How to Get Laid on OkCupid in 2023? A Woman’s Guide

How to get Laid on OkCupid

Looking for hookups with no strings attached?

OkCupid is definitely a good dating app for casual hookups

According to OkCupid's data, 46% of OkCupid users say they’d consider sleeping with someone on the first date, as opposed to the 40% who say they wouldn’t (14% skipped the question).

A catchy dating profile and along with a few tricks can surely help you in getting laid on OkCupid.

So here’s a comprehensive guide to aid you in the chase follow through it for getting laid using OkCupid:

5 Steps to get laid on OkCupid:

Although getting laid is quite easy with OkCupid but still, if you are wondering about tidbits of OkCupid’s profile then this 4-step guide might help.

Step 1: Setting up a drool-worthy profile

setting up okcupid profile for hookups

Everyone loves to come across a calm and composed profile that gives off a fun vibe. So while creating a profile on OkCupid try to stay less intense and add that great sense of humor instead.

The first step of signing up to OkCupid includes filling in your address, what kind of relationship you are looking for, and uploading profile images.

Although this sounds like a piece of cake, but trust me if you aren’t paying attention from start you might end up sleeping empty-handed.

So, while you are signing up for your OkCupid keep these tips and tricks in mind for creating a profile that will surely help you to get laid on OkCupid:

  • First things first don’t try to sound desperate to get women into your bed. Pulling a stunt like this can scare the shit out of ladies.
  • In the “what you are looking for” section don’t choose Long term relationships if you are looking for hookups. As misleading people is never a cool thing and the approach of LTR is on a whole different level.
  • Make your profile picture says it all! A well-dressed interesting picture (not selfies and group photos) is all you need to grab the attention of the opposite sex.

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Step 2: Appeal to the ladies with interesting details about yourself

okcupid bio for hookups

After successfully uploading images you’ll have to write a self-summary and describe your interest as well. This section is an important part as here you can make yourself look interesting and appealing to women.

If you succeed in creating a funny and interesting self-description for your profile you’ll surely score matches in no time. For this part remember to be mysterious, engaging, and interesting. 

There are basically four sections that you’ll have to fill up, so take a look at what each of these sections is and how to fill them for staying ahead in the game:

Write a Self-Summary and add this line to it:

Put forward an interesting self-summary for ladies to read. If you are heartbroken, try keeping those things away from the summary part as nobody likes a depressed soul at first glance.

Instead, add humor and positivity to your bio.

Talk about your career goals and what type of things you like to do but avoid bragging about your car and job. As a “know it all” vibe might make you look arrogant.

After you've done writing about yourself, don't forget you add this line in your bio: “I'm not really looking for anyone serious right now, but I love meeting new people and intense connections.


Don’t skip the favorites section of OkCupid. Honestly describe things that you love to watch and listen to. Mostly when you give a sneak peek about your choices it gives your matches a sense of familiarity, making conversation easier for them as well.

You should message me if:

In this part writing clear and accurate expectations is necessary if you don’t want your hard work to go in vain. Be smart and direct without being rude to your profile visitors. Mention that you are looking for something casual instead of directly saying that you want a one-night stand. Drop hints that you don’t want a long-term partner in the nicest way as sounding rude online isn’t cool anyway.

I Value:

In this section, you can clearly describe what type of partner you expect. Moreover, you can talk about your expectations of the relationship that you are looking for. Here you should sharply express your beliefs and desires for the kind of relationship in an intriguing and interesting way.

Step 3: Screen the matches and save your time

Screening is an important part of the dating process on OkCupid. It helps you to get like-minded matches who have similar interests as yourself.

For screening profiles, you need to go through the profile of your matches. This will help you to figure out if there are any expectations contradicting your aims.

Also, this section can easily help you to figure out ladies who wouldn’t mind casual sex, all you need is a good eye.

Look For Long-Term relationship signals:

If a woman is looking for a long-term relationship then their expectations can be on a completely different level. This difference in preference can waste your and their time as well since you both will not get what you expect. It's wiser to not message them in the first place as instead of meeting up they’ll be asking about future goals and family plans which is pointless in your case.

Generally, women with Long Term Relationship expectations will write that they are looking for making friends and want to find a date who is willing to build a deeper connection with them.  If you find a profile that hints towards the expectation of a long-term relationship then it's best to stay clear from them unless you plan the same.

Look for signals that your match is ok with casual hookups:

Asking to meet up in the first few texts might not be a wise option. However, if you can find out potential ladies who are willing to hook up then it might become easier for you to approach them. Generally, profiles that use casual language and show signs of meeting up are a good catch. As once you’re sure that the person is willing to meet up scheduling a date will take no time which might lead to a great hook-up session.

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Step 4: Send an OkCupid Opener That Grabs Her Attention

Assuming that you have matched with a person who has the same expectations as you the next part is texting her. It's important to be interesting and respectful to ladies out there otherwise your matches will go in vain.

Moreover, a calm and composed approach is a much better option for securing a date rather than being clingy and desperate.

Here are a few tips and tricks which can help you in making interesting conversation and securing a date:

  • Start with something you read in their profile: To start a conversation with your OkCupid matches instead of regular “Hi, how are you doing?” use something they wrote in their profile. This will make you appear attentive and considerate as well. Also, this shows that you are interested in them and gives you a plus point in the chase.
  • Be funny and add humor to the conversation: Make her laugh, that's best to keep a conversation flowing. Further, adding humor to the conversation will also help her to feel at ease around you. By keeping things light and funny you can easily win her trust and score a date. 
  • Ask for her number after you both become friends: Don’t rush for her number as this might make you sound creepy. Wait till you guys have become friends and she is comfortable talking with you and then you can ask for her number or offer yours.  
  • Ask her out for a normal date: Don’t invite her to your room on the first date take her out at a bar or cafe instead. Bond with her over a cup of cappuccino and make her feel comfortable. Further, if she is comfortable around you she’ll open up herself.

Moreover, if you choose a bar near your house, your apartment can be the answer to what next. So, for getting laid you’ll have to play your cards wisely.

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Step 5: Set up a Hookup Date

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Now assuming that you have successfully followed through with all the steps and are planning to meet up with your date. In the last step if you are not careful enough then you can mess up the chase in the last over. 

Although since you have a pretty good idea about each other you won’t be short of topics to talk about. But getting asking her to your apartment can still be a confusing task.

Ask her out for a drink:

Always start by asking her out for a drink if she isn’t into alcohol then propose her a daytime coffee date. However, if you are out at a bar I would suggest you avoid getting drunk. Grab a drink, talk, and move to dancing with her and make her feel physically comfortable.

After she has had her drinks and you both have danced your hearts out you can swiftly suggest getting some fresh air. Further, with smart talk and confidence, your short walk can either change into a backseat adventure or a steamy bedroom story.

Always choose a place near your house:

Choosing a place near your house can increase your chances of getting laid. After your coffee or drinks, you can suggest hanging out at your place. Further, if you are lucky enough with proper mood and conversation you might get a shot at hooking up with the beautiful lady as well.

Although with confidence and genuine interest getting laid on OkCupid is an easy thing. However, if things didn’t work out on your last date don’t get disheartened. As we all learn from our mistakes, try again with genuine interest and be respectful to your matches.

Takeaway: 👇

Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion and ladies love it when you are respectful and decent. And, who knows you might win a lady with the tips and tricks combined with your charm and confidence and get a steamy hookup session over a weekend. So, instead of procrastinating all day build a profile, reach out, and get laid with OkCupid’s online dating services.

Also, I would suggest you make a Tinder account (on the side) and put it to use to get laid using Tinder.

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