Our BeNaughty Review: (The Worst Hookup Site Ever?)

Fed up with complicated dating sites that ask for lots of information?

Tired of engaging in endless conversations with people before actually getting down to things?

In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at this hookup site to help you decide whether or not it’s the right one for you.

Before we signed up for the site, we were already aware that there had been several user complaints about the number of fake profiles here, so we wanted to test how legit and useful BeNaughty really is. 

Read on to find out what we learned, including why we might recommend it – and why we might not

What's BeNaughty?

BeNaughty is a hookup site that ‘cuts to the chase.’ It does this with a very simple registration process and very few distractions. The whole site is designed in such a way that people can meet each other as quickly as possible. However, there's a dark truth behind BeNaughty that nobody is talking about.

Pros & Cons of BeNaughty:


  • The design is great and gives you the feeling of a proper hookup site.


  • Auto-renewals scam.
  • Fake internet pictures of girls to lure men.
  • AI messages to make you pay for the site to chat with girls who are either paid workers or bots.

My Real BeNaughty Review

Okay, now for the million-dollar question: Is it possible to land a hookup pretty quickly on BeNaughty app?


The chances of success are next no.

chat with her

Personally? I subscribed for 3 months initially, I filled my profile in and added a few photos, and I also made sure to verify my profile. It wasn’t long before I was receiving very direct messages from female members. Not all were genuine and not followed up, but many did. 

And remember, real women can message for free. So if you’re a guy? Expect lots of messages! 

Most messages I received were from people they have hired to work for them (allegedly). Because they went silent or gave excuses when I asked to hang out with them.

I, then, checked Reddit and Trustpilot as well, and it looks like everyone is facing the same problem. The fact is, most girls don't sign up for such shady sites. So, the likelihood of you meeting a girl on such a platform is next to none.

Our Recommendation:

hookup chance

Firstly, the majority of profiles on the site are fake. Many so-called members are most likely photos snatched from the internet. They use fake profiles to entice you with constant messages and flattery, but it's all a game to keep you engaged and paying for a membership.

Moreover, even if you do end up messaging a real person, the conversation is likely to be sophomoric and completely lacking in substance. I found that many people on the site prefer to engage in chat sex, hoping to excite their partners with silly games. When I asked more personal questions or suggested meeting up, the conversation quickly turned back to meaningless chatter.

But the worst thing about BeNaughty is the platform itself. It uses a poor man's AI to stimulate interest via nonsensical sex-based conversations with subscribers. I tried answering the AI's inane responses with insane responses of my own, but it was clear that the site was just trying to keep me engaged and spending more money.

In addition, the site is incredibly deceptive in its billing practices. They'll entice you with a cheap 3-day trial, but if you don't cancel the automatic billing, you'll be charged not only for the month, but also for their premium package of $59. They also try to sneak in additional charges and subscriptions without your knowledge or consent, which is totally unethical.

Even with the “safe mode” on, the site demands that you undertake a PIV ID check which costs you money and isn't worth the paper it's written on. It's clear that the site is not designed for people who want to meet someone in person, but rather for those who are desperate for a dirty chat with a photograph of someone taken years ago.

In conclusion, I would not recommend BeNaughty to anyone looking for a genuine hookup experience. The site is full of fake profiles, and the conversations are meaningless and shallow. The platform uses deceptive billing practices, and the demands for PIV ID checks are simply ridiculous. Save your money and time and look elsewhere for a real hookup site.

#1 Best For Hookups

We recommend AFF because it's legit and has higher chances of success.Live videos, massive monthly visitors, sexual preferences are some of the perks.

Is BeNaughty Safe?

From a technical stance, it may seem that BeNaughty is safe to use but given that they heavily use fake profiles to lure men and automatic subscription renewals we wouldn't call BeNaughty safe.

Is There a Better Option Than BeNaughty?

We tested out both Uberhorny and AdultFriendFinder to see what the difference between the two was. The major difference is that AFF has far more members. Indeed, it has more than 20 million active users worldwide. So naturally, this means your chances of landing a hookup are greater on AFF.

Also, AdultFriendFinder is a household name in the adult dating industry. This is the best you can get if you're looking for hookups using a dating site. period.

Moreover, while both sites allow nudity and graphic photos, AFF goes further in that it’s more than just a hookup site. It’s home to an entire community of singles and couples, as well as extra features, including adult movies, cam shows, and educational material.

And while both dating websites have their fair share of fake profiles, AFF has a lot less, because it has so many real users. AFF is also more established and has been around for 20+ years. Therefore, in our opinion, it’s safer to use and more trustworthy. 

For more info, read the AdultFriendFinder review.

Getting Started on BeNaughty

BeNaughty’s tagline is ‘cut to the chase dating’ – and they’re right about that. I’ve never come across a quicker sign-up process. To register an account, you don’t even need to create a username, let alone answer numerous questions. Instead, you just need to fill out this super basic form:

Then, you will get an email with a verification code which you need to copy and paste into another form.

Once you’ve done that, you just need to upload at least one profile photo of yourself in order to appear in the search results. And that’s it!

uploading profile photo

It automatically creates a username for you but you can change it whenever you want. 

Most users will appreciate how easy the signup process is. I’ve used the best dating sites around that ask for multiple fields to be filled in before one can register an account, which made this one refreshing. It’s simple, fast, and easy. 

Are BeNaughty Profiles Real?

One of the biggest problems hookup sites have is fake profiles. I’ve joined a lot of other platforms over the last few months and I can with certainty that a number of the profiles were fake.

It has in place a pretty strict verification process and you won’t show up in search results unless you upload a genuine photo of yourself. Each photo you upload is checked by their team which makes sure that your pics are real. 

