BEST Hookup Sites and Apps (We Tested It So You Don’t Have To!)

We've all been there—scrolling endlessly, encountering profiles that don't match our expectations, or worse, ending up with disappointing experiences.

But what if I told you there's a better way?

I've spent years diving deep into the world of online dating, analyzing trends, and testing all the dating apps. Through countless hours of research and personal experiences, I've curated a list of the best hookup apps that not only promise results but deliver on them.

However, there's a catch. So, let's discuss that before getting into the recommendations.

Aren't Hookup Apps Are Scam?

It's a valid concern.

Indeed, there are a lot of hookup apps that are purely there to rip you off your money. We will soon be releasing the complete list of hookup sites that are a complete scam.

But, over the last few years, new dating apps have risen and they have gained popularity. So, it's not like you don't have any options.

While I've found some new hookup apps that have the potential to connect you with someone looking for casual sex (just like you), it's essential to remember: these hookup apps aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. While one might be perfect for you, another might miss the mark entirely.

For example, on AdultFriendFinder, you will encounter a lot of swingers and on the other hand, Ashley Madison largely has a user base of spouses seeking some external thrill.

Not to mention, each hookup site has a stronghold in specific region/s and cities. This is going to be super important if you don't want to end up wasting your money.

Moreover, each site tends to dominate specific regions or cities. This geographical preference is an important factor unless you fancy blowing your money.

And let's not forget the element of luck. You're not going to get the same results all the time and there is also a chance that you might not see any results at all if you don't know how to flirt right or bad luck.

Consider the giants like Tinder and Bumble, even though these two are free and have a massive user base still not everyone ends up finding a date or hookup – sometimes, not even a match.


So, it's unfair to completely blame these sites because end of the day these platforms are just means to an end not the end itself.

The 12 Best Hookup Sites & Apps:

1. AdultFriendFinder: Best Hookup Site Overall


On AFF you’ll find people with wild hookup sexual fantasies. The tagline of AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is “The World’s Largest Adult Dating and Hookup Site” which points to its success as an award-winning hookup site. AdultFriendFinder welcomes over 80 million users and offers several features you’ll love using such as adding friends and reading erotic stories. 

To maximize your chances of hooking up with someone you find attractive on the platform, AFF offers the option to engage with them before exchanging messages. For instance, you can click on a person’s profile picture and like it. The app works as a social media network by offering a handful of options to chat, connect, and engage with members. You can join groups and forums, and participate in discussions about hot topics.  

Adult Friend Finder comes with another additional functionality known as “Hotlists”, which allows you to save as favorites the profiles you like. The “Livestream” feature makes finding hookups rousing. Members have the option to open a live stream and you can watch them for free on your main feed. You’ll watch how the person you want to hook up with behaves, how they move and speak, and imagine what’s like to get laid with them.  

Most features are free, but for more freedom on the platform, you’d want to snatch a Gold Membership. Based on our experience, the membership is totally worth it if you’re serious about finding a hookup on the platform fast. It allows you to message other members, and “Like” comments and stories posted. If we had to pick one app that’s tailored for hookups and casual sex, and it always helps you get laid, AFF would be the winner. 


  • The most popular hookup site with the highest user satisfaction and remarkable success rates.  
  • A diverse community of people with all kinds of sexual preferences.
  • It's a fun and convenient spot for discussions through groups and forums.
  • The option to live stream and watch live streams. 
  • Users can create videos and post them on the platform.


  • The free plan includes ads in your browsing experience. 
  • You can’t initiate a conversation without a premium membership. 

Summary: AdultFriendFinder is a visually-rich hookup website, easy to navigate and helps you hook up with hot people and explore your sexual fantasies. It functions like a social media dating site with a lot of authentic profiles (including not-to-authentic) and allows you to watch videos (live cams) and read stories posted by other members. Undoubtedly, with millions of active users and the highest success rate, AdultFriendFinder stands out as the best hookup site. It consistently dominates the scene for online hookups, earning its reputation through user satisfaction and reliable matchmaking. Read AdultFriendFinder review.

2. Ashley Madison: Best Runner-up


Ashley Madison is the go-to dating site for hookups and affairs. It's for all those husbands and wives who aren’t pleased with their romantic lives. Based on our firsthand experience, we’ve learned that Ashley Madison is great for hookups with cougars, and they do a good job at keeping your presence on the platform anonymous.

