50 Best Hinge Conversation Starters (For Guys and Girls)

Online dating can be truly difficult and overwhelming when you’re confused about picking the right app, the right pictures, or the right bio and conversation starters. 

Imagine setting up everything right and even getting a few matches but when that moment for the first conversation comes, you’ve got nothing interesting to say?!

Ice-breakers are crucial for starting a conversation that is about to go somewhere.  

Whether it’s a hookup or a long-term relationship, the first-day conversations hold the recipe for building the proper connection between the two. A mixed approach of lines that provoke laughter and strong emotions and personal stories will create that warm atmosphere that keeps the conversation continuing further. 

For this article, we’ve assumed you already have chosen Hinge as your dating app, and you’ve set up your profile and bio already. Now it’s the time to pick some conversation starters that are hard to ignore. 

Actually, to save you from another “left seen” message, we’ve compiled a list of 50 Hinge conversation starters that share these characteristics.

Read carefully and copy-paste a few into your notes.

Ready? Let's start! 

50 Best Hinge Conversation Starters

1. “Wow, a true Texas native. Are you a football fanatic?”

Pick a trait of their location and bring it up. You’re likely to trigger a response because it’s something specific. 

2. “Ever been to the Grand Canyon? It's on my bucket list!”

People love being asked to share their experiences. Especially, when they’re not creepy and they’ve enjoyed them. 

3. “I noticed you have pics in Rome. I went there last spring. Are you Italian?”

Have a look at their pictures and try to use the spot to start a conversation. Chances are that if you’ve guessed right, they’d be inclined to reply. 

4. “A drummer! Is that a side gig or just a cool hobby?”

If they’ve put a picture playing an instrument or playing a sport you can rephrase this line similarly. 

5. “I see you went backpacking in Peru last summer? How was it?”

Their pictures are a goldmine of details you can use to initiate engaging conversations. Be creative and ask about details of the place they’ve shared in the picture. 

6. “It’s pretty rainy out by me today, what is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?” 

It doesn’t have to be a rainy day to use this one. Simply replace the seasons and add a question to it. 

7. “Random question: What mythical creature do you wish actually existed?” 

Make them put their imagination into use with this one. Questions never fail to encourage replies but they shouldn’t be bland.

8. “That guitar looks awesome. How often do you play?”

Show them that you’re actually interested in knowing more about their hobby. If you play the instrument yourself, you can ask a more specific question that only guitar players would understand. 

9. “Looks like a great day in the sun!”

Simply. Punchy. Straight-forward. Maybe too simplistic to be true, but chances are they’ve rarely received such simple phrases since everyone is trying so hard to come up with witty and dirty pick-up lines

10. “You love hiking? That’s pretty cool to know. I love the outdoors!”

Empathy always works. Try to get into their shoes and share a similar story along the same lines. 

11. “God, you look so much like [celebrity name].”

Make them feel flattered but don’t try it unless they really resemble the celebrity you’re claiming they do resemble. 

12. “Are you a professional athlete? You sure look like one.”

If they’ve uploaded a photo of themselves in running shoes, exercising, or simply showing off their body shape, then this will make them feel appreciated and encouraged to reply.

13. “My brother is a doctor too. Nice to see that you love caring for people.”

If you can understand what they do from their profile pictures, then don’t forget to mention something about it. You don’t have to mention someone else who shares the same profession but you can share a fact or a personal opinion about it. 

14. “What a lovely painting! I wish I could make one too.”

Are they creators? If you notice that they’re painters, sculptors, designers, etc. bring that up and show how much you admire them. 

15. “Your job seems cool! How’d you get into it?”

Not everyone shares what they do but those who do, have given you a useful conversation starter. Use it. 

16. “Does your dog have an IG? My pitbull Lola wants to follow her”

Pet owners would feel flattered if you compliment their pets, but adding a joke to it like this, is guaranteed to make it irresistible. 

17. “You seem like a big outdoors person! Where's a good hiking spot around here?”

If they seem like a hiking type of person, asking them about hiking spots around their location is a sweet conversation starter. 

18. “What’s your secret talent? Everyone has one hehe.”

You’re getting a bit personal here but maybe no one has given them the chance to talk about this. So, it’s guaranteed to lead to an empathic conversational. 

19. “Pop quiz! Is pineapple a good pizza topping?”

Food. Maybe not everyone is addicted to it but everyone has an opinion on it. Encourage them to share theirs. 

20. “You said you make the perfect breakfast burrito? I need details…”

This works not only for burritos. Whatever else they’ve claimed they’re good at doing can be used as a point for conversation starters. Not only does this show appreciation but also has humor in it. 

21. “Quick! What movie should I watch tonight?”

Do they appear like movies lovers? Ask them about a suggestion. They might’ve watched a movie they can’t stop talking about and you’re giving them a chance here. 

22. “How cool that you love going to concerts. what’s the best one you’ve been to in the last year?”

Another detail you can play with. You can ask them about concerts they’ve attended or singers they like because chances are that they love music if they’ve paid to attend a concert. 

23. “[Season] is here. what's the best thing about [season] in your opinion?”

Seasons can be a golden conversation starter. Pay attention to the simple things. Many ignore them but it doesn’t mean those simple ordinary things aren’t useful. I’m sure Isaac Newton would agree with this. 

