Review is one of the world’s most recognized premium dating sites. It’s aimed at those who are seeking something longer-term, and it’s been around for over two decades now. And with over 8,000,000 premium members, finding your perfect “match” might not be too hard at all.

To help you make a better decision regarding whether or not you should sign up, we used extensively. We looked at Match’s affordability, we took a closer look at how trustworthy the profiles are, and we also learned more about how easy the site is to use and how secure it is.

The end result is my Match review, in which we’ll also be including our personal experiences as we tried to land my perfect match. We also took a look at common reviews and complaints from the internet to make sure everything is covered.

Come join me, and let’s see whether this is the right dating site for you or not. If it isn’t, I’ll also be listing a few alternatives at the end of the article. Review


  • is one of the oldest and most authentic online dating sites around.
  • 25% are under age 30; 48.6% are aged 30-49; 26.5% are aged 50+.
  • Most of the users are looking for long-term relationships.
  • You'll mostly see well-detailed profiles.
  • A lot of useful features including video chat.


Is Legit? is one of the oldest online dating sites, in the online dating world, that was established more than two decades ago. It’s used by millions of people worldwide, and it has helped millions find their life partners. is a legit and safe-to-use service. However, earlier, Match group was sued by Federal Trade Commission for deceptive activities like auto-renewal of service without users' consent and using fraudulent tactics to increase premium subscription users. Later, the lawsuit was settled for 2 million dollars.

Is Worth It? prices

Match mobile app is certainly priced competitively when compared with rivals. It’s definitely not more expensive than other premium dating apps. In terms of what you get, I’d say Match is priced fairly. This is because Match is a high-traffic dating site that gives you access to thousands of singles in your area who are serious about making a genuine long-term connection with someone.

This is very different from a free dating site, where users don’t have to take things seriously (because they’re not paying any money).

Moreover, as we’ll see, Match is one of the most user-friendly sites around. Also, Match comes with a money-back guarantee: If you don’t find a match within the first six months, they will give you the next six months completely free. I’d say this is a really good deal.

The only gripe some users might have is that extras – such as Boost and Match Me – require even more money. However, this is par for the course for many premium dating sites.

Is Match Free?

There is a free version of Match but you’re limited in terms of what you can do. You can search and view other members and you can send winks, but – crucially – you can’t send messages.

Getting Started on

signing up on match

Signing up to Match is completely free, and it doesn’t take too long at all.

The first thing you need to do is state what you are looking for (a man or a woman). Then, you’ll be asked for your own gender. Match will ask for further basic information, including your email address and age before you can choose a username and password.

Once Match dating site has verified your email address, it will take you to the profile builder. It is unique to Match, and it’s designed to help you build your profile from scratch in a few easy steps. It’s especially useful to those who hate creating dating profiles because they never know what to put in their bios.

signup question 1

For example, the builder will ask you for your height, your current relationship status, as well as your body, build, and a few more personal details.

It will then ask you to write a few lines in your ‘About Me’ paragraph. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with something amazing right now. Moreover, you need to keep it short and sweet, as Match limits you to 100 characters.

Next, you will be asked to upload a profile picture.

tell us about yourself

As soon as that’s out of the way, your profile will be launched (I know some of you will be relieved that there are no lengthy personality tests to take!).

complete signup process

Overall, the sign-up process at Match is one of the easiest around. It shouldn’t take you longer than a few minutes, and if you’re stuck for something to write about in your ‘About Me’ section, just think of the things you like doing and would like to do with someone else, as well as what you’re looking for. You can also use the age range feature to narrow down or broaden your prospects.

Design & Interface

Match is a neatly organized, easy-to-navigate online dating site. As soon as you arrive on your homepage, you can see everything at a glance:'s design

At the top right are your messages, your likes, and your views. Whilst splashed in the center are the people you might be interested in, and which Match thinks could be suitable for you.

You’ve also got easy access to the search function at your top left, and there is absolutely nothing complicated or fussy about the design.


When you want to learn more about a person, all you have to do is click their profile, and you’ll be taken to a very clean “about me” section that fits a short bio and photographs into the same space: bio example

Want to send them a message? The “send message” button is literally right in front of you.

Overall, Match’s straightforward aesthetic will appeal to younger users who want something colorful but simple. There are no distractions, nothing is difficult to find, and the site speed is very good.

You can add photos, see who viewed your profile, and other available events like speed dating, escape rooms, cruises, and ski trips.

Yes, has a mobile app and it works really well. It's well designed, easy to navigate through, and bug-free. Profile Quality

One of the biggest issues with dating apps is fake profiles. Every dating app has fake profiles, simply because scammers know they can trick “vulnerable” people into believing that they’re the One, before asking them for money.

