25 Amazing Third Date Ideas to Build Intimacy and Know Each Other At A Deeper Level

Didn't make it to their bedroom on the first two dates? The third time is the charm. 

If you made it through your first and second date, then going for the 3rd date means that you've got something. Third dates aren't only decisive about the fate of a relationship but also signify a point where couples open up a bit more emotionally (and physically). Two other dates have torn down the doubts you had for one another, and the third is clearing what's left. 

Statistics gathered from Match's 2021 Singles in America Survey state that the third date signifies that it's time to have sex. Two out of three singles wouldn't accept having sex without reaching the third date. So if you've gone this far, better keep yourself prepared for this special night. 

What's The Significance of a Third Date?

The third date implies a lot of things to both parties. Some women see it as an affirmation to have sex, while both parties see it as a step closer to an official exclusive relationship. The first and the second date might have been quite spontaneous, but the third opens the way for your fantasies. Icebreakers have already melted the ice, and things are about to get wet. 

Therefore, process this in your mind: This is your chance to make a lasting impression. Firstly, ask yourself whether you truly want this to turn into a relationship or a simple hook-up. Whatever the case, you should leave hints here and there for your intentions to not puzzle the other person. It's easy to be misunderstood. You wouldn't want to break their heart at the end. 

What Should You Know by The Third Date?

What Should You Know by The Third Date?

Don't worry. It doesn't mean you should overwhelm yourself too much with the details. We've made a list of the top five things you should have on your mind as you approach this date. Having a clear idea of these points will make sure you are on the same page. Going on a date with different intentions might lead to a mess, so keep these things in mind: 

1. Find out their dating goals. Approaching the third date while both sides have different goals will make it pretty awkward and time-wasting. Get to know if they're searching for a serious relationship with the purpose of getting married or seeking a casual sex partner. Imagine if they aim for a simple hook-up while you intend to exchange vows and get married! It's better for both sides to be clear at first and save yourself the heartbreak.

2. Check if you both respect a similar system of values. Are they the type of person who loves crazy adventures and unstable life while you prefer the opposite? If yes, then this might creak your relationship. Before stepping further, you should know what their ideals are. Do they like working out and setting big career goals? Do you share the same religious beliefs? Do they value constant growth and taking risks or prefer a stable life? 

3. Could you handle dealing with their perspective on life? Within the two first dates and the ample amount of texting between the two, you should have already gotten a glimpse of their perspective on life. Are they optimistic or dead pessimistic about everything? If they've complained about their job, colleagues, finances, or life in general, know that it means they'll be annoying you with such talk in the future. Would you be ready to embrace that in the name of the relationship or not? Think about it. 

4. Do you share the same relationship with timing? This is a crucial one. Pay attention to their arrival on the first two dates. Usually, those who love being punctual and getting ready five minutes earlier don't go well with those who don't respect schedules. This doesn't necessarily mean that the relationship won't work out, but it definitely requires tolerance from the punctual one. At the same time, this contrasts with your systems of values.  

5. Be honest if you enjoy their company. Be honest with yourself if you truly like being around them or if these dates have happened because you had nothing better to do. It wouldn't make much sense to continue meeting someone that doesn't make you feel a spark inside. Don't ignore that feeling of irritation that passes through your body. If that's the case, consider this third date as the final one to evaluate your doubts, and move on.

Keeping these five things in mind as you chat before your third date will help you to make a proper decision on how to behave on this date. I mean, it's time for you to have a sense of commitment toward what could be a long-term relationship or a short date. After processing this in your mind, start thinking about this date. What could it be like and where? We've got some ideas for you. 

25 Amazing Third Date Ideas

1. Make a Really Good Cup of Coffee/Tea Together

Simple actions like preparing a cup of coffee or tea together play the role of a harmony check. How well do you get along together in the kitchen? This is the test. Moreover, you can put so much romance into it. Staring at each other while the coffee brews and staying back to observe your partner's movements are some casual actions that help you see if you'd love their presence around you. Then, surely, the good tea/coffee is a bonus. 

2. Enjoy a Phone-Free Meal

Whether you're sitting at a restaurant or at each-others place, putting your phones aside while eating makes a third date more delicious. Immersing yourselves in the conversation without distracting notifications leads to deep conversations. No one can interrupt that magical moment when your phone is in the other room. After seeing how wonderful the time spent without phones was, you'd want to make this a constant practice. 