24. “I see you’re also a tennis player. are you a baseliner or serve-and-volleyer?”

How much do you know about the sport they seem to play? You don’t have to be an expert to ask about it. Google can help you. 

25. “Fun question for you: What movie title best describes your life?”

There’s a reason why movies are successful: they’re pretty relatable. Find out in what movie they find themselves in. It’s a fun topic to talk about. 

26. “Is Netflix or Mac n’ Cheese the best invention ever?”

Humour works always. Just take something formal and add a playful tone to it. 

27. “What do you think of my photoshop techniques?”

You can start by asking for an opinion on your photos if they have an interesting characteristic to talk about. 

28. “Ugh, stop making me think about you. I’m busy.”

Sounds like a cliche but that’s what the majority thinks so no one is using it. Stuff it in your arsenal of conversation starters and make use of it. 

29. “What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Ignore prices. It’s on me.”

That’s how you can invite them on a date without much effort. And even if they don’t accept, the fact you started with a funny joke instead of a tasteless question has more chances of making them reply. 

30. “I’m not an electrician, but I can light up your day.”

Gift them a smile with this pick-up line. Maybe they’d feel indebted to respond and you start talking for hours. 

31. “What would you choose if you could have any superpower for a day?”

Let them play with their imagination. Not only can this help you know their secret desires, but it can also turn into a conversation about the latest movie of Avengers. 

32. “Hope you’re having a great day so far. What are you most looking forward to this week?”

You’d say that maybe it’s too formal but maybe they’ve got something exciting to share and you’re giving them the option to. 

32. “Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.”

This is a witty opener that will make them smile. It works much better if they’re a business student in their mid-twenties. 

33. “You said you hated ice cream? I need details.”

They’ve claimed to be experts or pointed out what they hated in their profile? Repeat that and add this last question about details. 

34. “If you had to describe yourself using only three words, what would they be?”

Is this too challenging? No. It’s actually a chance for them to show off the character traits that they’re proud of. 

35. “If you could only watch one tv show for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?”

TV shows are so popular that they sure have gotten addicted to one. And if they claim that they don’t watch TV, it means they spend time doing something else for which you should ask to push the convo forward. 

36. “What is your weirdest childhood memory? I slapped my dad once. It wasn’t fun.”

Share a piece of your life in one sentence and give them the chance to do the same. Let your guard down and open up. It’s just online dating. 

37. “Seems like you like sports. Need a running buddy?”

Offer them help or simply your company. It’s also a way to share your interests without going back and forth with questions. 

38. “Hey, I'm free on Friday at 8 pm. Drinks?”

Be a lil’ bit bold now. If they seem a party type of person, don’t hesitate to use this. However, if you can’t picture them dancing at a night party, try something else. 

39. “You’ve got beautiful eyes! I’d like to have a closer look into them.”

Complement them with something they’ve shown in their pictures. You can do the same with pets or their visible traits. “E.g Aw! What a lovely fluffy dog. May I pet it a little?”

40. “It seems like you’ve got an interesting job! What’s a milestone you’re proud of achieving in your career?”

If they’ve shared a pic of themselves working, it means that they’re proud of what they do. Let them tell you how they got there. 

41. “What place is that? I need some vacation ideas.”

Make a seamless intro like this as if you're asking for a recommendation from a friend. Just make sure you stick to the topic and don’t ruin it with something dirty as soon as they reply. 

42. “You’re vegan eh? So tell me, which do you prefer, beyond or impossible meat?”

If they’re vegan, don’t leave that slip away. If you show interest in this topic, they will think you’re a vegan too and keep the conversation going. 

43. “ Do you believe in a higher power? Tell me about that.”

This is always a topic that raises discussions since everyone’s experience differs. But pay attention to their bio because if they’ve stated their beliefs, you’ll come out as inattentive and may not receive a response. 

44. “Tell me [name], you look pretty well-traveled, what’s your best travel hack?”

If you see that their profile is full of travel pics, then they sure do love traveling and their experience has taught them a few travel hacks that could encourage long conversations. 

45. “Why do bartenders use blenders? To break the ice. But all I have is this line.”

You’ll get them chuckling with this one. Better make use of this conversation starter before it becomes too old-fashioned. 

46. “That dog looks so cute, can you give them my number?”

If you compliment their dog, it’s almost the same as if you’ve complimented them because if they’ve uploaded a pic with their pets, it means they’re really bonded with them. 

47. “If you wrote a memoir, what would the title be? Mine would be ‘Overthinking Opening Messages.’”

Keep it funny. Keep it witty. This will be double effective if they’ve stated that they like writing. 

48. “I'm super hungry rn and need inspiration. What are you making for dinner?”

The friendly approach rarely fails. You might not get a recipe but chances are that you’ll get a good response. 

49. “What's the best (or worst) opening line you've received on here?”

Encouraging plain honest talk with this one. Maybe they’re so frustrated with the corny pick-up lines that they want someone to vent out to and share their anger. 

50. “What’s the strangest nickname you’ve ever had? Mine was Hamster. Don’t ask me why.”

Nicknames. Everyone has had one. Some could have been fun to share while others not. Bringing it up could lead to a long conversation making fun of each other’s past. 

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