How Does OkCupid Work? (A Beginner’s Guide)

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How does okcupid work

If you're starting off with online dating then OkCupid is one of the finest options out there. It is a online matchmaking service started in January, 2004.

The fact that OkCupid has been around for 15 years now and still growing speaks for its credibility. So if you've have any doubts regarding if OkCupid works or not, then it's time to throw these doubts out park.

This guide will help you learn step by step, how to use OkCupid and how can you add that 1+1 to the next wedding you attend.

Need More Proof?

Our Senior writer, Melissa, met her man through OkCupid and got married to him last year. You can read her story in OkCupid review article.

6 Steps Guide to Learn How OkCupid Works:

Step 1: Setting up OkCupid Account

How Does OkCupid Work 1

There are two ways to do so, either you can download the application or visit the OkCupid Website and pick it up from there. Upon installation, you will very politely be asked to enter your name. 

Do not enter made-up names, the ones that you are prompted to do so on several social media platforms. Stay true to yourself even if your name is Buniduct Combirbatch. It is what it is. 

You can also set up the account by connecting it with Facebook or even by your email address. 

After the sign up your account will be created and here on starts the real work. 

Step 2: Your Biological Identity

How Does OkCupid Work 2

Well, isn’t that the million dollar question. What do you identify with? There are a lot of options with OkCupid, so choose anyone and move on to the next step. 

You also need to choose the gender with whom you want to spend time and break these shackles of loneliness. Other than this, you also need to fill in other sundry details like DOB, area of residence and other few details that will only help OkCupid filter out a region to prompt you with similar matches. 

Done till here? Well, you are only reading it first. Giddy up DUDE! Open a new tab and set your profile alongside. There is no time to waste, who knows what your right match is doing right now. 

Do you believe in destiny? Well, if you do, then hear that the one you will want to date is waiting for you somewhere, or laying in bed waiting for you. 

Step 3: Adding Pictures

How Does OkCupid Work 3

The whole hullabaloo around OkCupid is that you should be seen by others as interesting and someone with whom the other person can associate themselves. 

So what can you do to enhance your personality in a manner that excites the other person?

The answer is making an amazing bio profile. Well, OkCupid will allow you to add up to 6 photos for your profile. Don’t go for filters and all, like this, if you two meet on a date, the whole excitement of your date will drain down in the Niagara. 

Be confident with who you are, no matter the shape or the size. Add a couple of full body photos, make sure to add one or two pictures of this beautiful and mesmerizing face. If you don’t have, click it and then add them to your profile. 

You must have heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, this is the perfect opportunity to bring the phrase to reality. Add one or two pictures when you are either hiking, or skating, or even swimming.

The point to convey your hobbies via pictures. Isn’t that a great idea!

Step 4: Crafting the Bio

How Does OkCupid Work 4

Don’t go all Martin Luther here and start reciting “I have a Dream”. 

Keep the bio succinct enough to be a kind of mystery for the other person to unravel. Be honest, and finish it off in a few sentences. Add your interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes. 

The most important thing is that you stay TRUE to yourself. 

Again, be precise and as short as possible. OkCupid gives you enough prompts after this to narrow down your profile enough so that you are only able to match with the right person. 

Some of these questions are a bit personal and may touch upon a sensitive topic. But the point is to personify your true self with the help of the profile. 

These questions also have another purpose, and that is to calculate your compatibility rate. Take these 15 questions as a test that will analyze your profile against the whole OkCupid database and then rate the profile as per the other profile’s answers. 

Hey, hey relax. These are not your SAT’s. These are simple questions based on politics, cleanliness, sex, religion, ethical views, your dating choices and a few other. So, all you have to do is answer in Yes, No or Maybe. That’s it. 

And at the end of it when you get that first ‘ting’ confirming that you have matched with someone, that moment will be “Legen… Wait for it…. Dary. LEGENDARY. 

Before we move forward know that, initially you will be asked up to 15 questions and it is not at all mandatory to answer them all. 

And down the line, OkCupid will ask you many more such questions.

Step 5: Matching & Sending Likes

How Does OkCupid Work 5

In OkCupid, you will come across a whole lot of profiles. And these profiles are provided as per your answers and your profile bio. Therefore, it is always better to answer more and more number of questions so that, OkCupid can narrow down your profile matches before showing them to you.

OkCupid will show you individual profiles of your most relevant matches. On your phone, tap anywhere on the profile page of anyone you like and it will take you to the specific profile.

On the web, however, you need to click on “View Profile” and then dig into another member’s profile and look for things that you both have in common.

From there, you can send like to the profile/s. However

OkCupid works like a quid pro quo system. Even if you like someone, you cannot start a chat until and unless your preferred match also likes you.

So, either you swipe in either direction or even send a direct message, the end result will depend on what the other person thinks about you. 

Step 6: Sending Messages

how to send messages on OkCupid

Scroll up and down the profile list before sending a direct message. I like this method better because it gives you a chance to tell what you like about the other person which increases the chances of a mere acquaintance into a romantic conversation. (A life hack that I discovered only recently).

Also, you can send a witty or any sort of message judging the other person’s nature through the profile bio, photos, and answers (which are visible in the premium version). 

For instance, if you notice a girl’s picture at a music concert or at a comedy show, you can start the conversation with a joke or by asking about her song preferences. And to do that you need to be smart enough to gain enough info from the picture and then proceed. 

Plus, as soon as you notice that things are going good, ask your match on a date. Never hesitate. They are also here to find their match and not just chat through an application. And if in case you are not getting any likes or matches, there are a lot more questions to answers and further narrow down your profile. Here's First Date Ideas to spice it up.

Is OkCupid worth it?

Well, ask that to Shahjahan, an Indian Emperor who spent a ton load of money only to build Taj Mahal, in the remembrance of his beloved. With this logic, it is totally worth. 

When it comes to OkCupid, paying to get the premium version will surely be noticed better than freeloaders. 

You will get an unlimited number of likes, higher visibility, make use of the advanced filters and search for profiles with reference to variables. The ads will be removed. All of this is available with the basic paid version.

Coming to the premium paid version, where your profile will get a boost. This will trampoline your profile to the top and help you get noticed more frequently. More than this, you can also check out the answers of the other profile. 

Isn’t that cool? 

Like you will get a secret entry into the life of someone’s life via their profile and then you can curate the best ice breakers and turn it into a deal breaker. 

Not getting any Matches on OkCupid?

Well, isn’t that the most dreadful thing to observe at the end of the day when you get no matches at all. 

Don’t be disheartened, this is not the end of your online dating. You have someone waiting just for you to arrive and take it all away. A human being has the power to cross the seven seas in search of LO…. I am again taking it somewhere else.

No matches, no problem my Friend, firstly this does not mean that you are any less than the others. Well if you are missing one or two teeth, then maybe that was not the best picture to go with, is it?

Nonetheless, getting matches is easier when you have your preferences dictated to OkCupid correctly and extensively. 

Answer more questions so that your new match-making partner can understand you better and show more refined profiles that enlist similar interests.

You need to find that one formula that works for you after that everyone else will be tailgating you. 

Mary J. Gibson

Mary J. Gibson

Mary J. Gibson is a contributing editor at She is a sex & dating expert and often gets cited on Bustle, AskMen, Cosmopolitan, EliteDaily and a lot more big trusted publications. She stay up-to-date with the industry by interviewing and making connections with new and growing dating services.

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