Tinder Survey Shows These 15 Professions Get the Most Matches

sexiest jobs according to tinder
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The most important things in your Tinder profile are your photos and your bio. Obviously right? Well, you would be surprised at the number of people that underestimate how important it is to actually put what you do for a living on your profile.

Think about it, when you meet someone, be it with dating intentions or not, one of the first things that comes up is their profession. It is usually a safe and amiable conversation topic from where many more can derive.

So why would it be different on Tinder, when your letter of presentation is that first glimpse people get from you before deciding whether to swipe left or right?

Furthermore, our jobs do have a tendency to define us and even categorize us a bit –not extremely so- especially when we’re talking about life-long careers. From an occupation or job description or statement, you can gather some initial things about someone, and that might be the tipping point between right, left, or even a superlike.

At the end, it certainly influences our desire to start a conversation and even how to start it.

So what are the most swiped-right jobs from Tinder?

According to Tinder, These are the sexiest jobs

The number one swiped-right job for men in 2018 was Interior Designer. You read it, I said it! So to all the doctors, police officers and military personnel out there – which they all dropped from the 2016 list- you might want to consider going to college again and learning a little about home design because they’re taking all the girls! Of course, I’m kidding, but just throwing out ideas here.

01Registered NurseInterior Designer
03PhotographerPhysician's Assistant
04College / Graduate StudentLawyer
05PharmacistPR / Communications
07Flight Attendant
Visual Designer
08Founder / Entrepreneur
09Personal Trainer
College / Graduate Student
10Waitress / Bartender
11Physical Therapist
13Makeup Artist
14LawyerFirefighter / Paramedic
15Marketing ManagerFounder / Entrepreneur

Interestingly shocking changes in the Men category

As you will see, in 2016 the top of the top were pilots, followed by founders or entrepreneurs. Now, even though this last category fell to number 8 this past year, it’s still amongst the top 10, so don’t be scared to put that you’re the founder of a startup if that’s the case!

One that fell from grace was doctor, which from being third now is not even on the list, and is now replaced by physician’s assistant.

And, its totally opposite for the Women category

Now, for women flight attendants and college students certainly went up the list a few spots, so good for all those college students out there trying to get a date! All the lady founders and entrepreneurs, although they fell from the third spot, they still are amongst the top 10 so no fear.

Now, the first place in 2016, which was physical therapist, went down more than 10 spots, but everything is kept within the health department, with the number one for women in 2018 being –drumroll please- Registered Nurse! And the second one dentist.

Also, if you have a knack for photographs, you are in luck! As photographs occupy this past year’s third place.

2016’s Statistics:

01Physical Therapist
02Interior Designer
TV/Radio Personality
06College Student
07Speech-Language Pathologist
09Social-Media Manager
10ModelCollege Student
10Dental Hygienist
12NursePersonal Trainer
13Flight Attendant
Financial Adviser
14Personal Trainer
Police Officer
15Real-Estate Agent

If you see this data and compare 2016 to 2018 you will realize that there’s a lot of variability, but at the end, the message is kind of the same: Don’t be afraid to put what you do for a living!

From Speech therapists to pharmacist, waitress and engineers, veterinarians and personal trainers, there is a little bit of everything on these lists just as there is a little bit of everything in the world.

Wherever you are at or whatever you are doing, it is part of your story and how you present yourself, and it says you’re doing something which is a lot better than nothing – no offense to any couch potatoes out there, trust me, sometimes I envy you- but the crux of the matter is that, the more information you give, the more matches you'll get on Tinder, and if you happen to do any of these occupations from the list, well, then you just might be in luck!

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