50+ Best Hinge Prompts Answers For Guys & Girl (Copy-Paste)

There are lots of ways to succeed with online dating – as well as lots of ways to not succeed. 

Sure enough, dating apps like Hinge are full of potential minefields that you have to navigate in order to get exactly what you want.

You might wonder how does hinge works because it's a very unique dating app. Hinge App comes with a feature known as Prompts. Hinge prompts are displayed on every profile, and they’re essentially open questions that each member has to answer. Any hinge answer people use is also displayed on their profile and acts as an insight into who they are and what they’re looking for. 

Essentially, Hinge’s prompts take the place of a traditional ‘About Me’ section. Because users just need to fill in the blanks, they’re seen as especially useful for anyone who hates writing a bio from scratch. 

It’s really important that you take the time to answer a few hinge questions because it’s your hinge prompt answers that will largely determine how much your profile stands out to other users. If your answers are unique, witty, flirty, and interesting, you’ll surely receive more matches and messages. If, on the other hand, you can’t come up with anything original, you might struggle to get anywhere on Hinge.

Indeed, there are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to Hinge’s prompts. Here are some of them: 

Do’s of Hinge Answers:

  • Keep your answers short but sweet
  • Be original 
  • Be funny 
  • Be mysterious 
  • Be honest

Don’ts of Hinge Answers:

  • Copy and paste your answers 
  • Don’t use one-word answers 
  • Don’t be offensive 
  • Don’t be boring 

At the time of writing, there are more than 75 prompts to choose from, although new ones are being added all the time. Moreover, some are harder to find than others. 

Answering a prompt is really simple, although you’ll find that some are easier to answer than others. Sometimes you’ll need to be super creative in order to come up with something original, and other times a really interesting and funny hinge answer might come to you straight away. 

By adding humor, personality, and things that are unique to you, prompts can add pizzazz to your profile. 

But I get it – you want your prompts to stand out from the crowd. You want to showcase your personality and get more matches and dates!

Ready? Let’s make a start. 

50 Best Hinge Prompt Answers

1. I Get Along Best With People Who … 

This is your chance to filter out the people you don’t want to date.

Such as assholes or those who eat thin-crust pizza.

2. Dating Me Will Look Like  

This is one of the most popular hinge questions because it gives people the chance to showcase their personality, their interests – and what dating them will look like. 

Since this requires a photo-based answer, make sure to choose a picture that shows you at your happiest and in your element.

For example, if you love going to soccer games, you could display a picture of yourself at a soccer game. 

“Finding an extra chicken nugget in your Maccies.”

3. I Get Along Best With People Who … 

Basically, you want to let others know your interests and values – and what you want to see in others. 

For instance, “I get along best with people who aren’t afraid to take risks.” 

At the same time, you could also flip this one and add a line about what you don’t want to see in a person. 

For example: “I get along best with people who don’t want to change me.” 

4. My Go to Karaoke Song

This is a very popular hinge questions right now. You can either give a simple answer to show-off your music taste or you can use use some wit here.

For example: “The Simpsons theme tune.” 

5. My most controversial opinion is

This is one of my favorite hinge prompts because the number of funny hinge answers I've seen for this one is mind-blowing.

For example: “I like pineapple on pizza.” 

I like pineapple on pizza.” 

Drake's new album is far batter than Kanye's.” 

6. Don’t Hate Me If … 

Another super popular hinge prompt that gives you the chance to make a surprising revelation about yourself. 

7. A Life Goal Of Mine 

This is one of the best prompts to add to your Hinge profile if you can find it as it’s your chance to write about your biggest hopes and dreams. 

After all, hopes and dreams are what love is made from, and if you can use this prompt to connect with someone, you should totally go for it. 

8. My Biggest Date Fail 

A Hinge profile should never be too serious. Use this prompt to come up with a slightly hilarious answer that shows others that you’re prepared to laugh at yourself. Self-deprecation goes a long way to making a Hinge profile more compelling. 

Plus, everyone loves a horror date story. It makes you more real. 

9. A Social Cause I Care About 

Caring about social causes shows others that you’re a kind, caring person who’s switched on to the issues that are blighting our world. 

