AGAPE Match: A Matchmaking Service in NYC

Inside Scoop: AGAPE Match is a professional matchmaking service for New Yorkers. Founded by Maria Avgitidis, Agape is a team of professional matchmakers whose expertise, experience, and charisma will assist you in your quest for a fun and healthy relationship. They take extensive notes after the first few matches to learn more about their client's dating personality. By compiling a dating personality profile, they can find the right person for their clients.

Maria Avgitidis is the 4th generation matchmaker

Maria Avgitidis & Chrisoula Mavrianos

Maria's education had her focus on foreign affairs, but her personable nature led to her to follow in the steps of her grandparents… matchmaking! Maria Avgitidis is a 4th generation matchmaker who established Agape Match in 2009. Agape, meaning love in Greek, is the mission and how they measure success for each of their clients. 

I’ve always been really good at correspondence and creating quick reports,” Maria said, referring to getting people to open up to her as her “superpower.”

Agape's Interesting Demographic

Agape Match typically represents about 15 clients at a time. By and large, her clients are metropolitan New Yorkers looking for a relationship. Usually, a bit private, and almost always well-read and well-traveled, these discerning individuals turn to a matchmaker for a professional solution to their singledom.

Maria values the diversity of her clients. “1/3 of their clients are Jewish singles. 1/3 of their clients are Indian singles. 1/3 of their clients were raised, Christian.”

The average age of their client is 38, but the range starts from 29 and goes up to 65

In terms of career, there’s more of a trend.

“We tend to attract the finance guys- investment bankers, private equity, fintech entrepreneurs, which makes sense because they have less time to swipe away their soulmate and prefer the touch of a professional to recruit and vet possible matches,” Maria said.

She estimates that about 70% of her clients are in the finance business. The rest are more diverse — doctors, lawyers, or entrepreneurs — but what they all have in common is that they’re busy. Ambitious professionals don’t have the time or resources to devote to finding a date. Maria does.

AGAPE Match Keeps up with Dating Trends

Awarded “Best Matchmaking Agency” at the 2016 US Dating Awards and listed by Time Out NY as the “Best Matchmaking Service” in New York City.

“We're always following the modern dating trends to see what opportunities exist. In 2018, we established the Dating Refresh program which has had a lot of success. We help our clients manage their online dating life while helping them understand compatibility. It has a 90% success rate!” 

 Agape Match is a boutique matchmaking service that works primarily with singles in NYC and the surrounding metropolitan area.

We don't overextend ourselves to other geographical areas or take on too many clients at once to maintain the integrity of the matchmaking process for each of our VIP clients” – Maria.

Agape Match has its finger on the pulse of modern dating trends and technology and paired with the team's background, they use a wide range of different marketing techniques to market and attract potential matches for their clients. 

AGAPE is an excellent professional matchmaking service for NewYorkers who don't have the time to go through the hassle of swiping on people on dating apps. Their experienced team and in-house matchmaking process help clients find a good match. They also recommend fabulous date spots, events, and books to help you enhance your dating experience and get closer to reaching your relationship goals.

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