3. Skip Conversations About Work, Stress, or To-Do Lists

Those are all things we discuss with regular people, friends, and even though sharing how you hit a milestone at work makes you cheerful; it's not what bonds you closer. Allow your partner to know those parts of your life and personality that lie under that formal person you appear to others. This is when you let your guard down and open your heart to new connections. 

4. Staying in Bed

Good things don't have to be complicated. Staying with each other in bed, talking, cuddling, and relaxing will take place as one of the most memorable moments of your time. If they are coming to your place, prepare a nice bed with special scents and dim lighting. If their presence beside you in bed makes you feel calm and peaceful, that's a sign you enjoy their company. 

5. Go for a Run Together

If you're both into sports this will be fun. At least, you'll also have the chance to see if they can keep up the pace with you. There's also space for romance here. If they stop and try to motivate you rather than continue ahead annoyed, that shows so much about their personality. Also, you can set small prizes for the winner (such as kisses) to warm up the moment. 

6. Read & Discuss Books Together

It doesn't have to be literature. It can be self-help books or anything else that's food for thought and can sparkle up discussions. Sometimes one sentence or even word can lead to deep conversations when the other partner opens up about an unknown part of themselves. If you're serious about discussing books, you can even start a small book club just for you two and set a time to discuss. However, see how the talk goes first.

7. Practice Yoga & Meditation 

These two practices can get you into a state of calmness, peace and can energize your body. Neither of you needs to be a professional at it. Simply stream Youtube in a spacious room, or even outside and follow the steps one by one. It will remove any tension in both of you and lead to joyful conversations with little to no constraints. Release the stress and open your heart to getting to know each other better. 

Note: It's better if you select some nice activewear ahead of the date. 

8. Put a Puzzle Together

Challenges are always beautiful because of two simple reasons: when trying to solve a problem, you are fully yourself, and your partner will see that warrior side of you. There you can see what traits they possess. Are they determined, intelligent, curious, selfish, or open-minded? Watch these traits reveal as you enjoy fitting the pieces in their place. As the puzzle pieces fit in, you'll become less puzzled about the fate of this relationship.

9. Watch a Comedy Special

Seeing them laugh is not only enjoyable but also makes you realize if you really feel good in their presence. Laughing together helps you both loosen up from awkwardness, and be more open with each other. Especially now that the relationship is in its early stages, scroll through the Netflix series and stream one with a few drinks and popcorn on your hands. This is also a good way to pick some good jokes for later use.

10. Visit an Unknown Place 

Visiting a place neither one of you has ever been before will be an enchanting experience. Moreover, visiting that place will leave a mark on your memories because you were together. See how the other partner reacts to the interesting objects around. Do they share the same curiosity with you? This is the moment to see if you're really drawn to the same things. It's the moment to gather clues if this date is the last or one of the few. 

11. Have a Picnic Together

Enjoy a beautiful sunny day in fresh nature with your potential partner. Even though this could be done inside your living room, nothing replaces being in open nature. Each of you can bring its own things and then you can taste each other's food. If homemade food isn't your style, takeaways work too. All it matters is that you're comfy and enjoying the moment. It all starts with the good food, and flirty lines, and then the picnic may continue elsewhere.

12. Dress Up for a Fancy Dinner

There's nothing better than having the fancy feeling of dressing up for a night out (and then undressing) without really having to go out. You can dine dressed for a night out inside your kitchen, and this makes it magical. Light up some candles and create that romantic mood. It can later turn into sensual cuddling and passionate kissing, but luckily you don't have to struggle driving home. Just head over to the right room. 

13. Watch the Stars Together  

Tap into that sensitive part of your partner, grab a blanket, and lay somewhere outside with them to watch the stars. Whether you decide to combine this with camping, or merely by finding a place where the sky is clear at night, it will be magical. Such scenery not only will bound you more but also recall beautiful memories for each one of you to talk about. Open your heart if they open theirs if you feel like wanting to know them better.

14. Learn a New Skill Together

We get to know someone better when we spend time with them not only with the purpose of dating. Seeing how they learn and do usual things is also romantic. So, enroll in a course together and start dating while learning. It can be the guitar, swimming, or some kind of sport. Sometimes, you might not even need to follow a formal course. Simply find some learning materials and practice together. After finishing the daily sessions, you could go out to dine and hang out together. 

