13 Clear Signs A Woman Is Attracted To You Sexually

Wanna know whether or not a woman is attracted to you sexually? 

Knowing the answer is a big deal. If a woman is sexually attracted to you, you can then escalate things by showing her that the attraction is mutual before the two of you – hopefully – go to bed together.

If she isn’t sexually attracted to you, you know that you can just back away and move on.

I’ve got some good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that most men don’t understand women enough to know when they’re sexually attracted to them. So they miss all the signs, the gestures and the come-ons … and they miss the opportunity to get laid.

Worse still, they get friend-zoned.

The good news is that sexual tension signs are not as mysterious as you might think. While it can be easy to misunderstand a woman’s signals, it’s only to misunderstand them if you don’t know what to look for.

In fact, there are 13 signs a woman is attracted to you sexually and a lot of them are about body language. These signs are common among all women, and if she’s displaying more than a few of them, she’s definitely into you. 

Let’s take a look at the….

13 signs a woman is sexually attracted to you. 

1. She Looks At Your Lips 

She Looks At Your Lips

We’ll talk about eyes and eye contact a little bit later, but I want to focus on the lips for now. When a woman stares at your lips, it means she’s interested in you. 

How come? 

Think about it: Lips are what we use to kiss each other with. Lips are what we use to pleasure someone orally. 

Lips = sex. 

When a woman can’t stop glancing at your lips during a conversation, it’s a powerful sign that her mind is wandering. She’s fantasizing and imagining all kinds of naughty things, such as what you’d taste like and whether or not you’re a good kisser. 

Think about it: Would a colleague with whom you’re working on a project glance at your lips? Absolutely not! It would be silly to do that. So if you catch your date stealing a few looks at your lips, take it as meaning there is sexual tension. 

2. She Bites Her Lips 

Ever seen a movie where a girl is interested in a guy … and bites her lips? 

This is a seduction tactic that girls use whenever they’re fantasizing about taking a guy to bed. They’ll look him up and down, seize him up, smile, get a cheeky glint in their eye – and bite their lips.

They won’t necessarily do this on purpose. It’s often a subconscious thing. But all women do it – introverts and extroverts – so it’s well worth paying attention to what they do with their lips. 

3. She Keeps Touching You

She Touches You

Again, I’ll go back to the earlier example.

While it’s normal for a woman to make eye contact with you in – say – an office setting or in a meeting, it’s not normal for her to constantly glance at your lips. But, of course, she’ll only do this if she wants to have sex with you.

When it comes to sitting next to you, the signs can be more mixed. Maybe she wants to have sex, or perhaps she’s just so comfortable with you as a friend.

But when she starts touching you? Yeah, that usually means she’s attracted to you sexually.

Touch is intimate. It always has been, and always will be. So when someone touches us, it often means something.

And especially if a date touches you, it means a lot. 

For example, let’s say she touches you on the shoulder. That’s nice. But now she touches you on the leg, the chest – and the face.

Oh, and she playfully punches you, too. 

Or, maybe she’ll compliment you on your “soft skin” and touch your hands and exposed arms. 

All of this means she’s really into you. She’s comfortable in your company, sure, but she also wants something more. She’s melting inside, and she wants you physically. 

The funny thing about touch is that you can ruin her sexual attraction by touching her back. So instead, it’s much better to let her do the touching for now as it will increase her sexual desire. 

4. She Find a Reason To Sit Next To You 

(or she invites you to sit next to her)

I’ve been on dates with women who’ve remained at a distance from me. I’m sure you have, too. It’s totally cool – it means they’re not comfortable with us yet. And it definitely means they’re not sexually attracted to us yet. 

And, hey, maybe they never will be. Again – totally cool.

But if a woman sits right next to you or invites you to sit right next to her, it’s a powerful sign that fancies you and perhaps wants to go to bed with you. 

It means she’s comfortable in your company and trusts you already. The barriers have come down; she wants to get closer to you, and – who knows – it may not be long before she starts touching you. 

5. She Smiles Loads

She Smiles Loads

Is there anything more charming than a girl’s pretty smile?

Possibly not.

And, look, some girls naturally smile a lot. They smile with their friends and family; they smile at work. They’re constantly smiling in photographs. They’re just smiley people!

So, just because a girl smiles around you, it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s attracted to you sexually. She could just be having a great time and is a naturally smiley individual.

However, what I would say is that if a girl isn’t smiling, it’s a surefire sign that she’s not digging you. If she only smiles nervously at your “jokes”, or if she only seems to come alive when it’s time to go, then you should back off. She’s not interested.

But if she’s smiling a lot and seems keen on you, and if she’s smiling while touching you or sitting next to you or looking at your lips, then you can test the waters by flirting with her and seeing how she reacts. 

6. She Makes Eye Contact 

Earlier, we mentioned how if a woman smiles a lot while talking to you, it’s a strong sign that she’s interested in you sexually.

But what about eye contact?

