Our SwingLifeStyle Review: (Should You Even Bother?)

Looking for an orgy with people who are genuine and share your sexual interests?

Want to find a sex party in your local area but also want to stay safe and healthy?

Threesomes, partner swapping, or maybe you just need a third partner to join you and your spouse.

The swinger lifestyle isn’t easy. But SwingLifeStyle can help. 

One of the very first swinger sites aimed at bringing the swinger community together, SwingLifeStyle launched in 2001. It’s kept things simple ever since, focusing on doing what it does best.

It’s crammed with fellow members, and there’s a real community feel going on … but does it work?

Can you land the sexy hookup you’re looking for? 

I've tried swinging sites myself so I know I can be of help to you.

In my review, I’m going to share with you my thoughts to help you make a better, more informed decision about whether this is the online dating website for you. I’ll also give you the low-down on my own experiences and whether or not I think it’s the right choice for swingers. 

Let’s make a start.

What's SwingLifeStyle?

Swinglifestyle.com is a swing lifestyle dating site that promotes a safe environment for swingers. There’s not a huge pool of active free users on here but that shouldn’t discourage you from signing up. If you’re on the lookout for someone who shares your sexual values (be that a couple or a singleton), and if you want an online community that promotes safer, sensible hookups, swinglifestyle.com comes recommended. It’s not seedy, it’s not graphic and it’s not in your face. Instead, it’s just a cool, easygoing place for those who want to experiment with their sex life. 

Pros & Cons of SwingLifeStyle


  • Swinglifestyle is among the very few legit and reputable swinger sites with a respectable user base for a niche dating site.
  • You can find swingers clubs in your state just by clicking on a simple map feature.
  • Most profiles are very detailed which makes it easier to talk with like-minded couples.
  • You can get to become a part of the community by going to SLS-sponsored parties, events, cruises, clubs, and trips.


  • The design is outdated (but it works.)
  • No background check of members (you've to be careful here and do the background check since swinging is very vulnerable and sensitive by its nature.)
Affordability 5.0/5
Profile Quality4.0/5
Design & Interface Usability4.0/5

My Real Life SwingLifeStyle Review

Okay, let’s get down to what you really want to know: Does SwingLifeStyle work?

In other words, are you going to get the ‘hookup’ you’re looking for? 

Yes and No. 

Look, let’s get one thing straight: SLS isn’t like AdultFriendFinder, which is a basic hookup site that’s crammed with horny men and women looking for sex tonight. On the contrary, swinglifestyle.com is more about building proper friendships and intimate relationships – it’s about really getting to know people before meeting up and taking things to the next level. 

For example, here’s a profile that’s pretty representative of a lot of people on here: 

The good thing about a profile like this is that the couple is active, genuine, and authentic. 

See, one of the biggest problems with SwingLifeStyle is that there isn’t a huge pool of choice. Ashley Madison is stuffed with profiles but SwingLifeStyle isn’t. Moreover, there never seem to be a lot of people online and there are also a lot of profiles that look like this: 

real profile

In other words, a lot of profiles aren’t filled in, which says to me the person isn’t seriously interested in meeting up. 

That said, there’s no reason why you can’t get what you’re looking for with a bit of work. 

My own experience was good. I signed up for a month at first, filled out my profile, added some pics, and started searching the profiles. It wasn’t long before I was firing off messages and receiving messages. 

It also wasn’t long before I was sharing experiences with people, getting to know them – and meeting up. 

I made use of the video chat feature, too, as well as the forums and blogs. I immersed myself in the whole community and made new friends along the way.

And I got the sexual revolution experience I was looking for. 

Still, it took time and I’m not sure I’d keep using SwingLifeStyle for longer than a month. There’s a lot of work involved, there aren’t that many free members and it does take a long time to keep sifting through the various profiles until you find someone you like the look of. 

Getting Started on SwingLifeStyle

You know what?

I felt safe signing up for this dating site. The warm colors help with that, as do the reminders that your information will remain private.

It is, however, a fairly long and drawn-out signup process, and you have to answer numerous questions and fill in numerous fields. 

free signup

Then, you have to wait 24 hours until they verify your profile and you’re an official member.

Out of all the swinger sites I’ve tried, SwingLifeStyle definitely has the toughest signup process. If it’s your aim to land a date tonight, it’s not going to happen.

Are SwingLifestyle Profiles Real? 

Audience Quality

It's a major bummer when we sign up to a swinger dating site and then discover that there is a pile of fake profiles sending us messages. It’s a waste of time – and a waste of money. 