Where other hookup sites function on a subscription basis, Ashley Madison is based on a credit system. You’re charged with credits for each action on the platform such as initiating conversations, chatting, and viewing messages. 

Credits have different prices depending on how much you buy. For instance, they cost $0.59/piece if you purchase 50 (or the Basic plan), $0.34/credit for 500 (or the Classic plan), and $0.29/credit if you purchase 1,000 (or the Elite plan). And the sign-up process isn’t lengthy or demanding either. 

You need to provide simple details including your age, weight, marital status, height, etc. Ashely Madison comes with a search function that lets you find people that appeal to you. Once you’re on the platform, you can set your status as seeking males, females, attached, or singles, and filter other profiles based on their status and what interests you. 


  • The majority of its active users are females.
  • Exceptional interface design with user-friendly navigation.
  • With Top-notch privacy settings that allow you to be an anonymous user with discreet billing details. 
  • You don’t need your credit card to sign-up.
  • Most features including messaging are free for female users. 


  • Its great feature (anonymous profiles) is also its main drawback because it means you've to be more careful.
  • Pricing is a bit sophisticated and you have to purchase credits to perform actions on the platform. 

Summary: Ashley Madison is the top hookup site, highly recommended for those who are interested in hooking up with hot cougars. The platform guarantees a smooth experience while finding a hookup, keeps your profile anonymous, and is equipped with all the necessary filters to help you browse through members. Overall, after AdultFriendFinder, Ashley Madison gets highly positive feedback. Read Ashley Madison review.

3. Down: Best New Hookup App But Expensive


For those in a real hurry to hook up with someone, Down could be the perfect hookup app to use. Claiming to pair over 13,000 hookups on a daily basis, Down is a straightforward casual dating app that allows you to swipe on “Hookup” directly when you’re browsing through profiles.

Down counts over 10 million users and it’s growing steadily. With so much luck, it’s an ideal space for scammers to jump into and head for your money. Thankfully, the platform comes with a Facebook verification option to weed out inauthentic profiles and allow only real profiles on the platform. 

Users are open-minded but it’s worth mentioning that over 80% of the members are men which makes it ideal for female users. Furthermore, the app is open to all genders, including LGBTQ+. Differently from other hookup apps, DOWN works as a dating app as well. 

You can jump on it with the aim to find someone to hook up with but you can end up finding your life partner (though the chances are slim). If that’s something you’re open to, this is the ideal hookup app. Once you’re on the platform you’re given 10 free profiles per day to swipe through. Then, you have to snatch a membership for more. 


  • You can exchange messages without purchasing a membership.
  • The app allows you to be straightforward with your intentions through its swiping options.
  • It offers an intuitive interface anyone can use. 
  • Offers a sneak peek at its premium features through a 7-day free trial. 


  • Linking Facebook is a must that exposes your data to breaching risks. 
  • Premium features are on the expensive side.
  • There’s a low number of women on the platform.

Summary: DOWN stands in an intersection between dating and hookup apps. It has a similar interface to Tinder and can be used by anyone to hook up or find a date but most users are men and since user base its user base is also small compared to Adultfriendfinder, it can't be the first choice. 

4. Best For Sugar Relationships


The name of this dating site sounds formal and posh already. That’s because this dating site is dedicated to sugar relationships. When you join you’re off to an exciting journey because the people you’re likely to meet in there are well-off and looking to pay to have a good time. 

Launched in 2006, the site has expanded its user base to over 130 countries and supports multiple languages. Made popular through appearances in Playboy, and New York Times among others, is a dating site that welcomes over 40 million users, with at least 32 million of them being women.  

Such a ratio (around 4:1) is rarely the case for dating websites. Creating an account and joining the platform is free and can be done by anyone but if you want to gain full access to the features you need to purchase a membership. Compared to other dating sites, Seeking is pretty exclusive and members have to select from memberships starting from $109.99/30 days. 

The sugar daddy site favors sugar babies (but you get an exceptional dating pool). They get to use the site for free and don’t have to pay for many of its functionalities. Once you sign up, you’re presented with the option to describe yourself, your income, and your preferences. If you want to verify yourself, you’ll have to pay an extra $50 but it makes you appear more trustworthy. 