Unfortunately, Match does have fake profiles, though the site doesn’t have as many as free dating apps.

The problem is that Match doesn’t have a tight verification process. This means that whilst Match does very well to catch most of the fake accounts, some of them slip through the net.

Then, they have a tendency to target those who haven’t subscribed yet. These free members will get an email from Match telling them that “someone is interested in you,” and this can cause them to subscribe. Once they’ve subscribed, however, they discover that the person who is interested in them is a scammer.

This doesn’t happen often, but Match was sued in 2019 for such a thing.

How do you know if someone is fake or real? It’s not always easy because – as mentioned – Match doesn’t have a verification process. Instead, it’s up to you to use your intuition. If someone doesn’t feel genuine, and especially if they’ve started talking about money almost immediately, you should trust your gut instinct.

The good news is that reporting a fake profile on Match is really easy. Just head over to their profile, click on the three dots, and then tap “Report.”

Other than that, profiles at Match vary from being sparsely filled out to very detailed. Most users, however, aim for some middle ground, and you’ll find a lot of bio’s look similar to this in terms of how much detail there is, and how they’re written:

In other words, users like to get to the point in terms of what they’re looking for, and they also list their general interests. This is very unlike apps such as Tinder or Bumble, where users typically add a funny one-liner to their profile.

Match ensures most profiles have some detail by assisting with the whole profile creation. This guides you through the whole process step-by-step, and it’s ideal for people who hate making dating site profiles.

Most users have also taken the time to add numerous photos of themselves, and there’s a section at the bottom of each profile that contains that person's basic details (such as their height), as well as what they’re looking for (dating intentions):

This helps you to make a better decision regarding whether or not the two of you will get along. And if you’re still not sure, Match also adds a “Common Interests” section to each profile that shows you what the two of you have in common.

Ultimately, Match profiles are some of the most detailed on any dating app, with the site itself helping users paint an accurate picture of who they are. Features comes with a few features that make it worth subscribing to. Over the years, Match has added and removed a few premium features, so we will update this section when necessary.

  • Discover (Free)
discover feature

Discover is the place where Match curates your top potential matches into one place. These profiles are queued up for you (similar to Tinder), and you just need to say Yes or No to them. If you say Yes and they say Yes, you’ll both be notified of each other. It’s a great way to meet more people faster.

  • Dates (Paid)

“Dates” is a recent addition that was created by Match during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essentially, it lets you choose your dating styles and preferences. For example, you get to select the type of dress codes you prefer to adhere to, as well as the type of venues you’d like to go to, and also whether or not you’d prefer to have a video date before the real thing.

It’s a really useful feature that helps you connect straight away with people who are on your level. After all, the last thing we want is to set up a date with someone who has entirely different dating expectations and preferences to us!

  • Real Talk (Paid)

One of the best things about Match is that the site does all it can to help those who are a little inexperienced with online dating.

Take the Real Talk feature, for example. Real Talk comes up with opening conversation ideas for you if you’re a little stuck. As we all know, starting a conversation with someone new on a dating site is often the hardest thing in the world, which makes this feature so invaluable.

  • MatchPhone (Paid)

MatchPhone is a new-ish feature that lets you send voice messages (and have voice calls) with other members. The other person won’t see your real number, which is good for privacy, but this feature means that you get to verify that the other person is real before you go and meet them.

It’s also a really cool feature that lets you get to know someone a bit better, and it’s especially useful for those who prefer to talk on the phone rather than text. Plus, it’s really proving its worth during the COVID-19 pandemic when some singles can’t meet up with others due to restrictions.

  • Boost

Boost is a paid feature that even premium members must pay extra for.

What does it do?

Just like the Boost feature on Tinder, Match’s Boost makes your profile more visible for 60 minutes. This means that more people see it in their “Discover” and “Matches” sections.

Does it work?

It works a lot better than it does on Tinder, where you’re still fighting against thousands of other profiles. However, how well it works depends on the quality of your profile (and especially your profile picture).

  • Match Me (Paid)

Match Me is a super cool feature that automatically puts you at the top of someone’s suggestions list.

It works like this: If you see someone you like, and who you really want to match with, you can use this feature to make yourself more visible to them.

Basically, it just helps you grab their attention.

  • Reverse Matches

ReverseMatches is a feature that’s entirely unique to Match, and which I think works really well.

Basically, Match curates a list of potential matches for you based on your profile and preferences and places them in your “Matches” section.

However, Match is just a matchmaking service and it isn’t perfect. As such, there’s every chance that it will miss out on a number of profiles that were perfect for you.

This is where Reverse Matches come in.

Reverse Matches lists a number of profiles that Match doesn’t think are compatible with you, but who you might think are compatible with you. You can search through this list and message anyone you like (providing you’re a paid subscriber).

