10 Online Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

Ladies, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. 

The bad news is that, if you want to succeed at online dating, you’re probably going to have to sign up for a few different dating apps and optimize your dating profile.

This means adding pics and – yes – writing those dreaded bios.

Time-consuming, I know. 

The good news is that I’ve done a lot of research into what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to online dating profiles, and I’ve crunched the numbers to create a bumper article that will help you improve yours.

Moreover, I’m a guy and I know what guys look for – and I know what they don’t look for in dating profiles.

Especially if you’re looking for fireworks and actual romance, it’s really important that you boost your chances by signing up for as many dating apps as possible … and it’s equally important that you optimize your profiles for each specific platform.

After all, success on a Tinder-like app isn’t guaranteed if you approach it with an OkCupid mindset. And vice-versa. 

So come join me as I cut through the noise with 10 online dating profile examples to attract men.

I’ll show you what works on 5 different dating apps/sites, and I’ll explain why. 

Bumble Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

Bumble Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

Mari, 26

“Wine + food + music + catching = night

Leah, 25

“Virgo, grad student, and full-time Taylor Swift enthusiast. Fan of 80s pop and random trivia.”

Takeaways from Bumble

What works: Hip one-liners

What doesn’t work: Left-field profiles and cliches

Bumble is probably the hippest of all the dating apps. The best bumble bios read like classy one-liners from an indie movie. If you’ve got a one-liner or two up your sleeve, don’t be afraid to pop them onto Bumble.

That said, whatever you put in your bio must accurately represent your personality. But, hey, if you’ve got it – flaunt it.

Try to be cool, original – but undeniably you. It helps if you can fuse a funny one-liner with an interest or passion of yours. That always works at catching a guy's attention.

Tinder Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

Tinder Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

Pip, 29

“Fashion designer

Working for a little brand in Manchester 

Animal lover 


Charli, 30

“Living in Chorlton

Wine/cooking / eating out / going out / socializing / the outdoors/music 

Looking to meet someone with similar interests and lifestyle 

Takeaways from Tinder

What works: Short, breezy but informative profiles. Emojis never go amiss, nor does something a little bit cheeky. 

What doesn’t work: In-depth profiles that bare your soul.

Tinder got a bad rep when it was first created, as many people saw it as a hookup-only app. Over the years, however, its reputation has changed hugely. People still probably use it for hookups, but a greater percentage of people are looking for meaningful connections.

However, it’s still a really laid-back app and what you need to do is get the balance right between appearing laid-back while showcasing what you’re looking for. It’s not easy to do, but the two examples above do it really well.

I absolutely love Pip’s profile. She combines a super smiley pic with a cute Tinder bio. She tells us about her job first (which means her career is important to her) before explaining that she loves animals. 

She finishes with a fun fact about herself which is enough to arouse curiosity. For me, that’s laying the door wide open for someone to come along and flirt with the possibility of her being the ‘evil twin.’ 😉 

Plus, she sprinkles her bio with emojis, which is always a major win. 

Charli, on the other hand, doesn’t use emojis but she gets to the point with a slick lil bio that highlights her interests without coming across too heavy or deep. She’s keeping it chill but clearly knows what she’s looking for. 

Match Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

Match Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

Katrinax, 27

“Sick of people playing around now so I thought I’d try something new. Motivated to succeed! Music, and my family and friends tend to keep the smile on my face. Hoping to one day share my life with someone else too 🙂 

Overall, I’m very honest, bubbly, down-to-earth and pretty outgoing person. Also, I have no time for time wasters so if you think we have nothing in common at all then don’t waste my time 🙂 

Aries, 34

“Hi I’m Claire, I love the outdoors especially running and walking my dogs. I also enjoy trying different types of food from around the world and love to go to new restaurants or the odd food festival. 

My other interests include the theatre from plays to musicals, films and having drinks with friends. I’m hoping to meet someone who I can enjoy an intelligent conversation with, have a laugh and share some of my interests with.” 

Takeaways from Match.com

What works: Informative bios that discuss what you’re into and what you’re looking for.

What doesn’t work: Snappy, one-liner type bios.

Match straddles the line between Tinder (short, to-the-point, slick profiles) and OK Cupid (lengthy, in-depth profiles), which means you need to be informative without getting too heavy. 

As you can see from the above, there are two fundamentals to a good Match bio: 

  • List your interests
  • List what you’re looking for

Remember, Match is a subscription service, so it really helps if you put some effort in. Otherwise, guys just won’t bother to message you. 

OkCupid Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

OkCupid Dating Profile Examples To Attract Men

Kat, 29

“5’2” of introverted, cerebral magic and sardonic wit. Late bloomer (went to uni later).

In my spare time, I’m cycling, running, fine tuning macro-nutrition, getting inked, writing, reading, nature and the outdoors, photography, observing the human condition, etc.

Open to exploring other activities with the right people. 

Heavily inked (left arm, right leg). Hardcore existentialist gravitating towards spirituality as I accumulate life experience.

Straight up savage on my bio, not so much in person.” 

Victoria, 26

“Gamer, Geek, mother of cats.

If I’m not gaming I’m usually reading, owning my own library is the dream. 

I socialize mostly through the medium of bad callouts or bullying bad killers.

Crowds aren’t my thing, too much of an opportunity for a zombie attack, woodland walks and coffee shops are much safer and less attractive to the undead. 

One a pamper princess, one a little nightmare and then there’s the Lazy Chungus who likes to steal my bread.

I work nightshift, so my sleeping pattern and replies may be scattered into the twilight”

Takeaways from OkCupid

What works: Long, meandering bios that are heartfelt and honest, and that tap into who you’re truly about. 

What doesn’t work: Short, jokey profiles that don’t uncover much of anything about who you are, or what you’re looking for.

OkCupid is probably the most inclusive of all dating apps. If you’re looking for something deeper and want to make genuine connections with people – be it friends or long-term partners – it’s the place to go.

But you can only make it work if you try hard with your OkCupid bio.

I say ‘try hard’ but it’s really a matter of looking inside yourself and asking who you are, what moves you in life, and what you want out of life and a relationship. Then, you need to pour it out in your bio. If you think you’ve revealed too much, you can always make edits.

Hinge Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men

Hinge Dating Profile Examples to Attract Men


“Biggest risk I’ve taken 

Moved across the country knowing just one person!”


“I go crazy for … 

Bonfires, a good book, the NY Giants, trying new beer, and mastering a new recipe.” 

Takeaways from Hinge

What works: Honest answers that are unique to you 

What doesn’t work: Cliches

Hinge is a tricky one to get right because you’re essentially just answering a series of Hinge prompts. The problem is that there’s not much room for maneuvering in terms of how many characters you can use, or in terms of how unique you can make your answers. 

The key is to make sure your answers are honest, as interesting as possible, and – where possible – even a little bit humorous.

I don’t advise that you make all your answers jokey, as it will give guys the impression you’re not taking this seriously. But if one or two answers can raise a few giggles and a smile, you’re onto a winner. 

Key Takeaways:

It’s definitely worth signing up for a few dating apps in order to improve your chances of success. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with picking 3 that you think will work best for you and double downing on these. Whichever apps you choose, use the tips in this article to help inspire your own profiles. No stealing now! 😉

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