How to get over Someone You Hooked up With?

Had a crazy night of rock and roll with a cutie, but he hasn’t texted you since? We all know how it feels when the next sunrise confirms the end of a fleeting memory. 

Waiting or diving into the cycle again is always painful and will always hurt even if it's a one-night stand. Although if you are the one taking charge and drawing boundaries, the story could be a bit different.

Why do one-night stands hurt when they aren’t supposed to?

I knew what we were up to when I went into his apartment for a nap while being drunk. I wanted him, he was amazing and I was desperate to become something more than just strangers. However, the next morning I dressed up and walked out and we were strangers again.

Yup, we have all been there once or twice!

The initial attraction which leads to nothing, in the end, can be a bit disappointing but that is what one night stands are for! However, since society programmed our sexuality with ingrained guilt, it's like we subconsciously try to fit into the hole.

Although, somewhere inside you are fully aware of the reality and the logical expectation out of a one night stand. Moreover, expecting anything more than great sex from a random dude is like signing up for heartbreak.

Although it's completely biological and humans can’t help the urge to get attached after having sex. But hey, you can’t go all crazy after every guy you spend a great night with. Moreover, according to various studies, women tend to regret one-night stand more than men do. Trust me we don’t really want to but there are social and biological reasons to it!

The consecutive mornings after one-night stands can be confusing at times. If you are sure that you want more than just a night from him then there are ways to change the course. Just be patient and strategize your next move with these smart tips and I’m sure he’ll be into you in no time:

9 Ways to Stop Regretting Your Hookup

1. Don’t rush to call the shots

Men are pretty simple creatures trust me on this! So if your ego hurts a bit and your mind is like I wanna call the shots or else I can’t stop overthinking.

Then wait a bit or at least wait till next Saturday he might call you up and you can then proceed logically instead of procrastinating. Rest assured you’ll get a chance to call the shots but for that to happen you’ll have to give him some time.

2. Wait for a few days at least

If you are determined to have him and can’t stop obsessing over him then avoid texting the next day. Texting a guy just after you have hooked up can scare him away and make you look clingy and needy.

Instead of fretting over what happens next enjoy your day, go to work, and listen to some music as well. A strategic sexy text next Saturday can surely throw him off balance and make his mind go crazy over the memories.

3. Ask him out on normal dates

One-night stands can turn into a full-fledged relationships if you make them more about personalities than just bodies. Instead of the usual twerk and drink try coffee and conversations, things might turn in your favor.

As the normal dates will give you both a chance to know each other outside the bedroom as well. Moreover, with initial chemistry and interest, a few normal dates will surely make him fall for your personality as well.

4. Don’t fall for him too quickly

I know self-control is a hard thing but it's a necessary practice. If you are trying this hard to get a guy’s attention after just a single night then you must be really into him.

However, be cautious and let him reciprocate your efforts before making assumptions. Or else you might get heartbroken in the worst case.

5. Get over it! It's his loss, not yours

Now if you still feel him in your gut but can't get a reply back then there are some expert ways to get over the memories. All you gotta do is let him go and get on a new adventure. I know it sounds hard, but don’t worry I’ve got your back:

6. Signup for a dating app

Joining dating apps can help you to stay engaged. Talking to interesting random new people can help you to keep your mind off him. Moreover, instead of being stuck trying other fish in the sea can be a great thing.

With healthy flirting and engaging conversation, you will surely get over him in no time. Moreover, you might find someone interesting out there willing to invest the time in networking.

7. Distract yourself

Call your friends to sing, dance and go out on random dates with yourself. There’s nothing more romantic than loving yourself. So instead of stalking him online and offline enjoy your own company.

Read a new book or shop till you drop at nearby stores and enjoy your own company along the way. Trust me, once you understand how fun staying alone can be you won’t even think of him.

8. Get Realistic

Our minds can play tricks sometimes to try to understand the difference between illusions and reality. After having sex it is natural for you to feel drawn toward him but don’t take this attraction as love.

Don’t let your biological instincts cloud your logic and emotions. Since you can’t fall for someone who you barely know. The urge to be with him is completely scientific but remember you are above it. 

9. Block him out of your feed

It can be hard to take your mind off of that hottie if he is dancing around your Instagram feeds. So block and unfollow him to avoid drifting your thoughts toward him. By blocking him on social media you can prevent stumbling across his story and procrastinating about him. This is one of the best ways to stop yourself from trying something silly and trust me it is tried and tested.

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  1. hi, I would gladly like to share this with u. So, here I met a guy on a dating site which I downloaded to discover it, but I don’t know despite having so much bad thoughts about boys especially ass***** I started talking to him and then eventually, became so called buddies with him and met him as frnds but ended up hooking up. So, I regret it now cause it was my first time and I never wanted to loose that person. As I said “hookup” WHAT IT WAS… I fell for him and for him it was causal. so, now being a girl it actually means a lot for us having something with boys and for them it’s so casual. After all this my frnds helped me cope with it.
    so, I would like to suggest every girl who is using dating sites…hey! be alert they are called as***** for a purpose and dare fall for them, cause it would hurt in the end and they won’t care about it. They will not even text after that one night.

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