Fortunately, SLS has the least amount of fake users. Online dating sites like Ashley Madison have gained a bad reputation over the years for security issues and shady profiles that are there to attract new users. SwingLifeStyle, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. 

The verification process for new profiles is extremely lengthy because the company wants everyone to have a good time here … and this means as many genuine profiles as possible. When I was eventually verified, I wasn’t instantly spammed with messages to meet up with other swingers. On other dating sites that I’ve tried, this was a commonality, and it suggested that the users were fake. 

Even better, premium members get to help out with the approval process. This means that anyone looking to join SwingLifeStyle has to undergo a thorough verification process where active members of their Swinglifestyle community check the applications.

On the other hand, while I certainly didn’t see many (if any) fake users, SwingLifeStyle is also a rather small website compared to bigger names like Ashley Madison. When you combine that with the fact that a lot of members are inactive, it’s still not so easy to find people who are going to message you back. 

Moreover, if you are concerned about fake members, it shouldn’t be too hard to weed them out. Real profiles will either be lifetime premium members or, at least, paid members, and you’ll be able to see who’s paid, who’s lifetime, and who’s a free member in the search. Like this: 

site members

That said, don’t always assume that a free member is a fake profile. This definitely isn’t the case. However, you cannot message free members anyway (or, at least, they can’t read your messages). 

Design & Interface Usability

The design of the swing lifestyle website won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Personally?

I think it looks more like an online pharmacy than a swingers website. The colors – especially the dominant purple – won’t be for all of us. 

And it certainly doesn’t look or feel very erotic. 

That said, swinglifestyle.com is very much aimed at promoting a healthy and safe swinging lifestyle and the whole brand is the complete opposite of, say, AdultFriendFinder, which can look and feel a bit seedy. On swinglifestyle.com's homepage, there are no graphic photos of men or women.

Instead, what images there are actually really tasteful.

Like these:

This creates a wholesome vibe where those who are new to the swinging community can feel safe and welcome. At first, I didn’t like the colors and the layout but it grew on me, and I began to understand why it looks the way it does.

Moreover, the design is clean and simple, and this makes the swing lifestyle easy to get used to. 

The signup process is lengthy – and so is the search feature. 

As you can see from the image below, there are a lot of fields you have to fill in before you can start searching.

profile setup

It’s also not unusual to fill in the fields and then be met with this page: 

This is very different from sites like Adult Friend Finder and even Tinder, where you can find profiles in just one or two clicks.

Of course, the various fields are there to help you find what you’re looking for. Moreover, once you’ve filled them all in, you can save your search so that you don’t have to fill it all in again next time. 

At the same time, there might be some users who would prefer there to be more fields to fill in. For example, they don’t ask for you for your sexual preferences and interests (kinks and so on), whereas some hookup sites do. 

Other than that, getting used to SwingLifeStyle account takes a bit of time, but this is the case for all dating sites like this. Once you’ve been using it for a few days, it will start to feel like home. 

suggested matches

Moreover, if you don’t wish to carry out searches, you can just scroll down on the homepage to see who your latest suggested matches are:

Is SwingLifeStyle Free?

SLS offers both free and paid plans. There are a few things you can do for free. You can search for profiles and view them; you can use the forums and you can block swinglifestyle members. Most importantly, you can’t send messages to anyone. However, some people will be happy with just being able to post in the forums until their profile is verified. 

It’s also worth mentioning that free users have their searches limited to 50 maximum. Once my profile was verified, I took up a monthly subscription plan. This meant I got access to everything except the ability to approve new members, public images, and personal images. And in truth, I wasn’t interested in doing that stuff anyway.

So, what can you do?

You can upload and share and enjoy nude pics; you can share private pictures, use video chats, and – importantly – you can send messages to other members. As ever with other dating sites, the free version is useless unless you’re not actually planning to message or meet up with anyone. 

SwingLifestyle Features

SwingLifeStyle isn’t as feature-rich, but for paid members, it still has a few that help to improve the user experience and enrich your time on the dating website. Apart from the unique features mentioned below, in the paid membership you can view/upload nude photos, upload private photos, rate clubs, and approve new members.

  • Hot Dates 

This was probably my favorite feature when I was an active member of the dating site. 

Hot Date allows you to create a personal ad of sorts. It works kinda like Craigslist in that you create an ad that specifies exactly what you and your partner are looking for. You can use Hot Dates in any way you want: You can use it for just yourself, or you can use it for you and your partner. You can also use it to organize group events or a full-on sex party.

I used it for myself (I was looking for a couple) and I also used it with a friend who was looking to put together a swingers event at her place. 