15. Conduct a Beer or Wine Tasting

Time for some tasting. Your third date could be a delicious one and both parties can have fun while getting a little bit drunk. Grab some bottles of wine or beer home or visit bars and restaurants where you can relish different types of alcohol. It helps you understand each other's preferences but also gets the conversations to flow smoother while you're a bit tipsy. 

16. Throw a Two-Person Party

Throwing parties doesn't have to involve tens or hundreds of people. Organize a two-person party and you'll see that it will be equally fun, not to say a lot more. Prepare everything as if you're inviting lots of people. Set up the lights over the patio, put on some music, and start cooking a barbecue. See who has the spirit of the party and don't be afraid to go crazy a little. Let go of your shyness and be yourself in the arms of a potential partner.  

17. Play a Sport Together

Just like yoga, meditation and running, playing a sport together can serve well as an idea for your third date. Pick a local community center, private facilities, or park where you can play. Always keep in mind to choose a sport that's not too challenging for the other partner, otherwise, they'll feel bad. Also, put your ego down and don't try to show that you're the best. Firstly, it's just a game and secondly, you're trying to impress them, not beat them.

18. Go for a Long Drive

For someone who likes adventures, this is one of the ideal ways to pass time with someone and know them better. Turn the volume up and enjoy singing out loud together as you drive and enjoy the moment. If the first two dates were in public spaces, let this be more private, implying that you're ready for more private time together. Drive somewhere afar in a place for only you two and sit somewhere to watch the sunset or enjoy the calm nature. 

19. Visit Art Galleries or Attend Concerts

If you're serious about putting some romance in, it's time to be a bit artistic and plan a trip to a museum or art gallery. Always it depends on what you both prefer. If they like visual arts, these places are ideal. Open Google Maps and start exploring. But if she prefers other types of art like classical music, find two tickets and attend a concert together. Even though the majority thinks these belong to the past, some souls never lose their love for art. 

20. Plan a Movie Night

This can be either at a cinema or at your home. Going to the cinema might be a bit old-fashioned and there's not much space for talking, but you can try to do this at home. Even though it might sound pretty generic as an idea, it's up to you how you organize it. Be creative and leave popular series aside and select a documentary that matches your tastes. It will be something different and sparkle interesting hour-long conversations.

21. Play the Question Game

Questions are wonderful to help us know the other person, but asking too many questions directly is awkward. Therefore, playing the questions game makes this way easier. It's time for you to ask those questions you have kept in the back of your mind and get an answer. If you want this third date to be decisive, learn as much about them as possible before making a decision. 

22. Share Your Skill

Is there anything that you're proudly good at? Show it to your partner. This is an opportunity for you to impress, and make them proud to have found you. It's also a good practice to interact more with them and strengthen your bond. This could be painting, cooking, drawing, playing the piano, writing, or designing. They will get to know you better in the process. 

23. Head to The Beach

The beach is calming and relaxing. Your third date could be in a wonderful place like this. Grab their hand and walk on the sand together as the sun goes down. The landscape has all the elements of a romantic date, quietness, a beautiful view, and dim lights. What's even more: it doesn't cost much. The third date seeks intimacy and this is the ideal place to be. 

24. Take Them to Your Favorite Spot 

During childhood, we tend to spend time in some spots that become our favorite as we grow up. Then, during adulthood, we find some more spots that become dear to us. It could be a coffee shop where you always sit. It could be a waterfall on a mountain where you go hiking often. No matter where this place is, sharing it with your partner will bond you closer. It shows that you trust them enough to share your secrets with them. 

25. Surprise Date Just for Them

The third date doesn't have to be a boring scheduled meeting in a coffee shop. Be creative and surprise them with an unexpected date. For example, you can prepare the place and tell them that an accident happened and you need their help. There are a lot of things you can do. Ask them one day about the favorite places they would like to visit and organize a date where you go to all these places (if possible) but without telling them this.

Extra Third Date Idea: Go Dancing

It's probably one of the oldest and the best dating ideas that brings two people in a relationship closer to each other both physically and emotionally. After you have received their approval, find a good dancing center where you can learn a few moves together or hit the club. Depending on your tastes, it can also be something that's done at home. What matters is that you enjoy it even though your moves might not be perfect. 

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