Review: (We Tried It & Here’s Our Take)

Looking for an exciting hookup?

Want steamy, red-hot sex ASAP with someone who also isn’t interested in commitment? 

Want a pleasurable night of passion

What's is a hookup site committed to helping people just like you score the kind of sexual encounter you’ve been craving, but which you’ve been unable to find on any other site. It’s home to millions of horny members and it’s one of the most prominent adult dating sites in the world right now. 

Members50,000,000+ worldwide
Gender ratio80/20 in favor of women
Affordability 3.0/5
Profile Quality 2.5/5
Real Life Review2.7/5

Like you, I was eagerly on the lookout for no strings attached sex. I was gagging for a dating site that was straight to the point, sexy, and gave me exactly what I wanted.

So, did passion help with that?

Let’s see!

Real Life Review

I’ll be honest – out of the hookup sites I’ve been on recently, Passion was one I struggled with when it came to landing a hookup. The design didn’t help me. While everything is neatly organized, the fact that it looks so cheap and grotty was a major turn-off.

I prefer the erotic style of Ashley Madison which puts me in the mood for finding sex. 

The design wasn’t the only thing impeding my chances, of course. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of the profiles are fake and therefore it’s hard to get a response. I must have messaged over 50 people in one day once but only got about 2 replies.

Overall, I learned that your only chance of success on Passion is to put the effort in. You have to be dedicated on here to land a hookup – so dedicated, in fact, that it almost makes more sense just to hit the bars and clubs. 

real profile

Also, it doesn’t seem to matter how good your pics are. It’s ALL about effort and getting yourself known. The more effort you put in, the more likely it is you’ll end up in the What’s Hot section. Once there, your chances of a hookup will improve. 

I’d also suggest that you create blog posts, comment on other blog posts and maybe even go on webcam if you’re into that stuff. It can certainly increase your chances of getting noticed. 

Overall, my experience with wasn't the best but it does work. I wasn’t hugely enamored by it, but its large collection of movies was a bonus when I wasn’t receiving any genuine messages. Actual hookup chances are rather slim because of the sheer amount of fake profiles. But if you’re prepared to dedicate a fair chunk of your time to Passion, there’s no reason why you can’t get the lay you’re looking for. Just have fun and see what happens. 

What Do You Need to Sign up on

Signing up to couldn’t be easier and registration takes just 3 minutes at the most. There’s no need to hand over any personal details at this point (home address, telephone number, bank details). All you need is the basic info – your age, sexual orientation, sexual preference, and email address.

First, Passion asks if you’re a man, a woman, couple of others. You then get to choose as many preferences as you want. For example, you might be a man looking for a woman, another man, or a couple. 

You’ll then be asked for your date of birth and location, two key pieces of information that will help Passion find matches for you. 

Then, you’ll need to enter a user name, a password, and a valid email address. There’s no need to hand over your real name. 

One niggling issue that might slow you down is that you have to enter a headline for your profile. However, you don’t need to enter a bio just yet (though it’s definitely helpful if you enter one later on). 

Are Profiles Real?

When I was first debating whether to sign up for Passion or not, I checked the number of members they had: 

90 million.

90 … million

It seemed too good to be true. 

I delved a bit deeper and found that the largest age group of users on Passion are aged between 25 and 35. Most of these are women and only a handful of men. As a young, single male looking for a woman, I was happy about this. 

Upon signing up, however, I was immediately inundated with messages from women wanting to chat to me. This was before I’d subscribed to a paid account and it seemed to me that it was just a way to get me interested so that I’d subscribe to read the messages. In all likelihood, these were fake users. 

This was the type of message I was receiving:

fake profile

Sometimes, a ‘lady’ was direct and just said ‘Wanna hook up?’ I hadn’t even uploaded a photo at this point. Developers at Passion, if you’re reading this – you must do better. 

For this review and my own needs, wants, and curiosity, I subscribed anyway and decided to test the waters by sending casual Flirts to women, as well as actual messages. I’d say that 9 times out of 10, no one replied. But this is typical on a dating site: Most people don’t reply. It happens. 

That said, I did think things would be different on a hookup site – I assumed people would be hornier and therefore up for chatting and moving things forward ASAP. For this reason, and the fact that a lot of the profiles I came across were sparsely filled out, I’d say a fair percentage of profiles on Passion are fake.

