Why Do I Get No Matches On Hinge? (6 Tips)

Have you spent so much time dating online but yet haven't matched with anyone?

If you've used Hinge for a while, you know that likes are the first step to receiving more matches. But sometimes, it's not easy to receive constant likes for numerous reasons we'll discuss below. 

Hinge was launched nearly 10 years ago, and since then, it has replaced traditional matchmaking methods. Our parents depended on their friends to meet a partner in the early days, and things haven't changed much now. 

Surveys show that 38.6% of people admit to having met their current partner through mutual friends. 

How does the algorithm make this possible?

You join Hinge with your Facebook account, from which it takes the list of your Facebook friends and suggests you to their friends who use the app. Isn't this a breach of privacy?

No, because the app simply suggests you to one another. It doesn't reveal private details or steal your data. 

And trust me, many users have found this feature useful. The app that pleads you to delete it after you've found your match accounted for 12% of marriages in 2020 that were initiated as online relationships.

But getting matches that could turn into long-term relationships starts with likes. What keeps you from getting more likes, and how to change this? 

6 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Likes on Hinge

The reason why you're not getting more likes has little to do with the algorithm or how much time you spend on the platform. It all comes down to the main structure of your Hinge profile. We'll explore each reason and what you should do to take more likes. 

1. Your Hinge Profile is Quite Basic

hinge profile example
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Are you doing what most of the newbies on the platform are doing? Joining the app, uploading a few casual pictures, and waiting to match with the love of their life? Then, chances are you'll have to use the app for too long. Generic profiles don't attract likes. You can see it yourself while swiping on the platform that conventional profiles on the platform don't appeal to you as much as specific ones do. 

How to fix it? 

  • Talk about your strengths. I'm sure there's something you rock at. Don't hesitate to mention it as it shows your true values. 
  • Add humor to it. A little bit of humor warms up the atmosphere and draws people to hit that “like” button more often. (but please stay away from dark humor.)
  • Be unconventional. There's no fixed format to write a Hinge bio. Experiment with what sparks your mind and forget about the rules. As long as it is honest and reflects your personality, put it out there. 
  • Add more pictures. Don't just stay with one picture. Upload six pictures that show different aspects of your character. 
  • Loosen up. This is a dating profile, not your LinkedIn. Feel comfortable expressing yourself and avoid formal pictures. 

2. Your Profile Doesn't Show Who You Really Are

Authenticity is a game-changer even though difficult to portray. Especially when we find it hard to express ourselves or when we are scared of others' opinions. This leads you to create a profile that feels empty and non-impressive because it doesn't reflect you. When users feel this way, it's hard for them to find a reason for giving you a like. 

How to fix it?

  • Ask yourself questions. Does your bio, pictures, or prompt truly reflect how you'd act in real life? Are you using too many effects on your pictures just to look better? Don't do it. Be you. 
  • Emphasize your core values. Are you a proficient chess player or a professional piano player? Add it to your profile. If it's something you spend most of your time doing, it's part of your personality, and people should know it to know you. 
  • Make it match your purpose. What's your purpose for dating in Hinge? Are you looking for a hook-up of a serious relationship? Make sure your profile portrays this purpose. 
  • Trust your gut. Avoid common cliches and come up with something of your own that reflects your personality. It may sound awkward at first, but you can refine it over time. Just keep on trying. 

3. The Pictures You Use Are Old

Just because you have a blurry picture taken in Rome two years ago doesn't mean that it's the perfect one to use. We change every day, and you've probably changed a lot during these years. Examine the photos you upload and ask yourself if you'd like your profile if you were another user. Instead of embarrassing yourself, call that friend who takes stunning Instagram pictures to shoot a few new pictures for you. 

How to fix it? 

  • Invest in equipment. If you can't take high-quality equipment, it's worth purchasing a better smartphone/camera or taking a tripod. These might be helpful in the future. 
  • Ask a friend for help. Maybe photography is not your thing, and that's fine. Ask your friend to take better pictures for you. 
  • Show your face clearly. Avoid big hats, glasses, or hoodies that conceal your face. You'd want to reveal that sparkling face of yours to the world. 
  • Stand alone. Avoid group pictures where you're lost somewhere in the middle. The same goes for the crowded background, where the background takes all of your attention. 
  • Boldly face the camera. They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, turn those glimmering eyes to the camera instead of acting as if you're casually looking away. Open those windows towards your soul. 
  • A little tip about your clothes. Bright clothes colored in beige, white, or grey tend to make you appear brighter and more attractive in pictures. 

4. Your Hinge Prompts Are Too Boring

use better hinge prompts

Hinge presents you with the option to select three prompts to answer on your profile. These prompts make the dating app stand out from others and let you show your uniqueness. It's better than having a boring bio, but you can ruin them through boring answers. No one will give you likes if these prompts aren't funny, engaging, or authentic, so avoid that.

How to fix it? 

  • Add fun to it. Choose to answer prompts that tell a trivial fact instead of a simple dull fact about you. 
  • Keep it short and clear. Avoid writing long sentences that tell nothing at the end. If your answer is generic and uninteresting, it won't give you any likes. 
  • Be the odd one. Mention an unpopular opinion to show that you're a rebel and don't abide by society's rules. 
  • Bring up your goals. List your intentions and life goals so that they understand how ambitious you are and how much you're willing to sacrifice for them. 
  • Mention traits of your ideal partner. Be straightforward about what you want. No fluff. It will help you filter out the people who match you and make your profile more likable. 

5. You're Choosing it All By Yourself

It's common to think that we can set up everything by ourselves, but when it comes to making an impression, we don't know how we appear in front of others. Especially when our impression is made through an online app that doesn't give us much feedback. It's suggestible to ask for advice from your closest friends about your profile. 

How to fix it? 

  • Let them suggest bios. Don't let them totally decide for you, but do take their opinion when it comes to writing a better bio or putting better pictures. A friend of mine who had used Hinge before advised me to write a better bio, and after her advice, I received two matches within that same week. 
  • Ask a friend of the respective gender. If you're trying to date women in your area, ask your female friends if they'd be impressed by your Hinge profile and what you should change in it. 
  • Get them to ask their own friends. This is unpopular advice, but if they're your friends, they'll likely be sympathetic toward you and won't offer an unbiased opinion. Ask them to show your profile to their friends and tell you their feedback. 

6. You're Not Updating Your Hinge Profile Often 

Did you know that Hinge offers over 75 prompts to choose from, and it allows you to upload six photos? Hinge is pretty rich in the options it offers, and if you're not making use of them, you're losing matches.

How to fix it? 

  • Use all free options. From completing your bio, adding photos to selecting three prompts to update them at least biweekly (maybe more often if you're not getting matches), build a detailed profile. 

Consider Hinge Preferred. Like most apps, Hinge comes with a paid version (Preferred) that allows you to be more selective for your matches (using Dealbreakers), get an unlimited number of likes, and complete your profile with advanced preferences. 

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