If possible, you could add a photo here instead of text. 

10. I’m Overly Competitive About … 

To be fair, having a highly competitive nature isn’t always that attractive to others. This is why it’s important that you use creative hinge answer. If you write “everything,” you’ll probably find that more people swipe left on your profile. 

11. On My Bucket List 

If you decide to use this Hinge prompt, you need to have a really interesting item from your bucket list. 

Also, don’t use a cliche, such as Iceland or New York. Be interesting, be different, and stand out from the crowd. 

12. I Spend Most Of My Money On

This is your chance to show what dating you is REALLY going to be like. 

Don’t forget that most people who use Hinge are looking for a life partner, which is why it’s important that they know where most of your money will be going. 

13. My Most Irrational Fear 

This hinge prompt isn’t so easy to get right because you don’t want to make yourself too vulnerable on your profile.

As such, it might be best to avoid adding a pathological fear and instead add a fear that you know is a bit silly, such as clowns or spiders. 

14. My Happy Place 

The key to this answer is that you ALWAYS add a picture, as opposed to text. 

And make sure it’s something that’s a) personal to you and b) something interesting. 

15. I’ll Know It’s Time To Delete Hinge When … 

I always recommend people answer this prompt on their profile because it signals their intent. 

Essentially, you just need to add a line or two here about what you’re looking for. This will help you to attract the right people.

16. This Year I Really Want To 

There are Hinge prompts that you should take seriously, and Hinge prompts that encourage a bit of silliness on your part. 

With this one, you could do either. But since Hinge is a dating site for serious daters, I definitely recommend you tell people your biggest dream for this year. 

17. Weirdest Gift I’ve Given Or Received 

This prompt is perfect for a random answer that will encourage replies from others. 

For example, if the weirdest gift you’ve ever received was a cheeseboard off a first date, it’s literally begging for someone to come along and ask … “why?!” 

18. I Geek Out On … 

This is your chance to showcase your unique personality. What do you really do in your spare time when no one’s around? What makes you different? 

19. I Want Someone Who … 

Not everyone knows what they’re looking for, or what they want out of a relationship. But if you do, this is your chance to let people know. Be direct, be honest, and stay true to yourself and your values here. 

20. A Shower Thought I Had Recently 

What do we think of in the shower? 

Weird, random stuff! 

Like, “do goldfish believe the whole world is their goldfish bowl?” 

Make yours as random as possible. 

21. Who are you Weirdly Attracted To … 

Everyone has a fantasy that other people think is strange. What’s yours? Are you attracted to goths despite being an office worker? Do you like boys with long hair? Whatever your “niche” is, you can put it here. 

22. I’ll Know I’ve Found The One When … 

The problem with this prompt is that it’s way too easy to say something cheesy and lame. 

Instead of saying, “he/she gives me butterflies,” try to think of something quirky and clever. 

For example, “my grandma starts talking to me again.” 

23. Let’s Debate This Topic 

Ooooh I love this prompt. However, you must only answer it if you’re a witty person. 

See, no one answers this prompt seriously with something like “Donald Trump.” They typically say things like, “pineapple on pizza,” or “keeping ketchup in the fridge.” 

Remember, this is a dating site, not an actual debate-off.

24. Typical Sunday 

You can answer this prompt with either a photo of yourself doing typical “Sunday stuff,” or you can go with a bit of text. 

I prefer to mix things up. Adding a funny pic – such as a pic of yourself looking dramatically hungover – can work, but if you add text, make sure to keep things simple. Like this: 

Brunch + Gym + Dinner + Pyjamas + Netflix = Sunday vibes. 

25. Change My Mind About … 

Again, you should keep your answer to this one light and humorous. Don’t get all serious by writing something like “protests not working.” You can discuss that later on when you really start getting to know someone. 

For now, just write an answer like “Halloween being the best holiday.” 

26. Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done 

Again, you can answer this prompt with a pic, but if you’ve not got a truly amazing picture, it might be best if you answer with some text. 

27. Best Travel Story 

This is a tough prompt to answer because you might get tempted to tell a loooooong story – and no one wants that on Hinge. 

