13 Tinder Tips For Girls (Profile & Texting Tips)

Hey girl, Wish to spice up your life with a new love interest?

But the male counterpart of our race can sometimes be a headache to decode. However, with these expert Tinder tips for girls, any woman can easily master the art of getting more right-wipes and increase the chances of scoring a date.

There are just a few tidbits of online dating that you must keep in mind for easy online dating experience. These tips can drastically increase your chances of getting more right swipes in the Tinder profile. 

Top 13 Tinder tips for Women

From Tinder profile tips for girls, conversation tips; turning the conversation to an actual Tinder date, these tinder tips for women have everything you need to know.

1. Drop that pout and try a pleasant profile picture

Your urge to make that pout selfie Tinder profile picture is completely understandable but just don’t! Try using a picture that shows what you look like in reality.

If you are conscious about your body image, editing your imperfection might be a great help.

But just a suggestion dear, show yourself the way you are. You may perhaps, even include things that you hate. For who knows, someone out there might just kiss your flaws and that face you have never accepted.

2. Use Pictures That Show Your Personality

pictures that show your personality

All those well-dressed pictures are great but the real appeal goes beyond your good looks. So show off pictures of yourself doing things that define you and let every picture tells a new story about you.

Also, let me tell you a secret, this trick might help you get interesting pickup lines in the inbox as well.

Need Inspiration? Check these Tinder profile examples for women & online dating profile examples for women.

3. Don't hesitate to send the first message

start the conversation

It's a match on Tinder and he looks like a handsome and decent guy. The next step is initiating conversation, instead of waiting for him to take the lead you can initiate and decide the flow instead.

Start with a god pick up line and he might find that confidence of yours interesting. It isn’t that hard and moreover it's much better than waiting.

4. Time your replies impressively

If you don’t wish to sound desperate, waiting for a minute or two before responding might be a wise decision. However, replying five hours later might make you sound ignorant and uninterested. 

So if you want to land on a date with that hottie on the other side, genuine instant replies will do the trick. So instead of strategizing a reply for two hours after his message, 15 minutes of wait is the best way to keep things going on the right track.

5. Be casual in your language

The conversation is the key to develop amazing chemistry. If you are using a language you are not comfortable in then it might make things worse in online dating. Therefore try talking to the person on the other side in the language you guys both understand and communicate in.

PRO TIP: Avoiding grammatical errors and unnecessary capital letters is a must if you want an effective and interesting communication. An easy smooth conversation with a genuine interest can get you way ahead in the game of love.

6. Talk Nerdy

talk nerdy to boys

Do you feel like you and your partner run out of topics quickly? This may happen because you guys might have only discussed weather and politics so far.

LADIES! Talk like a nerd to him! Bring out the cute nerd inside you and chat about all the things that set your soul on fire.

Talking about your interests can give your guy an idea about your personality as well. Trust me girl your craze for Star Wars or Da Vinci will make you much more attractive to him. Anyhow, all beautiful relationships start with friendships, and friends must be able to discuss it all.

7. Smart and funny is the new sexy

It isn’t all about looks, but then what’s the best appeal?

Your creative, colorful mind and your amazing soul will suffice as the answer. An amazing personality is something that can be really hard to resist.

Therefore add some humor to your conversations and make him laugh as hard as possible. With a genuine approach and funny mouth, you’ll surely make people fall head over heels in love. Will even the king of love, Shakespeare sais that brevity is the soul of wit. So be it!

8. Make use of Memes

use memes in tinder conversation

Just a secret between me and you, men love memes as much as we do! The major part of our daily activity includes scrolling down and just appreciating funny and relatable memes. 

Let him join in the fun too and bond over memes with him. This can help you in creating conversations and laugh together with your guy. Moreover, words are not sufficient to express your fun side, but memes do.

9. Ask him out on coffee dates

Ask him out on a date to show him that you want to take things beyond your Tinder texts. He will most likely be pleased to say yes. So instead of waiting for him to ask you out on a date, try taking the lead yourself. But if you don’t feel this bold yet you can always drop subtle hints and hope he’ll pick one.

10. Be respectful and don’t get judgmental

tinder messages tip for girls

Did you hear of the term opposite poles attract? But for that, it is essential to be respectful to others while having a conversation. If your match has different beliefs or interests then yours, instead of being judgemental accept the differences. 

Trying to define right and wrong from a rigid perspective is never cool anyways. While being valued is always a plus.

11. Show off what you are into these days

Always keep updating your profile a ten-year-old picture might not be the best way to start dating online.

Although, its ok if you want to use old pictures but make sure to give profile visitors an idea of what you look like in reality. As they will picture you in their minds by the way you look in photos so it's best to be real and not drop big surprise when on the date night.

12. Don’t forget to link your Instagram

Linking your social media profile might sound like a minute thing but it can surprisingly boost up your dating life. Your Instagram or Facebook profile basically showcases the best parts of your personality. 

Therefore, by adding a social-media link to your Tinder profile you can show off your personality to others. So, add a link to your Instagram or Facebook profile and make yourself more interesting to people online. Believer me or not it's one of the best tinder tips for girls.

13. Say No if needed

Drawing healthy boundaries is necessary when it comes to dating online. If you don’t feel comfortable in sharing your number or meeting offline you can always say no. Further, if someone can’t handle a no and starts misbehaving you can always block or report their Tinder profile.

Since now you know all the do’s and don'ts of online dating, you’ll surely find a mate in no time. So sign up and start swiping for that dreamy connection you have always wanted to have. Its time to rock, girl!