60 Best Hinge Pick-up Lines (Funny, Flirty, and Deep)

Interesting has become the new normal. Straightforwardness too.

If you think you’ll make her blush by complimenting her looks or telling her how good you’re on the bed, chances are that you’ve lost your chances already.

So what’s the secret sauce?

How can you win someone over by finding the golden middle between playing it safe and being bold? 

Research reveals that playing it safe and having a basic profile doesn’t cut it when it comes to making a lasting impression. The real impression happens when you do throw pick-up lines that ignite conversations that position you as a smart, witty, courageous, and mysterious contender.

Hinge allows you to use prompts to build an interesting profile and it has premium features that make matching easier. But what makes the difference are the unusual pick-up lines you can use to electrify them.

Sometimes they can be sexy, and sometimes funny or even a bit cliches BUT tailored for their profile.

And, here we have gathered sixty of the best hinge pick up lines so better start taking notes. 

Overall Best Hinge Pick-up Lines

1. Tell me your favorite snack and I’ll guess your personality. Corn chips, potato chips, or cheese balls?

We all love options and this is a good way to make them think of a response instead of thinking about whether to reply or not. 

2. You’re so sweet you must be made out of chocolate.

Sounds pretty basic but oftentimes the more effective statements are the simple ones. 

3. Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.

Make them feel as if they’re addictive. 

4. If you were a triangle, you’d be an acute one!

This definitely captures their attention. (unless they’ve failed math.)

5. So, aside from taking my breath away, what do you do for a living?

Treat her like a princess. Make her feel as if her existence would be enough to earn a living. 

6. I’ll file a complaint to Spotify for not naming you this week’s hottest single.

Start serious. End with sweetness. 

7. I was wondering: If you’re here, who’s running Heaven? 

Keep ranking them in different scales of admiration but without being bland.

8. You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my pick-up line.

This is too honest and innocent that it definitely will work. 

9. Are you Greek? Because you look like a goddess.

Greeks have some of the most glorious figures in their mythology. It's a pick-up line that goes beyond flattering. 

10. Were we just talking? No? Well, can we start?

It's a funny starter? Yes? Well, it works so give it a try. 

11. If I had a penny each time I saw someone as beautiful as you, I’d have one penny.

Maybe she's lost her confidence and hasn't received a genuine compliment in a while. Send this. Be different.

12. I didn’t know that angels could fly so low!

Show them that romanticism hasn't died.

13. For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when your profile popped on my screen, you turned me on.

The magic of phrasal verbs. They can have more than meaning. 

14. Is your dad a terrorist? Cause you’re a bomb.

That’s a ‘bombastic’ line for you to use. Tell her that she’s about to blow you up with that looks.   

15. Hello. Cupid called. He wants to tell you that he needs my heart back. 

Cupid will never get old. Remind her that romance isn’t lost. 

16. You’re so pretty that I forgot my pickup line.

Let her know that she got all your attention.

17. What do you call a string of people lifting a mozzarella cheese? A cheesy pick-up line.

Another way in which food can be used as bait for them to fall for you. 

18. Roses are red, violets are blue, how did I get so lucky to match with you?

Poetry is nice, Hinge users love it too, but you have to get a lil’ dirty if you want her to reply to you. 

19. What’s a perfect gentleman like myself doing without your phone number?

The confidence is there with this one. If your profile is all set up to reflect it, you got into her messages.  

20. Titanic. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?

That’s a huge one. 

Funny Hinge Pick-up Lines

21. I’d like to take you to the movies for our first date, but they don’t let you bring in your own snacks.

This points out to them how delicious they are but without being dirty. 

22. I’m researching important dates in history, do you want to be mine?

They feel for the history trick and this is guaranteed to make them laugh. 

23. Hey, I’m writing an article on the finer things in life and I was hoping I could interview you.

This is super catchy if your profession is related to writing. 

24. Are you wi-fi? Cause I’m totally feeling a connection. 

An oldie but goldie. Also, you can take advantage of the fact that wi-fi sounds like ‘wifey’, and play around in the second line with it.

25. Are you, Siri/Alexa/Google? Because you’ve got the answer to all my needs!

Who doesn’t use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant? It’s likely that this will make them giggle when they’re using the apps. 

26.  I hope you know CPR, because you are taking my breath away!

You could fit a compliment nearly everywhere, and this is a good example of it.

27. Wow, I didn’t realize that works of art were allowed to leave the museum. 

It might sound childish but rarely do genuine compliments fail.  

28. I’m really glad I just bought life insurance because when I saw you, my heart stopped.

Let them know how breathtaking they look into your eyes. What would make it even funnier is to add the name of an insurance company. 

29. If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?

Not much to say, just a wonderful wordplay to make them feel tricked and smile.