With that in mind, there are lots of real profiles, too. Moreover, once I subscribed to the premium membership called Gold and paid the fee, the random direct messages from fake accounts stopped. 

But how do you tell when a member is fake or real? How do you avoid wasting time flirting with the wrong profiles? 

One feature I came across was a sort of ‘up-vote’ feature. Basically, you get to decide who the hottest people on Passion are by voting them ‘up.’ When lots of users vote for the same profile, that profile ends up in the ‘What’s Hot’ section.

hottest members feature

To get into the What’s Hot section, you need to be genuine. People will not vote for a profile they suspect to be fake. As such, you can be sure that whoever is in this section is a real person looking for a hookup.

You can also identify a real profile from a fake one by looking for the membership icon next to their profile. Like this:

gold members

Other than that, you’ll just have to use your intuition when separating real from fake profiles. 

Is Design & Interface Good?

Design-wise, Passion looks a lot like many other hookup sites. Its homepage, for example, is similar to Adult Friend Finder. It’s completely no-frills and what you see is what you get. Everything is clearly laid out and you can jump anywhere with just one click. 

That said, I would say the homepage looks a tad messy, but you soon get used to it. Moreover, it acts as a base for everything you need – as you can see from the image below, your matches, the search button, and everything else are gathered together right in front of you. 


I’d also say that the design looks pretty cheap and unappealing but this is a hookup site for people who are looking for a quick lay. It’s not meant to be fancy. 

Overall, Passion is way more about substance than style. It might not have the sultry, lustful look of, say, Ashley Madison, but everything is well organized, and navigation and usability are both good. 

And if you do get a bit lost and lose track, just click the My Stuff tab to recall your most recent activities. 

What Are The Paid Features?

  • My Stuff 

This is a premium feature, and while it doesn’t really enhance your stay at Passion, I think it’s really useful. Essentially, My Stuff (which is located at the top right) shows you your recent activities. Here, you’ll find the blogs you’ve read recently, the photos you’ve favorited, and the profiles you’ve visited in the last few days. It’s a great way to stay organized and it ensures you don’t lose that sexy profile you were going to message later.

One of the best things is that it lets you see who’s viewed you recently:

  • Live Webcam Shows 
Live Webcam Shows

This feature is free to everyone, even those who haven’t subscribed yet. It’s a great way to pass the time on the site as you can watch members pleasure themselves on screen. You can leave comments and you can even participate yourself. Whether you’re a voyeur or more of an exhibitionist, there’s something here for everyone who likes to get themselves off watching (or performing for) others. There are always lots of members filming themselves all day long, of various body types and looks. There’s something for everyone. 

  • Virtual Gifts 

Lots of dating sites – from Plenty of Fish to Ashley Madison – let you send virtual gifts to sexy members you’ve taken a fancy to. They’re a great way of letting someone know that you like them, and you can also use them to introduce yourself. Virtual gifts are not free, though. Even if you have a Gold membership, you still need to spend extra credits to get them. They include a kiss, a drink, flowers, and more, and they vary in price. 

Virtual Gifts
  • Votes and Points 

The problem with a lot of hookup sites is that they can seem a bit impersonal – especially when no one is talking to you. Passion’s votes and points system makes the website more interactive by letting you score members based on their profiles. The more points a member gets, the higher the chance is that they’ll find themselves in the What’s Hot section. The What’s Hot section, meanwhile, is a great way of finding real (and hot) members. You can also accumulate points just by being more active on the website. 

  • Adult Movies On Demand 
Adult Movies On Demand

Let’s get one thing straight: Passion isn’t PornHub. Porn isn’t its priority. However, it does offer a very good selection of more than 2,000 18-plus movies for you to watch. Moreover, these movies are all full-length, they’re all legal (meaning, Passion won’t have to remove them because of a copyright violation) and they’re all of fairly good quality. The rub is that you have to pay extra for them, as they’re not included with the basic membership package. However, they do have a large selection of choices, including lots of the latest movies by some of the biggest studios in porn, such as Evil Angel. 

