WooPlus: A Dating App For Curvy Singles with 3 Million Users

Inside Scoop: WooPlus is a BBW dating app to find and date singles of plus size. Popular for plus size dating, WooPlus has active 3 million users with plenty of success stories. If you're looking for curvy singles then WooPlus is the dating app that you should hop on to get started. You can download WooPlus on App Store and Google Play Store.

WooPlus Dating App is for Curvy Singles

WooPlus' founder Neil witnessed his sister’s dating life for a number of years and saw first-hand the difficulties that curvy people can face. Neil saw how his sister had her confidence knocked and was left feeling like there was no place for her in the dating world. 

When it comes to online dating, just some of the difficulties faced by curvy people can include potential partners quickly unmatching once they’ve seen full-length photos, adding a ‘Fatter IRL’ disclaimer to online profiles and hearing the dreaded words “You’re not really my type physically.”

Something had to be done. It was time to create a dating app for curvy people, where they could feel attractive, confident and loved for who they are. Neil and his friends wanted to make a difference. And so began WooPlus.

WooPlus' Interesting Demographic Statistics

Now WooPlus has more than 3 million users globally, and this number is still growing rapidly each day. While there are a little over 60% are from the US, while others are mainly from the UK, Australia, Canada, and other European countries.

WooPlus is also seeing exciting fast growth in India and Brazil.

For the gender breakdown, Male / Female is around 60% / 40%. “Our data clearly demonstrate the fact that curvy girls enjoy more appreciation than what people might assume,” said WooPlus team.

WooPlus is now better than ever.

WooPlus is going to celebrate its 5th-year milestone with an exciting, refreshed branding – a new logo, featuring a “W” for WooPlus, made up of two hearts – with the significance being quite clear. The color will be changed from blue to a more living, warm, and vibrant coral, to evoke passion and embody joy and love, all aspects of the community WooPlus wants to create for curvy people.

An upscaled positioning: WooPlus is the dating app for curvy people to enjoy dating and find love. Beyond that, also an inclusive lifestyle choice for curvy people to feel attractive, confident and loved for who they are. And much more has appeared with the launch of the significant upgrade version 5.0, promising a superior user experience. WooPlus is now better than ever.

Neil Raman, the founder, and CEO of WooPlus, “We aim to see WooPlus grow in a healthy and dynamic way in 2020 while keeping the integrity of our community. Everything is in place to see WooPlus go to the next level.”

The refreshed WooPlus app will be available to download on both the App Store and Google Play around Valentine's Day.

WooPlus embraces plus size singles

Not like the mindless photo-swiping happening on Tinder or alternatives, which tends to make everyone look pass the unique characteristics of each individual, of what's under the skin; and being shunned into an ignored category that many plus-size people underwent on other dating apps, their confidence got knocked down by the poor experience they had on other dating apps.

WooPlus was built for curvy people in the first place, where for them to feel attractive, confident, and loved for who they are, to find and enjoy the love they deserve. Offer a better dating experience for curvy people, and they have been helping over 3 million users to get 200 million likes and counting

Feedback from their members along the way, saying WooPlus brought them confidence and love, and we have been a part of plenty of happy couples who met through our app. This brings joy to their Team. They are proud of it and will stick to their value and vision, make every effort to serve our users.

WooPlus also offers premium online dating services for VIP members.

WooPlus continues to add interesting features for singles to meet, date, chat & flirt.

  • A rebuilt ‘For You’ feature to lay out richer profiles – spreading photos and personal details. Ditch cards swiping for users to show themselves more vividly. So you can check profiles in the “For You” curated by the WooPlus algorithm.
  • There is a limited round of recommendation each day, and a countdown to your match. WooPlus don't want you to browse through as you swipe away on other apps but treat more mindfully to find genuine love.
  • A 48-hour match countdown to combat ghosting. This prompts users to act mindfully focusing on what’s important, and value quality over quantity.
  • Well, you can also jump-start to “Say Hi” to someone you really liked, don’t have to wait for a match. Take a leap of faith and find out what's the best could happen to you.
  • A one-of-a-kind dating assistant, Irene. A virtual curvy girl to keep users informed and make them feel supported throughout their journey to love.
  • Besides, another feature that distinguishes WooPlus from other free dating apps & free dating sites, is its effective scammer detection system. It offers great help in creating a safe online dating community for singles to meet, date, chat.
  • Beyond as an inclusive place to comfortably find each other for the not-really “niche” audience, being over 67% of U.S. women are “plus-size”, WooPlus extends to be a gathering for positive perspectives and inspiring conversations sparked on “Moments”. A revamped and upgraded feature released along with this version and rebrand to serve communities of people who can feel supported and allied. It's just incredible to see people of similar mindsets focus on what's really important, interact, and lift each other up, strengthen the emotional connection and relationship, forming a whole new level of engagement.

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