Is Tinder Super Like Creepy? From a Woman’s Perspective!

Now, you are really into someone, as in you really like them, and you want to leave nothing to change.

What if you swipe right on them but they actually never get to your profile on their swiping?

What if they’re swiping and then swiped left by mistake? And couldn’t go back to your very nice, smiling, by yourself, picture?

Well, Tinder has the solution for you and it is the Super Like feature! And while some might think it’s needy, or intrusive, we think it’s actually a quite helpful tool for some cases and scenarios.

Is Tinder Super Like Creepy?

while a Super Like on Tinder can be a way to express interest in someone, it can also be seen as a more intense and potentially intrusive way of communicating that interest. Some people might feel flattered by a Super Like, while others might feel uncomfortable or even creeped out by it.

The appropriateness of a Super Like ultimately depends on the person receiving it and how it's used. It's important to respect people's boundaries and understand that not everyone will have the same reaction to it. It's also important to use it in a respectful and genuine way, rather than as a way to manipulate or pressure someone into responding.

In summary, a Super Like on Tinder can be both a positive or negative experience depending on the individual and the circumstances surrounding it. It's always important to be mindful of the other person's feelings and to use them in a respectful and appropriate way.

is Tinder Super like worth it?

tinder super like

Yes, tinder super likes are worth it. Based on the data study published by Tinder, conversations between people that matched after one of them super-liked tend to last a lot longer, specifically, 70% longer! Now, isn’t that a good sign of maybe more good things to come? Furthermore, you are actually 3 times more likely to match with someone that you super liked than with someone you just swiped right.

However, based on our testing and experience, Tinder Gold is a better option.

How to use Tinder Super Like Effectively?

Tip #1 Make a Good Tinder Profile If You Want Maximum Benefit of Tinder-Super Like

Even if you are not planning on super liking anyone. This is key. It is a waste of a Super Like if you have bad photos (selfies, group photos, bad. background) and/or an uninteresting bio.

You are breaking from the pack here and jumping the gun a bit –after all, the whole idea of Tinder is that the other person won’t know you like them until they say they like you too- so you don’t want to have an unremarkable profile after you did that very brave Super Liking thing.

That’s where you appear creepy instead of attractive and way too intense instead of interesting. This is where a good Tinder bio comes in very handy as well as having just the right photos in your profile.

Remember, you are giving them an open letter of presentation and you’re not waiting for them to pick it out from the bunch.

You’re strongly encouraging them to read it, so please, make it worth their time

Tip #2 Don't Waste Your Super-Like

Don’t just Super Like anyone. Be selective.

Remember, you are saying that you’re really interested in them, so only do it when this is actually true. That way, you stay far away from the “desperate” line and get closer to the “actually interested” side of the spectrum, and that’s really all it is about!

You get one Super Like a day, you don’t want to use it in just anyone, and you want to make it worth your time. Or even if you have Tinder Plus or Tinder Goal, five Super Likes a day is not really that much if you think about it, so consider your decision wisely before going for that.

Tip #3 Follow through!

This should be obvious but just in case…be sure to follow through with that Super Like! So you Super Liked her and she liked you back! Awesome, it’s a match. Now actually text her. I’ve seen it happen so many times, and it doesn’t make any sense to me.

The number of matches in which no one ever starts the actual conversation is outstanding! So please, pretty please with a cherry on top, don’t let her go! Follow that Super Like with a good opening line (Please don’t just say “Hey” or “What’s up”).

An extra tip here: If you Super Liked her and you were following my advice on actually Super Liking people that you’re really interested in, then there must be something about her photos or her bio that you actually really like, so why not start there?

After all, you took a risk and it paid up, so now, it’s time to pace yourself a little bit so that you won’t come across as too intense for their taste.

If you need help with conversation skills, you can our article How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

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