  • Private Chat Rooms 

Like the adult moves OD, the private chatrooms require an upgrade to premium membership to access. What makes them better than a regular chatroom? Well, you can create your own private space and invite any member you like to come to join you. Once inside your private space, things can get as hot and steamy as you like. Personally, I tried the private chatrooms and I can vouch for them – they’re an excellent feature. 

  • Kink Search 
Kink Search

Kink search enables you to find members based on their sexual interests. It’s a reward feature that you can only use once you’ve subscribed. It’s especially useful if you’re the kind of person who has very specific sexual tastes and interests. For example, if you’re into choking, you can use the Kink Search to find a willing partner. I used it myself and it helped me to find what I wanted a lot quicker. 

  • Blogs (free)

Personally, I think it’s vitally important that a hookup site like Passion creates a sense of community. Otherwise, it can feel fake and scammy. Passion lets you and any other paying member create a blog post. Here, you get to read about other peoples’ experiences and share them by commenting. Members can also attach erotic pics to their blog posts and they’re a great way to get noticed. I never create a post myself but I made new friends by leaving comments. 

Is Really Free?

Just like any other dating site that I know of and have ever used, Passion is free to sign up to. Registration takes about 2 minutes and there are just 5 fields you need to fill in:

All you really need to hand over at this point is your username, your age, and your sexual preferences. You don’t even need to upload a photo or write a bio. From there on, there are a couple of things you can do for free while you get used to the website. For free, you can: 

  • Send flirts 
  • Use group chats 
  • Enjoy live webcam shows 
  • View photos and videos 

I think this is a pretty good deal if you’re using Passion as an entertainment website. With the number of live webcam shows, photos and videos on offer, it’s almost like a dating site version of PornHub.However, while you can send Flirts to members, you can’t message them and they can’t message you. Moreover, you can’t even view the profiles. 

Here’s what you can do if you subscribe to Passion: 

  • Fill out your complete profile 
  • Search for members 
  • View profiles 
  • Message members 
  • Use the premium features (more on these later)

What's's Gold Membership Cost?

Let’s talk prices. Like a lot of adult dating sites, Passion offers 3 packages: 

passion premium membership

As you can see, things work out cheaper over the long haul if you take up a 12-month subscription. I subscribed for 3 months. You can subscribe for one month to see how it goes, but my thoughts are this: If I’m looking for hookups, I’m probably going to come back a couple of times over the next few years or months, so taking a gamble on the 3-month subscription was worth it to me.

However, it doesn’t get you everything. If you want access to the private chatroom, for example, you need to pay extra each month.

Value-wise, Passion’s basic packages are competitively priced, but the fact you then have to pay extra to take advantage of private chatrooms and adult videos (and most paying members will want to do this) leaves a bad taste in the mouth. 


How's the Privacy, Security, and Customer Support of

I’m sure we’ve all heard about the infamous hookup sites like Ashley Madison getting hacked. Whenever you join a site like Passion, you want to be sure that your information and data are going to be kept secret and won’t end up in the wrong hands.

I share this concern with you, and the first thing I’ll say is that you have to be aware of the fake profiles and scammers who want your personal info. Don’t give out anything that could compromise you (including pics) to anyone unless you’re sure this is a real, legit person you’re talking to. 

Other than that, Passion treats your privacy respectfully and they’ve secured their website with AES-256 security encryption. That might not mean a lot to you, but it means security on this website is watertight. Moreover, if you suspect a user is fake or just inappropriate, you can report them on the ‘Report and Abuse’ page. 


Are There Fake Members On 

Yes, there are fake members on dating platform. The best way to separate real profiles from fake is to look for the gold membership icon. Other than that, make sure you don’t share any personal information with other members and use your intuition when talking to people.

Is It Worth Paying To Use 

A free account will only get you so far. You won’t be able to send messages to other users, but you can pass the time watching live webcam shows, as well as other videos. However, to increase your chances of a hookup, subscribing to Passion is the only option.

How Can I Get More Response To My Messages? 

Add a few genuine photos of yourself and fill in your bio. Other than that, you can make yourself an active member of the Passion community by creating blog posts, replying to other blog posts, and completing other tasks, such as watching videos and live webcam shows. The more active you are, the higher your chances are of being voted into the ‘What’s Hot’ section, which promotes the most popular members. 

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