  • Date Check-In (Paid)

Another fairly new feature, the Date Check-In feature is designed to ensure your safety whenever you go out on a date.

During your date, Match will send you a series of automated messages to make sure you feel safe and okay. If you don’t, they will get in touch with one of your emergency contacts.

It definitely helps to protect those who feel vulnerable on first dates, but it might kill the atmosphere whenever you’re on a date and have to check your phone (although if the two of you are getting along, it could also be something to joke about).

  • Vibe Check (Paid)

Vibe Check is a useful feature, even if it does have a completely misleading name.

Basically, it’s a video call that you can have with someone you’ve been talking to.

It works really simply: If you’ve been chatting to someone for a while, you’ll notice a black video icon at the top right of your messages. As long as you check the box to agree to the terms and conditions, Match will then let you have a video call with that person.

The terms and conditions include rules that both people need to abide by. If one of you breaks these rules during the video call (such as unsolicited nudity or harassment), the other person can report you. Match will then block you from contacting that person.

  • Likes (Free)

Want to keep track of all the members you’ve “liked” but haven’t messaged yet? You can do so in the “Likes” tab. Here, you can also see who has liked you – but there’s a catch. Whilst Match sends free members a notification that someone has liked them, they can’t see exactly who it is until they upgrade their account.

  • Guarantee (Paid)

Less of a feature and more of a guarantee, I decided to include it here anyway because it’s one of the best reasons for joining Match.

Essentially, Match promises to give you your next 6 months free if you don’t find a suitable partner that helps you delete your account within the first 6 months (or more) of your membership.

It’s a really good deal, especially when you consider that some rival sites (such as eHarmony) offer 24-month subscription deals, at the end of which you still might have not found what you’re looking for. Cost

premium vs free

Match is a premium dating site, which means that you can’t send or receive messages until you’ve upgraded your account. As a free member, you can create a profile, add a few pictures, receive matches, like other profiles, and get 6 top picks for you. But, it's all of no use because the main “messaging” feature is limited. As said, you can’t send or receive full messages. subscription beenfits

However, you can view snippets of messages, and you can also (sometimes) see who’s viewed your profile.

So how much does Match cost?

  • 6 months – $12 per month
  • 3 months – $22 per month
  • 1 month – $32 per month

Real Life Review

To give you a proper idea of what Match is like, I took the plunge and created my own match account. The sign-up process took me around 5 minutes in total. After I’d handed over some basic information, including my email address and gender, I was taken to the profile builder which helped me fill out a few details, such as my bio.

Before long, my profile was up and running and I was free to search for other users.

matches on

I used Match as most other people use it – to find someone I could see myself spending a lot of time with, and maybe even set up a life with. To that end, I made sure to add a few lines to my bio that let people know what my interests were and what I was looking for, and then I tweaked the search filters. However, I was slightly disappointed that the filters were limited to age, location, and “With or without a photo.”

Still, it wasn’t long before I was receiving views, likes – and messages. Match notifies you each time you receive a message, which I think is a really great way of keeping you engaged with the site.

I made use of the ‘Discover’ section and I found that most profiles were of high quality – they were detailed, people were taking this site seriously, and I liked how Match lets you know how many things you have in common with someone. This certainly helped me to find higher-quality matches.

Within a week I was chatting with a few women, and I even arranged a video call with one of them some time into the second week.

After two weeks, I had set up dates with two females and after three weeks I could confidently say that I already felt as though I’d got my money’s worth. Whilst I hadn’t found my life partner just yet, I’d seen enough to know that is where people come to make a genuine connection. There were few time wasters, people were open to having a proper conversation, and many seemed willing to go on a date if we got along.

The site was also easy to use, you can see who viewed you with just one click of a button, and I also like the fact that Match sends you an email each time someone either views you, likes you, or sends you a message. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity.


Is Safe to Use?

Whenever we sign up for a dating service, it’s really important that we know it’s going to be safe and secure to use.

Match is one of the oldest and most reputable sites. It’s been around for over two decades, and it’s used by millions of people around the globe. I can 100% say that, in terms of privacy and security, it’s completely safe to use and your banking details will not be under threat.

On the flip side, are there scammers and fakes on Match? Yes. However, there are a lot less on Match than there are on free dating sites because Match requires anyone who sends you a message to pay a monthly fee. Therefore, your chances of being scammed are minimal.

And if you do think someone is a scammer, you can either arrange a video talk, or you can report them to Match and they will investigate further.

Does Match Work?

Match is like all dating services in that you’ll need to have patience if you’re to find what you’re looking for. But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, it’s totally possible to find what you’re looking for here. It's one of the best dating sites if you're looking for a serious relationship.

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