OkCupid Messages: Beginner’s Guide to using Instant Messaging

how to use okcupid messages

If you want to find a match on OkCupid, you will need more than just a pretty face. Yes, you got it right. Here, it is more about how you are as a person and your likes and dislikes. That’s it!

Messaging in case of OkCupid is different due to features like DoubleTake and Match Search. Never heard of such things? No worries, I’ll help you understand and it’s not some rocket science that you won’t be able to get.

How to use OKCupid Messages

Make an impressive OkCupid profile

This is an important part of the whole process and you need to invest maximum time in this step. Wondering why? Well, Your Dating profile will speak on your behalf. It will let others understand what kind of individual you are.

So, don’t rush. You will have plenty of time to find your perfect match. Just come up with a good profile and that will be a great kickstart to your dating journey. Reveal as much information as your comfortable with in addition to some amazing photos. 

You might come across some questions asking about your preferences. Make sure you don’t skip them as this info will be used to search your potential matches. Sounds fun, right? Now that you have set up an intriguing profile, let's get started!

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Find your match using DoubleTake 

DoubleTake feature allows you to view the profile information of one person that could be your potential match at a time. There are different ways of using this feature depending on whether you are using the app version or simply OkCupid website. 

For OkCupid App:

  • Tap on the screen at any position and you will be able to view the profile of that person.
  • If you like that profile, swipe right.
  • If you do not like that profile, swipe left.

For OkCupid Website:

  • Click on the option view profile.
  • If you like what you see, click on the star icon.
  • Don’t like what you see? Click on the X to skip that profile.

That is all you are required to do. Told you it’s not rocket science. Cheers!

Find your match using Match Search

If you do not like the concept of swiping, there is another option for you and that is Match Search. This feature is the most credible way to find your match. You just have to be clear with what you are looking for. 

You can search on the basis of age, gender, orientation, height, body type and more. So, all those who match these characteristics will appear in your search. If someone from the lot catches your eye, you can show your interest by messaging them.

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For OkCupid App: 

  • Look for the magnifying glass located on the bottom navigation row. By clicking on it you will land on the discovery page.
  • Click on the icon situated at the top of the page to view the filters screen.
  • Choose from the list of filters available on OkCupid.

For OkCupid Website:

  • Visit the Browse Matches page and tap on the icon of Advanced filters.
  • Type in your options and select Search to get the results.

If you find someone interesting, just select the Like button after visiting their profile. And now the messaging part begins.

Start conversation with an interesting message

sending message on okcupid

Now that you are done with all the technical stuff, it is time to vent your emotions by sending an introductory message. The star icon will help you locate all the liked profiles. And it on these profiles that you will find the message icon.

Let me make one thing clear here, you can message this person only once till the time he likes you back. So, this is your only chance to impress him. Rather than sending a lifeless “hi”, come up with something unique and catchy.

The initial message should at least contain 80 to 90 characters. You may take help from the person’s profile and come with a creative and personalized message. Come on, it really isn’t that hard! All you have to do is give that girl or guy a reason to text you back.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

“So you like to read Austen? What else do you read besides classics?”

“That is a beautiful dog with you in the picture. So, are you a dog person?”

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View the new messages in DoubleTake

When you receive a new message, a ‘They messaged you’ notification is visible on their profile in addition to the photograph. OkCupid automatically places this profile on the topmost position. 

If you are using the website, the message would be situated under the photos appearing in DoubleTake. If you want to see the profile of the sender, just click on View Profile. In the case of the app, just double click on the DoubleTake card to view the sender's profile.

Just go through the entire profile and see if you guys can connect at any point. If you like the profile, it’s time to take a step further.

You can start talking now!

To start a conversation on okcupid , tap the speech bubble ( in case of the app) or visit the Conversations page ( in case of the website). It’s pretty clear that both of you are interested in taking this forward, meaning the hard part is already over.

Take the conversation further and you know how to handle it from here on. Just be yourself and please do not be cheesy at any point. That is the biggest turn-off for everybody. If it works well for you, you can plan a date as well. 

Key Takeaways

OkCupid works differently in comparison to other dating apps and is a better option if you are looking forward to building a connection. I am not saying it will introduce you to your life partner ( which again is a possibility) but it can surely help you find someone who shares your interests.

Anyhow, now that you know how to use the OkCupid Message option, it's time you put this skill to use. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for and may the odds be in your favour. 

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