  • Elite selection options, superior quality women, Exclusive unparalleled matching, and high-value dating. 
  • A large active worldwide community.
  • Filters like “Recently Active” simplify finding active members.
  • The comprehensive user verification process makes it relatively more secure and trustworthy.


  • Old inactive profiles still clutter the search results. 
  • The premium features come with an expensive price tag. 

Summary: After putting Seeking to the test, we can say that it’s designed to bring together well-off men who don’t care to spend money for fun. Women are classy and expect a certain level of treatment from the men they’re dating. Overall, the seeking dating site is active and caters to a high-value user base. It's reliable and efficient for seamless interaction and user experience. Read review.

5. Tinder: Best Free Hookup App


When it comes to the best hookup apps list, the list wouldn’t be complete without Tinder. Tinder not only introduced the swipe culture but also redefined hookup culture. Probably, the strongest feature of Tinder is the fact it relies on geo-location to match you with singles in your local area. Hooking up on Tinder is just seamless. 

Because of the wild popularity of the app, you'll find a lot of time-wasters using the app with no intention of meeting but only texting. However, it gives stellar performance for a free platform. The last time I tried, signing up is still as easy as a pie and after filling out your profile in just a few minutes you can start swiping. 

The thing with profiles on Tinder is that they run out fast and you have to wait for the next day until you get a round of profiles to swipe through. However, you can skip the wait if you purchase a membership (they start at $13.49). It’s the best way to get yourself an advantage. 

With access to over 190 countries, Tinder is proudly responsible for around 55 billion matches made so far. The diversity of users on the platform could be an advantage or a disadvantage at the same time. Since there are many users that belong to different genders, sexual orientations, and different purposes for using the app, it could be challenging to land an ideal match. 


  • Tinder's popularity garners a wide user base even in local areas. 
  • High exciting user engagement, and optimal matchmaking with proven effectiveness.
  • Tinder is good for both casual dating and serious relationships.
  • The free features are all you need if you’re not in a hurry. 
  • Offers video chatting and displays verified profiles with a blue check. 


  • People with diverse intentions could make finding what you want difficult. 
  • Several inactive and tricksters are present on the platform. 

Summary: Tinder is one of the most popular hookup apps with over 75 million users. It’s super easy to use and in under a few seconds, you’ll be ready to start swiping through matches. No matter your intentions, you’re likely to find someone on the app. However, recently, because of girls' rising high standards and it has become very hard to find a one-night stand on Tinder unless you're really on your A game. If you want to see results on Tinder, you should read our article: how to hookup using Tinder.

6. OkCupid: Best Hookup App For open-minded Millennials/Liberals


It seems as if apps like Tinder and Seeking would be enough to serve every dater’s needs. But OkCupid is super relevant because it serves a particular audience that’s interested in both hookups and long-term relationships. And the dating app and site counts over 50 million active users so far. 

After using OkCupid we can confidently say that it takes matching seriously because you’re presented with a detailed questionnaire when you join the platform. Besides the basic details about your personality, you’re also allowed to choose up to five sexual descriptors from its long list of LGBTQ+-friendly options. 

Furthermore, you can select your pronouns and even select the option “I’m open to everyone” if you’re a pansexual or want to experiment with your sexual life. After completing your profile, you’re asked different questions to stimulate dating with your ideal partner, and those answers are used to match you with like-minded people. 

Search filters allow you to find profiles that have used the platform recently, and that share the same sexual preferences as you. The paid version also allows to receive read receipts and offers additional features in search. 


  • OkCupid uses progressive search filters to make sure everyone feels incorporated.
  • To register you have to complete a detailed questionnaire. 
  • Users can initiate conversations free of charge.
  • A reasonable ratio of members (65/35 men to women). 
  • Offers a handful of descriptors to precisely identify yourself.


  • The free version offers a browsing experience slowed down by ads. 
  • Compared to its competition Tinder & Bumble, its subscription packages are very expensive.

Summary: OkCupid can help you find a hookup but you will need to fill out a detailed questionnaire (which in our opinion, is a drawback because we are just looking for casual sex). There is a wide array of descriptors you can use to identify your sexuality. Most functionalities are accessible for free and you can turn a match into a date without paying a dime. Read our OkCupid review.