However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be any fake profiles on the site. There will be and it’s not always so easy to spot them. For one thing, you don’t have to fill out any personal information before your profile is live. All you need to do is upload a photo. While this makes for an easy and quick registration process, it does mean that a lot of profiles on the website are not detailed. 

Moreover, when you first sign up for the site, you’re inundated with lots of messages from men or women who are looking to chat with you. This happened to me. Within minutes of signing up, I’d already had lots of messages and lots of women viewing and ‘liking’ me: 

liedk you

It’s easy to believe that anyone who messages you instantly is fake because – in my case at least – I hadn’t even uploaded any profile photos at this point or filled in my profile. And when you go to view a message, you’re taken to a page that says you need to upgrade your account in order to do that if you’re a man: 

upgrade popup

Worse than that, some messages are on a timer. If you don’t upgrade within an hour, the message will be automatically deleted and any chance you had of chatting with that person is gone: 

I’m also very suspicious of a dating website that tells me there are lots of users online right now who are ‘less than 5 miles’ away from me: 

girls nearby

At the same time, I don’t necessarily believe they are purposely flooding the dating site with such profiles. They have a verification process in place to keep questionable profiles out, and they also let you flag members you believe are fake.

But, till, there are lots of real profiles on BeNaughty, too. The easiest way to find a real profile is to check their photos (you have to pay in order to see more than their profile pics) and take a look through their photo gallery. If a user has more than one photo, and if their bio is filled out, it’s a clearer sign that this is a real person. 

You should also look out for verified profiles. They are strict about how they verify and who they don’t. If a user is a verified profile, you can be 100% sure they’re genuine because it means the user called and spoke to them directly. This is something that certainly puts my mind at ease. 

And if you’re unsure whether a person is real or not, you can request them to add more photos of themselves. 

#1 Best For Hookups

We recommend AFF because it's legit and has higher chances of success.Live videos, massive monthly visitors, sexual preferences are some of the perks.

Design & Interface Usability


Their design is similar to AdultFriendFinder’s. But with fewer features, it looks a lot cleaner.

On the homepage, you’re met by pictures of singles or couples who are in your local area. You’ve also got your search tabs right in front of you, as well as a button for your inbox.

And that’s pretty much it! 

The design is set up to make life as easy as possible for you as you look for a hookup. This is a no-frills casual dating site that’s easy to navigate and use.

The best thing is that, despite its basic ethos, it doesn’t look cheap. The brand's colors – mustard, red and white – go well together and the website is inviting, easy to use, and uncluttered. It’s impossible to get lost while using it. 

To search, all you need to do is either click the ‘Search’ filter tab in the top left or flick through the three tabs under the fold – All Members, Online Now, or New Members. Alternatively, you can amend your search in the middle bar. 

Either way, it lets you get straight to the point: It’s here to help you find a hookup ASAP, which means there are zero distractions. Once you've completed the registration process, it’s literally time to get searching for a new sexual experience.

Sending and receiving messages is easy, too. All you need to do is click on a profile you like the look of, and click “Chat.”

A lot of dating services take a while to get used to, but they are so simple that you’ll get the hang of it in a few seconds. In the top right corner, you will also see how many unread messages you have, as well as how many overall updates you’ve got. Everything is literally just one click away. 

BeNaughty app is also available which you can use for constant communication with old and new matches.

BeNaughty's Features?

Unlike a lot of other sites, They don't actually offer too many features to the paying member. Paying BeNaughty members to get to send messages along with a few other special features. These include:

  • Promote My Account 

The Promote My Account feature works a bit differently from a similarly named feature on other dating sites. Ordinarily, a promoted BeNaughty account features higher up the search results and is shown to more people. On BeNaughty, however, it means that you get to send ‘promotional messages’ to potential matches. 

  • Like Gallery 
gallery feature

This feature – which is essentially a ‘cute or not’ feature – is available to free members and it essentially works like Tinder. You’re shown various new users and you get to decide whether you want to swipe right or left for them. If you swipe right, they’ll be alerted. If they like you back, you could get chatting.

  • Full Safe Mode

This feature is useful because it means only members that are verified will be able to send messages to you. This means no more messages from bot profiles. It's a feature for premium members only.

  • Basic Safe Mode

The basic safe mode keeps you safe from scammers and those who are suspected of suspicious behavior by blocking flagged members. 

What's the Membership Price of BeNaughty?

  • 1 Week – $1.00
  • 1 Month – $28.80
  • 3 Months – $48.60

Is It Worth Paying For BeNaughty?

The 3-day trial helps you get used to BeNaughty so that you can better see if this is the right site for you. However, as we mentioned earlier, there have been many users complaining that the site automatically upgrades their account after the three days are up. Compared to rivals, Uberhorny is averagely priced. We don’t think it’s worth paying for, but a 3-day trial is an option if you’re curious about this site. Just remember to cancel your trial before you get locked into a monthly contract. Also, we determined through our tests that there are a lot of fake accounts.

FAQs About BeNaughty:

Is BeNaughty Free?

Though it's free to join BeNaughty, Men need to pay to send messages, and they also need to pay to see photo albums, see the location of anyone they message, share videos and photos in the chat, and unlock ‘looking for’ dating information.

How to Cancel BeNaughty Subscription?

By completely deleting your BeNaughty account, you can cancel the BeNaughty subscription.

How to Delete BeNaughty Account?

To delete your BeNaughty account, follow these steps: Click on your profile photo in the top right corner. Select “My Settings.” Click “Remove Account.”

Is BeNaughty Free?

Though it's free to join BeNaughty, Men need to pay to send messages, and they also need to pay to see photo albums, see the location of anyone they message, share videos and photos in the chat, and unlock ‘looking for’ dating information.

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