30. Hmm, fashion lover? There’s a massive clothes sale in my bedroom – everything is 100% off!

Girls will fall for this instantly. It is a ‘fashionable’ pick-up line!

31. You know I'd like to invite you over, but I'm afraid you're so hot that you'll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill.

A funny comparison to make them feel flattered. 

32. Roses are red, my face is too, I got one comfy bed, but there’s missing you. 

Show off your poetry skills. There’s an endless sea of lines you can produce just with this opening. 

33. Excuse me, but I think I dropped something. My jaw!

This is a very subtle but indirect complement to their appearance. 

34. We’re not a door but Hinge can make us stick together. 

Don’t forget to stuff in your arsenal of punchlines some phrases including the app name. It shows that you’ve personalized them and not copy-pasted.

35. Do you know your ABCs? Cause I wanna give you the 4th letter of the alphabet. 

That smooth realization will make their fluids flow, and eventually respond. 

36. I wish I could select all of your clothes and press delete. 

Super effective for matching two tech geeks but not only. Works for almost everyone under 40. 

37. I’m a mind reader and yes I will sleep with you. 

“No, you won’t.” will their answer most likely be after smiling and considering it. Now that you’ve made them picture it, give them reasons to turn it into reality. 

38. You’ve got a knack for fashion. That amazing outfit would look great in a crumpled heap next to my bed.

At first, they will think it’s a compliment but the end will leave them surprised. 

39. Are you religious? Cause you’re the answer to all my prayers.

Most people are. So chances are that you’ll ring a bell with this one, which could turn into a louder noise. 

40. I bet I know when your birthday is. October 10. Because you’re a 10/10.

Imagine if their birthday hits around the same date. That would be something. 

Flirty Hinge Pick-up Lines

41. Please don’t take your eyes off. Just your clothes. 

They’re likely to do the first one but the second needs to be negotiated. Hopefully, this line will land you the chance to negotiate. 

42. If I’m a pain in your ass… We can just add more lubricant.

They definitely didn’t expect this to end in the literal sense. Now that’s stuck on their mind, chances are that they’ll scan for possibilities. One point for you. 

43. Roses are red. Violets are fine. You be the 6. I’ll be the 9.

Poets know how to touch hearts. Who are we not to trust the musicality of their lines and add a little sauce on those pick-up lines?

44. Pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.

The first is implied. Their hands are probably exploring for an affirmation…by checking your profile…secondly. 

45. Are you a washing machine? Because I want to put my dirty load in you.

A bit ‘dirty’ but someone has to make the bold move, right? 

46. Your legs are like an Oreo Cookie. I wanna split them and eat all the good stuff in the middle. 

Send it around dinner time for extra effectiveness. 

47. I'd hide every chair in the world just so you'd have to sit on my face.

You’re provoking her with that imagery. 

48. Let’s have breakfast together tomorrow; shall I call you or nudge you?

If you know their location, add it to make it more personalized. 

49. Do you mix concrete for a living? Because you’re making me hard.

It starts off as a weird job position but then it all makes sense. And provokes fluids to flow for sure. 😀 

50. Were you raised on a farm? Because you sure know how to raise a cock!

Guys can definitely make use of this unless she looks like someone who’d be offended to be working on a farm. 

51. Do I know you from somewhere? Because I don’t recognize you with your clothes on.  

If she looks like someone who wouldn’t mind the idea you could’ve seen her naked, make use of this. 

52. Not a dentist but I’d like to give your teeth a check-up with my tongue. 

Pick a profession that includes caring about people and you can produce a good pick-up line out of it. 

53. Can I unclothe you in less than five steps? Not my fault if you get wet counting them. Let me dry it with my tongue. 

Keep it actionable. Fuel their imagination with pictures and slide into their inbox. 

54. The roses are red, I’m up that’s true, I’ve got an empty bed, but I can’t lay without you. 

Again the power of poetry can guarantee your Hinge conversations start off boldly. 

55. I’m not a weatherman, but you can expect a few more inches tonight.

That implies that it will get both wet and dirty. 

56. Not a dentist but I could give you a filling. 

Now that’s pretty straightforward. Dentists seem to be a good comparison to use for mouth-opening pick-up lines. 

57. I wonder how wide can that mouth open. 

Test their imagination without risking being openly dirty. You can even add something like “I was wondering who’s the fastest eater.”

58. Stop putting lipstick on your lips. I have something better for you. 

Most girls put on lipsticks, and this is guaranteed to give them a shake. 

59. I’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?

If you have more details on their city, consider adding it to make it appear more serious at first and have the ending hit hard. 

60. Your hand looks tired. Let it rest on my lap. 

Works best if they do have a picture where their hands are obvious. 

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