7. Pure: Best Hookup App For Privacy, Just Like Snapchat


Concerned with privacy when dating? Well, Pure is another hookup app you can use to find your casual hookup and it helps you do so while keeping all of your data secure and anonymous. Your profile self-destructs an hour after setting up, keeping you safe and discreet. 

The secretive nature of the Pure hookup app makes it very tempting for one night stands and casual hookups. What’s more, you’re free to keep your name and your personality disclosed too, and still keep dating. It’s up to you to add additional pictures to your personal gallery and enrich your profile with other details. 

Two distinct features that make the app awesome for finding hookups are the personal Ads and the option to list what turns you on. If you want others to see your profile you have to create an ad where you present yourself with a pick-up line or a short description. Then, to spice things up and seduce your hookups, you can list your kinky fantasies in the “Turn-Ons” section. 

You’re allowed to exchange voice messages, texts, photos, and videos, none of which can be screenshotted and they automatically vanish along with the chats unless you and your newly found friend decide to turn off the time limit. If the two of you click, you can video call each other and share your locations so you can meet in real life. 


  • Everything, including your chats and profile, self-destructs to keep you safe and anonymous. 
  • Advanced communication features include audio, video chatting, and voice messages.
  • You can send Gifts and pay to have your personal ad shown to more people to increase the chances of finding a hookup. 
  • Users are focused on hookups and casual encounters rather than long-term dating. 


  • A considerable part of the user base is made of sex workers.
  • Only women can use the app for free but men have to pay an expensive fee starting at $14.99/week.

Summary: Pure is the ideal app for you if you’re looking for someone to bring your dirty fantasies to life with. Dedicated to hookups, it secures your privacy for as long as you use the app and it deletes everything automatically, leaving no traces of your activity. Read Pure review.

8. Feeld: Best Hookup App For Couples


Looking to spice up your sex life with more than one partner? Then Feeld is the app to be in. Based on our observations and using the app we found a feature of Feeld that you’ll love: there are zero ads even in the free version. And this entirely changes your dating experience for the better. 

As per our expertise in trying almost all the dating apps out there, we can confidently say that Feeld offers one of the most inexpensive dating apps. If you purchase their 3 Months Majestic package it’ll cost you only $8/month. And the app comes with tons of features to help you hook up.

The app was initially named Thrinder (3nder) which explains its main focus: threesomes. On the platform, you’ll find many couples looking for a third person to explore their fantasies, and everyone has the option to register as a couple, along with 20 other sexual orientations.  

The app encourages not only polyamorous relationships but also people who want to experiment with their sexual life. In Feeld you have the option to state it clearly that you want to try something new. If you’re joining as a couple you can link your partner’s profile with yours and see all their activity and vice versa so you can both make better decisions. 


  • This threesome dating app creates an ideal space for sexual experimentation. 
  • Detailed descriptors to define your gender and sexual orientation. 
  • The option to add photos that can be seen only by matches and seeing when other members were online. 
  • Most free features are enough to help you get a match. 


  • Small user base (around 1.5 million active users). 
  • It could log you out accidentally causing you to miss notifications. 

Summary: Feeld makes polyamorous relationships easier by allowing couples to use the platform explicitly. It contains zero ads and offers plenty of options to describe yourself and your sexuality.  

9. eHarmony: Best For Serious Relationships


If you're having second thoughts about using adult dating sites, then eHarmony is the best and safest option for you. eHarmony is known for serious relationships, even though you can find a mix of users. Based on our experience using eHarmony, we can vouch for its detailed approach to matching users according to their needs. 

Once you sign up for the platform, you’ll complete their 32 DIMENSIONS questionnaire which is followed by a set of questions to reveal your preferences. The app starts matching you immediately and you get to review your first matches once you’ve finished setting up your profile.  

The app offers a cool icebreakers feature to help start conversations in a less-awkward manner. Once you match with someone, eHarmony sends each of you five pairs of images to select from. In the end, you get to see the results which serve as a conversation starter. 

The pricey membership keeps away non-serious users. If someone gets a membership, they’re serious about meeting you. And there’s a sweet balance between members with 53% of users being men and 47% of users being women. Recently, the app has turned LGBTQ+-friendly as well. 