Prolonged eye contact can mean two things. It can mean you’ve captured a woman’s attention, and she’s really listening to you … or it can mean you’ve captivated her so much that she’s super-horny right now and wants to take you to bed

So how can you tell the difference?

It’s the way she makes eye contact.

If a woman constantly gazes into your eyes and can’t seem to look away, she’s clearly under your spell. She may even be fantasizing there and then. 

But then pay attention to where her eyes go next. Does she shift her gaze to your lips, your chest, your arms? If so, it’s a CLEAR sign that she’s sexually attracted to you and is imagining all kinds of things. 

7. She Plays With Her Hair a Lot 

She Plays With Her Hair a Lot

Let’s face it: some girls like to play with their hair a lot anyway. So why does this mean that she might be sexually attracted to you?

Playing with her hair has long been seen as a form of flirtation by a girl. It’s her way of flaunting her natural, feminine attributes. 

And when she plays with her hair while talking to you and establishing eye contact, it’s a strong sign that she desires you.

It all comes down to sex appeal. For women, a large part of their sex appeal is their hair. Subconsciously, when a woman wants to have sex with you, she will start doing things that heighten her sex appeal – including drawing your attention to her hair. 

8. She Texts A Lot

A girl who’s hot at texting isn’t necessarily a girl who’s turned on by you.

But it would be best if you looked at her texts for patterns.

For example, why does she text? Does she text you because you’re already chatting, or does she text you randomly for no apparent reason other than to start a conversation with you?

Girls interested in guys will find reasons to text, even if there don’t seem to be any reasons to text. Maybe she’ll tell you about a “funny thing that happened at work today,” or perhaps she’ll say, “Hey! I just wanted to see how your day is going?”

Look for the signs and read between the lines. 

She could also give you a hint through subtle sexual conversation in the form of sexting emojis or she may flirt over text (subtly).

9. She Really Laughs At Your Jokes 

She Really Laughs At Your Jokes

Okay, so a woman laughs at your jokes.

Does that really mean she’s sexually attracted to you?

Or are you just a funny guy? 

Well, I’ll let you answer the second question. But when a woman can’t stop giggling at your jokes, it can be a sign that she wants to take you to bed. 

Just pay close attention to how she behaves when you tell a joke or say something funny. If it seems like she thinks you’re the funniest guy on the planet, it can mean she’s attracted to you sexually – especially if she playfully punches you or if she’s got actual tears from laughing too much. 

And here’s the thing: Laughter can enhance sexual chemistry. If you can make a girl laugh so much that her sides split, it creates a bond that makes her desire you more. 

So if you’re able to make a girl laugh, my pro tip is that you keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing that’s so damn funny. 

10. She Dresses Sexy For You 

Let’s say you’re going out with a woman, but you’ve decided to keep your clothing fairly low-key. After all, you’re only going for some food and maybe to the cinema.

Your date, on the other hand, dresses up.

She looks stunning. She looks sexy.

Did she do it for herself? Did she do it to attract the attention of other men? 

Or did she do it for you?

It’s highly probable that she did it for you. And if she did, it’s a huge sign that she wants you sexually. 

11. She Sends You Compliments 

She Sends You Compliments

Sure, friends compliment each other. For example, I might say to a female friend, “you look great today!”

It doesn’t mean I’m sexually attracted to her. It’s just nice to say something nice about someone, especially if we really mean it. 

And if a girl says to you, “damn, you’re pretty good at this,” does it mean she’s sexually attracted to you and wants to take you home? 

Or is she just being nice? 

It’s not always easy to tell, but know this: Girls don’t just send out random compliments on a whim. When they compliment a guy, they tend to mean it.

And sometimes, a compliment is a way of telling you, “I want you.”

What kind of compliments should you look out for? 

If she compliments the way you look, it’s a strong sign that she’s interested in you. 

12. She Blushes 

If a woman desires you sexually, she might not always blush. It might be the case that she never blushes. 

But if a woman does blush while she’s in your company, it’s a good sign that she’s really horny right now.

How come?

Blushing is something a person does involuntarily when their blood pressure rises. And while there are different reasons for blushing, being around someone who makes us horny can raise our blood pressure – and cause us to blush. 

Of course, context matters. A girl might blush because she’s embarrassed. So if she says something embarrassing while she’s with you and then blushes, it probably isn’t a sign that she’s sexually attracted to you.

But if the two of you are flirting and things are clearly heating up, and she blushes, you should take it as a sign that she wants to see you naked. 

13. People Have Told You 

Lastly, we sometimes don’t see the signs ourselves. She’s obviously into us and wants to have sex with us – but we miss out because we haven’t read the signs. We weren’t sure.

If this is the case, if you need one final sign that a woman is attracted to you sexually, listen to what other people tell you. If they say, “she definitely likes you, man,” accept what they say as the truth. They see things from an objective point of view, and if they tell you she wants you – you should go with that 

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