you are, enter that into your Tinder profile.

Then, click “My Profile” at the top left of the screen and scroll down to “Age range.”

age range to find cougars on Tinder

Since we’re looking for cougars here, it’s a good idea to set the age range to between 35 and 55 to start with. I mean, it’s really up to you what age range you set, and you can tweak it as you go along. You could go with 35-45, but that’s a bit too narrow, in my opinion, and it will reduce the number of matches you land. Plus, it means you may miss out on a smoking hot 50-year-old. 

cougar on tinder

Once that is done, you don’t need to save anything because Tinder saves new changes automatically. Just head back to your profile (which we’re going to work on next). 

2. Craft A Profile That Attracts Cougars 

Since you’re looking for MILFs on Tinder, you can’t create any old profile. But, if you do, how will a cougar know that you’re down for a bit of action with them?

Moreover, cougars are attracted to specific types of profiles. And unless you create this type of profile for yourself, you will struggle to land matches. 

So what does your profile need to look like? 

tinder profile to lure cougars

Well, first impressions are everything on Tinder because it’s a swipe app. Ladies are sifting through profiles, and they often make up their minds about whether to swipe left or right within a matter of seconds. So they certainly don’t spend minutes viewing your profile and wondering whether you’ve got what they want!

As such, the first thing you need to nail is your pictures. To appeal to cougars, your pictures need to show you looking:

  • Smart
  • Confident 
  • Social
  • Well-groomed
  • Neat
  • Fashionable 
  • Smiling

I would suggest adding 4-5 pictures in total, but you need to make sure that your profile picture is your best one. If you’re not sure which one to choose, ask a friend to help (preferably a female friend). And whichever picture they suggest – go with that, even if it’s one you wouldn’t personally have chosen. After all, other people are way more objective than we are at choosing our best pictures!

Don’t add a picture of you topless or showing off with your latest car. Don’t add a picture of you doing something super goofy, too, or a picture of you at a “frat party” or getting drunk with the “lads.” 

Remember, you’re aiming your profile at cougars – and they expect a mature, young man who’s in control of himself and his life. 

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3. Make Your Bio Stand out

What goes in a Tinder bio that attracts older women? 

Well, you don’t need to explicitly state that you’re “looking for older women,” although there’s nothing inherently wrong with saying it subtly. For example, you could add something like, “always get on better with women who are a bit older than me.” It’s just a great way of letting cougars know that maybe they should try and match with you. 

Don’t write anything to do with gaming in your bio. Gaming stuff is a huge turn-off to a MILF who’s a professional, mature woman with a busy social life. She wants a man – not a boy who’s addicted to his Xbox. 

Don’t write anything like “looking for a wife” or “looking to settle down.” MILFs aren’t on Tinder necessarily to settle down. Instead, they want to have some fun with a younger man. So your Tinder bio must be geared towards this.

For example, you could write something like “just looking to date and see what happens with a real lady.”

Overall, it’s a good idea to keep your bio:

  • Short
  • Humorous 
  • Light-hearted 
  • Non-goofy
  • Emoji-free

You want a MILF to be instantly attracted to your smart, handsome photos, as well as how laidback and fun you appear to be in your bio. You’re here for a good time, and if you guys happen to match, flirt, and meet up – great!

Tinder can be too much work, so check these cougar dating sites to find hot cougars for dating or hookups.

5. Learn To Communicate With Cougars

Okay, now for the main point of this article: Communicating with cougars on Tinder. You’ve matched with them, and now you need to do the work that will get you a date with them. 

First things first, I’ve seen way too many guys fall into the trap of believing they have to work extra hard to impress a cougar. So, they show off their literary skills, quoting poetry and writing their sonnets to woo the cougar. 

It doesn’t work! 

The last thing a cougar needs in her life is a complex, romantic, “misunderstood” tragic poet. She doesn’t need drama. 

Above all else, she just wants the same thing you want – to get laid.

So cut the BS. No poetry. 

At the same time, you shouldn’t go to the other extreme. This means you shouldn’t start off with a cheesy one-liner. MILFs have heard them all their lives – they don’t need to hear anymore. A cheesy opening line might work with some younger girls, but not with a cougar. 

Instead, I recommend starting off with something that demonstrates your supreme self-confidence. Remember, hot older women want a guy who’s confident and sure of himself.

They also want a guy who’s brave enough to shoot them a compliment straight away.

So I’d go ahead and send them a compliment. Take a look at their profile and see what you can come up with. Try to be original and unique, but make sure the compliment is unique to them. Show them you’ve got the balls to say they look beautiful but do it in a very non-cheesy way. 

Once you’ve got a reply, it’s probably going to be up to you to dictate the conversation for the first few exchanges. If so, make sure to stay flirty, confident, and direct. 

talking to cougars on tinder

Don’t be too silly at this point. You can toss in the odd joke here and there, and you should definitely try to make her laugh a little. But guys who are overly silly and goofy online will just turn a MILF straight off. She wants a grown man who’s mature, in control of himself and his thoughts, but who will also make her laugh. 

Getting the balance right isn’t easy, especially if you haven’t done it before. This is why I always recommend guys watch movies starring the likes of Leonardo Di Caprio and George Clooney – suave charmers who know exactly what to say to women. The trick is to be cool, to keep your replies brief, but to also make your replies engaging enough to elicit the woman’s curiosity. Make her second guess things about you, create a bit of mystery around yourself – and let her ask questions.

More than anything, work hard to get into rapport with her. This means saying nothing offensive, keeping the conversation positive and light, flirting when the time is right, teasing her when the time is right – and not mentioning her age. 

You should also bear in mind that a cougar leads a busy life. No girl wants a clingy guy who texts them all the time and asks, “where are you?” But it’s much worse if you do it with a cougar. So even if you appear clingy or needy just once, you’ve already ruined your chances.

Lastly, while you don’t want to turn the conversation sexual too soon, you will want to go there eventually. After all, this is why you’re both here. And unless you have the confidence to turn the conversation sexual, the cougar will assume you simply don’t know what you’re doing – and she will move on. 

Cougars use Tinder, but because Tinder is used by all kinds of girls and women, you must do the right things to save time and get exactly what you want. Use the tips in this article to find and date cougars on Tinder. But remember, once you set up a date, you need to remain confident, demonstrate your experience with older ladies, and always be charming, funny, and sexy. 

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