20 Tinder Profile Examples For Women (2023 Edition)

Tired of swiping and swiping on Tinder without getting anywhere?

Want better matches? 

It all starts with an awesome Tinder profile.

But I hear you: “What exactly makes a good Tinder profile? What do I need to do to attract more men?” 

The thing with dating apps like Tinder, when we’re not getting any matches ourselves, we assume that others are getting matches. And we’d LOVE to know the secret to their success.

Well, you’re right – there are plenty of women out there who are getting matches and dates on Tinder. Some have even met the love of their life here! 

And the good news for you is that today I’m going to show you what their profiles look like so that you can get inspired to create a better one yourself. With a few tweaks to your pics and Tinder bio, you can create an amazing Tinder profile that gets more of the matches you’re looking for. 

In this article, I’ll show you 20 amazing Tinder profile examples for women, and I’ll also explain what makes these profiles stand out so much. 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Lauren, 36 

“Visual artist and freelance costume/set designer. Former international ballroom dancer (the dancing photo is old, the rest are recent).

These days addicted to the cliche that is hot yoga. I don’t have kids but I do have a small menagerie of pets, including a talking cockatoo and Spanish stallion…They come first! 😉 Left-wing self-confessed prosecco socialist.” 

Leanne, 28

“Reader, writer, maker, and educator. 

Keen runner and burpee enthusiast.

Health food and fitness make me happy. So do blue eyes.

Find me in a coffee shop, Waterstones or HMV looking for a new DVD that I’m never going to watch.” 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Emily, 30

“I like animals, travel, being outdoors, taking photographs, Twin Peaks, road trips, hula hoops, films, going out, chilling out … and quite a lot of other stuff. 

Love (nearly) all kinds of music, a fan of gigs and festivals.

Left and open-minded. No Tories pls.” 

Abi, 29

“I like words and books and little poems. “Love Island” makes me embarrassed to be a human being … small fish. But I love “Always Sunny” – which, granted, is equally shaming. Teacher, have been living in London for the last seven years and just moved back to the North.” 

Tess, 33

“Cat Enthusiast. Human, mostly.

Likes: Abstract humor, brains, witty rhetoric, fierce lefties, compassion, kindness, honesty, altruism.

Dislikes: Tories. Willy photos. Disingenuousness.

Enjoys: Gigs, art, music, food, adventures, travel, picnics, film, and obvs theatre.” 

Tip: Pad your bio out with a bit of detail 

Tinder got a reputation a few years back for being a hookup site. These days, however, it’s not really a hookup site. To that end, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adding a bit more detail in the form of a paragraph or two. 

The devil is often in the details. In other words, when you go in-depth with your interests, likes and dislikes, you’ll find it easier to attract the kind of men you’re looking for. Moreover, you’ll also be showing these men that you’re taking this seriously and genuinely want to date. 

It’s a good idea to do what Lauren did in the example above; include something a bit unusual about yourself that would make for a good ice breaker (the talking cockatoo and Spanish stallion bit). 

It’s also important that you make your profile relatable. In other words, if you’re going to chat a bit about yourself, make sure others can relate to you. Make sure your interests are fairly common and that you’re a regular, easy-going person. 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Emma, 30

“Things that make me happy: 
Espresso Martini’s 

Hannah, 25

“Well turns out there honestly isn’t plenty of fish in the sea so I find myself on Tinder (I’m not happy about it either)
Dog owner
Coffee addict 
Addicted to licorice – don’t understand why people don’t like it!

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Charlotte, 29

Brown hair now, still the same face
Graphic designer 
F1 over football
Whiskey over wine
Likes dancing
Humor and adventure.” 

Candice, 32

No hookups
Looking for a holiday buddy
Blue or green eyes
I’m a massive geek .”

Niamh, 26 

“It’s pronounced Neeve. 
English girl. Irish name. Scottish heart. 
Rum drinker. Gym attempter. Keen traveler.
I am eligible for an Irish passport!” 

Tips: Create a Fun List 

Lists work because they’re a great way to help you attract a compatible match without having to write a bio that’s too exhaustive and boring. And while a list doesn’t define who you are at all, they help you to sell yourself in a fun and cute way while being easy to read.

It’s always a good idea to start with one or two fun facts about you. Hannah, for example, mentions that she’s a twin – this is always a good conversation starter. 