  • Ideal for those looking to turn hookups into serious long-term relationships. 
  • Free limited messaging functionalities. 
  • A huge pool of singles (the platform counts 51 million members, with 16 million active users in the U.S. only).
  • eHarmony has resulted immensely effective – leading to over 600,000 marriages in the U.S. 


  • A lengthy questionnaire with detailed personality questions. 
  • Considerably expensive ($69.90/month if you opt for a 6-month membership). 

Summary: eHarmony is a different beast when speaking of dating sites. Even though it’s mainly focused on long-term dating, the dating site comes with a detailed questionnaire that helps you match with users with similar interests. It uses cutting-edge technology and advanced compatibility algorithms to provide highly satisfying experiences to users. It's an outstanding service (only if you subscribe and access the premium features). You can read our eHarmomy review.

10. Combo of serious & casual daters

Counting over 39 million users, holds the stake as one of the oldest online dating sites ever (founded in 1995). As a senior site in the dating scene, it has accumulated a large user base with diverse interests. Obviously, this dating site isn’t only for hookups, but it doesn’t exclude them.’s user base is mostly focused on long-term relationships rather than quick flings. However, the site comes with a wide set of features to help you meet the ideal partner who shares the same intentions as you. Using your geolocation, Match can locate the potential matches you’ve crossed paths with in real life too. (Now, that’s a worthy conversation starter.

We often get stuck in our love life because we have no one to guide us. If that’s a point you feel you’ve hit, now there’s a simple way out: AskMatch. AskMatch is a service offered by through which you can talk with a professional dating coach to advise you in your love life. You can ask for help in building your profile, texting, preparing for your first date, etc. as a dating site is serious about safety, and it allows users to get on a video call before meeting in real life, and it even allows you to display a vaccination badge to show you’re vaccinated. The registration process is straightforward too, and you get to browse through profiles once you’ve filled out your basic details. 


  • The user base is mixed: there are both people looking for hookups and serious daters. 
  • organizes events that encourage meetings in real life. 
  • You get to ask for dating advice 1-on-1 from certified dating coaches. 
  • Offers both catalog-based and swipe-based profile discovery features. 


  • Many inactive users still appear on search results. 
  • Contains ads and poses glitches. 

Summary: is a traditional website where you can register if you’re searching for a serious relationship, but chances are that you’ll find someone to hook up with as well. The dating site could feel a bit old-fashioned and boring but it caters to a wide audience. Read our review.

What’s The Best Hookup app For LGBTQ+?

As the LGBTQ+ community grows, several dating apps are released but most of them have a small user base. If you’re searching for a reliable hookup site made specifically for LGBTQ+ community members, these two are perfect: 

11. HER: Best Hookup App For Queer Women


Designed for queer women, HER is an app dedicated to the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The app is open to those who identify as transgender, gay, bisexual, pansexual, two-spirited, or who are still questioning their identity. The distinct nature of the app differentiates it from others. 

HER isn’t just a random dating app. After signing up you’ll find the option to join over 30 communities created by certain groups of users. For instance, you can join communities such as “Bisexual”, “Pansexual”, or “40+ Community”. That’s because HER works as a social media network too. 

The user base surpasses 10 million members from over 125 countries where the app is available. Joining is simple. All you have to do is create your profile, and choose your relationship status, pronouns, sexual identity, and what you’re looking for. Then you can start swiping through profiles. 

The app has many of the useful features of a social media app. Users are allowed to post stories, leave comments on each other’s photos, and more. The only thing that might be frustrating at first, especially with the free version, is the limited number of swipes. For more, you need the premium version which starts at $18/month. 


  • The app works as a social media network, giving you access to communities and events. 
  • HER is a dedicated niche app where you’ll find only members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. 
  • HER has secured a positive rating of 4.3 out of 5 from 24.6k reviewers on Play Store. 
  • Members can exchange messages for free. 


  • There is no desktop version of the app. 
  • There are many ads and promotions to upgrade. 

Summary: HER is the right app for you to join if you belong to the 2SLGBTQ+ community and are looking for a companion. The app works as a social media network and facilitates connecting with like-minded people. There are people who have found both love and friendship in it. 

12. Grindr: Best Hookup App For Gay Men


Grindr is ranked as one of the most popular dating apps for gay people. Mostly catering to gay men, the app is used by trans, bi, gay, and queer members. With over 27 million users on board, the app is available in 192 countries. 