It’s a better idea to pick out something awesome – such as that time you met Leonardo Di Caprio – that’s so awesome it can bowl people over in two lines or less. 

28. My Simple Pleasures 

Keep it real with this one and just let people know what matters the most to you when you’re chilling. 

29. Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had 

Your answer to this one MUST be hilarious and you need to prepare to laugh at yourself. Whatever you do, don’t play it safe. 

30. My Ideal Fake Sick Day … 

Basically, what would you do if you had a whole day to yourself in which you could be a bit naughty? For some it’s bottomless brunch, for others it’s a theme park. 

31. I’d Donate a Kidney For … 

Again, you should try and come up with something witty here, such as “great eyebrows,” but you could also showcase something that would super impress you right now. 

32. How My Parents Met 

I find this prompt a little strange but you could make yours either romantic or funny. 

33. I’ll Fall For You If … 

To stand out from the crowd with this one, you need to really think about what you’re looking for in a guy/girl. Is it good manners, a wicked sense of humor, or sparkling blue eyes? 

34. Worst Roommate Story 

The key to answering a prompt like this one is to either pick an epic story that’s so epic it can still be interesting in two lines or less or to make a joke. 

Here’s an example:

“Once shared a room with a girl who thought she was Britney Spears. She drove me crazyyyyyy.” 

35. I Did This Before It Was Cool 

What did you set the trend for? 

36. Two Truths and a Lie 

The trick with this one is that your truths must be interesting and your lie needs to be wild (and preferably funny). 

37. If I Could Have One Super Power 

Everyone goes with invisibility, what’re you gonna go with to stand out? Make sure you qualify your answer with a reason Why. 

38. Best Advice I Ever Received 

Since this isn’t Bumble, I suggest going with some genuine wisdom here. For example, “never give too much away about yourself too soon.” 

39. You Should *Not* Go Out With Me If … 

What annoying habits do you have that might annoy someone? Or what are you super obsessed with that the love of your life needs to be obsessed with, too? 

For example, you could answer this prompt like this: “… you hate soccer.” 

40. My Dream Job If Money Didn’t Matter 

This can be answered in just two or three words. For example, “ski instructor.” There’s no need for an explanation. 

41. I’m Actually Legitimately Bad At … 

Clumsy? Have a tendency to run into things or fall off the bed? Let people know here!

42. On Saturday At 2am You Can Find Me … 

A picture answer would work really well for this one. 

43. Where To Find Me At The Party

Again, another picture answer here would be awesome. 

44. I Recently Discovered That … 

Discovered something cool that others would be interested in, such as the fact that falling asleep in your car with the engine still running is illegal? Add it to your answer. 

45. Where To Find Me At The Party 

Answer this with something short and sweet – such as “by the tacos” – or add a picture. 

46. Caption This 

This is a picture answer only. Make sure to add a pic that is super intriguing and which should elicit some creative captions. 

47. What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up 

Most people answer this with a job title, but you could be a bit more creative. I’d keep this one as short as you can, though. 

48. Worst Fad I Participated In 

Did you use to wear a shell suit? Now’s your chance to name and shame yourself. 

49. Don’t Hate Me If I … 

You don’t want to go too far with this one (for example, adding an extreme political view here won’t do you any favors). Maybe something like ‘… I hate cats’ would work well. 

50. My Mantra Is 

Got a cool/funny mantra? Personally, I think the best way to answer this prompt is via a witty quote, such as “when life gives you lemons squirt someone in the eye.” 

Whichever quote you choose, it must, of course, match your personality. 

51. I’m a Regular At … 

Basically, this means “I’m ace at …” 

As such, it’s your time to boast about your skills. But because no one likes a boaster, it’s a good idea to play things safe by employing humor. 

For example: “… Being better than your last girlfriend/boyfriend.” 

52. Together We Could 

Again, your best bet here is to use humor. 

That said, if there’s a cause you’re really passionate about, such as veganism, you could add it here. Just make sure you don’t take yourself too seriously.

53. The Dorkiest Thing About Me … 

Do you collect stamps, devote your spare time to reading statistics, or wear Harry Potter pajamas? Here’s your chance to tell the world what they’d really get if they dated you. 

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