13+ Obvious Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

It’s amazing to see a guy who is sexually attracted to you.

It makes a girl feel sexy, desired, and wanted.

It turns you on, as much as it does him. 

More than anything else, it lets you know that your attraction to him is mutual. He likes you, too. 

The thing with the early stages of a potentially blossoming romance is that there are so many unknowns.

  • Does he find you attractive?
  • Is he flirting with you?
  • Does he want to have sex with you?
  • And why is he serenading you with his guitar playing?
  • Does it mean something?
  • … Or does he just want to be friends? 

Trying to work out his feelings is exciting – but it can also be bewildering. But once you know exactly what to look out for, you can then start to work out your own feelings some more, and you will know whether or not to keep falling for him or to pull back.

So come join us as we take a look at the 13 sexual tension signs a guy is really turned on by you. 

13 Signs A Guy Is Really Turned On By You

1. He Looks at Your Lips

The body language of a person can tell a lot of things about him.

When a guy transfers his gaze to your lips, he won’t necessarily know that he’s doing it.

But on a subconscious level, his brain (and libido) is working in such a way that he can’t help but look at specific places whenever you’re turning him on.

He will look at your lips, your eyes – and your breasts.

He will scan you all over, devouring you with his eyes while he thinks about the things he wants to do with you.

He wants to kiss you, touch you, and have sex with you.

So if you’re talking to him and you notice that his eyes are wandering, you can assume that his attention is wandering. It isn’t because he’s bored of you. It’s because he’s turned on by you and can’t keep his eyes away from the places that he’s deeply attracted to physically. 

2. He Always Makes Eye Contact

If a man make eye contact while talking to you, congrats! You’ve done something so many women yearn to do – you’ve caught his attention. He has eyes only for you.

But you’ve also done much more than that – you’ve turned him on. 

When a man is talking to his friend, he will occasionally look into their eyes. After all, it’s just basic conversational skills.

But when a man gazes deeply into your eyes, and especially when you can see the light in his eyes reflecting back on you, it means something more. It means that, at that moment, he desires you. 

This is also the case if he literally can’t take his eyes off you, and particularly if he smiles while making eye contact. Pay attention – he wants you right now. 

Eye contact is one of the strongest body languages so don't take it as “whatever.”

3. He Can’t Stop Smiling!

Some guys smile more than others.

Some guys barely smile at all!

If a guy seems to be smiling a LOT around you, it means you’ve triggered all kinds of warm feelings inside him. You make him feel good – and you turn him on. 

4. He Flirts With You 

Let’s face it; a guy wouldn’t flirt with a girl he didn’t fancy or who he wasn’t turned on by.

But what is flirting exactly from a guy? And how do you know when he’s flirting for real and not just having banter with you?

One of the most important things to look out for is sexual insinuations. The beauty of flirting is that nothing is explicit – everything is suggested.

So if he says something suggestively where the meaning is a tad ambiguous, it’s a surefire sign that he is sexually attracted with you … and is super turned on by you. 

He might send you flirty texts to see how you react and try to build sexual chemistry with you.

5. He Wants to Talk to You All the Time 

When a guy goes out of his way to see you and talk to you, it’s another strong sign that you turn him on.

Think about it: Guys can be precious with their time. They won’t give up their time all that easily. After all, they’ve got sports to watch, boys, to see, and things to fix (lol). 

So when a guy starts spending more and more time with you and even wants to talk on the phone with you? Take it as read that you’re making him super attracted to you. 

6. He Seems Weirdly Nervous Around You 

Even the most confident guy in the world can get a little flustered and nervous around a girl who turns him on.

Pay attention to how he behaves around you. If he’s more nervous than usual, it can mean that your sexuality is turning him on. 

7. He Remembers Stuff 

How annoying is it when a guy forgets things about you?

It happens. Too often. 

Maybe he’ll forget your birthday or some other important event in your life.

Maybe he’ll even forget your favorite movie. 

These are all good signs that he’s not that physically attracted to or interested in you.

On the flip side, if a guy remembers even the tiniest details about you, such as your favorite movie, and especially if he remembers the first time you spoke, it’s a pretty strong clue that he not only really likes you, but that you also turn him on. 

8. He Can't-Wait to See You Again

Let’s face it, when we’re crushing on a guy, there are only a few words we REALLY want to hear from him.

And some of those include “I can’t wait to see you again.” 

The thing with guys is that they will not say these words lightly. If they don't have any sexual interest, they will not tell her that they want to see her again.

If they are interested? Well, as long as they’re not sure, they will speak those magic words.

“But if a guy can’t wait to see me again, does it truly mean I turn him on? Maybe it means something else?”

It could – but it’s unlikely. After all, most guys aren’t looking for a platonic relationship. If he can’t wait to see you, and if he’s prepared to cancel other plans for you, it means that he is under your spell.

9. He Smartens Up for You 

Let’s say the two of you are going out somewhere together, or maybe you’re just chatting on video.

Whatever you’re doing, he has dressed up for you.


Because he’s doing it for himself?


The conclusion we can draw here is that if a guy is making an effort to smarten himself up when he’s meeting you, it means that he is trying to impress you. He wants you to like him and be turned on by him in the same way that he’s turned on by you.

Pay special attention to what cologne he’s wearing, too. If he’s splashed himself with cologne, it’s another sign that you turn him on. 

10. He Works Extra Hard to Make You Laugh 

Guys like making girls laugh. It’s one of the things they do to get you to like them.

Sometimes, it’s a competition, and guys hate it when someone funnier than them comes along. 

And if you’ve noticed that a man is working extra hard to make you laugh, it can be a very strong sign that he’s turned on by you – and wants you to feel the same way about him. 

11. He Wants You to Himself 

If you texted him to say, “oh, by the way, my friend might be joining us tonight,” and he replied with a less-than-enthusiastic message, it suggests he would rather he had you all to himself tonight.

And that in itself is a sign that he’s turned on by you.

Alternatively, perhaps the two of you are out with friends or at a club. Other people are chatting with you, and there’s a bit of a crowd.

Then, he suggests that the two of you head somewhere quieter where you can talk.

This is known as excluding, and it means he wants YOU and only you. He doesn't want you to have intimate physical contact with any other guy.

12. He Strokes His Hair

When a girl plays with her hair, it often suggests she’s attracted to the man whose company she’s sharing.

When a guy runs his hand through his hair when talking to a girl, it suggests the same thing: He is sending subconscious messages that you are turning him on. 

One of the reasons a man will do this is because your sexuality is making him flustered. Unsure what to do with his fingers, he runs them through his hair. 

13. He Starts to Prioritize You 

We get it: It can be really hard to get a guy to put a girl before the other loves in his life, such as sports and time with the boys.

But if he’s started to prioritize you at the expense of his other pursuits, it’s a strong sign that he has a sexual attraction for you and wants to build sexual chemistry.  

14. He Sits or Stands With His Legs Spread

How one stands or sits with their legs posture is a very important body language. It's a subliminal message – used for showing one's stance on something.

When men sit or stand with their legs spread or wide, they want to assert their manhood or dominance. So, if he does that in front of you then he is probably expecting you to take a peek at his crotch and feel sexually attracted to you.

The Scoop:

When you know the signs that you really turn a guy on, you know that you’re doing something right. He likes you, he wants to be with you – and he will surely escalate things soon. The best you can do at this stage is to keep doing what you’re doing. Flirt with him, smile when you’re around him, be positive, be playful, and be the best you can be. If this was meant to be, something would develop. At the same time, it’s important to keep your expectations in check because a guy can like you sexually, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants a relationship. 

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