The app comes with several exciting features like expiring photos and unsend. Once you’ve created a profile on Grindr, you can start messaging other members for free. If while chatting you regret a sent message, consider unsending it because it is possible.

Furthermore, you can exchange hot pictures without being afraid your private data will remain on the app by using Expiring Photos. This way, any image you send will disappear after 10 seconds of viewing. 

Aside from these features, you’re allowed to state your pronouns to avoid confusion and state whom you want to date. The “Chat Translate” feature makes dating foreigners easier and it gives you the freedom to meet people from other countries even when you don’t fluently speak their language. 


  • Exchanging messages is entirely free of charge. 
  • Most users are searching for hookups so you shouldn’t be afraid of getting locked in a committed relationship. 
  • Grindr allows couples' profiles to search for non-monogamous relationships. 
  • Its location-based data is highly accurate and you’re likely to find members based on location. 


  • The app is characterized by glitches. 
  • You might find the content of Grindr and its users offensive and too straightforward. 

Summary: Grindr is one of the top hookup apps for gay men searching for a quick encounter and even a friendship (even though they’re rare). The app has amassed a large user base worldwide and its members are very active. 

How Did We Pick These Hookup Sites?

Recommended by our experts & people: It's important for us to have personal experience before we suggest any dating services. These hookup sites and apps have been tested by us before making it to the list. Other than our experience, we have also taken feedback from our readers and from internet reviews.

Known For Hookups: All these dating and hookup apps have reputations for easy hookups; not long-term love. You're highly unlikely to run into folks just looking for something long-term casual, or you can easily filter those people out.

Active User base: You don't wanna sign up for hookup apps that don't have enough users around you.

Security: We have seen repeatedly that it's necessary to stay cautious about what dating site we spend our time on. However, we are always at some level of risk. Adultfriendfinder, AshleyMadison, Grindr, and Tinder all had a data breach. We talked with managers from AFF and Ashley Madison they have told us that they have hired security experts to make sure it never happens again. It's been a little over five years, and they have redeemed themselves in the market.


Based on our personal experience and reviews, Adult Friend Finder is the best hookup app. Members of AFF aren’t looking for serious commitments, they want to have fun with no strings attached. 

The massive user base of 80 million members revolves around FWBs, hookups, and casual sex. You can find people who share the same sexual fantasies with you and even search for non-monogamous and swinging relationships. Besides fake profiles, there are plenty of active ones. 

On the platform, you’ll find a funny test known as the Purity Test where you get to answer 100 questions intended to gauge the intensity of your sexual life. No one will read the answers but you’ll get a score from 1-100. Now you know how to separate the experienced from the inexperienced easily. 

In conclusion, Adult Friend Finder is dedicated to uplifting your sexual life. It’s the ideal platform to find your next hookup and have a good time without worrying about commitments. Joining isn’t quite as exhaustive as the other platforms and your chances of finding someone are pretty high. 

Are Hookup Sites Safe? 

While engaging in online dating is predominantly secure, it does carry potential legal risks, such as involvement in child exploitation, sexual misconduct, or illicit activities. It's not always feasible to conduct a thorough background investigation on each individual you come across online, however, there are measures you can adopt to ensure your safety.

Are Hookup Sites Legal?

In the USA, yes, hookup sites are generally legal, but users must remain aware of the age of consent laws that vary from region to region. Engaging in sexual acts or propositions with individuals who are underage, even unknowingly, could result in legal repercussions.

What Is The Difference Between A Dating Site And A Hookup Site?

Dating sites are for people looking for a serious relationship or marriage. On the other hand, hookup sites are for people who are looking for casual sex with no strings attached., eHarmony, and OkCupid are some examples of online dating sites. Adultfriendfinder and Ashley Madison are the two most popular hookup sites; and eHarmony are the two most popular dating sites for serious relationships.

Do Free Hookup Sites Actually Work?

Indeed, free hookup sites can function effectively, with Tinder standing out as a prime example. Unlike many dating platforms where essential features like liking, matching, and sending messages require payment, Tinder offers these functionalities for free. However, the competitive nature of this popular casual dating app necessitates having an appealing appearance and an attractive personality to stand out. For those seeking more immediate outcomes, we recommend considering paid hookup platforms, such as Adult Friend Finder, which often yield faster results.

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