Why Do I Have No Matches on Tinder? 5 Reasons

Are you tired of swiping right on Tinder without getting any matches?

It's frustrating, isn't it?

But don't worry, you're not alone. Many people face the same issue and wonder why it's happening.

The truth is, there could be a number of reasons why you're not getting matches. But the good news is, we have the solutions to fix it.

In this article, we'll dive deep into the reasons behind your lack of matches and provide you with expert advice on how to turn your luck around. No matter who you are or what you look like, our proven strategies will help you get the matches you deserve.

So, let's get started and turn those swipes into matches!

5 Reasons Why You're Getting No Matches on Tinder

1. Tinder Algorithm “ELO” is Working Against You

ELO is Tinder's algorithm. If Tinder recognizes that you swipe right on EVERYONE, you’ll end up in the back of the queue. You'll get no matches on Tinder or very few.

Meaning those who are a lot more specific about who they swipe right on, will all end up being showcased before you if they swiped right on the same person you did.

If you live in a populated area, this is a bit of a problem. You’ll end up behind a lot of others on profiles that are popular.

Then, if you match with people whom you don’t reach out to, Tinder will also take note. Swiping right and being matched only not to talk to them? Tinder won’t take you seriously.

In short, Tinder tries to match you depending on your preferences. If you swipe right on everything, Tinder will think you have no preferences. Particularly if you then match and don’t even talk to your matches!

2. You're Using Wrong Photos For our Tinder Profile

There is some “photo faux pas” on Tinder.

If you're using one of these pictures then these could be the potential reason why you're getting no matches on Tinder.

  • Too many selfies
  • Close-ups of your face
  • Extreme close-ups of your face
  • Half-naked “posing pics”
  • Shots of your car/dog/house/sunsets/memes
  • Blurry shots

And, why is that?

Well, too many selfies signal that either you don’t have friends who can take photos of you, or you are self-obsessed.

No close-ups of your face, mean people have to take a gamble. They can’t see you.

So it’s like a blind date if they choose to meet up with you.

The same goes for blurry pics. What are you trying to hide? That’s what people will be wondering about.

Then there are the extreme close-ups where everyone can see every pore in your face. Scary, much?

As for the half-naked pics, …people will either write you off as just wanting sex in a sleazy kind of way, not the “I’ll have fun with hookups and be respectful” kind of way, or they’ll think you have an ego problem.

You can have your swimsuit pics, no problem if you’re playing beach volleyball, surfing, or something of the sort.

Flexing your abs in the gym, or posing in the shower, on the other hand…

3. Your Tinder Bio Sucks

If your bio is uninteresting, super short, or blank then you're making a huge mistake.

If your photos tell a great tale, people might still swipe right.

However, an empty Tinder bio signals you don’t care enough to be bothered to write one.

What does that say about dating you?

use tinder bio for more matches on tinder
Having Bio (not super short) boosted tinder matches for females by 60% and 50% for males on average.

Also, if you have a great bio, people who are on the edge, not sure whether to swipe right or left, can be swayed. If you don’t write anything, you don’t have that opportunity. It goes back to people wanting to know who they take a gamble on.

Are they worth the time and effort to chat with and meet with?

People weigh this up before swiping right.

Maybe you feel you aren’t great at writing, fair enough, but get a buddy to help you out. Seriously.

You only need three sentences that are a little bit witty/interesting/funny.

4. You Don't Have Enough Pictures on Tinder

using more than 3 pics increases tinder matches

Lastly, having very few pictures, or too many pictures that all look the same, both have the same effect: people don’t get a feel for who you are.

Based on Studies, Men and Women with at least 3 or more pictures gets significantly more Tinder matches.

And, just as showing up to a date who only had blurry images, they feel they’re taking a gamble.

5. Your Tinder Account is Showdowbanned

If you've constantly violated Tinder policies by ghosting the conversations, not chatting with your matches, or swiping too much then it's very likely your Tinder account is shadowbanned.

In that case, you need to reverse the Tinder shadowban or create a new Tinder account.


The reality is that getting matches on Tinder comes down to your Tinder profile, if it's not good then no amount of tricks will be helpful. So, work on your profile and swipe consciously, and also don't take it to your heart. Instead, you can other dating apps like Tinder.

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