20 Best Tinder Taglines for Guys (From a Girl)

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best tinder taglines for guys

Getting a lady on tinder is getting trickier day by day and I understand why it’s so frustrating. With those good looking singles walking wild, getting a match is a tough nut to crack. However, losing hope isn’t the solution you need.

Taglines might look like a trivial thing to pay attention to but it can be of great help at times. Since taglines give a peek of your personality to ladies, creating a catchy one will get your more Tinder matches. Therefore take a look at these great Tinder taglines & make your profile instantly tinderable!

Here I’ve got you covered with 20 amazing Tinder taglines for guys to help you make your Tinder profile more attractive to girls.

20 Best Tinder Taglines For Guys


1. I love smiling all the time, will you be the reason for the same. 

A little bit of cuteness goes a long way. Talk positive about your personality and show her your capability to her love and spread light. A tagline like above shows you are someone who is into real connections rather than booty calls. If you need something more than a hookup, lines like these might help.

2.  Let’s get fat and drunk together and then we will try the seafood diet!

Be body positive and funny a pickup line like this can make you instantly likeable. Further, more a guy who loves curves and food is an angel in himself! Any girl would get a sense of confidence in first messages if you use a tagline like this.

3. Wait! Am I in heaven? Because I just saw a piece of it. 

Girls love compliments. So, make her smile with a cute tagline and this might get you a right swipe. Taglines like these show your interesting and creative personality. And praising ladies never go out of fashion.  

4. I love to help those who have a purpose in life and my nose is always in a good book.

Scholars are the hottest lovers. Tell the ladies that you’ll read them poetries, the appeal of a well-versed guy is hard to resist indeed.

Girls love the smartness and intelligence. By confidently introducing the honorable nerd within you’ll surely score a match.

5. CA native, love traveling and cooking. I have my shit with myself and looking for the same. 

Be direct and real, sometimes genuine intros can do wonders. There is nothing sexier than a person who is outspoken about his personality. A tagline like this which compliments you tinder pics will make your profile right swipable.

So tell her about your hobbies and your personality. I’m sure ladies out there are wise enough to appreciate a guy genuine as yourself.

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6. Love to sing, dog lover, long walks, food, whiskey, share the front seat with me. Let us meet at breakfast and plan for the rest of the hours.

Show the ladies that you are into what goes above the sheets as well. Although tinder is well known for hookups still some old fashion chivalry never goes out of trend.

Providing comfort to your partner reflects that you are a gentleman. Showing that you’re into the adventures under sheets can be a major turn off. Let them know that you’ll like to meet them for a chat over coffee. Be a bit romantic ladies in tinder might appreciate a fresh breeze like you.

7. Planning a big trip overseas and searching for someone who loves to join me. You may pick the destination also. 

Show off your love for adventure with taglines like these. Your passion for life is what makes you attractive. So, shout out loud about your wanderlust with tinder taglines like these and you might get a fellow wanderer online.

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8. I am open to a relationship but before that let’s go for a date, no expectations no promises, maybe you will like me or not, maybe it will be a second date. Let’s meet once. 

This one is my favorite as the guy is direct and honest. He clearly states what he wants in the nicest manner. This cute tagline will surely grab the attention of ladies with similar interests. 

9. I love my family, play Basketball with my dad. I love to produce music, give solutions to my silly friend’s relationship problems, straightforward with a positive attitude.

Talk about yourself give her a hint of sweetness that you have within. Be silly weird and random since girls love unusual and rare stuff.

Taglines like these clearly depict your personality and with this cute Tinder bio, you’ll surely get a match or two. Just drop a hint about your talents and cuteness within and who knows the next right swipe might just be the princess of your dreams.

10. I am not afraid of lizards and can open jars for you. Is that very common? But I am like that only

Funny is the new sexy so write something expected and then add a punch to it. A smart mouth never fails to impress. This tagline is somewhat very sarcastic and funny as well.

It depicts that although you are cute your humor is something which makes things interesting. With taglines like this, you are sure to get a match.

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11. I love discussing intellectual things and then rough s3x.

Women love alpha males. By alpha, I mean smart, intelligent and a bit kinky. So channel your inner kinkster in a positive way to get ahead of the race.

This tagline is best for someone who uses Tinder for hookups only. Be clear in your taglines, it should depict what you actually want. 

12. I will love to destroy your lipstick, not your Kohl(kajal)

Be sexy outside and sensible inside and you’ll surely find a mate. Taglines like the one above show your wild as well as your sensible side. To be honest people like that these days are rare to find.

This tagline is not for the kids. It is something that shows maturity and love for your partner. This tagline is the best way to say that you are a passionate lover who will never let her down.

13. A chicken burger is the second favorite thing I love to eat on the bed. 

Show them what you are here for so that there is no misconception. Taglines like these which adds smokey humor is a great way to score a hookup.

If you are here only for the hookups this tagline will definitely serve the purpose. It clearly shows that you prefer having a hookup rather than something serious. However, at the same time, it shows you are fun to hang out with.

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14. Love singing my heart out in weird voices. Karaoke lover and food enthusiast.

Being funny and real instead of baseless brag can help you score a date. Let them know you are funny and are someone who does real goofy stuff trust me there’s nothing sexier than that. Telling a person that you’re imperfect in a funny way takes real confidence. And instead of looks using this confidence can help you to score a date. 

15. I’m not against candlelight but still, Netflix and chill is better

Celebrate being lazy even a few girls hate dressing up as well! Tell her that you are someone who values quality time in a laid back atmosphere. And you’ll love to see them in PJs as well. 

Show them that they don’t need a fairy godmother to dress them up, just a smile can suffice your taste. A guy who is laid back and knows how to chill is a rare treasure. trust me women would hate to miss something like this!

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16. Yes, I am shy and do not have any pickup lines but I am sure that we will have endless stupid conversations on crazy topics.

Going completely random and real can easily help. although you might think that over the top characteristic are must but that ain’t true. Win the chase with simplicity, girls love when you are real and confident.

Pickup lines like these show that you’re very simple yet interesting. You can smartly use this tagline and could reflect your personality.

17. Escaped a cursed game recently and trying to mend my heart with music and art. Hit me up if you need to vent or have a story to tell. Let’s create memories stranger

Heartbreaks aren’t a weakness. Being wise and bold about your experiences will make you relatable and approachable.

A tagline like above can portray your kind and gentle personality with ease. And a guy who wants to hear about problems and wishes to heal together is a rare gem as well. 

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18. I have a bad habit of sleeping with my teddy but I lost it. Will you be my teddy. 

If your hookup proposal sounds something like this, then kudos as you have mastered a classy way to get laid.

A tagline that is both naughty and cute can make you look sexier than you are. With sober and sexy Tinder taglines like above I’m sure you’ll have steamy nights and smokey mornings easily

19. Common! you need an attractive tagline for a date or a good person with whom you can share your half Pizza. 

Isn’t it a good way to ask someone for a date. Short, simple and precise. Moreover showing that you are willing to share food makes you instantly likable. Because if you share your pizza slices you are an angel yourself. And bonding over pizza is a date offer which is hard to reject.

20. Once you start knowing me you will never forget the way I made you smile. Swipe right and let’s create some memorable moments 

Sometimes simplicity is what helps you score a date. So if you need a simple and cheesy tag line you may go for something like this. There are chances that you may get a match that perfectly suits your heart. 

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Mary J. Gibson

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