  • Travel Agency
Travel Agency feature

A feature that you won’t find on another swinger site, Travel Agency is exclusive to paying members who are looking to go on a swinging event further afield. This can include swinger parties, swinger clubs, and even cruises. 

While I didn’t use the feature to go on a cruise, I did check out the various events that were advertised and it is a fun, useful feature that connects couples with other groups. 

As you can see from the image, there are all kinds of options. It also gives you detailed information on what to expect, too. Bear in mind, though, that a lot of the events are usually some way off into the future. But, hey, it gives you enough time to plan.

  • Club Map 

A friend of mine has been looking to get more involved in the swinger community but often says that it’s hard as she never really knows where to go to meet genuine, friendly people.

This is why I think the Club Map is one of the best features. It lets you find clubs in your local area that embrace the swinger lifestyle. Once you know exactly where you’re going, it’s much easier to just go there and have a good time. 

Club Map highlights exactly where the club is, and it also introduces you to people who are going there. It’s a really cool way of getting a ‘date’ for the night without even having to put too much effort in.  

  • Sex Stories 

This feature gives you access to erotic stories written by the swinglifestyle.com community. Anyone can submit a story but all new stories have to be reviewed first so that they’re appropriate for the website.

One problem already seems obvious – if anyone can write and submit a story, won’t there just be a lot of average (or worse) stories? Yes, but the good news is that everyone gets a chance to vote on each story that’s submitted. If a story has a less-than 3 rating, it will be removed. The best erotic stories, meanwhile, get bumped to the top.

Also in the Sex Stories section are blogs and forums where you can meet other unpaid members. 

As you can see from the image below, each story is categorized and you can explore various niches to find a hot, sexy story of your choice. 


Free Vs Paid Features

Swinglifestyle offers a basic account with a free membership but it has very limited features. Free members can send only up to 5 emails and view up to 50 profiles per day. You won't get any success with the free account. Here is an image of a comparison between free vs premium membership features:

free membership vs premium membership

What's The Membership Cost?

Price-wise, It is competitive and even reasonable. 

  • 1 Month – $14.95
  • 3 Months – $29.95 ($9.98/month)
  • 6 Months – $49.95 ($8.33/month)
  • 12 Months – $69.95 (5.83/month)

For one month of SwingLifeStyle, you have to pay $14.95. However, if you take up the option of a 3-month subscription, you will make a 35% saving and pay just $9.66 per month.

The 6-month subscription deal is even better and you will make savings of 45% as you pay $8.16 per month. That’s not bad at all and if you’re planning to spend the next few months on the swinging scene, it’s well worth it.

Meanwhile, you could save 62% of the original price by opting for the 12-month subscription, which locks you into a $5.75 per month contract. Again, that’s entirely reasonable if you’re planning to double down on the swinging scene this year. 

Apart from the monthly packages for premium members, SwingLifestyle also offers a lifetime premium membership that costs 149.95 USD. With the lifetime membership, you can access all the features of swinglifestyle.com

Is SwingLifeStyle Safe?

Privacy and security are paramount whenever you hand over your details to a hookup site. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the infamous data breaches at Ashley Madison, and the last thing anyone wants is for their private information to end up in the public domain.

While swinglifestyle.com promotes a healthy, safe atmosphere, the way they handle your data is more concerning. On their Privacy Policy, swinglifestyle.com is unclear on what will happen to your data. There’s even a suggestion that they will fail to protect it from 3rd party vendors who may go on using it for ads. 

Worse still, there’s no information on what encryption method the SLS uses. 

I’d say privacy and security is my biggest concern, which is a real shame. You can, however, customize your privacy settings so that certain bits and pieces of info – your location, pics, age, and so on – remain private to other free users.

Is There A Free Version Of SwingLifeStyle?

Yes, you can create a free swinglifestyle account. However, the free account offers very few features compared to a premium account. You can use the forums and search member profiles but you can’t message anyone or receive any messages.

Who Is SwingLifeStyle For? 

SwingLifeStyle is generally aimed at those who want to put some color into their lifestyle. It’s ideal for experienced swingers, as well as those who are new to the swinging scene and are looking for a place to start. It’s also great for couples looking to just make new friends and see where things go. 

Is SwingLifeStyle Legit?

SwingLifeStyle is safe, 100% legit, and real. A small minority of its users are fake, and some free users will be inactive. But swinglifestyle.com is safe, secure, and legit. 

Is There A SwingLifestyle Mobile App?

No, the mobile app version is not available yet

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