Emma, meanwhile, lets guys know that she enjoys a drink or two, which is perfect for a first date. 

Make sure to list the things that mean something to you – your passions, for example – but try to keep your lists light and add one or two more unusual things that will grab peoples’ attention. 

And check what Niamh has done. By listing ‘rum drinker, gym attempter, keen traveller,’ she’s actually telling us that she enjoys a night out (she’s fun), she fails badly at keeping fit (she’s got a sense of humour) and she’s adventurous. She’s using humour, she’s keeping things light but she’s also making sure she promotes herself to the right type of guy. 

P.S. emojis definitely add some colour and a kick to your bio, but make sure you don’t overdo them. 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Jess, 25

“Just looking for someone who can make me laugh as much as I make myself laugh.” 

Stef, 31

“Bit of a rascal.”

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Simone, 27

“I spent 6 years at university studying art so naturally I work in a bar and my mum still pays my phone bill.” 

Jess, 25

“Will dog sit for free.” 

Tip: Strike with a witty one-liner

Here’s the thing: One-line bios don’t always work. In fact, a lot of times they don’t work at all. But it’s all about how you do it.

Jess has really nailed it with a silly but cute one-liner that she’s appended with an emoji. She’s basically saying “let’s go and have a few laughs together!” 

And that’s really the thing – your one-liner must suggest what it is that you really want. Instead of writing “I like to laugh” (because that would be lame), Jess has jazzed things up by writing “Just looking for someone who can me laugh as much as I make myself laugh.” 

And in so doing, she’s showing us that she’s a riot who doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Leanne, 27

“Ambitious, outgoing and fun to be around. (So they say) Love to be out with friends as much as I can 🙂 

Hannah, 25

“Elite personal trainer

Newly based in Saudi Arabia

Good chat and friendship is where it all starts!” 

Edit, 29

“Love arts, sciences, nature.

I like curious/enquiring/open minds and a good sense of humor.” 

Tip: Create positive vibes 

Let’s face it, few people will swipe right on someone who’s super negative and downbeat in their profile. I’ve seen photos of girls looking miserable and bio’s where they list things they don’t want. It’s okay to say something like “no hookups,” but it’s better if you at least use the rest of your bio to create positive vibes. 

Hannah has got this nailed. In her main picture, she’s proudly displaying some sort of award while beaming. In her bio, meanwhile, she immediately sells herself by listing her awesome career, before demonstrating that she’s not afraid of taking risks (moved to Saudi Arabia). She ends by saying that she basically wants good vibes. This is an infectious profile. 

Creating a positive vibe in your profile is that simple. You just need a pic that would make someone smile, and an easygoing bio. 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Aimee, 26

“New to London, need someone to show me around.” 

Katie, 24

“Country girl living in the big city; struggling to adapt and looking for someone to help me.” 

Tip: The “I’m New Here” Profile 

On the one hand, stating that you’re a bit lost in a new city could make you look a bit needy. But on the other hand, guys love a challenge – and they especially love the challenge of showing a lady around their city. 

Of course, this is a profile that only works if you’re genuinely new somewhere. If you are, make sure to upload your best picture before simply stating that you’re a maiden in distress who needs a male tour guide for hijinks in your new living area! 

Tinder Profile Examples For Women

Samantha, 26

“Fluent in sarcasm, studying psychology and counseling. Looks after drunk people on the weekends. I maybe talk too much. It’s always a turn on if you’re funny.” 

Tip: Five things 

Lastly, if you’ve not got the energy to write a detailed profile but you also don’t wish to create a list, a smart idea is to just write 5 things about yourself. Don’t be afraid to brag a little here – after all, this is a dating profile and it’s really important that you sell yourself. 

At the same time, a bit of self-deprecation never goes amiss. Samantha, for example, “maybe” talks to her dog too much. She’s keeping it light but she’s also doing a good job of selling herself by listing what she’s studying. She ends by saying that she’d like a funny guy in her life. 


Creating a great Tinder profile isn’t rocket science but different formats work for different people. Those who are looking for something a bit more serious might want to try the detailed profile, while those who just want to chill will want to combine a sunny picture with a profile that emits nothing but positive vibes. 

Whatever you do, I can’t stress enough that your main profile picture is key. Get that right and you’ll be halfway to Tinder success. 

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